Women’s Pleasure Dungeon – Chapter 22

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“What did you do?” Diamond demanded, an ugly expression on her face.

“I don’t know… I didn’t mean to.” I spoke helplessly.

I had been letting out all of my lust on Misty. It had even gotten to the point where Diamond had grown tired of watching her nemesis tortured and had left me to my vices. I didn’t know if it was because Misty was my type, the cyclops’s extreme sensitivity to females, or because I had shared so many firsts with Misty, but she enflamed my sexual desires like no one else could. Then again, my only other choices were a foolish slime and a bitchy corpse.

“What are you looking at me for, pig?” Diamond noticed I was glancing her way, and she covered her chest even though she was still dressed.

Yeah, compared to the bottom-barrel skanks I had been fucking, Misty really was a goddess. Her body was round and soft in all the right places, and she was beyond beautiful. She gave off an alluring scent that inflamed my desires. I couldn’t help myself with her. The cyclops I inhabited proved to have the stamina to meet my extreme libido cultivated by a lifetime of sexlessness, and in a single day and night I unleashed all of that desire onto Misty.

When I finished my last round, she had collapsed. That wasn’t unusual. She had been unconscious for quite a bit of the fun. However, after falling unconscious, I received a warning, and she became wrapped in mana which seemed to solidify into a cocoon. At that point, her usually green eyes turned red, she grew curly ram’s horns on her head, as well as a spade tail from her tailbone.

At that point, I freaked out and ran to get Diamond, who became speechless after finding Misty in this transitive state. It was strange. Her body was changing. The bump on her head had disappeared, and all of her other wounds closed up. All of her scars began to disappear, and her skin was becoming milky smooth. It was almost like she was rejuvenating, all of the abuse I had given her during her many visits being rolled back as she turned into a perfect version of herself, more beautiful than even before.

I was no longer in the cyclops. When I was inside him, I had too much trouble remaining in control. I had sent him to his throne seat and made him wait like a child sent to the corner. I made sure he had his loincloth covering himself too. Honestly, his size and the level of lust inside him made me a bit nervous when I wasn’t in control of him. I was thinking of finding him a chastity belt that only I had the combination to. In that moment, I was just a glowing orb next to Diamond though.

“Explain what you did, exactly. Did you use any dungeon points?” Diamond rubbed her forehead.

“I didn’t!” I declared. “The system said something about her becoming corrupted. It said she is a demoness minion.”

Diamond spun to me. “What did you say?”

“Ah… corrupted?”

“A demoness?” Diamond looked back at Misty, and for a second, her eyes held a hint of fear.

“What?” I asked. “She clearly is a demon. You’re undead and Sandy is a slime. I don’t see the issue here.”

“You don’t understand.” She shook her head. “Demons come from the Fallen Shadow realm. They’re all A-rank monsters or higher, and denizens of the demon king. Female demons do not exist, but if they did, they would not appear here.”

“Well, one has.” I responded awkwardly. “The information given to me seems to suggest this is the ultimate goal of dungeons. We’re supposed to break heroines and turn them into demonesses.”

“This is…” She looked like she was deep in thought. “I need to go.”

I blinked. “Go?”

“What?” She gave me a mocking smile. “You want to keep me around? Misty is defeated. I’ve fulfilled my side of the bargain.”

“Sh-she’s not dead yet.” I tried to defend.

I knew we had already talked about this, but I still hadn’t expected her to leave so quickly. In many ways, I realized I had come to depend on Diamond. Although she was mean and always had an attitude, she was also smart and soothed my anxiety quite a bit.

“As much as it would please me to see Misty dead.” Diamond grimaced. “I don’t plan to kill her, and you shouldn’t either.”

“Didn’t you say she works for the demon king?”

“I said demons work for the demon king.” She made a face. “Didn’t you say she was your minion? Can’t you feel her like the other monsters?”

“It’s similar.” I frowned. “But it’s different too. For example, I don’t feel like I can take over her body. I also don’t feel like I can hold her in my dungeon. Instead of costing me dungeon points in maintenance, it almost feels like she increases the flow of DP. Although, its hard to tell because its not as high as when she was a human invader.” 

“Brail’s adventuring guild has a small library.” Diamond began after a long moment of silence. “I’ll like to return there to do some research. I want to learn more about this demonification. There has to be some record of things like this happening. Besides, the more I learn, the more I can help you.”

“Help me?” I looked at her in surprise. “You want to help?”

