The Lust System: Chapter 171 (Unlocked)

Chapter 171 – White Eye


Chief Li, in a faraway distance, had been watching the proceedings happening on the mountain.

They had a complicated situation that they had to deal with. If they were unsuccessful, the consequences would be unthinkable.

This time it was a critical mission, and one wrong move might potentially endanger the cities nearby around them with millions of people living in it.

The problem came up when they were notified about an Awakened being spotted outside the proximity of numerous mountain villages. And it was the same one that they had been searching for.

They were quick to respond since they were prepared for this situation occurring at some time in the future.

And this was their mistake in the first place. They were the ones responsible for this mess. If it weren’t for their error, this would not have happened.

This was about the number of Awakeneds who escaped from their prison long ago. They had never expected it until it was too late, and they were all gone.

Days went by, and they still couldn’t get them back. That was what everyone had expected, but they still had to try finding them.

White Eye. It was the name of one of those Awakeneds which escaped from their prison. It was also the one they were currently attempting to contain.

This Awakened was an especially dangerous one. They were fortunate that they had captured it the first time.

However, all of it had gone to waste when it escaped back to the world once again. The first time that they had come in contact with it, those bats were devouring secluded villages one by one.

This report came to them when many villagers in several areas turned into corpses overnight.

One similarity between all the cases was all of them being drained dry. Only their shriveled up body was left on the scene.

Initially, they thought it was someone sucking out their blood for their own purpose and searched everywhere for this culprit.

However, after a long search and a few more secluded villages being wiped out, they found out that it wasn’t someone but something.

Knowing all that, the only explanation they were left with was it being caused an Awakened. That was the only way those cases could be possible.

After countless nights of worrying about the next attack, they finally encountered it after guarding several villages left in the area.

Their Department sacrificed resources and gathered highly skilled members to subdue the Awakened.

Saying that they were successful wasn’t entirely accurate since they had to give up a lot to contain this formidable individual. The number of secluded villages in the mountains they lost was also not small.

Each one of them lost hope on catching it after they found out that it escaped along with the others.

They remembered all the obstacles they faced when they were in the process of containing it, and no one was confident about pulling it off once again.

That was before they received a message about Awakeneds from other cities assisting them.

This time it was different. They have a big chance of defeating this Awakened.

Though it was only a Rank 1, which for the higher-ups, wasn’t much of a threat, its skill was still troublesome.

Rank 1 Awakened were mostly not taken seriously by those Awakeneds with strengths of Rank 2 and above.

This made it quite difficult for their Department to deal with some overpowered ones with troublesome skills.

Rank 1 Awakeneds would be sent out to defeat Rank 1’s and Rank 2 Awakeneds for other Rank 2’s. Only with rare extreme cases would a Rank 2 waste their time to handle a Rank 1.

The disparity with their strengths was incomparable. Chief Li doesn’t know the specifics, but he knows Rank 2 would not bother dealing with Rank 1 Awakeneds.

When they have received the intelligence about White Eye, they immediately made their move and contacted the necessary reinforcements to finish it as soon as possible before it decided to wreak havoc elsewhere.

Its name White Eye partly originated from how this man could turn into a bat. More specifically, his skill allows him to transform himself into a grand swarm of bats.

The bats it could transform into were the reason why they had a hard time dealing with him. Those bats were all him split into many creatures.

Even though the bats were mostly the same with ordinary bats, which could be killed quite easily even by ordinary people, it was still basically impossible to kill all of them.

If one of them managed to escape, the man would still be unharmed, and they would have to find where he was hiding once again.

This was why they were having a difficult time with it. The skills itself was not too overpowered to pressure them into retreat.

The blood-sucking bats, which were what they named it after its ability to suck blood, were unstoppable with their numbers.

Fortunately, their ability to suck blood wasn’t too strong that they would have to run away for safety.

The volume of blood that one bat could take in was only tiny. Even for someone like Chief Li would not be in danger from being bitten by it.

However, what makes them deadly was their large numbers. If they attacked the same person at once, the result would be a cruel death if they were ordinary people.

For Awakeneds, it would take more effort to pierce through their skin, but with enough time, the bats would also be able to inflict the same damage and could possibly cause death.

But it was only if the said Awakened allowed them enough time to do it. If the Awakened fought back, none of it would be possible and would only do little to no damage.

One could also submerge themselves into lakes and rivers to force them off, which would always be effective against these creatures.

The indication that the bats were full was when their eyes glow bluish-white. The white eyes were incredibly striking with their pitch-black bodies.

As a result, the Awakened was called White Eye.

Currently, Chief Li was watching how things would proceed; at the same time, he was waiting for the reinforcements to arrive.

From the info that he got, these reinforcements were special. Their skills were different from the common destructive ones.

He had no idea what they were, but he had some guesses based on how their previous battle with this Awakened went down.

They would need a way to prevent those bats from running away. As long as their mobility was restrained in some way, it would be easy to finish them one by one.

On the outskirts of the mountain, three shadows closed in on the same area as they dashed in the same direction.

Max with Yu’er and Xue finally reached the mountain where those bats were located after transversing mountains to enter this place.

After Max and Yu’er decided to take a closer look at the lively event, they briefly contacted Xue before moving out.

Now that they were here, they only need to find the exact position of those creatures.

Seeing the large mountain before them, this search might take quite a while. But with the time they spent on their way here, it was nothing.




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