The Power of Creation – Chapter 95

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“Tsk… this is boring.”

Florian pulls out a Gatling gun and immediately starts blasting bullets at Meg, who jumps to avoid them. Florian doesn’t pull any punches, however it looks like this sort of play is nothing to Meg. She’s laughing and dancing around like he isn’t trying to kill her. However, it’s only at that level. You didn’t know what you expected. At the very less Meg’s clothing should be torn off by now and Florian should be activating some kind of hero mode.

You wave a hand and send all the girls back to the mansion. You also cast some extra protective spells over it to protect them.

“You left me behind, my love.” Grimhilde responds with a tight smile.

“Well, I was gong to go take care of your sister while they are busy playing.”

The pair of you watch as their forms dance around. With Florian augmented, he’s actually keeping up with a surprised Meg, and the fight is getting intense as magical spells and bombs are dropped, creating explosions all over the place. In a bit, it’s going to get a bit dangerous if Grimhilde remains.

“Already!” Grimhilde says and then puts on a wry look. “Is that how abrupt your decision to conquer me was?”

“No…” You lie, “I gave it a great deal of thought.”

“Liar.” She sniffs. “But if you weren’t so overbearingly powerful, I wouldn’t have given myself to you in the first place. My sister is much more dangerous.”

“Yadda yadda,” You wave your hands, “Shall we go?”

When that the pair of you reappear, instead of sending yourself directly into the castle, you guys are now standing in front of a demon lord’s castle. You immediately raise an eyebrow.

“That’s strange, this place looks nice?”

The castle actually looks like a proper castle.  There were two flustered guards standing in front of a giant gate. The ground was actually covered in green grass, and there is forested terrain as far as the eye could see. The scene wouldn’t go amiss in a human part of the world.

“Don’t be mean, my love. My territory was the smallest and poorest. We lived in a mountainous area surrounded by active volcanoes and mineral deposits. That doesn’t denote the entire demon world. We all have our strengths and weaknesses.”

“State your business!” The two guards finally regain their composure and demand from the pair of you.

You nudge Grimhilde. “Well?”

Grimhilde shoots you a wry smile before responding, “I am seeking the presence of the Demonlord, my sister. I am Demonlord Grimhilde. Please let her know I have visited.”

The two guards look at each other, but one of them finally shrugs. “Very well, I will let the lord know, but she is very busy right now.”

One of the two men left, while the other watches the pair of you.

“Please, watch out for my sister, my love. She’s smart and cunning, but also always wants more. Her greed is legendary.”

“I’ll take it under advisement.” You respond.

“You are allowed in.” The guard finally returns and waves the pair of you on.

You walk into a castle guided by the guard. Lavish… would be an understatement when looking at this castle. Greed, was it? Maleficant seems determined to advertise as much of her wealth as possible. The walls are lines with expensive tapestries, and you can’t walk two steps without walking by another statue or vase on display. It all looks kind of expensive.

The pair of you are taken to a massive doorway leading into what appears to be the throne room. The doors swung open grandly as trumpets blare. There is a long red carpet that stretches up to a massive throne. Lining that carpet is a long honor guard of demons. At this point, the pair of you only can walk forward. You head along the carpeted walkway, and as you approach you start to notice the woman on the throne.

“A tiny!” The trumpeting music stops just as you say this, the word ‘tiny’ echoing loudly through the room.

The little girl sitting on throne room looks only slightly older than Jasmine. She has a pair of red pigtails. Like Grimhilde, she has a horn and tail. However, the end of her tail doesn’t hold a spade, but a diamond. Her proportions are all much smaller than Grimhildes. Small chest. Small body. Small face. Small horns.

“Let me do the talking, my love.” Grimhilde whispers to me, trying to ignore your slight even as some nearby guards give you a tight look. “Hello, Maleficant. It’s been a long time my sister. How have you-“

“Ah! I see you’ve brought me a slave! How generous of my little sister!”

“Little!” you say before you can stop yourself.

“I’m the youngest demon lord, remember?” Grimhilde whispers to you before continuing in a loud voice. “Well, you see, he’s actually my-“

“Your boyfriend or something? Well, give him to me anyway.” Maleficant speaks blatantly.

Grimhilde hisses quietly in a voice only you can here. “She’s always like this. Taking other people’s things.”

“Ah ho… do you perhaps… love him?” Maleficant’s eyes shine as she licks her lips excitedly and doesn’t wait for an answer. “In that case, Guards, bring him to me! Let me show her boyfriend the charms of a real woman!”

“But she’s a tiny… heh, guards?” Before you can even react, a bunch of guards have grabbed onto the pair of you and are now dragging you right up to Maleficant’s feet.

“I was afraid this would happen.” Grimhilde whispers over to you. “She’s jumped to her own conclusions. She wants to take you for herself to embarrass me, that greedy wench. Beware, my love, she isn’t nearly as… sharing… as I have been.”

“Well, it’s not like I won’t have fun breaking her.” You respond frankly.

Grimhilde gives a tight smile. “Can you, at least, go easy on my big sister?”

“No worse than I’ve done to you.”

“I… was afraid of that.”

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