“Tcht… it’s just an investment. If I put work into you, then you can provide me fame and fortune. Don’t think I care about you at all or anything like that.” She huffed.

“An investment…” I nodded.

“Speaking of which, give me the armor pieces you’ve inscribed.”

“Eh? Why?”

“To sell…” She rolled her eyes. “If I can sell some products from your dungeon, I can lure more adventurers.”

“More? We finally stopped the ones who have been threatening me and you want more to come?”

“Are you seriously an idiot?” She demanded. “You need to continue to grow to provide me the things I want. The women who come will be low rank and greedy. They won’t be able to defeat your dungeon. They’ll be free points and supplies. I don’t know why you’re concerned. With your cyclops as backup, even a B-rank adventurer doesn’t pose much of a threat.”

“Who says I’m your provider?” I cried out. “Although, I guess you’re right, I should continue to grow.”

“If you want my assistance, you better think of providing for me.” She pouted. “It’s the least you can do after what you’ve done to me. Besides, you’ll need more points if you’re going to get a male avatar. I won’t do it with a monster…”


“There are no men left!” She snapped at me. “You’re a girls only chance at experiencing… shut up! Just remember, the male avatar you decide on better be tall and attractive, w-with a beard! I like beards on men.”

“I don’t even get what you’re saying.”

“It doesn’t matter.” She huffed, her face turning red. “I’ll be taking your three sluts with me.”

“Passion’s Summit?” I cried out. “Wh-why?”

“If I’m returning, I need to come up with an adequate excuse. Bringing the Passion’s Summit girls back will smooth out a lot of details with the adventuring guild and may even put be back in good standing.”

“Good standing? You’re saying you were in bad standing?”

“Ahem, that’s not important.”

I glanced over at the nearest cage, where an adventurer was lying in an almost catatonic state. “Won’t they talk?”

“You underestimate the level of trauma they’ve received here. Between the multiple doses of forget-me-not and the other traumas they experienced, they might not even remember their names once they leave.” She glanced at Misty and frowned. “I’m surprised they didn’t demonify like her. Perhaps, there are other factors involved.”

Misty was still lying in her magical cocoon. Neither of us had any clue what would happen when she woke up, but I had a distinct feeling she’d no longer be my enemy. When I turned back, Diamond was already returning to the core room. She began packing up her bedding, which was to say she was tossing everything of value into her storage ring. When she was done, the room was pretty much empty. Although it wasn’t like she decorated the place, her presence did make it feel lived in, and now I felt a bit like I was missing something. She stopped at the door way.

“Do you have any points remaining?” She asked.

“About 2,500.”

“Give me all of the treasure you have. Buy any armor you can afford and transcribe it and populate the dungeon with that.”

“Why do I feel like I’m being robbed here?”

“Nonsense… I’m going to use all of this to try to encourage others to come to your dungeon. Once your dungeon has been recognized by enough people, even if the guild mistress wanted to do something, she couldn’t. Dungeons are allowed to exist as much due to popularity and public pressure as they do for economic reasons.”

“In other words, my dungeon needs to be a place people want to return to?”

She made a face. “Let’s just say if you were planning on doing to the next group what you did to Passion’s Summit, you might not last very long.”

I made a coughing sound, even though I wasn’t in a body that needed to breath. She had been correct. I had been considering starting another point generator. However, if every girl who entered my dungeon left severely traumatized if they didn’t disappear completely, wouldn’t that give my dungeon a bad reputation and result in my early demise? Plus, it sounded like I might get more than one party at a time, so such a generator wouldn’t work anyway.

In the end, I did as Diamond asked. I gave up most of the treasure from my dungeon, and even my three toys. It felt really painfully bringing the three girls out of their cages. They were all unconscious and delirious. Speaking of which, it wasn’t until Diamond pulled them out into the sunlight and fed them water from a waterskin that I realized I hadn’t really fed or watered them since I captured them.

They had all severely lost weight, to the point even the plump girl was supermodel skinny. They were also covered in bruises, and their bodies shook from cold and exposure. They might not have lived too much longer had I kept them anyway. It was probably for the best that she took them with her. I was always bad at keeping pets.

Diamond only waited at the entrance long enough for the one of the girls to wake up. It was the leader, the blue-haired girl, who woke up. Diamond didn’t treat her with any pleasantry. In fact, she berated the confused and disorientated girl until she was crying. She had her convinced her party almost died and it was all her fault. Then, she made her carry her friends as they walked back to the city.

