The Power of Creation – Chapter 9

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“That is a shame.” The princess shook her head.

She was dressed in clothing you had made for her with another spell. Rather than restoring her to the original dress, you had dressed her in a sexy outfit. It was exactly to your tastes, accentuating her body in exactly the way you liked. She was very hot in that outfit, but it did embarrass her a little bit, being something unlike what she was used to wearing.

As you admired her body, enhanced by your magic and dressed in your ideal outfit, she was looking over at the corpse of the dragon, which you had abandoned the previous night in order to enjoy each other.

“Ah, should I have not killed the dragon?” you asked.

“They’re just very rare. It’s said that dragons imprinted themselves on the heroes of old. At least, that’s what I read in one of my books. Stories were all I had when I grew up under my father’s oppression.”

“Is that so?” You consider the waste yourself.

A pet dragon certainly sounded a lot cooler than a dead dragon. However, there was no such thing as bringing back the dead. Unless… you could make any magic you wanted. Was a resurrection spell that could bring the dragon back to life possible? However, you didn’t want some animal-like dragon pet. It needed to be smart, and cute, and even though you wanted to ride it, you also wanted it to be small enough you could bring it along with you.

As soon as the thoughts were pieced together, a brilliant light shot out and exploded on the dragon. This magic seemed to be a bit tougher, as you actually felt slightly winded by the time it was finished. However, the entire dragon was consumed in white light, and then it started to shrink. It kept on shrinking until the glowing turned into the form of a small person.

As the light faded, there was a little girl curled up. She looked to be asleep,

‘Wh-wh-what did hero do!” Ariel exclaimed in surprise.

“Ah, well, I brought the dragon back to life, but she appears to be a tiny.”

“A tiny? She looks about 12… i-i-is that what hero likes?” She touched her size F boobs, which thanks to your magic seemed to defy gravity in their own pertness.

“If I’m going to have a harem, I have to keep things varied.” You explained.

“A harem? What’s a harem?”

“When one guy takes care of many different women, and they all live with and service him, that’s a harem.”

Ariel put on a hurt look. “A-am I not enough?”

You shake your head. “You’re great, princess, but you already want me to educate your mom. Do you think it’s fair that only the two of you get to be taught by the hero?”

Ariel thought about it for a moment before her eyes brightened. “I guess not. The hero is so smart!”

You cross your arms and nod, “Yup, I don’t know how many girls there will be in the end, but I promise I’ll make you all happy.”

Ariel blushed. “I’m already happy as long as I can stay with hero, but I’m not against sharing.”

You nod, finally deciding what you planned to do in this new world. You’d create a harem just like you always read about. You’d conquer girls of every shape and size. And if the species you wanted didn’t exist, you’d just create them.

Speaking of which, your tiny dragon was starting to wake up.

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