Whatsawhizzer Releases 2/6/2019

Volume 1 of Hawtness is out on my blog. The PDF will be released at the end of this month. I am currently re-releasing it on Wattpad, the original site it was written on, hopefully to reinvigorate the old fans of the book. Anyway, there won’t be any new chapters until the PDF comes out. It’ll have the same deal as everything else, free for Patreons of any tier and $5 for nonpatreons. After that, I will release Volume 2 and Volume 3. P.S. If you were one of the handful of people who actually bought “Bad Boy of Fairmont High” from Amazon, I will give you the first volume pdf for free if you provide a receipt of $$$ purchase. (This does not include Kindle Underground or free acquisition of the book).


NTR Crush Chapter 9

Power of Creation Chapter 315

World of Women Chapter 22

Timefall Saga – Chapter 4

Automatic Girlfriend (New Release!) 


Patreon Only

NTR Crush Chapter 14

World of Women Chapter 30