Since the girls were all light from weight loss and wearing only the surviving rags from what they had on, they were pretty easy to carry. Diamond had taken all of their supplies and told them they were lost to the dungeon. She also wouldn’t help carry the two women, forcing the leader to take the burden.

“You can leave one of your friends behind for dead, if you’d rather.” Diamond shrugged.

“N-no… please… just give me a bit to rest.”

“If you slow me down too much, I’ll just return on my own.”

“No! Please… great heroine. I’m coming as fast as I can!”

The leader of Passion’s Summit had a surprising amount of reverence for Diamond. Apparantly, the adventuring rank wasn’t just skill, but also the pecking order within the guild.

Like that, they left my range of senses. I felt strangely empty inside. Diamond had been the only intelligent person I could talk to, and the with the Passion Summit girls, the dungeon had felt full. Now, with all of them gone, I felt like I was in an empty home. On top of that, my points took a massive hit. They went back to increasing only a little faster than when I first came to this world. Considering I still had so many monsters with upkeep, I supposed I should feel satisfied it was still going up at all.


I brought my consciousness back to the boss room. I had heard the moan from Misty. Her magical cocoon had dissolved and now she was slowly coming to. I felt an extreme wave of anxiety. For as many encounters as I had with Misty, I had never actually spoken to her face to face. I was afraid of what she would do and what she would say. It took everything I had not to flee. I noticed Sandy hiding behind a column, watching with some interest. Her foot had grown back and she was back to her original, beautiful self. The cyclops was sitting in the boss’s throne where I left him like a statue.

Misty’s eyes fluttered open, and she rubbed them almost like she had woken up from a nice sleep. I watched her body stretch as she yawned. She suddenly seemed to realize she was naked, and let out a gasp, covering her chest and jerking upright. She looked around the room, her eyes flashing from place to place. When her eyes landed on Sandy, the slime ducked behind a column. Her eyes finally fell on me. It seemed like she could see me in my spectator form.

“Do you know who I am?” I asked.

She frowned for a moment, and then nodded. “Master.”

I felt knots in my nonexistent muscles release. That was a good answer. It made things a lot easier. 

“What do you know about your situation?” I asked.

“I entered your dungeon in order to kill you. I failed.” A defeated expression fell across her face. “I fell into complete despair, and in that moment, you claimed my soul.”

“You have become a demoness.”

She winced. “Yes, Master.”

“Will you do what I say?” I asked.

“Yes…” She responded.

“Stand up.”

She stood up, using her arms to cover her naked body.

“Show me your body.” She lowered her arms, and I could see her naked body.

I had seen her naked body countless times and even had my way with it, but watching her spread her arms and show me still caused my heart to start beating faster. I couldn’t help but admire her entire body. It was the same, but it was also very different. It was like her metamorphosis had perfected her. Her skin didn’t contain a single blemish. If it wasn’t for the horns and tail, she’d be a goddess, so I supposed it was apt to call her a demoness.

“Um… suck my cock!”

She blushed. “Master doesn’t have a cock to suck.”

“Oh, right…”

Was my glowing ball of light turning pink? That was probably my imagination.

“If Master wants to control a monster, I will do my best to pleasure Master.” She spoke quietly, but politely.

“You know that? You know I can control monsters?” I asked in surprised.

“I was able to reason as much, after you… with me… so many times. The only connection with each of those monsters is the dungeon. Now that I’ve seen Master, I know it was you all along.”

“I’m… sorry… you’re beautiful and I couldn’t help myself.” I responded without thought.

Saying it now, I even wanted to punch myself in the face. If this was back in my previous world, I’d be in prison. Then again, my true body had done nothing, and noone in my previous world would guess I could control other bodies. I found myself feeling guilty for my actions, but if I was being honest, I would have done it again if I had the chance. I was worried she’d wear a disgusted face or glare at me, so I was surprised to see her blush cutely.

“Thank you.” Was her only response.

Seeing her like that, I couldn’t help myself any more. Although she was the same woman I had enjoyed countless times, the tail and horns made her a completely different person. Not to mention she was interacting with me and would do anything I asked. It was true that Sandy would also do whatever I wanted, but I felt slightly more excited when it came to this goddess. I flew right past her and entered the cyclops. Her eyes followed me and watched as I took over his body.

My dick immediately grew hard. However, I noticed that scent, while alluring, didn’t cause me to lose control like it did when she was a human. It wasn’t so much that my desire was any less, but that the cyclops’s brain didn’t react to demoness pheremones in the same volatile way. I found myself relaxing considerably, and even smiling.

