The Power of Creation – Chapter 71

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Perhaps excited isn’t the right word. More like enthusiastically. She was giving you hateful looks the entire time, but as she did it she also gave it her all. Despite her poor ability to swallow and suck, she had fairly decent control. You didn’t feel the least bit of teeth that you might get from an inexperienced girl. The Goblin Queen made sure to do the job right, and while she was sloppy, she made sure that you only felt her lips, tongue, and the inside of her throat. It wasn’t long standing there before you let yourself go and started blowing gobs of white seed down her throat.

The seed quickly bursts out of her mouth and starts running down her chin and chest. She is just as sloppy at swallowing seed as she is at swallowing spit. Well, that is what you thought, but as more and more of it splashes out of her mouth, you realize she isn’t swallowing it at all. She is just holding it in the back of her throat.

You finish and pull your cock out, and she looks up at you with an open mouth. Pools of white stuff filled all the way up to her lips. It overflows from her mouth and runs down her chin and onto her chest as well. She is actually running her hands over her chest, rubbing all the seed into her skin. A moment later she spits the seed out into her hand, and before you can frown, she suddenly smears it across her face.

She rubs the white, hot seed into her body like it’s lotion as you watch her curiously. After a moment, most of it has dried or rubbed into her skin, and from her forehead to her navel she’s covered in crusty seed.

As she notices you watching, she responds. “It is customary in our culture wear the evidence of our actions. We bath in the blood of our conquests, and shower in the shame of our defeats.”

“Ah, well, there is more where that came from. Bend over.”

“Have you not shamed me enough?” Snow White snaps hatefully.

“Shame has nothing to do with it?” You shrug. “I’m just taking what I want.”

As you speak, you shove her forward, putting her down on her hands and knees. She doesn’t resist as you grab the back of her hair and pull painfully while positioning her buttocks so her pussy is waging in front of you. She’s a bit wet, so you know this is exciting her even if she won’t admit it. She might be a bit of an exhibitionist after all.

“So then… you want to deflower this queen in front of all her men?”

“Hah? Who said I was planning on raping your pussy?”

Without another word, your cock still lubricated up with her spit dives savagely into her asshole. She lets out an agonizing scream. She tries to bring her head down and buck her back, but you grip and pull her hair savagely to the point it almost feels like it will rip from her scalp. You keep her head up so she has no choice but to scream towards her awestruck goblin army as you shove your mass into her tight asshole.

It takes some work too. Her ass, even spread as she was, is very tight, and as soon as you penetrate her, she clinches down hard. By the time you force your way in, painfully pulling on her hair as leverage, some blood is spilling out from tearing. Well, you are pretty big these days, so it wasn’t like it’d just slide right in carefully.

“You bastard!” She cries out as spit flew from her face as she tries to look back and give you a hateful glare.

Of course, with her hair in your grip, you control her head, and force her to look down at the dirt as you start to thrust into her without any care. She should be happy she gave such a slobbery blowjob, as it made it far more enjoyable to thrust into her with the extra lube.

The backdoor canal was tight and warm and intensely pleasurable, and you gained a great deal of enjoyment watching her green booty bounce in front of you. You started slapping it over and over again. The bruised ass starts to turn a yellow color, and you could see a yellow hand print on her green ass.

However, you weren’t a complete monster. You had your fun violating the Goblin Queen’s ass, but at the end of the day you still planned to put her in your harem. Thus, as you went, you used a little magic. You strengthened her asshole to be able to tolerate your abuse a little more, healing the damage. You didn’t make the hole less tight. Rather, you just made the skin more resilient to your abuse.

Second, you took the pleasure receptors triggered by her being pounded in the ass and amplified them a bit. Basically, you made her ass release some endorphins while it was being pounded. Like with Grimhilde and her lust for semen, you made being penetrated in the ass mildly addictive. Soon, Snow White is showing an absolutely disgusting face to all of her soldiers.

“Don’t… look… at me!” She barely got out between gulps of saliva she couldn’t swallow.

She’s panting like a dog. Her tongue is sticking out perpetually, her eyes are unfocused, and her hair is a mess. She wears a look of pure unadulterated pleasure. As her own worst enemy pounds her in the ass, you pull her hair and reveal her face to her army: a horny, lustful, ecstatic face that begged for more and more, never having enough of your cock. She wears an ahegao face without reserve. The shame buried itself in her. She never would have guessed she’d fall so far in all of their eyes in mere minutes.  She has become nothing but an anal slut, and the worst part, she didn’t even care. She just wants your dick in her ass. She wants to feel your seed fill her butt up. She wants it all.

You happily oblige, and a moment later thick gobs of semen shot deep into her colon until even that was full and it exploded all over her ass.

“Ah, AH, AH, it’s filling me up! AAAAhhhhhh!” she cries out to noone in particular as the dirty looks on her face are revealed to everyone watching.

You finally let go of her hair and she collapses to the ground, a complete mess from her once former glory, semen leaking out of her butthole and dry stuff all over her face. She lied in a dirty puddle of various juices, a fallen queen.

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