The Power of Creation – Chapter 88

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“Welcome to Riun’s first official Waifu competition!”

There are shouts and cheering all around you as you shake your head in disbelief. “How did it come to this after all that?”

Kida laughs, patting you on the back. “Well, after the city was nearly obliterated by Goblins, the locals need to lose some stress, so making it a celebration serves as that too. Just think of it as showcasing your harem to your future kingdom!”

“Kingdom? You still on about that?”

“Of course, I think a Kingdom under Rookie would truly be a great country.”

“On that, point, I thought you’d be up there with the other girls. Don’t you want to win a date with me?”

“Hah, right, I’m part of… your harem.” Kida is exploding in a blush, clearly flustered. “Even though we haven’t even… although I woke up last night just as the tentacles were leaving covered in… right… it was my fault for sleeping. That is to say, I have a responsibility to keep the event organized! You and Sebastian are two judges, I’ll have to be the third, so I can’t…”

Kida puts on a slightly disappointed look, although she likely is also afraid of standing up in public. She thinks nothing of walking around in bikini armor, two massive watermelons covered by a tiny string showing 90% of all there is to see, but crowds embarrass her.

Kida guides you to a long table that seems to be your future judge table next to a massive stage. You didn’t use magic to create the stage, so it’s remarkable that someone put it up just like that in the middle of the commons area. This is a spot in the middle of Riun which is surrounded by various food carts. You took the harem here shopping in what felt like a lifetime ago, although your harem was still in the single digits at the time. How quickly things changed.

The crowds of people are being controlled, and it looks like Kida is using the available guild members to maintain order and more importantly keep anyone from touching the harem members. The girls are up front waving and cheering to crowds of men, and it looks like they all have become celebrities overnight. You don’t even know when these guys had seen your harem in which to form fan clubs, but fan clubs formed quite aggressively.

“Mulan!” One group is shouting. “Flat chests are life!”

Mulan seems flustered at the shouting crowds, not quite sure how to take it.

“What are you saying?” Someone from a nearby group shouts back. “You need them massive like Merida!”

“Flat Chests! Mulan!”

“Big Tits! Merida!”

Merida is scratching her cheek not quite sure what to say, but smelling competition, Mulan is already trying to rile up her fans to shout down the other fans, determined to win the battle, any battle. She is giving Merida fiery looks like she is ready for to fight.

“Mulan is greatest!” Mulan shouts.

“Whoooo! Flat Chest!”

She immediately juts out her chest and shoves herself against Merida.

“Ahhh! Mulan!” Merida cries out as Mulan pushes against her like she wants to push her big tits down.

However, the display only shows how ill-equipped Mulan truly is, her small child-like body and nonexistent rack is completely overwhelmed by Merida. As she tries to shove them away, they fall back down, completely knocking Mulan to the ground. Both sides explode in cheers at the sight of Mulan being faceplanted by two massive atom bombs.

She jumps back to her feet, even angrier now, trying to slam herself into Merida with a vengeance.

“Stop… Mulan… they’re sensitive… if you keep doing that…” Merida cries out, but a second later it’s too late.

A nipple slips free and a moment later a streak of white liquid shoots Mulan right in the face. She immediately falls over again covered in milky white stuff. The cheering suddenly takes a moment of shocked silence as Merida covers herself and blushes in horror.

“Ooh… I told you Mulan. They’re only so big because I’m pregnant. It’s not my fault!”

“Pre-pregnant.” the word seems to spread throughout the crowd like a ripple.

Suddenly, numerous Merida supporters shake their head and leave. Others run up into the group. Within moments the entire crowd rearranges itself. Once they finally finish moving, the silence is broken by a shout.

“Pregnant women for the win!”

“Yeah! Merida, Give us your sweet milk!”

“I want to suck on that mommy’s teet!”

Mulan is on the ground covered in sticky white stuff which seems to double the size of her crowd in moments. However, when the flatter chested Elena walks by, some people started calling out her name instead. Soon, Mulan is distracted shoving her chest against Elena’s to the delight of the flat chested crowds.

“Eh? Mulan! What are you doing? Th-th-their touching!” The former boy is quite distraught over a Mulan pressing her chest against Elena’s, and her flustered and confused state only further eggs on the crowd.

Meanwhile, a new group formed a distance away and started shouting. “Big breasted Ariel is the best!”

“Big Non-pregnant Breasts wooh! I don’t even care if they’re natural!”

“Have I just been replaced?” Merida looks out at the shifting crowd with teary eyes.

“No, no… you’re just more of a niche flavor now.” Aurora chuckles, waving to all the boys while stroking her pregnant stomach before grabbing Merida and posing.

“Two Pregnant girls! Oh, I want to lick their stomachs!”

“Queen! Wh-what are you doing?” Merida asks flustered.

“Of course, driving up the crowds? You think it’s the judges that decide who wins? No, it’s the crowds! The most popular girl always wins. I plan to win my first date with hero-san.”

“Eh? Popularity?” Merida gets flustered as she sees all the other girls appealing to their groups, gaining a larger fan following.

“Ah! I must get popular!” Merida pumps her arm in determination.

She immediately tries to smash her melons together to show cleavage. Again, she causes the milk to erupt, this time shooting white streams out into the crowd. There is a giant roar of fans as she turns around in embarrassment. The nearby adventurers are only just able to keep the crowd in control as the milk junkies go nuts.

“Should we tell her if you cater to the niche you’ll end up losing the casual audience?” Grimhilde asks as she makes several poses with her tail out to a screaming group of demonphiles.

“What are you talking about?” Aurora laughs gently. “I already said, I want to win.”

Their eyes flash with the spirit of competition as this day turns out to be a day that makes history.

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