The Power of Creation – Chapter 77

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You are saved as Aurora and Grimhilde suddenly appear. They had been sitting back in the other room listening to the development here. Each girl grabs one of Ariel’s arms.

“We’ll handle it.”

The old man’s eyes widen when he sees the horns on Grimhilde, but he otherwise remains silent as they take his daughter and a confused-looking Ariel away to the bath. One disaster is averted, at the very least.

You end up sitting uncomfortably in front of the noble while being served tea by Daisy and Sylvia. The old man’s lips tighten when he sees the crass pouring techniques of Daisy and how she handles her tea. Well, it’s not like even you knew what aristocracy of this world considered etiquette or not. Even if you loaded them up with the etiquette of your world, it would be as strange as the etiquette of any foreign country, perhaps more so.

Still, from that standpoint, even you can tell the girls are unrefined. Sylvia snorts up a logy to spit on the floor, but then swallows when you give her a glare. Meanwhile, Daisy walks with her legs apart slightly, likely choosing to saddle walk to relieve some discomfort from the rough anal you gave her the previous night under Cinderella’s trap.

You give the old man a sympathetic look. “I just hired them.”

“Then they should be fired.” The man sniffs, “I’ve seen more refined movements from my horse.”

Daisy takes a step forward as if she plans to hit the old man in the face, but you cast a spell that stops her cold. It isn’t anything malicious. Just a quick refresher of the things you had done to her ass under the spell. To be honest, those things are rather vanilla. You’d probably do more creative things than that if you weren’t under a spell.

Fortunately, the old man doesn’t see any of this, as they are behind him at the time. It succeeds in controlling their behavior, so you are fine with it.

“I prefer to train my staff from the beginning. Rather than find one stuck in their ways, I find it more satisfying to mold someone untrained to my tastes.” You explain your philosophy on women as much as staff.

“Hm. I suppose so.” He looks like he wants to say more but doesn’t, leading back to an uncomfortable silence.

“So, you see…” You start to explain, “Eh, actually, I don’t believe I caught your name, Mr. Rhysemen?”

“Mr. Rhysemen shall suffice.” The old man shook his head. “Shall we not pretend these pleasantries any longer? As far as I’m concerned, you are a squatter on my property. I find it unlikely that you have any nobility here. Your maid staff are clearly just people you pulled off the street.”

You scratch your cheek. He isn’t wrong.


He interrupts you, “Claiming to house the Princess Ariel and Queen Aurora is in poor tastes. I happen to know that the King is a widow, both died in a freak magical accident.”

Ah, you recall casting a spell that made people think that. You worried it had misfired when Merida was still aware of their existence, but it seems to be in effect. That created some problems, but it seems like a lot of work to address them so you’ll wait it out until it becomes plot relevant.

“About that…”

“I would even question the possibility you are an inexperienced Knight that happened across some money. I suspect instead you are some kind of thief who robbed a noble, just as you are trying to rip off my family. I’d advise you to move along before I alert the proper authorities. Even if you are honest, and I doubt it, with money in the right pockets that can change quickly, can’t it?”

What is this guy even saying? He accuses you of being a thief and in the same breath suggests bribing people to have you illegally convicted? Ah, well, your patience has just reached an end.

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