“Can you suck it now?”

She bowed her head. “As Master commands.”

She walked over to where I sat in my throne. Her body moved more sensually now, her tail swaying side to side between her legs. Watching her approach me with the intent to suck me off was enough that I nearly blew my load just watching her. However, when she fell to her knees and then took my dick into her mouth, I couldn’t help but roll my head back and moan in extacy. This really was the life. Sitting  in a throne, having your dick pleasured by a beautiful goddess, what could be better?

Of course, my massive cock nearly the thickness and length of a small arm couldn’t enter her entire mouth, she still used her tongue and mouth skillfully.  She was extremely talented, or maybe it was just she was the first blowjob I recieved on a real penis from someone smarter than a slime. The pleasure was so intense, I felt like I might lose consciousness. However, it was just too good. I reached a hand down and stroked her green hair. It was so pretty that it made her look like some kind of dryad or nymph. My hands then gripped the horns on her head. It was such a surreal feeling, holding onto her horns while she sucked my dick. It felt so natural.

I could feel the tension in my body build and then break. My cock exploded in her mouth. My cum filled her mouth and dripped down her throat. She kept her mouth on my cock, sucking it clean, her cheeks bulging with my seed. She then opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out, showing me her mouth was empty.

“Good job. Now come sit on my lap.”

We were just getting started.

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P.S. This is probably closest to what Cyclops should look like,but its kind of hard to get AI to handle two people at once, hince the variation.

Women’s Pleasure Dungeon – Chapter 21

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“Tcht… she really did figure out a better way.” Diamond remarked.

“Higher rank heroines are on another level.” I grimaced helplessly.

“Hmph! Did you have any doubt?” Diamond responded snobbishly. “Although, you don’t need to worry. In the end, she’ll be defeated.”

“Let’s see how she handles my next trap.” I agreed.

Misty was on level three, and as soon as she arrived on the icy floor covered in slick slime guts, she pulled out what looked to be a board with wheels. It was like a furniture dolly, but large enough for a person. She got on top of it and using an expanding stick from Dungeonco, she began moving her way forward. She didn’t head the wrong way this time and immediately found the turn heading toward the exit.

However, that wasn’t it. About halfway down the pathway, a voice cried out. Misty froze, noticing a path leading off to the side. This was the path leading to the treasure chest and the trap room. The last time she came to this path, she hadn’t even noticed the path. This time, because she was moving slower, and more important, because a voice was calling to her, she looked over with worry.

“H-help… help me…” The weak voice came from that room.

“Hello?” Misty called out. “Are you okay? Who are you?”

“I-I’m just an adventurer. I’m from Passion’s Summit. Help me! I became trapped.”

I nodded happily. “At least Sandy is better at this job than she is at tasks.”

Ever since Sandy was given a name, I had tried to use her for various tasks, but she didn’t seem to be good at anything that didn’t evolve her lying on her back. She was so clumsy that she made Misty seem agile, and she was more likely to make a mess worse rather than clean it up.

She was good at eating things. If I had something I wanted to get rid of, no matter what it was made out of, she could swallow it. She was always hungry and couldn’t eat enough. Thus, she became more like a garbage disposal, while my single surviving goblin continued his role as dungeon janitor. Afterward, I thought to reposition her where the former chest had been. I realized that Sandy had no sensitivity to cold, and the abrasiveness of the slime guts was useless to her. Thus, it seemed a good place to put her.

She could call to adventurers like a lost siren. Best of all, no one would suspect she was a mimic since mimics traditionally couldn’t speak. Sandy would appear like a genuine trapped heroine. I couldn’t help but cheer on the inside when Misty seemed to buy it. She started heading down the pathway toward the room.

“She can never stop herself from playing the hero,” Diamond responded distastefully.

I chuckled. “I guess this trap wouldn’t work on you. You’d just ignore the girl and continue on your way.”

Diamond gave me a side glance and then shook her head. “I’d likely fall for the trap room too.”


“Yeah, I’d track them down so that I could rob them. After that, I’d leave them for dead. No one would know. Who would guess they were a mimic with nothing of value?”

Sometimes, Diamond left me a bit speechless.  I knew a lot of guys online used to talk about how women were wicked and soulless, but without personal experience, I had always assumed they were just talking out of their asses. Meeting Diamond though, I was starting to think that women really could be just as evil as these men insisted. I could easily see Diamond destroying a man’s life with lies for her amusement.

