The Power of Creation – Chapter 83

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Now that all of the other girls are being handled by the tentacles, you can now focus on your elvish conquest. You close the door, cutting off the moaning and indecent scenes from outside. So that you don’t worry Tiana, you further cut off the noise from the outside. You then go about fixing up the room. It’s a spell that makes the room look nicer and more romantic for her, a combination of your ideas of romance and her expectations the spell pulled from her memories.

There is a bottle of wine on ice on the night stand. Candle lighting and of course mood music in the background. It’s the most you’ve ever done for a woman in this world, so Tiana better be worth the effort. Casting a spell, you blow lightly in her ear and eyes flutter awake.

“Hello, Tiana.”

Tiana looks around the room confused for a bit, but then her eyes snap to you and she immediately gives a wary look.

“Commoner… what is… that’s right… I agreed. So… th-the deed, has been done?”


“Good, I already feel filthy. I will need a long bath. Have one of your servants prepare it immediately.”

“We haven’t even started though?”


“Ah, you fainted, so we didn’t do anything?”

“I-is that so…” Tiana looks down as a faint blush appeared on her cheeks. “Does that mean… we still must…”

“Yes! We must!”

She gulps and closes her eyes, turning her head away. “Ve-very well, do what you must.”

You look down at her with a wry smile, but decide to move forward this this anyway. You push away the covers, revealing her body in a one-piece dress. Steadily you start undoing her dress. Her small tender hands tense into little fists, and the blush seems to explode until even part of her chest is red. Meanwhile, her eyes are closed tightly as if to shut out what is happening to her.

Once her dress is removed, she tries to move her hands to her chest as if to show some modesty. You create a feather and lightly tickle her skin. Even though her eyes are shut tight and she is trying to wear an expressionless face, she can’t help but twitch each time you run the feather down her skin. Most amusing of all, her ears seem to twitch with the rest of her body. You lightly touch the tip of her ear and she lets out a gasping sound.

Rather than sound erotic, it sounds like she’s holding back a sob. A tear starts to run down her cheek. You give an annoyed sigh. Maybe this would be better if Ariel is present after all. You tap Tiana on the forehead in annoyance.

“Ah! Eh?” her eyes finally open and she looks up at you with teary eyes. “Have you finished now? Can I go?”

“I have to ask.” Your voice is a little low. “Do you expect to remain pure after this encounter?”

She shrinks back at the comment a bit. “That is… well…”

“Do you think if you close your eyes you can pretend nothing happened and that you’ll be the same virtuous girl you always were.”

“Well, you’re a commoner, so…”

“HAH! You think commoners don’t count? Or are you suggesting that nobles are somehow cleaner.”

“They are!” She cried, “It’s a fact, commoners are dirty things… so… so… do your dirty things and then I’ll just bath!”

You let out a laugh. “You… have made quite a few mistakes since you’ve come to my mansion. First, I’m not a commoner.”

“You… you’re not dirty?” Tiana asks cautiously.

“Oh, I’m dirty… I’m as filthy as they come. And guess what, Tiana…”

“Wh-what?” Tiana wears a scared look as she backs away.

“I’m going to dirty you completely! I’m going to make the filth a part of your soul, something you can never clean off!”

You rip off your clothing and stand up in front of her at full attention. Her eyes widen as she becomes flustered once again.


“I won’t let you close your eyes or faint this time. I was wondering what I’d do with you, but now I’ve decided. While Ariel is my little slutty bitch, Tiana will become my filthy skank. You’ll do all the nasty things I respect the other girls too much to do. Prepare yourself, you dirty cumdumpster, it’s time for round two!”

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