Women’s Pleasure Dungeon – Chapter 15

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“What do we do with Sandy now?” I asked nervously.

“Uck… do whatever you want with it. Kill it. Fuck it. Since they all think she’s dead, it has no value anymore.” Diamond spoke dismissively.

“I can fuck it?” I asked in surprise.

She gave me a disgusted look. “If you get turned on fucking monsters. Wait, who am I talking to? Well, if you want to wear that goblin dick and pump a few more squirts into that mimic, it’s probably willing. It’s under your control, so it won’t kill you. I’m not sure it’ll do anything by lying there.”

“So, basically most women,” I responded.

“What do you say?”

“N-nothing!” I coughed, having no desire to explain to her female jokes from my world. “I was thinking maybe the mimic could become a guy and I could use it.”

I didn’t care about it being strong or anything, and if it could turn into a girl and a treasure chest, why not become a man? At that point, I could inhabit it and it’d almost be like having my own body back.

“I already told you, it can only turn into what it ingests. It’s only eaten Sandy, so it can only look like Sandy. If you want it to look like something else, even a treasure chest, you’d need to feed it one.”

“That’s expensive!” I complained.

“Well, nobody told your stupid rat to get in the way of my plans.” She responded angrily.

“Can’t you go get me a guy when you go back out?”

“Get you one?” She looked at me like I was an idiot. “No, I can’t just get you one. Men don’t grow on trees!”

“They grow in wombs! I know about the birds and the bees.” I responded, feeling annoyed.

“Yeah? And every man is currently a national treasure. No nation would allow a man anywhere near a dungeon. It’d be easier for me to obtain a dragon baby than a human male.”

“It’s that bad?” I asked, feeling a bit disappointed.

She snorted. “If I could have found a man, then I wouldn’t even be…”

“What? You’re mumbling?”

“Shut the hell up! Who asked you, idiot!” She glared at me. “You’re the reason I’m dead. With an undead body… I’ll never… I can never… I fucking hate you!”

She was usually in a bad mood, but I rarely saw her turn that angry. She suddenly disappeared in a puff. Her actions were enough that the adventurers nearby became alert. They were taking a break as they tried to figure out how to continue, but Diamond’s leaving had caused a ghostly breeze to blow over them. I saw that she returned to her body though, so I decided to leave her be. Why did she grow so upset anyway? Maybe, it was her time of the month. Did women in this world have PMS meds?

“Ah, that reminds me!”

I summoned the goblin back to the 2nd floor and entered his body. I went up to Sandy, who was just standing there with a vacant look in her eyes. It was true, she wouldn’t be able to fool very many people. Anyone who came into the dungeon and saw her would immediately know that something was off about her. She didn’t blink or breathe, and it gave her an unnerving appearance the longer one looked at her.

Even so, Sandy was currently a girl, and I didn’t want to enter her body. I stuck by my former promise. I wouldn’t be tempted like that. The reason I approached her though was to get her backpack. Every girl had been carrying a backpack full of supplies, and when they abandoned Sandy, they abandoned her backpack too. When Diamond brought her to me the previous night, the backpacks had been left on the ground and opened up to make camp for the night, so she hadn’t brought them with her.

I pulled the backpack off of her and then put it on the ground. I began to tear it apart, looking for anything inside of value. Theoretically, anything here could be used as treasure. The more treasure a dungeon had, the more valuable it was to the adventurers. She still had the device in her hand that detected treasure. That alone could be considered a treasure, but I felt like it was counterproductive to give heroines a treasure to help them steal my treasures.

After all, if it was too easy for a heroine to get the treasures, I’d be bankrupted. I needed to find a perfect balance, cheap treasures that were enough to attract heroines but would leave me with more points in the end. I had to start thinking about the future. Diamond would protect me now, but my time was limited. Once she got her vengeance on Misty, she’d leave and I had to the future to think about. A mindless mimic and a cowardly rat king weren’t going to save the day.

“Hmm?” I looked up and nearly jumped. “Uh… hey?”

Sandy’s head had turned down to look at me. She was watching me go through her things. However, she didn’t respond. She just continued to watch me. I finished going through her stuff. Other than the treasure finder, I found her bedding, some dried food, and two changes of clothing. There were thirty coppers. I didn’t know the cost of things in this world, but I doubted it was enough to place in a treasure chest.

As I sorted everything out, I couldn’t help but look back up at Sandy. She was watching me unblinkingly, and it was close enough I was starting to blush. That’s when I remembered what Diamond had said earlier. She had said that I could fuck Sandy. Well, it wasn’t like she permitted me. Sandy was a mindless monster, but she would stand there and take whatever I did to her. She was basically like a real doll, but even better.

My previous sexual encounters had all been with unconscious women. Even when Sandy did wake up, she was tied up and gagged. She had passed out by the time I was finished. In other words, I had never done anything with a conscious, aware woman. Although Sandy was just watching me without any expression, I couldn’t help but have wild thoughts.