I shivered to myself and then returned to watching Misty. By this point, Misty had managed to make it to the room. What she would see was a half-naked Sandy lying on a pressure platform. Normally, a treasure chest would be there, but Sandy had replaced the chest. To make her appear trapped, we had settled on a simple bear trap. They weren’t part of the dungeon store, but Dungeonco had such an item and one of the girls had it in their backpacks.

When they faced a large dangerous beast, they would lure it to the bear trap, and then with their creature’s foot clamped and its movements restrained, they would move in for the kill. It wasn’t called a bear trap naturally, it was called a Dungeonco monster restraint or something, but it was effectively a bear trap. Oh, and this was another strategy that Diamond considered beneath her, but I imagined it’d be quite useful for normal heroines who weren’t freaks of nature that went beyond common sense.

“Are you okay?” Misty cried out when she saw the half-naked Sandy with her blood foot in a trap.

I had been worried about putting Sandy’s foot in a trap. I thought about faking it at first, or even coming up with something else, but Sandy said that it didn’t hurt her. She didn’t have real blood, so the blood gushing out the wound was just an illusion. She could make the wound, and even her bone was fake. Her resilience was an asset I would need to figure out how to utilize more in the future.

“No… it hurts…” Sandy whimpered, looking down at her mangled foot and playing the part of a helpless maiden perfectly.

“Oh, gods… how did this happen?” Misty asked, looking like she wanted to cry.

“She’s so easy to manipulate, Ms. Altruism.” Diamond scoffed.

I wanted to smack Diamond sometimes. Was being a decent human being so bad? Misty was much more likable than her. If Misty wasn’t trying to kill me, I’d rather have her around me than Diamond any time.

 “I was separated from my group.” Sandy continued the cover story we had created for her. “I ended up falling for this trap.”

“Let me help.” Misty stepped forward onto the platform, reaching for the trap.

“Be careful!” Sandy warned, reaching out toward Misty.

Suddenly, Sandy’s body split in two. Her body opened up lengthwise from her lower mouth to her upper mouth, a vertical mouth filled with teeth. She lunged on top of Misty, and I mentally leaned forward, feeling just a small bit of regret. If Sandy ate Misty, then she would be able to look and sound like Misty. Misty’s death felt like a shame, but I had no other choice.

“Won’t work.” Diamond shook her head.

At that moment as Sandy’s teeth reached around Misty, she suddenly fell back, letting out a scream. At first, I couldn’t see what happened, but when Sandy fell off the platform to the floor, her foot was severed. Misty hadn’t hesitated to cut off her foot!

“It was the only way to… eh?” She looked around to see a shrieking monster somewhere in between Sandy and teeth.

It was a very horrifying appearance, and it was one of the reasons I didn’t cozy up with Sandy more. In theory, she wouldn’t try to eat me, but she could always eat one of the monsters. All I needed to do was be in the middle of fucking her only for her body to open up like that and for me to fall in… and I might never be able to have a normal sexual relationship again. Thus, I preferred banging anyone else when I had the choice.

“Bitch!” Sandy screeched, leaping across the room.

Other than teeth, her body had scythe-like claws, which she used to dig into the floor and move quickly. She scurried out of the room just as the trap door slammed closed like a bug. Sandy still let out little monstrous shrieks as she crawled away, finding a corner to hide in and heal. I’d feel sorry and sympathetic toward her, but she was so damn repulsive at the moment. Her expressionless face hung behind her gaping mouth, and insect-like claws protruded from her mouth. Any sense of humanity was gone.

I heard laughter, and I turned to Diamond who had her head back and her shoulder shaking. “I told you that a mimic would struggle to kill someone like her.”

“You said even you’d fall for it,” I muttered. “Besides, it was luck! She thought she was helping free another woman.”

“Call it whatever you want.” Diamond wiped the tears from her ears. “Luck, fate… even if she hadn’t stopped her, her reflexes would have. As I said before, Misty’s combat skill is A-class. It’s just the rest of her that drags her down.”

As if to prove her point, the stunned Misty turned her attention to the cage door that fell closed. It would only raise back up when the correct weight was on the platform. That weight was now set to Sandy’s size, at least when she had her foot. To emulate that weight, Misty would have to leave behind almost all of her supplies.

