The Xperiment – Chapter 7

Disclaimer: The following blog is a fictional story created based on pic collections available free across the web. The events as depicted in the narrative are 100% made up, and meant to provide tantalizing context to the pictures provided. A picture may say a thousand words, but without a narrative, they don’t give you a story to tell. This blog is an attempt to create that narrative. 

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Hey guys,

I’m back again. As you all probably know, after a streak of successes, I ran into a misfire. My damn babysitter ran out on me, took the money, and all I had to show for it was a loss of $200 bucks. After that, it certainly hit on my moral, and my desire to continue to do this experiment. This, I had to take a break. I decided to take some time to self-reflect and work on me or something like that.

On top of all that, my posting service was shut down, and they no longer offer to let you put up posts. They say something about it supporting the sex trade. What? That’s crazy! Whoever said I was paying girls for sex! I was just paying girls and they, ahem… granted me sex. It’s completely different! Long story short, it seemed like my capacity to continue the XXXperiment was almost obliterated.

However, I noticed a few days ago that an email had landed in my inbox. It came from one of those advertisements I had sent out earlier. Most of the replies ended up being from fakes, but this one seemed legitimate. I’m not even sure how she saw the post considering that the site was shut down. It was answering a call for ‘adult modeling’. Yeah, I didn’t hide anything with this one. I basically stated you’d be having sex for money.

No… I mean… not prostitution. This was just modeling! Just modeling lips around my cock! Hey, it’s worked for the porn industry forever, don’t act like this is any different!

I happened to have a professional-looking place to meet her, although it was more office building and less casting couch. Still, despite my failures, I decided it couldn’t hurt to give this thing one more go. I told her to come, and to come with several different outfits.

I don’t know, in my head, I figured she’d come in some trench coat, There would be trashy lingerie underneath, and then as the night went on, she’d wear trashier and trashier stuff until she was completely naked. Unfortunately, she came dressed in a t-shirt and skirt. She looked incredibly normal.

Although her shirt does tell it like I like it.

So, with that, I started to pretend to take pictures. I didn’t really need that many of her… with clothing on, at least. I had her change from one piece of clothing to the next, and as she was changing, I managed to get a peak of her underwear while she wasn’t paying attention.

So unguarded, ripe for the plucking.


Yeah, after seeing that, I realized there was no way this woman wasn’t willing to go all the way. Although I let her dress into the next outfit, my dick was hard and I didn’t want to wait anymore. I pretended to take a few more pictures, and then I told her to get naked. This was the moment of truth. If she resisted, then my fragile psyche would probably have shattered like glass.


Yeah, she didn’t even hesitate to start striping in front of me. I had even worked out this big monologue that any modeling agency needs to see nudes to know how to fit her in clothing. None of that turned out to be necessary. I should have figured it out just by her underwear, but she knew why she was here. I made her take off all her clothing until she was completely naked. Then I had her pose again.

Well, that’s step one.

I started taking pictures of her, but in the back of my head, I just wanted to fuck her. I started giving her compliments, but most of them resolved around her tits. They were really nice, and I wanted to touch them bad. She took my drooling like a pro, even sitting down and giving me a little show. She said she was proud of her chest too. I asked her if they were real, and she said they were.


“But how do I know unless I feel them?”

Thus, I asked her if I could touch. When she shook her head yes, I was absolutely happy. Well, I had only managed to make it to second base here, but I didn’t mind. I began to play with her tits, realizing that if I waited any longer, my cock would explode. Taking a deep breath, I pulled out my dick. I was half afraid she’d storm away angrily, but it turned out my worries were completely false. She started sucking my cock without hesitation.

My previous misfires seemed to melt away. Not every girl is a bitch waiting to take off. A few girls are the genuine sluts you hoped they were.

Like a tinypop?

I could only lean back in the chair and moan as she went to town on my cock. She was very skilled at it, and the entire time she sucked it, I continued to play around with her breasts. Apparently, I had grown a bit too obsessive, because then she said, ‘if you like them so much, why don’t you fuck them.”

Soft and warm.


My dick slid between her bobs. It felt so good. I didn’t have any lube, but she little just spit several times on her own chest. It was like she was degrading her own tits for my dick’s amusement. It was absolutely wonderful. After she rubbed her tits together, my dick still between them, I could help but begin to fuck them in earnest. Every time the head popped up between her two melons, she gave the head a lick. At that point, I was really reaching my limit, and I had let out a little precum.

When my dick pulled back into her cleavage like a timid groundhog, some precum stuck and connected her lips to my cock. It was totally hot.

I continued to fuck her tits until I realized I was about to burst. Her tongue was incredible, and her tits were great. I couldn’t get enough.

It really felt great.

However, I grew exuberant and realized I was going to blow my load. It was just too good. She seemed to catch this was going to happen too because she let go of her tits immediately.

“Put on a condom…” She breathed out.

Her eyes were full of lust. Apparently, titty fucking turned her on.  She didn’t need to tell me twice. I was prepared this time, and I wasn’t looking to argue about whether I should fuck her raw or not. Let’s be safe here. A few guys mentioned in the past that my unprotected sex was going to cost me.

Well, nothing wrong on my dick so far, but sure, I’ll wrap it before I fuck it, just for you guys.

She felt incredible.

Regrettably, I really had reached my limit. I barely managed to thrust 2-3 times before I came inside her. It felt good, but I kind of think I’d have preferred to cum all over her face and tits. It would have been raw, and thus felt way better. Ah well. I finished up inside her, and then I pulled out, completely spent.

At that point, the reality of what happened set in. She came to model, and then I just turned around and fucked her. Okay, I always planned to fuck her, but now she knew that was the case. Worse of all, she didn’t get to finish, so it was totally my own satisfaction.

I really thought she was going to fly into a rage. However, she only thanked me shyly, got back into her clothing, collected her money, and left.

It was a little awkward. I think she felt less angry I did it and more guilty that she fell for it. At least, that was the kind of impression that she gave me.

Either way, she left and it was a success. I had managed to bang again. Perhaps, there is still room for a few more xperiments in the future. I’ll let you know.

Technique: Modeling Add

Ease: 8/10

Cost: $100

Cleanliness:  10/10

XXX Success: Yes

Female Beauty: 7/10

Quality of Sex: 7/10

Extras (Anal, BJ, etc…): BJ

Overall Thoughts: The modeling method seems to work. Every model comes with the expectation of exposing themselves. After that, it’s not that far of a reach to end up with sex. Then again, my event could be an outlier. I think the girl knew she was coming for sex. My advertisement had no website and was very discrete. She probably just needed a few bucks and was willing to do anything to obtain it. In retrospect, she was probably a hooker from the get-go, but we both were selling the lie for the sake of the other. This is what happens when you have a world where Craiglist doesn’t allow personal ads. Prostitutes have to answer shady modeling gigs instead! On the other hand, it’s REALLY easy getting a lot of good pictures when you have sex in a bright place and openly claim you’re doing it for modeling.

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