The Power of Creation – Chapter 84

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“What are you doing, you commoner!” Tiana complains as you roll her over and raise up her butt.

You don’t say anything, instead lining your dick up with her tight little asshole.

“!!” she lets out a little cry. “Wh-wh-what are you doing with that! You can stick it in there!”

“Huh? I thought you said that nobles were clean compared to filthy commoners?”

“Th-that may be true…” her mind works furiously to try to stop you. “But, you see… aah, it hurts, it hurts! It’s going in!”

“Ah, don’t be such a big baby. I barely got the head in.”

“Just the head! Ow, Ow, Ow… it hurts so much, that can’t just be the head.”

“You’re going to even argue with me about that, then how about this much?”

Tiana thrashes and cries as you steadily slide you massive rod into her little butt.

“Owie! It hurts! It hurts! Why are you doing something so dirty! Is this what commoners do?”

“Yeah, this is what commoners do. Are you suggesting a noble like yourself can handle something any commoner could handle?”

“That’s-that’s… owie… I’m a noble! O-of course I can, but it’s so dirty…”

“Are you saying a noble like Tiana is dirty?”

“Stop playing with my words, Commoner, ah, it’s in even more. My bottom is breaking! I can’t take any more! Please stop!”

“To think, this is as much as a noble can take… perhaps nobles are weak?”

“Not true! Not true! I can’t take it!”

“You know, for someone who kept everything in with your dad, you should whine a lot when it’s with me.”

“My butt… Waa haa… you’re making me feel dirty!”

“Hey, all I’m doing is enjoying myself. If you feel dirty, doesn’t that speak more to your true nature than my own?”


“Well, if your butthole is so dirty, isn’t that because you yourself are dirty!”

“AH, ah, please tell me you’re done! It’s all the way in, right!” She tries to ignore what you say as she cries, her face pressed against the pillow.

“Ah, I got it in, now I’ll take it back out.”

“Oh, thank Pun… slide it out of me and we can be, AH, why is it sliding back in!”

“Isn’t that a given? I’ll slide it in and out, in and out… loosening your butt completely.”

“Ah, it hurts so much! Owie Owie!”

You continue to slide your dick in and out of that tight little elven ass. Although you wanted to slam it into her, you realized you couldn’t. You told her it was all the way in, but you could only fit about half of it in her tight little asshole before it just wouldn’t go anymore. Her slender frame just couldn’t take the entire length of your mass. Each time you thrust into her, her ears continued to twitch as she made sobbing noises into her pillow. Finally, after a few minutes of loosening up her butt, you finally pull out. Behind is a massive hole, her ass stretched open to the extent it won’t close back up right away.

“Mmm, now get over here and suck on my dick!”

“Wh-what! You mean, put my lips on it? But it’s been in that dirty place, that’s so…”

“Hey, do you want me to stick it back in your ass?”

“Ah, please, no…”

“Then suck it.”

You wag your filthy dick in front of her, and she looks at it while wringing her hands, her face still covered in tears. After a moment she finally scoots forward until your massive form is wagging in front of her. Her ears twitch and she turns her head as if not quite sure what to do. You resist the urge to grab her hair and just shove it down her throat.

Eventually, she opens her mouth and brings out a delicate pink tongue. Very lightly, she touches the tip of her tongue against the head of your cock. Immediately she grimaces and pulls away.

“It’s so gross. It’s been in my butt. It’ll make my mouth dirty too.”

“Don’t you get it?” You ask. “You’re already filthy, I’m just showing you how filthy you are.”

Tears start to well her eyes, and a depressed look appears on her face. “I… I’m filthy… yes… they all kept telling me that. An elf such as me, we’re just filthy creatures. I… I should have listened to them. I see that now. Elves are just born dirty… they’re…”

“Eh?” You say breaking off her weird train of thoughts. “I don’t care you’re an elf.”

“Huh? You don’t?”

“All conceded nobles are just filth to me. When you look down on people with nasty eyes and call them names, that’s what makes you filthy. You’ve been spewing shit from your mouth since you been here, I’m just shoving some shit back into your mouth so you can get a feel for the taste.”

“All nobles are filthy?”

“Well, Ariel and Aurora are cool with me, but nobles who act like you are just gross. I’d make any cute noble who acting as nasty as you suck my cock like this.”

“C-cute!” Tiana’s eyes widened.

“Why do I get the sense we’re not on the same page here!”

“I… I understand what the commoner is saying!” Tiana makes a fist before grabbing your dick with renewed determination.

“Still commoner…”

“Nobles a-are depraved and dirty! So-so, if I continue to act depraved and dirty, I can be like other nobles!”

“Why do I get the feeling I just broke the common sense of another girl?”

Tiana immediately wraps her lips around the head of your cock, sucking aggressively even while making a gross looking face. She finally let’s go and looks up at you with innocent eyes that cause your heart to rise to your throat.

“I want to be accepted as a noble. Please make me filthy until I’m just like every noble!”

Ah, well, how can you say no to a face like that?

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