Diamond had anticipated from the beginning that Misty would defeat Sandy, so we had never planned for Sandy to defeat her. Sandy had still chosen to try, and it had cost her a foot. It would grow back, but it was a shame seeing my mobs hurt, especially when I had so few. At the moment, forcing Misty to lose all her supplies was the best we could hope for.

This trap room was like the other trap rooms. I had to leave a certain amount of hints. In this case, the walls had a balance drawn on them. Furthermore, there was a real balance which reflected the balance between the platform and the door. As you added weight to the platform, it would go up or down. Only when it was perfect, would the door open. It still made the puzzle far too simple. The only way I could make it harder was to make the object itself, Sandy, run away as soon as she experienced trouble.

I thought the room would confuse Misty and she’d be stuck a bit longer, but Misty only experimented with the pressure plate a bit before understanding the entire mechanism. She opened up her backpack and placed various items on it. It took her about two hours before the weight was balanced enough that the door opened again. In the end, she had to sacrifice two-thirds of her backpack. It would have been more if Sandy hadn’t left her foot. Why did Sandy need to be so light anyway? If I fattened her up, would it make this trap more effective?

I decided not to fret on it anymore, because Misty left the room and was quickly bringing herself out of level three. It was only a short while later that she reached level four. She still had all of her armor and her weapon. Although she lost most of her supplies, that didn’t slow her down at all, let alone encourage her to flee. I couldn’t help but tense up again as she approached the bone. She didn’t even look at the riddle first. Then again, she already knew the secret.

She pulled out a vial of liquid and then poured it over the bone. She then kneeled and began to stroke it. I realized that the liquid she put on the bone must have been some kind of lubricant. Her hand moved quickly and thoroughly. I didn’t have my consciousness in the bone, but I felt she was being a bit rough with it. She needed to treat it a bit gentler. She needed to tease it first.


The bone ended up spurting out its essence. It was the first time I had seen it happen and I wasn’t in control of it. I felt someone betrayed that the bone was doing it on its own. It was supposed to be a deterrent, so didn’t it release its essence a bit too early?

Misty didn’t hesitate to lick up the essence. It was clear that she was willing to do whatever it took to get what she wanted. As I watched her clean it all up, I regretted not being inside the bone at the time.

The door opened, and the chest appeared. That was right! I had almost forgotten about the chest. It contained a piece of enchanted armor, but if she opened it she’d be sprayed with the substance that made her forget. It was enough to trap the Passion’s Summit there for weeks.

“I won’t woooork…” Diamond responded as I looked hopefully at the screen.

She pulled out a stick and then opened the chest from a distance. There was a puff of smoke, but she waved her sword, and the wind from her wave sent the smoke away harmlessly.

“What the hell!” I cried out. “When did she become so capable? She fell for every trap before.”

“Hmm…” Diamond crossed her arms, but she didn’t give me a response.

She had already taken the enchanted armaments. I could only curse to myself. I’d be taking it all back when I stopped her. Diamond was by my side. There was no need to worry. I watched as she entered the next room and overcame the gelatinous cube trap as easily as they had the first time. Then, she was on to the final room. I couldn’t help but grow increasingly anxious. Would I even be able to stop her?

She quickly secured the key. She didn’t bother with the shield. Instead, she focused on heading toward the door and unlocked it. When she headed down the stairway, she entered the boss room. It was a large room with columns.

“Uuuuuhhhh…” A moan came nearby.

She looked over to see a cage with a girl inside. That girl was covered in bruises and white stuff. Even though she had encountered a mimic before, Misty didn’t hesitate to run over to the cage.

“Are you okay? I’ll get you out of there!” Misty declared.

“Huh?” The somewhat delirious blue-haired adventurer glanced up, and then she let out a cry. “No! No!”

Misty frowned but still managed to draw her sword and spin just as a massive club struck her. The blade caught the club, but it was still enough to send her flying. She struck a column, and the sword in her grip went flying away. The cyclops then advanced on her, its feet thudding with each step. It raised the club at her. Misty raised her hands, letting out a cry.

“Wait? That’s it?” I asked incredulously.

“What did you expect?” Diamond responded. “She was distracted by that girl and he got a hit on her. This isn’t some game. It’s life and death. The first strike is often the last. Even an F-rank can kill an S if they don’t have their guard up. Have you never heard of the farmer who killed the knight? It’s a famous children’s story.”

I was ignoring her though. I immediately sent an order for him to stop.

