The Power of Creation – Chapter 85

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You certainly enjoy some ass to mouth play as Tiana graciously slobbers all over your dick until you cum all over her face.

“Am… am I filthy yet?” She asks, looking up at you with streaks of come and spit running down her face.

“We could do more…”

“Yes, please, commoner, make me as dirty as any noble!”

Naturally, you take things to the next level. At some point, you literally toss her into mud. You forcd her to lick you from your head to your toes. She gives you the so-called analingus while you sit on her face. The floor isn’t dirty, but you make the floor dirty just so you can push her face in the dirt as you plow her from behind.

She complains about it, but refuses to stop even as she cries. The dirtier things get, the more into it she becomes. At some point she starts to like being made filthy. Covered in mud, cum, and other various fluids, she is extremely wet, desperately wanting more of your cock as you come up with new methods to humiliate and dirty her.

As to how far you went, well, that won’t be described in polite company. You certainly didn’t do anything you’d considered nasty. Whether it devolved into the realm of scatplay or golden showers is something you’ll never reveal to anyone else. Naturally, if you aren’t into those things, you didn’t go to that extent. You only pushed your boundaries, not passed them.

By the time you are done, Tiana smells of cum, garbage, and dirt. She legitimately is dirty in every sense of the word.

“Am… am… I dirty yet, commoner?” Tiana asks pleadingly, now a miserable sight.

“Well, actually, I’d rather you went and cleaned yourself now.”

“Is that so…”

“You’ve done good,” You give her a thumbs up as you wave your hand, removing the filth you had created in this room.

Now, it’s just Tiana that smells nasty. Although, truth be told, you probably don’t smell all that much better.

“Head off to the bath.” You nod. “Ah, I’m not going to kiss you or anything until after you clean up, I know where your mouth has been. Being a filthy noble is something kept behind closed doors, right?”

“Ah, yes… I understand.” Tiana nods thoughtfully and then leaves the room as she wipes tears from her eyes.

You stretch and give a sigh. Every time you accept a new girl into your harem you’re never 100% sure where things will end up. Whether she turns into a sexfreak like Ariel, a BJ queen like Grimhilde, or a motherly wife like Aurora, things seemed to shoot off in unexpected directions.

After a moment you decide to head to the baths too. To your surprise, they are already full! In fact, every girl is in the baths with the exception of the baka maids.

“Ah, you’re all taking a bath right now?” I ask.

“Hmph, after lover dirtied all of us with that tentacle stunt, where else could we go! I was covered all over with more semen than I could swallow!” Grimhilde growls.

Belle looks at your naked body with just a towel on your arm and narrows her eyes darkly, “Well, we were having fun on our own without beast here.”

“What is Belle talking about!” Ariel adds brightly, “We can have even more fun now that hero has arrived!”

“Hmph… I’ve gotten to enjoy the pleasant sight of this taco bar, how could I be happy with the sight of a snake slithering in.”

Ariel tilts her head to the side, not quite understanding Belle’s words.

“This lowly dragon still feels dirty! Can master clean her?” a voice rang out from the crowd.

Immediately, everyone went silent. Now that the words were out there, a dozen women were looking at you with curious looks, even those that had been intensively cleaning themselves previously.

“What is Mulan talking about? I have already cleaned you up!” Ariel broke the tension with her cluelessness.

“Yes, daughter, we all know you can go under water without breathing, you’ve already made sure all of us were clean…” Aurora sighed and then in a quieter sigh. “Even your own mother…”

Mulan erupts in a blush. “That’s that! And this is this! I want master’s touch, err… for cleaning, I mean! Only master can make sure I am properly clean!”

“Yes, Ariel is thorough, but daddy should work extra hard.” Merida responds pleadingly.

Ariel pouts her lips and mutters. “It’s not that I don’t get it… I want Hero to wash me as well.”

“Ah, Jeese, having a harem is a lot of work, huh?” You sigh. “Alright, Mulan asked first. Let’s go!”

There are numerous other shouts as the other girls stand up or otherwise try to protest. Even Kida and Snow White want to be cleaned by your. Snow White mutters something about a warrior’s honor and Kida only nods as if that explains it. You make sure to accommodate all of the girls with a loofah and a very bubbly soap. Even Jasmine gets a thorough washing. Well, little girls tend to be a little lazy, so you just want to make sure she keeps good hygiene, that’s it. Okay?

A quick bath turns into an all-night activity. Your hands are prunes and it is long past bedtime by the time you finished scrubbing up each girl in bubbles from head to toe, making sure to take time to make sure each part of them was clean. Not a single girl protests no matter where your hands go, even Tiana. You are so tired that once you finish drying off, you leave the already sleeping Jasmine with Elena and head to your room, jumping into bed and collapsing asleep without another care.

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