The Power of Creation – Chapter 89

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“Did you hear?” The words enter your ears as your watch your harem relish in public adoration. “They say the hero’s party is coming to this event and some of the girls are going to enter!”

“Ah, well, I wouldn’t call them my party, but what you heard is true enough.” You laugh.



“You-you’re the one who helped Kida fight off the goblins, right? No. I mean, while you’re certainly Riun’s hero, I was talking about the hero from another world. He’s over there.”

“What!” At first you think he is just being obtuse, but then you notice a boy walking through the crowd.

He is some sixteen-year-old with a pretty face that shouldn’t be on a boy at all. He is surrounded by three incredibly hot babes. If you saw girls as hot as them in the city before they would have already been snatched up into your harem.

One of the girls is an elf, except she has dark brown skin and jet-black hair. She is a so-called dark elf! Unlike the danty Tiana, she is stacked with boobs the size of Ariels and a round caboose. There is a very cute tomboy with short hair and a small little chest standing next to her with an arm wrapped around the guys. The third girl is a fiery redhead with extremely exotic hair. She was short, with a small body wrapped in a kimono, and had an Asian appearing face with the double-lidded eyes. She looks exotic compared to the traditional western-like faces of this part of the world.

“What the heck is going on with that?” You ask.

Several of the girls move around you after you catch eyes on the so-called hero and his so-called party.

“I forget some of the things my love doesn’t know.” Grimhilde speaks up.

“Well, what don’t I know?” You demand.

Grimhilde smiles gently, “I didn’t know it myself for certain until a few minutes ago, but it turns out more than one hero was summoned to this world.”

“What? Does that old King need more punishment!” You demand, rolling up your sleeves.

“Not at all, hero,” Aurora tries to soothe you. “Word doesn’t always travel fast between the countries and it is easy to keep secrets. We’re a border country, so we’re most likely to go to war if the demon countries attack. However, it turns out another greedy country also summoned a hero in secret a half year ago. My former husband had investigated and ruled it a rumor. Perhaps he summoned you because he found out about this hero and feared our country would lose power in the next war.”

Grimhilde nods. “I had heard this rumor of a hero summoned from another world as well. When you attacked my palace, I had mistaken you for him. He’d been gathering resources for several months. That’s why my father was guarding the throne and I was hiding. I never would have thought another hero was suddenly summoned and infiltrated my castle that same week!”

“D-does that mean he has a special power like mine?” You ask cautiously.

“He was given a power…” Grimhilde responds carefully, “But I don’t know what power it is. I can’t imagine it is on the same level as yours, my love.”

“Hello!” the boy finally reaches your table, giving all the girls a charming smile that makes you a little angry even though it is done so innocently. “I’ve heard about some kind of popularity competition. My friends here said they’d like to join. Something about winning an all-expense-paid date with the one you love? Although I don’t know who’d they want to go with…”

He seems genuinely honest about that statement, even as all three girls glare competitively at each other while shooting him various blushing looks.

“Actual-“ You go to put and end to this.

“Of course,” Kida cuts you off before you could speak while shooting you a look. “We’d be happy to enter these three beautiful women. And of course, that’s the award. An all-expense paid date with the man you want anywhere in the world! All expenses paid by Riun’s hero and benefactor.”

The three girl’s eyes brighten at that while Kida shoots you a pleading look, and you can’t help but sigh. You suppose in the incredibly unlikely event that someone from your harem loses to one of these girls, you could send them off somewhere.

“Oh, hello!” The boy holds a hand out to you suddenly, bringing you from your introspection. “You must be this town’s hero then? My name is Florian. I was summoned here from another world as a hero, but it’s way cooler to become a hero through your own accomplishments! What did you do to become this town’s hero?”

His bright-eyed honesty makes you want to kick him out of the city instantly, but you swallow your pride for the moment. One of his girls might be worth keeping, after all.

“I fought off a goblin attack on the city.”

