The Power of Creation – Chapter 96

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“You’re… passable.”

As she eyes you up and down, you remember that you haven’t really altered your appearance all that much since you came to this world. You’ve perhaps been more confident since you found out you had this new power, but as far as looks go, you mostly just look like yourself. You say mostly because stats themselves affect you. As you increased strength, vitality, and such, you became fitter. Your skin blemishes all vanished. You have nicely toned muscles now. Overall, you look like the best you possible without altering your appearance fundamentally in some way.

It just never seemed necessary to have a pretty boy face like Florian. You already have tons of women throwing themselves at you, likely from your very high charm, so why change your looks. How would the girls react if your looks change? Would they love you regardless of the face? Would they be more turned on by a more beautiful face? That kind of thinking grates on your nerves. You don’t like the idea of the girls being more attracted to someone else, even if that someone else is you after you change your facial features.

“Let’s see what else you have…” She says, her hands reaching in and freeing your member; it springs to attention, a massive anaconda that equals the thickness of either of her arms. “Oh, Definitely passable.”

Hmph, Passable? It’s big enough to split this little Loli in two. Now that you’re up close, you give her another look. She’s wearing something very erotic for a so-called lord. It’s a skimpy leather number, with the only thing covering her lower regions being an underwear-like leather piece. She leans back in her chair as you admire her body, then her hands pull the underwear to the side.

“Suck it.” She says sweetly.

You look down at her exposed snatch in surprise. It’s a small, tight, hairless thing that looks like it would break if your cock even touched it. Her forwardness catches you off guard a bit.


“I want you to eat my pussy. Does Grimhilde not let you lick down there? No worries, this girl doesn’t have such hang-ups.”

Once again, Maleficant interprets the situation at her own convenience and is so hilariously off base that it is almost enduring. Her excited eyes flash as she licks her lips seductively. She really thinks she’s forcing Grimhilde’s “boyfriend” to service her. She’s probably imagining something like Grimhilde looking on teary-eyed as Maleficant corrupts and steals her boy toy.

Actually, now that you think about it, Grimhilde is rather conservative. Well, she WAS rather conservative. When you first met her, she wore a modest dress that covered up most of the goods. She was a virgin. She disliked the taste of sperm, and it was likely that under normal circumstances she wouldn’t give blowjobs. It was likely she’d be the type to shy away from cunnilingus too. Of course, then she met you, which was barely a week ago. By all accounts, the Grimhilde that Maleficant knew was long gone, but she’d have no reason to think Grimhilde had become a cum-guzzling gluttonous slut who shared her man with over a dozen other women.

You decide to humor the girl, moving down on your knees and sliding your tongue into her hairless snatch. Damn, the girl is very tight. Even your tongue can feel the tightness of her snatch. Could you even make your dick fit that? Well, she seems to be experienced so it had to stretch accordingly.

“Aiiii… ah… it’s so good! His tongue is in me sister, do you see? Ah… ah… I love it… suck it!” Maleficant is moaning like this from the very second you stick your tongue inside her.

Although, with your abilities and skills, you don’t doubt you’re great at cunnilingus, her actions are a bit over the top. Besides screaming and moaning, she’s rocking her body in strange ways, throwing her hands up and rubbing them over her body. Hew lewd sounds are ridiculous.

“I’m cumming! AH, I’m cumming! Your boyfriend just made me cum!” Maleficant declares.

Although the truth is that she didn’t. In fact, her vagina was barely reacting at all. You were very experienced at this point, so it was very clear to you what this was. Maleficant was acting. You were very confused, because you never struggled to provide women with intense pleasure. Having a woman fake it before you’d even gotten started was a bit of a put-off.

Out of sheer annoyance, you lace your tongue with magic that acts as a more effective stimulation, your tongue flickering over her clit in a way that you knew would bring her to climax in only a few minutes.

“Ah, ah… it feels so- eh? Eeee, hah, hah, hah, hah, AhhhHhhhhh!” The familiar clamping down occurred on your tongue, barely giving it room; damn was she tight.

Her voice went extremely high and she immediately lost cohesion. She claws at your face and pushes you away before you continue, then backs up on the chair staring around wide-eyed with a confused look while gasping for breath, her face flushed. You look around to see that a few of the guards are showing concern and confusion, while Grimhilde only looks bemused.

“Wh-wh-wh-wh-what just happened!” Maleficant demands.

You cock you head to the side, confused. “What? Did you just have an orgasm?”

“A-a-a-a-an orgasm?” Maleficant’s eyes widen even more and then she whispers under her breath. “Th-that’s an orgasm?”

“Don’t tell me you’ve never had sex before?” You respond.

“O-o-of course I have! With lots of men!” Maleficant is clearly flustered, then she comes down and puts on a fake face of maturity. “Rather, I just wanted to commend you for your good job. That’ll be all today. I will give you accommodations and we can do more of the sex things that I’m definitely experienced with later.”

“Haaaah? I haven’t even started yet?” your humor finally starts to fade.

“Wh-who are you talking too? I’m the Demonlord of the fifth most powerful country!”

“Yeah? Well, I’m the hero. And If I see a Demonlord, I won’t stop until I’ve pierced her with my sword!”

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