He dropped the club behind him and then looked dumbly at Misty. Misty looked up, and then let out a cry. She started desperately crawling for her weapon which had rested at the base of a column. I took control of the cyclops and then reached down and grabbed her. Her hand just missed the hilt of her sword as I pulled her back. She spun and kicked me. Her kick hurt! I kicked her back.

I kicked her right in the butt. She went flying forward, her head slamming into the column right above her sword. It was enough of a kick that blood started running from her head. I pulled her away from the sword, and she appeared too disorientated to grab it, letting me take a breath.

“What are you doing?” Diamond asked, in ghost form right next to me.

“She’s defeated,” I responded.

“She’s not going to stop until you kill her,” Diamond responded, but then a wicked look on her face. “Unless you want to use her first.”


“Hey! Don’t point at me with that thing!” She pointed down at my dick. “If you want to break her apart, be my guest, I won’t stop you.”

I hadn’t realized it, but manhandling Misty had made me excited. When I first ran into her, I was in the body of a goblin, so she appeared larger than life. She was a voluptuous goddess I wanted to conquer. A few months later, and now she looked so tiny and weak. It aroused a new part of me, a part that wanted to defile and use her. A dark grin formed on my Cyclops face, and I began to rip off her clothing again.

I had managed to make her mostly naked, with only a few tattered remains of clothing that couldn’t hide her modesty at all. As I got on top of Misty, Diamond snorted and disappeared, although I had a feeling she was still watching from a distance. I didn’t mind though. I wanted her to see. I wanted the world to see me defile and conquer this goddess. Even if that guild master came tomorrow and killed me, I’d never regret doing this.

As I grabbed onto her, her eyes snapped open. She was dizzy, but she was still alert. She struggled, but her strength was nothing compared to mine. I grabbed her body and pulled her over me. My massive dick fell between her legs, not quite as thick as those pearly white thighs, but still substantial enough that it looked like she’d be slit in two.

She struggled more, her eyes widening in fear. She was about to scream, so I put my fingers inside her mouth. I gagged her and then used my other hand to pin her wrists down. With her completely subdued, I was finally ready to start.

All of her skills were just that, skills. As soon as she was restrained, all of those skills accounted for nothing. A cyclops was stronger than a human, and now that she was naked and under me, she lacked any means of resisting. One hand was enough to hold her hands up. When I was sure she wasn’t going to scream, my other hand started grabbing onto her ass. She squealed. Her breasts were bouncing, her eyes were watering. I smirked and then began to rub my thick fingers around her pussy. Her folds were already wet, and her eyes widened in horror as she realized what was happening to her body.

My thick digit easily penetrated her insides. Her hips began to buckle, and her eyes rolled back in horror. She was shaking, and yet, the more I played with her, the wetter her pussy got. She shook her head as if trying to deny her own body, her tears flying off her face. I ignored her as she cried, her body tensing. I began to spread her cheeks. My thumb rubbed her clit, and a small bit of moisture started to dribble from her insides. Then, I took my finger out and shoved my middle digit in. She cried out, her eyes rolling back in horror. Her whole body was shaking.

Misty’s face was bright red as tears ran down her face. Her eyes were watery; her breasts were heaving. Her hands were pinned, and her hips were buckling. It was clear she was trying to hold it together, but a cyclops was fingering her. All of our previous interactions had been with her unconscious. Even if she suspected something happened, she could deny it to herself and pretend like her purity was maintained. Now, she had to face the lewd things happening to her pure body. My thick fingers were spreading her pussy apart. She could see her wet insides. Her juices were starting to dribble out as she was aroused under a monster. Was she more horrified that a monster was defiling her, or that she secretly liked it?

“Please stop,” she whimpered in a feigned attempt at resistance.

She was shaking, but I kept going, rubbing her clit. She was getting tighter, and I knew she was about to climax.

“Don’t make me…” she was gasping.

Don’t make you cum?

I smirked, and then I grabbed her hips and flipped her over.

“Don’t-!” she yelled, and then a moan came out instead.

My fingers slipped out of her pussy, and then, in one motion, I put her on top of my shaft.

“Wait! Wait!” she gasped. “It won’t fit-!”

With one hand, I grabbed her hips. I pinned her down and lifted her ass. She was in a sitting position, impaled on my cock. Her eyes were wide, and her tongue was hanging out.

“It’s too big!” she moaned, but even as she said that she was getting tighter.

“Nngh… please… I’m…!”

She was drooling, her face was turning red.

“Don’t cum,” she begged. “Please, I’m already…!”

