The Power of Creation – Chapter 72

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“See, things worked out for the best.” You pat Jasmine’s head and Ariel’s behind.

Jasmine seems like she wants the same treatment as Ariel, but you ignore it and she doesn’t press her desire for physical contact.

Snow White is kneeling on the ground. She is covered by baggy clothing now, but is still filthy and smells of sex and dirt. Her hands are tied behind her and her eyes are down on the ground.

“I sent Merida to inform the villagers that the army has been defeated, but they’ll want answers, hero-san.”

You shrug. “Just tell them the truth, I challenged their Queen to a battle and defeated her, so her army was subdued.”

Each of the girls had odd looks on their faces in response to the word “defeated”. They had to some extent seen the treatment you had given the Goblin Queen as clearly as all of her army. For most of the girls, this isn’t particularly surprising, although Belle is thinking that she had gotten off easily while Elena seems concerned about what you’d do to her one day. Jasmine only seems eager, and you are a little annoyed none of the other girls blocked her sight during the RC-18 stuff. That’s a crime to expose kids to those kinds of sights, you know!

“I wish I was defeated…” the murmur came from Ariel who threw you a seductive look.

You slid your hand up her dress to find her not wearing any underwear. Your fingers immediately slip into her wet and waiting cunt. She lets out a little squeal of delight as you start petting.

“I’ve already conquered you, bitch.”

“Mm…” She gives you a loving smile as you finger bang her in front of the other woman.

None of them even seem to respond to it at this point.

“My love, what do you plan to do with this goblin?” Grimhilde asked.

“Ah, well, I figured she’s a spoil of war. If I return her she might cause trouble, so I’ll just move her to the mansion and keep her on a short leash.”

Although that is an expression, the girls are looking at you like you might literally collar her and put her on a leash. Well, it’s not like that is necessarily a bad idea. However, you could control her enough by holding her hair, so a leash seems like overkill.

“You won’t cause trouble anymore?” Aurora asks this question directed straight at Snow White.

Snow White doesn’t respond, and the harem all give each other worried looks.

“She asked you a question.” You backhand Snow White across the face, causing her to fall to her side, dirtying herself even more.

“Have you not shamed me enough!” She yells back.

“What would you have done if you had won? Would you not have slaughtered everyone in the village? Your army merely raped a bunch of sex toys, but I saw the shape of them once they were done. Not a single one was left undamaged. Are you saying you wouldn’t have let your army do the same to Riun’s women? To my girls…” The expression on your face must have been quite scary when you spoke of your harem, because she was shrinking back while her face turned slightly yellow in an expression you realize is blushing. “Why did you even attack humans in the first place?”

“I did so as a request of the Demonlord!” The Goblin Queen states in defense. “I made an agreement with her that if I moved on the human world, we’d form an alliance and goblins would finally gain the land we deserve.”

You frown and turn over to Grimhilde with a raised eyebrow. “Hey, Demonlord, what’s she talking about.”

Grimhilde raises her hands. “Hey, don’t look at me! It wasn’t my orders! It must have been one of my sisters!”

“Huh? Sisters?”

This time Grimhilde tilted her head before shaking it and sighing. “I forgot you didn’t come from this world. You didn’t even realize I was the demonlord when you attacked my castle. I’m simply one of seven demonlords. We each rule our own demon country. My country is Nana. Our country shares the greatest amount of border with the human countries, therefore, we tend to be the main country to interact with humans. For your information, there are three human countries that border the demon world, Aurora and Ariel’s country is only one of them.”

“So, this demonlord is from one of the other countries that touches the human world?”

“Maybe…” Grimhilde frowns as she thinks. “The only other country that touches the human world is Mut, and my sister there would have to put great risk on herself should we start a war between humans and demons. It may very well be one of my sisters from the inner countries. Certainly not Hito… maybe Itsu…”

“Why would they want to start a fight?”

Grimhilde puts on a wry smile. “Profit of course. Any war would ravage my own country, but they get to rack in all of the boons of war. Prestige, slaves, treasure… they risk nothing and gain everything, while my country is ground to dust in the middle! Humans tend not to know the difference between a demon and a monster. If an army of monsters attacked, they would likely blame the demon world and counterattack my country. While we struggle to survive, my ‘generous’ sisters will swoop in to save us and stand up for demon kind, racking in the rewards in the process. This Snow White was likely merely a pawn in their ploy.”

Snow White twitched at the insults, but otherwise remained impassive. She isn’t broken like the bandit girls. Quite the opposite, in fact. She seems extremely defiant. A single encounter might not be sufficient to break her bad attitude.

“Well, these things aren’t really my concern. We’ve prevented this so-called war, so let’s head back to the mansion and clean up. Who wants to bath me?”

With the exception of Snow White, Belle, and Elena… every other girl excitedly volunteered.

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