The Power of Creation – Chapter 315

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Each girl received a punishment that was likely very amusing and perfectly ironic. After you’re finished with all of the girls, you still feel as if there is something missing. The sounds of a light skirmish between your army and some castle guards bring your eyes back on Tremaine’s last stand. Ah… that’s right, the last little Demon Lord. You suppose you have already wasted enough time giving her a chance to stand down. She has had plenty of time to submit herself to you. Instead, she decided she’d rather let her soldiers die in battle.

Her own pride led to the death of thousands that aren’t necessary. Well, it isn’t like you are any better. You have an eight-some with your seven demon lord sisters to enjoy, and it is unthinkable to even attempt that with one woman short. Thus, this fighting had begun, but it is time to put an end to it.

You teleport into the castle. Not simply the castle, but directly into the demon lord’s bedroom. Like the time you claimed Maleficent as yours, you aren’t going to waste any more time messing around. This woman has already made Rapunzel betray you, sort of, and so naturally, it was time to get serious!

As soon as your eyes scan the room, they land on a couple sitting on the bed. Tremaine is in the arms of another man. They are holding each other and looking quite intimate. Although this man is her husband, you can’t help but feel a little angry. She should have known that she’d be yours soon enough. To then hide away in her castle and spend her days canoodling with another man, she should have learned her place! Since both of these people insist on defying you, it’s time to give them a proper lesson.

The pair notices you at the same time, and the man stands, grabbing at his sword. “So, you’ve finally come. You won’t find it so easy to-“

With extreme ease, you cast a simple spell throwing him against the wall. A moment later, his body melts into the wall, completely entrapping him. For good measure, you add some magical restraints as well. In under a second, Tremaine’s husband has been completely defeated. Another wave locks the door and prevents any outside interference. With your rape lair complete, your eyes set on Tremaine. The dress she is wearing is actually quite regal, a white silk thing that appears to be intimate. It was likely something Tremaine had worn for her husband. You’ll have fun tearing it off of her.

Once your eyes lock on her, Tremaine stands, her face stoic as she faces you. “So, it has finally come to this.”

“I guess?” You raise an eyebrow.

Tremaine sighs, “I guess I should thank you for not immediately attacking us, even though you had the power to. I knew from the beginning that we had no hopes of defeating you.”

“Then why did you resist so much?” you ask.

“Can you blame me? Perhaps I just wanted to spend a few last days with my husband… so thank you… these last few days have been wonderful, although they felt way too short.”

“Oh, you’re welcome then.” You grin. “But it’s time to start making you mine…”

“You bastard! If you dare touch my wife, I’ll kill you!” Flynn, her husband, shouts.

“Hahaha…” You laugh. “Just try and stop me!”

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” Flynn goes crazy, his muscles suddenly growing taught. You ignore him until suddenly, he bursts into a golden light.

Tremaine could only cover her eyes in shock. “Husband? What is this?”

“The power of my love cannot possibly be defeated by this bastard.”

“H-husband? He’s the Demon King!”

“Bullshit!” Flynn screams, his body flexing as he breaks through your restraints.

The backlash of magic causes you keel over, coughing up blood. You collapse to your knees, trying to look up at Flynn through his bright shininess as his power grows exponentially with each second.

“You bastard…” You curse. “You’re the Demon God after all?”

“I am no Demon God.” Flynn laughs. “And you are no Demon King! Since you will never have my wife.”

“But… the prophecy…” Tremaine cries.

“Don’t you see, my love?” Flynn explains. “The Demon King is he who has conquered all seven women. He hasn’t conquered you yet! So, once I kill this usurper, I will rescue your broken sisters, becoming their conqueror too. Then I will be the Demon King!”

Tremaine’s eyes brighten. “Although… I do not like the idea of my husband conquering my sisters, the alternative is far worse, please… husband, save us!”

“Who says I’m done yet?” you shout angrily, creating a magical sword and swinging it at Flynn.

“Die… you foul beast!” The glowing magnificence of his surging power is simply too much.

Your magical sword shatters in an instant, and his sword strikes you in the head. You scream as your body and soul are destroyed completely. You vanish, leaving behind a long scream that tears through the world as your ashes dissipate like smoke.

When it is done, Flynn, the hero, is standing there, breathing hard. The golden glow is only then starting to diminish.

“H-husband… is it over?” Tremaine blinks as she uncovers her eyes, seeming unsure, unable to believe what she just witnessed. “I can’t believe you were able to defeat him so easily.”

Flynn shook his head. “It wasn’t so easy. It was only thanks to our love that I was able to manifest my true power of smite. I had to use a great deal of my life force. I’m afraid my hair will turn grey and I’ll age much like a human now.”

“No… my love…” Tremaine tears up. “Why did you sacrifice so much of your life?”

“It was worth it, to protect you, my love.” Flynn walks up and embraces Tremaine. “Now, we will never have to worry about being separated again. It is regrettable that I will have to make his harem my own, but I will do anything for you, my love.”

“And… I’ll do anything for you.” Tremaine return a smile, finally allowing herself to believe everything will be alright.

The pair of them embrace, their kisses growing more passionate as they collapse on the bed. The real Flynn can only watch in horror as you share nonsensical dialogue with his wife and then push her down on the bed.

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