The Power of Creation – Chapter 87

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Shortly after giving the girl’s a morning shower, you head out for breakfast. Jasmine has already prepared something for you, and you consider how good of a cook she’s been since she started here. She’s also been working on teaching the baka maids how to cook, which is something Sebastian asked her to do. Good idea from Sebastian. Either way, you’d need to come up with some way of rewarding her soon. Of course, it wouldn’t be that, but something that makes her know you appreciate her.

Jasmine notices you watching her and gets excited. “Has savior’s proclivities finally widened?”

“Denied!” You declare and she let’s out a whine. “However, I do want to do something for you. Is there anything ‘normal’ you want.”

“Hmmm… want… you mean like having you stick it in my-“

“I said normal!”

“Poo… fine… how about… take me out shopping! I need to get some kitchen supplies!”

“Shopping? Eh, that’s fine I guess.”

“Just you and me?”

“Yeah, sure, whatever…”

A kettle suddenly drops and there is dead silence in the room. You look up to see eleven girls looking at you with wide eyes.

“Huh? What?” You ask in confusion.

“A-a-a-a date?” It was Merida who breathed out the words in a hushed voice. “Just with the two?”

That’s right. You had only taken the harem on a date once, although that was nearly a week ago, and it involved all of them at once. As far as one-on-one dates go, you hadn’t given any of the girls any individualized attention.

“Ah, is that suggesting you all want to go on dates then?”

“Yes!” It was Kida who spoke first, then covered her mouth with a blush before continuing shyly, “That is, I think it’d be nice to spend some alone time with Rookie.”

There were enough girls in the group nodding that you throw up your hands with a sigh. It looks like you’ll have to fit in a bunch of dates.

“Alright, how about I give each girl a day.”

“A day!” each of the girl’s shouted in excitement.

“Well, yeah… but there are twelve of you, so…”

The girl’s all look at each other cautiously. That’s also right. There are 12 girls, which means that one girl is going to have to wait 12 days. That’s a long gap. Plus, who would go first?

“After that, Aurora and Merida will be close to term, so…”

“That quick!” It was Elena who spoke with surprise.

“Ah, well, they’re magical babies, so to speak. They’re even a little faster than I thought. Aurora already looks like she’s about 4 months pregnant with that bump and Merida’s boobs have already grown two sizes larger.”

Both girls gave nods. “Therefore, the pair of us should be given priority as the mothers of his children and the rest of your will just have to wait until afte-”

“What!” Mulan snaps. “This lowly dragon gets first! Mulan is most loyal!”

“I’m the first girl. I’m his bitch! I get the first date!” Ariel interrupts.

“We should battle to the death. In which case, I, Snow White, should get the first date.”

“You don’t even want to be here,” Merida shoots back. “Why do you want to date daddy?”

“My business with warrior is my own and not for some puny knight!”

“Puny! I was the 1st Wyvern Knight directly under his majesty! You think just because you became a Queen of ‘goblins’ that you’re strong? If I wasn’t pregnant, I could take you any day!”

“Hah! Goblin women wouldn’t be limited by something like pregnancy like some weakling human!”

“None of this maters. Mulan is strongest! I’m a dragon!”

“You say strongest, but all I see is flattest.” Snow White snorted, puffing out her chest, even though her chest is pretty modest for her own size.”

“Why you!”

“Ah, ladies… can we…”

“Darling, please fill me with your love! Doll love is top love!”

“My love, don’t waste time with that dimwitted doll…”

“To rut around the dirty public with commoner… will that make me filthy?”

“Ladies!” A voice calls out, silencing all of them.

The eyes all turn to reveal Sebastian standing there. Somehow since the previous night he had found a butler-like outfit and now had a surprisingly regal expression as he stood there was a straight back and a twirled mustache.

“If I might suggest, if you can’t decide amongst yourselves, how about a competition?”

“”””“A… competition?”””””

And thus opens the curtain on the first annual Riun Waifu Competition!

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