The Power of Creation – Chapter 75

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“You… saved my life.” Kida is giving you a heartfelt look. “You save everyone’s lives. I’m not sure I should call you rookie any longer.”

After your bath (2nd), you had emerged and dressed only to find Kida on your way to get something to eat at the dining room. She had finally woken up, and the ladies had graciously explained to her what had happened while she was passed out in one of your spare bedrooms.

Well, she got a story similar to what the rest of the villagers were told. You challenged the Goblin Queen, beat her in combat, and the army was ordered to retreat while you held the Queen as collateral.

“Well, that’s not exactly the whole story.” You muse, taking Kida to your basement.

Her mouth falls open at the sight. You basement has been enlarged by a couple of kilometers, and consists of a massive network of rooms, corridors, mess halls, and so forth.

“I didn’t realize the owner of this mansion had built such a fortress under here.” She says wonderingly.

Well, they hadn’t, but you needed some place to put your new army. With the goblin army having abandoned their homes to invade, monsters would have moved in. Marching back and reclaiming their homes would have resulted in significant loss of life. You are, for all intent and purposes, their ruler now, so you decided to make a place for them.

You provide them every comfort, including an artificial outdoor area for them to train in and get sun. You exaggerated to Snow White when you told her that your sex dolls were destroyed. Rather, you ended up repurposing them. They are the maids, cooks, and entertainment for your army.

It isn’t all that bad. The goblins are higher order monster when compared to most, so they are about on the same level as Snow White. They are crass, slovenly, and rude, but you took a bunch of the most promising ones, promoted them, downloaded some military etiquette into their minds, and they are now putting the rest of the army into a structured order. Orderly outfits, orderly beds, they are expected to adhere to a certain level of discipline. No more broken sex dolls.

You told them if they broke another sex doll that you’d take all the sex dolls away, and they are quite determined to follow the rules after that. With regards to the women and children left behind, there are none. The time from child to adult is only 2 weeks, so all the children already grew up on the way here. As for women, that was a more interesting story.

For goblins, women only have a 1 in a thousand chance of being born. This is why Snow White’s mom discarded her rather hypocritically. Some Goblins saw Goblin women as a bad omen or inferior species. She was saved because certain goblins believed that goblin-goblin babies known as purebreads like Snow White are physically more powerful. You don’t know if this is true, but it seems that way if Snow White is any indication.

“Will this be alright?” Kida asks nervously watching a group of goblins march by.

“They are incentivized to stay nice. With my girls not capable of having babies, they won’t grow out of control either, so I think it’s safe.”

“Um… rookie…” Kida suddenly speaks nervously. “What is your intention, after all… with this army and such?”

“I wonder…”


“Ah, I get it. So you’re worried I’m going to start my own country and take over the world or something?”

“Riun is a border city. We technically have no official country of our own, even though Nidia supports us. This city and ones like it sit as trading posts for collaboration between the demons, humans, and demi-humans. That’s why we’re so diverse. However, if a war broke out, we are the first victims. This goblin fiasco shows that. Most people who live in this no-man’s land believe that name is inefficient, because this is closer to an everyone’s land. We believe in a country where all species can get along.

“You’ve accepted beastmen, demons, and even goblins into your home. You’re strong… stronger than I ever imagined. You’d have the power to do things the way you wanted. A country… where every person is equal. I never thought I’d ever see the day.”

“Are you suggesting I conquer all the nearby cities and start my own country?”

Kida shrugs at that. “I’m suggesting you think about it.”

You nod, but decide to change the subject for the moment. “What about you? What now?”

“Ah, well, I’ll be heading back to the Adventurer’s guild to put in my official reports on what happened. I… may leave out some things.” She said as she looks around the goblin underground base. “After that… I… well… can I make a selfish request?”

“What is that?” You ask.

“Do you have a spare room here?”

“Huh? You want to move here? Don’t you have place?”

She smiles wryly, “Ah, well, when I went to pee after waking up, some white stuff came out…”

“Ah…” you didn’t clean up well enough that time, well you aren’t going to suck her clean like the pervert Belle did, so…

“I don’t mind. “She holds out her hand as you wear a worried frown. “You’ve taken and given equally. And I won’t be a burden! I can even pay rent! I just… want to be closer to you. I know you keep many women in your life. I just don’t want to be left behind.”

You laugh. “Well, yeah, I guess you’ll still work as a guild master, right? You don’t need to pay rent or anything. I can get you a room no problem.”

“Thank you, rookie!” She suddenly throws her arms around you.

Her giant boobs end up smothering your face, and she squeezes tightly enough you might have lost some vitality if it wasn’t so enormously high to begin with. Then, she pulls away and starts to blush. Quick tempered but quite modest as usual.

“I suppose the other girl’s will need hobbies or jobs too. I don’t want them to grow too lazy or fat. Everything has been such a whirlwind that nothing has been planned out. What about Belle?”

“Ah, well, to be honest, I’ve forgiven Belle, but she was never a good fit for the Adventuring guild.” Kida admitted. “I’m sure you’ll find something that fits her eventually though.”

You give a nod. “Very well. You better get going. Don’t want to end up getting into trouble.”

Kida gives a nod and fist pump. “Yes! And then I’ll be coming back. Perhaps tonight, we can enjoy ourselves… while I’m awake?”

You don’t answer, but you give her a wink as you follow her to the mansion entrance. However, when she opens the front door to leave, you see an elf woman standing there wearing a snobbish frown.

“Huh? Who are you guys? What are you doing here, and why are you in MY mansion!”

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