I brought out my green fingers and reached for her. My hand grabbed her chest. I had already enjoyed this chest once, but that was while she was lying on her back. I squeezed while looking at her eyes. She continued to stare at me blankly. I reached up as high as I could, my hands touching her lips. I touched them gently. They were just as soft as I remembered. The mimic was good at replicating her in every detail.

“I wish you’d suck…” I laughed.

Then, to my shock, she opened her mouth and put her lips around one of my fingers. She began sucking on it gently.

“Ah!” I cried out, pulling my finger out of her mouth. She didn’t move, continuing to stare at me flatly.

“T-take off your armor.” I tried ordering her.

I had trouble with her armor before, but if she could remove it herself, wouldn’t that solve my problem? As soon as I made the order, the mimic began to strip down. One piece of armor after another was discarded until it was just her shirt and pants. I nearly jumped for joy. The mimic did everything I asked her to do. This was way better than a sex doll!

I bit my lip and then reached down and pulled her pants to her knees. Her pussy was right there, complete with pink pussy hair. After that, I pulled her undershirt up until her boobs were exposed. I couldn’t quite reach her nipple with my mouth, so I forced her to bend slightly so her nipple was at my mouth level. Sandy did everything without resistance. I excitedly began to suck on her nipple. As I did that, my hand found its way between her legs and I began to finger her pussy.

“Lift your leg a bit,” I mumbled into her breast.

She lifted her legs out of her pants and then held them up. Like that, I was able to suck her titties and finger her pussy. If all girls could be so accommodating! Her body was warm, soft, and wet. My fingers slipped easily into her pussy, which was leaking her juices. Mimics could get horny too! Well, at least, she produced lubricant. Who knew what emotions she was feeling? Her face only showed a flight flush as she watched me emotionlessly.

Her nipples hardened as I sucked them. It seemed like she was enjoying it too, or at least, her body was reacting similarly to a normal girl. The only problem was she wasn’t moaning. She continued to watch with unblinking eyes as I played with her body. It was kind of unnerving.

As I sucked her titties, I reached down and pulled my cock out. The mimic, still sucking her nipples, looked down at my cock. I grew excited seeing her react to it.

“You want my cock?”

She looked away. I felt a little dejected. Was this dick not to her liking? I didn’t have any other dicks to use. Her titties were delicious, and her pussy was squeezing my finger nicely. She’d have to get used to this green tiny dick because she was going to have to satisfy it! I pushed the mimic against the wall and continued to finger her. My tongue continued to lick her nipples and my finger moved quickly in and out of her pussy. The mimic was leaking quite a bit of liquid, and my finger was coated with her juices. I was able to put two fingers in her without trouble. Pussies were elastic. I wanted to see how much it would stretch, but that was for a later date. Her face stayed completely neutral as her body was played with.

I was getting excited from sucking her boobs and fingering her. My cock was already rock hard and was pressing up against her leg. I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I stopped sucking her tits and pushed her down to her knees. My cock was right at her eye level, and she was forced to look at it.

“Open your mouth,” I ordered.

She obediently opened her mouth. Her saliva-covered nipples were practically dripping with my saliva. She stared up at me, waiting for the next order.

“Suck it,” I told her.

She grabbed the base of my cock, and wrapped her lips around it. I let out a sigh. Her mouth was so warm. She started to bob her head up and down. I couldn’t help but compare her to the last girl that had sucked my cock, Misty. Well, it was more accurate to say that I put my dick in her mouth until I came. The mimic was doing something. Her movements felt somewhat mechanical and steady, but for me, it felt incredible.

“Use your tongue.”

The mimic swirled her tongue around my cock.

“Suck on the tip.”

Her tongue danced across the head of my cock.


Every command I gave her she followed with lightning precision. Unfortunately, she wouldn’t change things up unless I ordered her, but this was fine. I could just do it myself. I gripped her hair and moved her head. My cock was reaching deeper and deeper into her throat. She was able to handle it without gagging. Well, if she didn’t breathe, she didn’t need to gag!

“Swallow my cock.” I ordered.

Her throat made a swallowing motion that undulated around my cock. It felt amazing.

“Don’t stop.”

Her head moved faster and faster, while her tongue swirled around my cock.

“Ah, I’m cumming.” I warned her.

I could have sworn her eyes lit up when she heard that. I pulled her head down and then blew a load down her throat. She swallowed it without complaint. When I finished, I pulled out of her mouth and looked at her. She looked back. She didn’t show any signs of repulsion, anger, or displeasure. I didn’t care that she was a monster. If this kept happening, I might fall in love.

“Turn around, bend over,” I ordered.

The mimic did so, presenting her pussy to me. She bent over and her hands rested on the ground, her ass sticking up in the air. Her pussy was glistening, and her legs were spread. She was a good mimic. I was already hard, and I could see her juices dripping onto the floor. I couldn’t wait.

“I’m going in,” I said.


I was surprised to hear her moan. It was a good thing that mimics couldn’t talk because otherwise, I might have made her say such naughty things I’d lose it. My hands rested on her butt cheeks as I began to pump into her. Her pussy was soft, and her juices made it easier to slide into her. She was a bit less tight than the first time, although the first time was with the heroine and she was a mimic. She seemed to mimic the heroine in every other respect, so I guessed that this would be what a second time with Sandy would have felt like too. The mimic didn’t seem to be in pain. If anything, she was enjoying herself. She let out small noises with each thrust.

