The Lust System: Chapter 170 (Unlocked)


Chapter 170 – Traveling Across


It was true.

Max couldn’t believe it, but it was true.

Those were really bats. On the screen, they looked like tiny flying creatures, which made him think that they were only insects.

Moments later, when he could finally see their surroundings and compared their sizes to have a good estimation, he found out the apparent large size those creatures have.

Those could not be said to be insects anymore. With their size alone, they would surely haunt their targets into running away. Those were terrifying bats that would fill everyone with fright.

But what Max put his entire attention to was the alarming number of them. There were too many that Max initially thought it was only an insect swarm.

Yu’er was quick to act, looking it up herself. She wanted to know where was the location that was shown in the video and what sparked it to occur.

She had never heard of this happening before. Yu’er had seen a lot through the years, terrorists, crazy ones, brainwashed individuals, vengeful and cruel beings, she had seen it all.

This was different. It was something that needed to be taken seriously. It was a real threat, unlike those foolish suicidal enemies that were only unknowingly waiting for their deaths.

Whoever offended these bats were going to be suffering from the relentless attacks of these unstoppable creatures.

As it was being shown by the Awakened recognized by many, it meant that this event is related to Awakeneds.

And from how the bats were acting, they seemed to be incredibly irritated. The noise they were making was enough to annoy them; it was extremely unbearable.

Having those numbers, it was without a doubt that they would cause mass panic once they get spotted by a large group of people.

With the vision of their surroundings becoming better and the video zooming out to give them a better spectacle, they could see a lot more details around.

From what they could observe, the bats were in a mountainous region. They were in an open field of endless grass that was surrounded by thick forest with large, tall trees.

They could also spot several wooden huts built on the vast land and some equipment that gave them the reason to believe that it wasn’t deserted.

From this, they could speculate that those bats were either near the sea where fishing and hunting villages were numerous, or they were in a small secluded mountain village.

What were they doing there, and what was their purpose? They could only take a few guesses based on what they know.

Mountain villages usually have occupants living in it. However, their vision was blocked due to the low visibility with bats filling up most of the areas below.

Max was amazed by what he was watching. There weren’t any traces of fear on his face, only astonishment with a hint of awe.

So this was how a powerful and unique Awakened looks like, he thought.

Max had seen a strange ability before. It was the ghost that he had recently defeated. But it wasn’t entirely new for him since ghosts aren’t surprising, and it didn’t look terrifying, which betrayed his initial expectations.

This, on the other hand, went past his imagination. It could be an animal control skill or an animal transformation skill or something else entirely, whichever it is, it was genuinely an amazing skill.

The impression it gave him when he saw those fierce-looking bats was how aggressive they looked even when they weren’t doing anything.

Max wasn’t fazed by their intimidating display since he had no reason to be afraid of them, though others have and would probably be scared stiff when they see this before them.

Still, Max thought that his dragon form, although a bit small, was better than these bats. That didn’t mean he removed any possibility of copying them.

Their pitch-black color would be a perfect cloak in the dark skies at night, and it seemed quite cool to fly with those unique pairs of wings. Max can already imagine how different it would feel.

The skill of this Awakened was too powerful if used the right way. No matter how useless those bats might be, their large numbers were enough to put fear in everyone’s hearts.

This has now piqued his interest, what a peculiar skill.

“I finally found their location.”

After a long search, Yu’er finally found the information she had been trying to obtain.

“Where is it?”

“It’s a little bit more than four mountains away from us. It’s a far distance away from here, so I don’t think there’s a big possibility that they would be coming in our direction.”

“The closer cities should be the ones panicking at this time since this is a huge threat for them. They would have to search for ways to fix this problem quickly.”

Yu’er already had a feeling that it was around their area when she saw what looked to be a mountain village.

The mountainous regions outside their city span over a wide range of landscapes. It reaches far places and connects cities together. Those kinds of wooden huts were also quite common in this area since a lot of trees available to be used for materials.

Luckily they weren’t too close since they won’t be able to do anything if those bats decided to go on a rampage on their populated city.

This would force them to move somewhere else for the time being to let things settle down quietly as there would surely be chaos everywhere if that happened. And most of all, there would be a lot of outside visitors, some might even be far stronger than them.

At that time, they would spectate from the sides and make some hidden moves in the dark using another identity.

“Four mountains away?”

Four mountains away were quite far. Currently, they were in the first mountain outside their city. This mountain has a vast forested area that one would get lost if weren’t careful enough.

They made some preparations before they went here and they have only stayed on the base of the mountain.

The maps available only included the trails and the common areas, something that they have to stay away from, so they were only left with the dangerous regions for privacy and seclusion.

It was unfortunate that their villa’s forested areas don’t have the thick gigantic trees that could be found here, which made it not suitable to act as a cover.

Traveling across four mountains would be challenging but achievable. With their full speed, it would take a few hours before they could reach the other side.

There were around three cities that would be closer than them to that location, and they would be passing through them if they decided to go.

Staring at his screen and seeing the chaotic situation on the other side, a thought suddenly came to him.

Since this was an Awakened and a strong one at that, others such as the Special Affairs Department would surely deal with them.

If he is right, they would be the ones who would be concerned the most in this situation.

He might also be able to see others who were curious and would watch the situation themselves.

This could be the perfect time to see a lot of Awakened in one place.

Max turned to Yu’er, and she looked back at him, seemingly expecting what he was going to say,

“Why don’t we take a closer look?”




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