The Power of Creation – Chapter 94

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“I mean, I don’t mind, but I never did ask, what is your particular power?”

“Upon holding the stone, the power I was bestowed with was the ability to actualize anything from my world.”


“Yes. This may not seem like much to you, but where this world has magic, my world developed technology.”

He waves his hand and a moment later a belt full of grenades appeared in his hand. “For example, each one of these can create an unbelievable explosion not unlike a fireball. Although I am not limited to weapons. I can make food, commodities, even buildings.”

“Isn’t that a cheat!” You respond flabbergasted. “That’s totally cheating!”

“You’re one to talk!” Grimhilde hits you on the back.

“Ah…” she successfully brings common sense back to your head. “Then, please proceed, but know that I will step in if things become dangerous.”

Florian bows one more time. “Thank you, hero of Riun!”

With that, Florian leaps up onto the stage as Meg picks her nails with a bored look on her face as if she doesn’t care about the fight at all. As they face off, you used a magic that allows you to assess their abilities in the form of stats, much like your own status menu.

“Ai, he’ll be wiped out in the moment.” You mutter quietly.

His status isn’t weak. They are about on the same level as Kida, which is still far beyond the realms of what is called human as far as you are concerned. He’ll probably be able to beat Kida too, presuming he can summon any modern technology. You donn’t know how much that ability cold overcompensated for status, but you imagine he’d probably be able to manage against someone like Snow White or Merida.

Yes, Merida. It surprised you too, but she isn’t a major countries top Wyvern Knight for nothing. She wasn’t fronting when she said she could take Snow White on. You aren’t sure who’d win in a fight. Well, you still aren’t confident Merida wouldn’t slip and pratfall given her top heavy body. Perhaps if she lost the boobs. You immediately dropped that particular train of thought that bordered on blasphemy.

Instead, you crank up Florian’s stats temporarily. For the duration of this fight, he had a 10X multiplier on all status. It’s up to him to do something with it. While you are at it, you crank up the defense stats on all your women. You include Nala and Pocahontas for the moment. You already see an easy method to add Pocahontas to your harem, but you’re not sure how someone as love obsessed as Nala would work. Simply tricking her into thinking you’re the childhood friend with a spell feels a little cruel.

Once all the girl’s have enough defense that bullets would bounce off them harmlessly, you relax and sit back to enjoy the fight. Huh? Where did Sebastian go?

“Ah… he sure is diligent.”

A spell shows that he returned back to the mansion. He dragged the maids back with him, and they were now cleaning the place of the dust and debris resulting from the exposion. Of course, you had made sure the mansion was explosion proof. It was the only building still standing on the very edge of the crater. Although, the be honest, had the explosion been a little bigger even if the mansion stood it would have toppled off the edge of a cliff. New measures would have to be taken.

Either way, Sebastion is preparing a clean place for you and the girls to return to once you’re done playing here. Ah, and he’s even preparing three extra bedrooms for three more women. He’s become quite diligent. You guess you shouldn’t disappoint him then.

At that moment, the hero from another world and the demon general Megara begin their first moves, clashing in battle.


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