The Power of Creation – Chapter 73

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As the purist and most untainted of the group, it is of course Elena whom you selected. She let out a surprised little ‘eh’ sound while all the other girls gave you disappointed looks. Of course, the bath could include all the girls, but you didn’t want the girls to lose their individual personalities. As long as you dealt with a few at a time, you could engage them one on one and enrich your relationship with them. However, as soon as you turn things into a dogpile, every girl suddenly just becomes one of a bunch of penis holders and every girl looks exactly the same.

“Why me?” Elena looks like she is about to cry as you point at her.

“Well, isn’t that obvious? As a former man, it’s most appropriate that you take care of me in the bath!”

“Work hard, sister!” Jasmine pats her on the pack while biting back her own jealousy.

She seems like a caring sister, so you reward her with another pat on the head, dodging as her hand tries to “accidentally” grab your crotch.

So, this is how you end up in a giant hot spring style hot tub complete with a light waterfall, plants and flowers giving a tropical outdoor feel, and a starlight night ceiling created with magic. It is certainly the finest hot tub / hot spring you could imagine, with easily enough room for a hundred girls if you so desired it.

However, right now there is just one. She is naked and crouched on the ledge behind you. She had a washcloth and his scrubbing your back. Well, you weren’t born in the east, so the idea of scrubbing first on a hard uncomfortable bench and then getting into the warm tub wasn’t your style. You used magic to remove any dirty particles, and then dived right in, leaving Elena to scrub your body as you sat in the pool.

She is desperately trying to prevent body parts from being exposed as she scrubs you, which is silly because you’re not even looking in her direction. Well, you decided that Elena is going to be your official bather from now on, and you’re going to steadily build her to cleaning with her chest. She didn’t have much of one, but when she’s so innocent and pure, you can’t help but get enjoyment over a steady corruption.

The second reason Elena became your choice is of course the tale swinging anxiously behind her and those two cat ears. Grimhilde’s demon horns were just horns, and she felt no sexual gratification from having them touched. However, you intend to thoroughly wash Elena once she’s done with you, which will also be fun. Getting to wash her cat tail while she twists and blushes makes you hard just thinking about it. Well, it would, but circumstances made that unnecessary.

A moment later, a door opens and a naked, green, person walks into the bath. They are quite dirty themselves, to the point where they had just as much grey and brown as green skin. There was dried blood from various cuts and splashed of dirt and mud everywhere. She still hadn’t even washed her face, which was covered in dried spooge and spit.

“The girls said I smelled and had to bath immediately, even if… the warrior who bested me was here.” She said uncomfortably.

Although, she looked uncomfortable, it didn’t seem to be from being naked. She unashamedly stood, showing off her black fur patch and pleasant green boobs that ended with dark green, nearly black nipples.

You wave your hand nonchalantly, and the dirt on her is obliterated. She still doesn’t look fresh or clean, but for all intent and purposes she would dirty the bathwater with anything but her own natural scene. That scent was completely human. She had a heavy, earthy aroma as a goblin. It was clear the goblins had a low sense of hygiene and produced a strong natural musk. It wasn’t disgusting though.

She looks wonderingly at her arms where all the blood and cuts healed instantly. “You… are truly much more powerful than I had predicted.”

You give a shrug. “I am what I am. If you have the strength, you might as well use it to get what you want. Get in.”

Remarkably, she responded to the order, getting into the bathtub. She made no attempts to clean herself, she seemed to have no desire take care of these kinds of duties.

“Do you shave down there, then?”

The question made Snow White go rigid, and she responded stiffly. “That is… I was told… that a woman who shaved gained power over men, so I took every advantage offered to me.”

You let out a laugh and she furrowed her brow as she gave you a glare until you finally shook you hand. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. It does have power over a man, but only in the sense that it arouses his sexual desires. Then again, there are men who like hairy and natural too.”

After a moment, she calmed down and nodded, then stiffened again. “I suppose then, you have your desires? You plan to shame me again in this tub, warrior.”

“Ah, what? I already got that covered.” You bring your hand up and a head bursts forth from the water.”

“Is something the matter, Hero, I’m still good!” Ariel gives you a glowing smile, only put off a little by slightly puffy lips from giving all she’s got under water.”

“No, you may continue…” you shove her head back under water without a second.

You had removed her need to breath using a magic spell, so she was free to work as long as possible. She had actually snuck into the bathtub before you got there, but after having trouble with the so-called breathing thing, it was her idea to have you remove that need. To her credit, Ariel is quite skilled “under the sea”, as it were.

Elena, meanwhile, had a front row view as she watched your back, right over your shoulder was Ariel going to town on your massive cock. She has her head lowered and a blush for that very reason.

Snow White gave a sigh that sounded partially in relief with just a tinge of regret. “Then, I won’t be needed for that kind of thing.”

You give a laugh. “You say that like I’d ever leave you off that easily.”

She shrinks back slightly as a dark smile forms on your lips.

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