The Power of Creation – Chapter 81

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“That is…” Sebastian shook his head while eying your member. “Perhaps I can start to see why so many women have gravitated towards you… however, despite the vulgarity, I’ve seen something I didn’t expect. All of these women seem happy. Even the green one looks at you with burning eyes of passion.”

Snow White’s face turns ugly and she looks away before fleeing the room. She seems upset, but someone who knew her better would have seen the shame and embarrassment on her face.

“I guess so…” You respond, not sure what to say.

“My daughter… she hasn’t smiled since the day her mother died. That moment you showed her Arianna, it was the first time she had even allowed herself to cry. If you can bring my daughter happiness, even the smallest amount, that’s worth more to me than anything. I… will train these inept maids for you, and manage your mansion with all of my power.”

“Thank Pun!” Sylvia cries, holding on to her three sisters. “We’ll be under the care of a normal noble.”

“No more rape punishments.” Dinah cries out.

“No more debasement!” Daisy adds.

“Our lives can finally be normal.” Minnie beams.

“Just so you know,” You casually add as Sebastian rounds up the crying maids. “You are free to discipline these women however you want. Just keep them pretty and fuckable.”

Sebastian doesn’t even blink at that comment. “Of course, my lord, this isn’t my first mansion. It’s expected for the maids to be the lord of the mansion’s personal playthings. Properly satisfying their lord will be part of their intensive training.”

As Sebastian speaks, he pulls something out from his pocket. When the contents unfurl, it reveals a long, thin whip. He suddenly lashes it out, striking the ass of Dinah and causing all four girl’s to cry out.

“Move it, you stupid maids! It’ll be my pride as a butler that you make the perfect maids. Your tea tastes like shit, your asses are flabby, and etiquette is lax. The one in last place spends the night chained in the basement!”

The four girls run from the room ahead of Sebastian as he chases after them while whipping their asses. The girls are now crying for an entirely different reason.

“He’s even worst!”

“We’re sorry boss! Please punish us with your dick instead!”

“Waa, my ass hurts!”

“Ah, well, it looks like I made a good choice.” You nod, only a little surprised that Sebastian is part sadist. “Anyway, I guess I’ll wake up this noble elf bitch and accept my payment.”

“Ah, if it’s blowjobs, my love, how about me?” Grimhilde licks her lips, gulping at the thought of receiving her drug.

“As the mother of your child, Hero-san, I’d be happy to lend my services!” The Queen smiles seductively.

Merida forces her way forward. “I’m a mother of your child too, daddy, that means it’s my duty!”

“Oh? Has my loyal Knight turned on me?” The Queen’s voice was mocking but jovial.

Merida has her hands together as she looks back and forth between Aurora and you as if she is conflicted. “That is… um… Daddy takes precedence in these circumstances. As your loyal knight, I must be your right arm, and even your mouth if the occasion calls for it! That’s right, I’m taking on the dirty tasks for my Queen!”


“This lowly Dragon will pleasure master!” Mulan shoves them aside, immediately being fired up by the competition in front of her.

“This body is programmed to satisfy darling the best. Please fill this body up. Insert your love here.” Cinderella speaks up.

Her mouth opens, and then continues to open. As it were, her jaw could dislocate and she could expand her mouth to just about any size, so at the moment, her mouth appeared like one of those ghosts in the grudge, open about three times wider than normal and forming an oval appearance like a scream mask.

“Jasmine will fulfill savior’s dark desires!”

“Enjoy your women, beast, I’ll make sure to break in this sexy little elf.”

“Shut up, Belle!”

You grab Tiana off the floor, and then flee from the harem as they all start fighting and arguing over your dick. Finally, you get her into a room, locking it from the outside. There is some pounding on the door.

“Please, my love, I need your seed! I’m thirsty!”

“Please insert penis darling, fill this body up until it breaks!”

You let out a sigh as you move to drop Tiana on the bed. However, you freeze when you discover the bed is already full. Lying on the bed is a naked woman, her legs spread open as she looks at you and Tiana and touches herself.

“So, are we doing this hero or what?” Ariel asks innocently, as if her participation wasn’t even in question.

You use magic to levitate Ariel.

“Oh, this will be fun!” She says excitedly.

That excitement dies as you open up the door all of a sudden and use a burst of force to push her and all the other thirsty bitches out the door before slamming it closed. It isn’t that you aren’t up to pleasuring all of these girls, but sometimes you want a little room and privacy. With your self-enforced ban on Elena, this was the first real demi-human you’d get to enjoy, Snow White, Mulan, and Grimhilde fitting more on the monster side of the fantasy spectrum.

And while they certainly have some appeal, this girl is different. She is dainty and delicate. You want to enjoy some time with her, just like you had with Merida.

However, with the harem growing daily, you are starting to realize the limitations of one penis. The flesh is willing, but it is time that is the issue. Now… how to remedy this.

You could always just slow down time outside, so that you could spend all the time you wanted with each girl, but that would slow down the plot to crawl. No, you need something a little more pro-active. A way to satisfy everyone at once… or at least keep them sufficiently distracted. With that, you found yourself trying to remember every book you ever read on machine sliced bread. What would protagonists in an adult novel do? Ah, well, of course it’d have to be that, wouldn’t it?

The door suddenly blasts open. The few girls that had still been banging on the door jump back in surprise. Not everyone was so ineloquent as to chase after you. Ariel was there. Grimhilde was naturally addicted and couldn’t help herself. Cinderella had no sense and Mulan was driven. The rest of the girls had likely gone back to their respective rooms once the teasing went to deaf ears.

“My love?” Grimhilde seems to step back with a worried look as she sees you darkly staring at her.

“Let the day of the tentacle commence.”

With those words, an innumerable number of phallic like objects shoot out from a glowing sphere in front of you, each one immediately aiming for a girl.

“Let my tentacle inside you.” You declare. “Or don’t, it’s going there anyway.”

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*I wrote this before the Christmas Special, by the way. That was just a joke, but I do listen to you guys a bit in the comments. You wanted some tentacles, so here’s your fucking tentacles. It won’t go as badly as the last one.