The Power of Creation – Chapter 93

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“W-wh-what just happened?” Florian’s voice breaks out as the dust started to clear.

“Hm?” Meg cocks her head to the side, “A survivor?”

“What happened?”

“Oh my god?”


Voices starts to break out everywhere, and when visibility returns, a large crowd of people was still there in front of the stage. In fact, if it isn’t for the missing buildings and crater, it looks like not a single living soul had been harmed. The other girls came out from the back stage exit, looking confused and wary from the sudden attack.

“N-no one was hurt?” This time Meg’s words came out annoyed.

Well, it is certainly close, but you basically created a spell along the lines of ‘Noone get hurt.’ When you thought of it, you thought with the intention of protecting your harem, but it seems the spell countered any damage that would have occurred to anyone as a result of Meg’s attack.

You let out a little annoyed sigh. “Not that I care all that much, but may I ask why you destroyed my city of Riun?”

“Oh ho, your city, is it?” Meg’s eyes narrow on you, having decided that the survival of the currently panicking crowds

“Yeah, well, I settled in here and was starting to come to like the place a little bit.” You respond nonchalantly, completely at ends with the wreckage all around you. “As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t want you trying to use them as collateral so let’s declutter things for a bit.’

You wave you hand, and a moment later, every villager in the town is gone except for the girls and the judges. The steadily increasing noise of the scared crowd is silenced in an instant.

Meg looks around with an amused look. “Interesting… so you’d protect these people, but you leave the women?”

As she says this, she gives a mocking look to the girls behind her. A few look ready to throw down, even after seeing Meg’s complete domination a moment ago.

“Well, if you bother my girls, it won’t be collateral you’ll find, only death.”

“Oooo, scary.” Meg wiggles her fingers out before rolling her head back and laughing.

“I-I still don’t understand.” A voice came from your right. “We’re all allies. We’ve fought together. Stood side-by-side, how could you betray us?”

Meg looks down on Florian without a single ounce of pity. “You foolish hero. To think this is the best another world can offer. It wasn’t even hard to infiltrate your little party. So trusting…”

“B-but we’re friends!”

“Friends? HAHAHAHAHAHahahaha… That’s just soooo cute.” Meg bends over in laughter. “You think any of us are with you because we are friends? Pocahontas follows you because she wants you to save the dark elves. They near extinction and she hopes someone from another world can bring them back. You’re not a friend. You’re a fragile branch she clings to in hope her whole species won’t fall into the abyss!”

“That is…” Florian turns his head away, unable to find an adequate response.

Pocahontas, on the other hand, stares down at her feet. Although her face doesn’t provide an easy read as to whether what Meg said was true or not, you suspect what she said is very close to the truth anyway.

“And Nala!”

“Eh? Me? Bu-but I follow the hero be-be-because I want to!”

“Hah, you follow Florian because you’re an obsessed freak.” She laughs, and then eyes Florian with a devious look. “Hey, Florian, do you know she touches herself every night while moaning your name?”

Nala lets out a shout. “Ah, Meg, don’t lie!”

“Lie? Whose the liar here?” Meg shouts back. “I’ve had to sleep in the bed next to you every night while you shlick shlick with any object you can find! You’re not as quiet as you think you are! Hey, Florian, she also likes to pinch her nipples when she climaxes and say things like ‘Oh, Florian, fill me with your big, fat cock!’”

“Stop it, Meg, Stop it!” Nala is completely red and crying, but keeps her head down rather than doing anything else to defend herself.

“Remember when we bought all those vegetables and we went through them way too fast? That’s because Nala likes to stick them in her pussy. She even puts one in her ass while she touches herself and thinks about you! The freakish girl even cleaned them after and tried to put them back with the rest. Pocahontas had to throw them out in secret!”

Pocahontas who was standing next to Nala patted her head softly. “Mm. Okay. I forgiven you.”

Nala’s face went from red to white and then she started balling even more, her feet losing strength as she collapses. “I’m sorry… I’m sorry… I’m sorry…”

In those few words, it looked like Nala had already been completely broken. Well, the vegetable thing was pretty unhygienic. You didn’t realize this quiet, gentle girl in love was actually such an over-the-top sex freak. However, she does give you some ideas on future treatment for Tiana.

“That’s enough…” Florian’s voice is quiet.

“Huh? What? Speak up hero? I’m just telling you about how you let down every girl near you. One of them just hopes for someone to save her and the other uses vegetables because you’re too dickless to just fuck her!”

“I said enough!” He shouted.

There is a tug on your arm and you turn to see that Grimhilde has joined you. She whispers in your ear.

“I recognize the girl. She’s a demon. No… more than that, she’s the demon general Megara. She works under my sister Maleficant, the queen of the demon country Mittsu. It’s a much larger country than my own. It seems my sisters really were plotting to make a war with the humans. If this event spread from here, a war between demons and humans is inevitable.”

“Hah… how troublesome.”

“Hero of Riun!” A voice broke you from your conversation.


“Meg… I am sorry that I brought such a woman to your town. I brought devastation to these people. I suspect it was by your hand that we are alive right now.” Florian gave a bow formally enough that even you are a bit uncomfortable. “But I would like to make a selfish request. Please allow me to deal with this woman!”

So very troublesome…

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