The Power of Creation – Chapter 82

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Tentacles burst forth appearing exactly as you imagine them to be. Some men like fleshy, elongated penises, some men like like octopus tentacles, some men like gooey slimy tentacles, and some men like the vine-like floura. You, of course, have your own tastes, and those tastes are being delivered upon your harem.

“Oh, Kida has returned.” You make a surprised remark before your eyes narrow. “But she sure is a heavy sleeper.”

Your tentacles make their way into every girl’s room, attacking them in their beds, their showers, or in the case of the maids, chained up in the basement apparently already earning punishments. In Kida’s case, she had moseyed her way into her room while you were busy dealing with the new guests. Her time in the guild must have been exhausting because she collapsed unconscious on the bed.

Tentacles slide under her underwear and immediately began violating her pussy, but while she made a few murmurs and her face made a lude look, she otherwise remained asleep. You added more tentacles, one probing her butt while two others held up her legs, and yet another opened her mouth and slide in. All of that, and her eyes remained closed.

“Hey… Kida… you wanted to enjoy things awake.” You frown.

She wasn’t even on her bed anymore. Two tentacles had her legs up in the air while one particularly large tentacles slide in and out of her pussy. One tentacle slide in and out of her mouth, wet with her saliva, and of course there were several other tentacles wrapped around her back and tight around her tits. You even turned two tentacles into form 2 “mouth-type” tentacles which latched on to each boob, sucking and pulling on her breasts. They pulled hard enough that those mountains had become peaks. Although, she was moaning and muttering your name, it was entirely in a state of sleep.

Ah, well, at least she’ll have pleasant dreams. You leave the tentacles on autopilot as you check on the rest of the girls. Of course, the tentacles are quite capable of delivering your seed, and the greedy Grimhilde already desperately trying to satisfy as many tentacles as possible to swallow her semenic drug. She has one in each hand, a third in her mouth, and a forth slid between her breasts, desperately trying to squeeze her breasts around it in order to receive the cum of just one more shot.

You add a tentacle which slides up into her vagina, although she barely reacts to her pussy being violated. Rather, all of her body is focused on swallowing cum. Just to tease her, the load you release first is the one in her vagina. Feeling herself be creampied, she panics and drops the other tentacles, spitting the one out of her mouth as she desperately tries to bring the cumming tentacle up to her mouth.

It stops cumming just as it reaches her mouth and as she desperate sucks on it like she’s a baby trying to get her mother’s milk, it disappointedly releases only a few teasing drops. She has a frustrated look on her face and immediately goes to dig the cream out of her crop when just as she bends over one of the neglected tentacles erupts, shooting streaks across her hair.

“Ah!” She shouts as she looks up in surprise, taking another shot right in her eye.

She responds immediately, opening her mouth wide, waiting for the tentacle to send a third wave of cum into her mouth, but it never happens. A moment later, the tentacle between her breasts erupts, and cum shoots up her chin and into her nose, causing her to cough and spit. Before she reacts, the other tentacle erupts on the other side, hitting her in the ear. Like this, her body turned into a white mess of cum while she sheds tears desperately trying to get them to blow loads into her mouth.

There wasn’t a single girl in the mansion that was in much better shape. There were screams and shouts of surprise at first, but they quickly turned into moans. Every girl got her own personal self-service towards your own perverted delights.

Even Cinderella’s mouth was filled when twenty tentacles attacked her, violating every hole. Snow White chose to lie down and merely choose passive inaction as her resistance of choice. Therefore, mirrors appeared all around her and you temporarily made her eyelids see through. She had no choice but to watch herself be violated by your tentacles and listen as her body made lewd erotic noises. Her body flushed yellow as she muttered “Will my shaming never end?”

Belle took the tentacles without a hitch, the pervert that she is. Lesbians are such hypocrites. They go on about how much they hate men but at the end of the day every single one of them couldn’t get by without sticking something phallic shaped inside them. You consider making her pregnant just so she’d admit that she likes doing guys.

She isn’t the only one who takes to tentacles without issue. Ariel could be considered a resident expert. During your first night where you broke her with everything you had, naturally tentacles were included with that. She took to tentacles like she took to everything, which is to say she held two victory signs on each hand while wearing a shameless orgasming face while she dedicated two or more tentacles per hole. While Grimhilde had become a hopeless white mess that was cute in its own way, Ariel’s shamelessness and the sheer determination, despite being just as filthy, came with infinite more sex appeal as her raw sexual energy met your tentacles head on.

Aurora is treated a bit more gently as she has your baby, while Mulan is handled a bit more roughly because she is being obstinate. Tentacles offered none of the competition nor any treasures, so Mulan wasn’t in a mood to be violated. She tried to fight against the tentacles and even damaged several. However, you wouldn’t have it, and the more tentacles she cut down, the more tentacles swarmed her. Soon, she was wrapped from head to toe in tentacle, the only bare spots open were the spots you violated, plowing with enough force to even get a dragon a hard time. She was cursing while begging forgiveness from master for stepping above herself as a lowly dragon.

Merida became a milking cow… not exactly, but your tentacles latched on those juicy tits just like Kida’s mountains, and unlike in Kida’s case, they released sweet substance. You hear that if women don’t give milk frequently they lose the ability. The more they use it the stronger it gets. You’re merely promoting her proper development as a milk maid, that’s all. Why did she make such lewd noises from her nipples being sucked? Ah, and she started touching herself too.

A pregnant mother being milked while touching herself and moaning your name! The attack is super effective! It seems that her breasts are very sexually stimulating for Merida. You wonder how awkward this would become once the children are born.

Meanwhile, a tentacle slides into Elena and Jasmine’s room. It works its way up the bedpost and slides up the sheets. A second later the bedsheet is thrown to the side and Jasmine is standing there wearing absolute nothing.

“Finally! I hid sister, so you’ll have to have me! Take me savior! Take this body and make it your woman!”

The tentacle rises up as Jasmine closes her eyes preparing herself for penetration. It keeps rising until it’s up over her head. Her mouth open, her legs spread, she finally opens an eye and looks up at what the tentacle is doing. It pats her head three times, and then slowly slides back out of the room. The door closes behind it.

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