His eyes seem slightly disappointed. “Ah, just goblins? Yeah… I fought goblins once under the First Knight’s care. I mean, it was just a small group in a cave, but they seemed pretty weak. They were half starved and the First Knight killed the first 5 for me, but the goblin I killed went down real easy. Ah, no, I mean, that’s awesome! Good for you! I’ve been here six months and all I’ve done is train. I’m going to attack and defeat the demonlord eventually, just as soon as they start showing hostility! That’s actually why I’m here, surveying to see if they are doing anything suspicious.”

You’re caught between wanting to palm your face and slap his face, but instead you nod to Grimhilde. “You know, she’s a demon, right?”

“Ah, a girl this beautiful is a demon?” He says in surprise, giving her a bow.” I’m sorry! The demon lord must be oppressing for you. I will one day free your country, I promise!”

She offers a hand and he kisses it while she gives you a wicked smile. “I’ll admit, the title of the demon lord is oppressive. That’s why I left my country to stay with my love for a while… to get a break.”

“To have to abandon your country…” Florian conveniently takes what he wants from what she says, “Ah, wait, love! With the town hero? Does that mean… you two… a-a-are… married?”

“What? No! We’re not married.” You shake your head, “We’re not in that kind of relationship.”

“Ah, well… boyfriend?”

“I wouldn’t say that. What would you call us, my love? Bunk buddies? Let’s just say he’s available?” She shoots the girls behind Florian a look, but they are all focused on Florian.

You glower as Florian nods excitedly. “Ah, well, that’s good, that’s good.”

“Shouldn’t you be helping your party sign up?” You respond sharply.

“Ah! That’s right!” He walks back to the girls which are all now shooting him jealous looks for abandoning them and falling under Grimhilde’s allure.

The tomboy pinches his arm and he shoots her a confused look even while shooting Grimhilde another disarming smile. You turn to Grimhilde with narrowed eyes.

Grimhilde walks up to you and chuckles. “Don’t look at me like that. He’s not my type. Would you rather I say ‘I’m your Cumdumpster Queen!’ in front of his girls? I’m assuming you’re aiming for one or more of them, yes? You probably want to wait to introduce them to all your lovers until after you’ve wrapped them around your finger. Don’t be jealous, you know you have a certain something I can’t say no to.”

“Yeah, but if you weren’t a cum addict, you’d be gone so quick.” You respond bitterly and Grimhilde gives you a sharp look before sighing and shaking her head. .

“Do you think any of the other girls are around you because they have to be? You didn’t give them any addictions.”


Grimhilde interrupts you, “Then I’ll say it clearly so that there is no misunderstandings between us. If all I wanted was your cum, you’ve already dumped enough on and in me that I could have saved it up and had a lifetime supply. I could have stocked it and left. However, I didn’t. Even Snow White, if she truly wanted to, would have ran away. We’re all here because you give us the things we want. I may seem like a simple cum-guzzling bitch, but I had many needs too, and you’ve met every need. You make me… feel complete. I love you. You will forever be… my love.”

She turns and starts walking away. Suddenly her body goes rigid as you reach out and grab her tail, stopping her from making a cool exit.

“Ah, don’t grab there!” Grimhilde goes white.

You rub her tail in your hand, and as you pull back on it as she makes whining noises before moving back to you. Before she can ask why you grabbed her, you wrap her in your arms.

“But… you can’t, the hero’s party will see.”

You wave your hand, “What are you talking about, I can hide our actions behind illusion magic with ease. No one will notice anything.”

You pull her face to yours and play with her tail while you thoroughly kiss her until she’s gasping for breath.

“Hah, hah… my love, thank you for giving me some extra attention.” She smiles before turning as if to leave at this point.

“Hey, where do you think you’re going?” You ask pulling out your dick. “I said, no one can see us.”


“Drink up.”

Grimhilde drops to her knees as she looks up at you one last time and wraps her hands around your hardening member. “Thank you, my love! Itadakimasu!”

Who the hell taught her that line?

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