The Power of Creation – Chapter 86

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You awake the next morning to warm feelings all around you. You feel the pressure of someone lying on your right. You feel the pressure of someone lying on your left. Perhaps more impactful is the pressure of someone on top of you. Furthermore, there are sloppy wet sounds, and your cock feels like it is being engulfed in something wet, warm, and soft. Your eyes snap open and you focus on yellow pubic hair and a tight little snatch wagging over your face.

“What are you doing, Minnie?” You ask.

There is a popping sound and a gasp as Minnie removes the suction she is applying to your dick. “Ah, boss, Sir Sebastian says it’s proper etiquette for the maids to wake master every morning in this manner.”

“Ah, is that so?” You raise an eyebrow and chuckle.

It looks like Sebastian’s training is already starting to pay off. You raise a hand and tickle your fingers across the adorable little snatch waving in front of you. Her body shivers a bit as she goes back down on your cock, slobbering and sucking with skill she didn’t possess the night before. Sebastian better have been training her on bananas or something.

“Hero, are you just giving her all the attention?” A voice says to your left.

You turn and give a smile to Ariel, who is lying naked next to you. Even though you have a woman on top of you in a sixty-nine position while she noisily and sloppily gobbles your cock and you slide a finger in and out of her, there is no awkwardness at all between the pair of you. She leans over and kisses you, the pair of your tongues entwine and battle back and forth between your mouths, creating even more lewd noises so early in the morning.

When Ariel pulls away, she lifts a hand up alongside yours, rubbing a thumb on Minnie’s clit while you continue to slide your finger in and out. Minnie gasps again, using a hand to rub up and down your shaft while she regains her breath.

“Hah, hah, Boss, please, if you’re so rough I’ll squirt all over master’s face!”

“If you do that so early in the morning I’ll just have to punish you then.”

Minnie let’s out a whining gasp. “Please, boss, I can’t take any more, you feel too good. Ah, stop, stop, I can’t stop!”

Like that her pussy erupts like a fountain, drenching you and Ariel in her lewd juices.

“Oh, please, no, I’m going to squirt again. Please, Boss, have mercy!”

“I’ll just tell Sebastian what you did after.”

“No, that’s even worse! Ah, fuck, It’s cumming out again!”

“No matter, I’ll lick you clean,” Ariel says enthusiastically, licking your face and trying to catch all of Minnie’s lewdness as she continues to wet the pair of you.

“Will help master as well!” Mulan declares.

“Ah, you’re there too?”

“Mm, wanted Master’s warmth.” Mulan declares, being on your other side.

She starts licking the other side of your face, and you stick your tongue in her mouth, kissing her too. The three of your end up sharing kissing back and forth under the fountain of Minnie’s cumming pussy.

“Ah, did another pair of lips start sucking my balls?” You ask, not quite able to see anything outside of a dripping snatch and the tongues of your two enthusiastic ladies.

“Don’t act surprise, my love, you made me this way.” Grimhilde’s voice came from somewhere between your legs, clearly looking for an early morning fix and taking advantage of what Minnie started.

“Grimhilde is here too? Didn’t I give you girls your own rooms?”

“Daddy shouldn’t leave mommy alone and cold at night.” A pout came to your side somewhere.

“Yes, hero-san, while I appreciate the privacy to have my own things, at night I’d rather feel the warmth of my baby’s father.”

“Did everyone come?” You ask.

“No, darling. Elena kept Jasmine from sneaking out. Kida is still asleep. Snow White is in her room training. Tiana is with her father. Belle is behind the wall touching herself as she watches the naked Minnie suck your cock.”

There was a thump on the wall and a shout followed by the sounds of footsteps running away. You let out a chuckle as Belle still couldn’t accept she liked the sight of your dick.

“Alright ladies, I’m ready, all of you on your knees.”

The seven girls that had made their way into your room this morning pulled away and got on their knees at the foot of your bed. As you used the spit and lubrication to slide your hand over your cock and keep it erect, you move around and give each girl a thorough kiss on the mouth. Once you leave each one with stars in their eyes, you straighten up and point your cock out. The seven girls circle around with their mouths open.

“Good morning, my harem!”

“”””“Good morning!””””””

“This will be a big one, make sure to say ‘ah!’”


You paint the harem white using your dick as a paintbrush. All seven of them together made sure to lick up every last drop.

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