“Mm, ah, ahh!”

I was pounding into her and her pussy was squeezing down on me.

“This is so good,” I grunted.

I was going to blow another load in her. As I did, I slapped her butt, causing her to cry out in pleasure. It seemed that she was pretty sensitive, which was great.

“You’re so wet. Mimics are slutty monsters, aren’t they?”

I slapped her butt again. She moaned out.

“Your pussy is squeezing me.”

I reached down and grabbed her hair, pulling her head back.

“I’m going to fuck you every day.”

Her body shook from the force of my thrusts.

“I’m cumming.” I announced.

Her pussy clenched down on me, and her hips shook.

“I’m going to blow,” I grunted.

Her pussy spasmed around my cock, milking me. It was all I could take.

“Fuck… Sandy… I love you!” I cried out, even though I knew I was just spouting shit. “I’m cumming! Yes, Yes, Yes!”

As I began to cum, I didn’t pay attention to a sudden ding in my head, but as my second load filled her up, my reasoning returned to me.

[Naming this monster costs 10,000 dungeon points. Would you like to name this monster?]

[You have selected, yes. Assigning name… Sandy, the Mimic.]

“What? Fuck!”

Before I could say anything else, there was a flash of white light. It blinded me for a minute, and when it was gone, well, nothing had changed. I immediately checked my store. My points were at five! I had just passed the ten thousand mark and I spent it all. I had accidentally called her Sandy, making the system think I was naming her, and then I moaned yes when it asked if it was okay. Are you fucking kidding me?

After pulling out of Sandy, she stood back up and looked at me. She didn’t look any different than before. No, didn’t she look a little better? She originally had a fairly plain face and an average body. The shape of her body hadn’t changed at all, but it was almost like she had been tweaked slightly. Her nose was a bit more symmetrical, her tits were more perky, and her ass was a bit rounder.

“You’re not even a decent mimic anymore!” I cried out, grabbing her hair and pulling it. “What did naming you even accomplish!”

“Owie! Master, I don’t know! Please don’t hurt Sandy, Sandy will be good!” I immediately let go of her hair as soon as I heard her voice, falling back onto my ass.

“Y-you spoke!” Luckily, I was getting better at speaking with the goblin’s voice box, so my own words were coherent.

She rubbed her head, looking at me with a pout. “M-master… Sandy is a good mimic, Sandy wants to look more desirable. That’s how Sandy lures unsuspecting victims. Sandy will change back if Master wants.”

“Whose Sandy!” I yelled.

“Master called me Sandy! Sandy is a very happy Master named Sandy. Sandy will work hard for Master!”

I was angry that I had lost so many points, but as I started to regain my cool, I realized that this might be the best thing to happen. If Sandy was intelligent and could take orders, then she was exactly the servant I was looking for. I wouldn’t be able to regain those points, but maybe there were other benefits.

“Can you answer any questions about Sandy?” I asked.

“Anything! Just ask!”

“What is the name of Sandy’s teammates?”

“Sandy doesn’t know! Owie!”

I knuckled her head. “What do you mean you don’t know? You just said you had Sandy’s memories!”

“I don’t understand!” She cried. “I’m Sandy!”

“I’m not talking about Sandy, the mimic! I’m talking about Sandy the heroine!”

“Oh… her?” She blinked. “Sandy doesn’t know anything about her.”

“When you eat her, you don’t gain her knowledge?” I demanded.

“Is that a thing?”

“What about skills? Spells? Abilities?”

“N-no… Sandy just can look like them.” She looked dumfounded as if she had never had such thoughts before.

“Fine…” Perhaps it was too much to ask for that she could eat heroines and become a C-rank or higher instantly. “Fine… Fine… Okay… I still have three adventurers, I can earn points back. You, take that food and put it out around the front of the dungeon. I want you to make a trail leading into the dungeon.”

“Huh? Won’t that attract vermin?”

“That’s the idea,” I responded. “Can you do that for me?”

This had been my plan when I came up here in the first place. I was going to use the food to lure rats into the dungeon. Once they were in range, the rat king could start to control them. In that way, I could get rats points free. My only chance at survival was to earn faster. Perhaps, Sandy could help me do that.

“Yes, Master!” Sandy saluted and then started running down the hallway.

“It’s that way!” I pointed in the opposite direction.

“Yes!” She ran back the other way.

“You’ll need the food,” I added.

She turned back and grabbed the bag. “Sandy is on it!”

She ran off with the bag. I watched her leave, feeling extremely conflicted. As she went off the stairway and disappeared from my sight, my eyes wandered down, and I noticed a book that had been hidden by the food bag. I picked it up and flipped it open.

“Inscriptions for Beginners.” I read off the title. “A textbook?”

 She went up the stairway, and a minute later I heard a scream and a thud. It was followed by a distant shout.

“M-master! Sandy fell in a hole!”

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