I grinned and grabbed onto her hips. With her arms still pinned and her legs forced to ride on my cock, there was nothing she could do to stop me. I used her beautiful body to sheath my monster cock.

“Noooo,” she moaned, her body shaking as she was pushed up and down. “Don’t move me like that!”

Her voice was growing more high-pitched, more lewd, and she was squeezing me tighter.

“No! No!” she moaned. “Not so deep! It’s so big! It’s stretching me too far! I’m going to be torn in half!”

She was shaking, but her words only spurned on my movements. To my massive beastly body, she was nothing but a tight fleshlight for me to enjoy.

“Stop moving me like that!”

She was gasping and panting, and then…

“Oh god! It’s cumming!

Misty came. She squeezed down on my cock as her body shuddered in a mind-shattering orgasm.

“Noooo,” she moaned.

The fact that her body orgasmed was proof that she wanted this. It was also proof that I could do it again.

“No! Please! Give me a break,” she panted, her face red and sweaty.

She was still recovering, but I ignored her pleas.

“Please stop!”

I wasn’t even in yet.

“It’s too much!”

I was getting thicker the further down she went, and yet, it was still not in.

“My tummy!” she gasped.

I wasn’t sure if she meant her stomach, her womb, or maybe both. I grabbed her ass and began to bounce her.

“Ahh! Ahhh!”

She was shaking her head, her long hair flying everywhere. She was still cumming. Her pussy was so tight, it felt like she was sucking my cock.

“Too much,” she gasped.

She was panting, her tongue was hanging out. There was no sign of resistance left.

“Please, slow down,” she begged.

She was shaking, her breasts were swaying.

“I’ll go crazy,” she whimpered.

But I didn’t care.

“It’s too fast!” she panted.

I was bouncing her faster, and then, with a mighty push, I slammed her down and forced her to swallow the entire thing.


Her eyes rolled back in her head, and her whole body tensed up. She came so hard, her fluids squirted all over my stomach.

I let go of her arms, and she collapsed to the ground. Her body was still shaking, spurts of liquid coming out of her gaping pussy hole. She started crawling away, pitiful and desperate. I hadn’t cum yet though. I was just getting started. I wouldn’t let her die until I got my worth out of her. I never imagined that by the time I was done with her, rather than have to kill her, she would become my most valuable ally.

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Women’s Pleasure Dungeon – Chapter 20

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“Great Goddess, I cannot fail again.” Misty spoke with a fierce look in her green eyes. “This dungeon is evil. It corrupted to soul of a friend. It caused the disappearance of a local party. It has even touched… It is evil! Please, this is my last chance to defeat this great evil. River says that if I fail one last time, she’ll take care of it herself. Please, give me the strength. Please…”

Her tone was different than it was before. There was a hint of desperation, and she ended it in tears. Diamond stared at the screen in disdain.

“Who is this great goddess she keeps praying to?” I asked.

“A joke,” Diamond responded. “Just superstitious drivel. Since the demon king was a real person believed to be tied to the rise of the dungeons, some heroines began to believe there must be a goddess that countered the demon king. It’s all a joke to trick idiots into giving up their money by giving tributes.”

“I see, what about River?”

“River is the guildmistress.” She spoke stiffly.

“The guildmistress?” I turned to her. “Isn’t she that A-rank?”


“What does that mean?”

“No one knows how strong the guild mistress is. There are rumors she was demoted and put in charge of the local guild as punishment for some crime.” Diamond spoke uncertainly.

“Demoted! Doesn’t that mean she’s a higher rank than A?”

“It’s possible she was an S-rank… but that would have been years ago! She’s at least a decade older than when she was in her prime.”

“Still, if she comes here, we’re dead!”

“She’s not going to come.” Diamond waved her hand. “You forgot, I’m leaving once we deal with the Misty thing.”

“You mean you’re running away!”

“Hey! I’ll keep the guild master at bay. You just worry about getting strong enough to protect yourself. Focus on that inscription stuff. Be useful.”

“Oh, that’s rich… I need another book!”

“I’ll send you one once I get back to the city, I promise.” Holding up her hand, she didn’t look trustworthy at all.

It wasn’t like I had much of a choice though. I was already committed to this. I could only watch as Misty prepared at the entrance and then made her way forward. The first level was pretty much unchanged, and for as clumsy as Misty appeared, she never made the same mistake twice. She quickly managed to jump over the obstacles and made her way to the end.

As she reached the second level though, I sat up a little straighter. The last time she had been at this level, it had been dedicated to goblins. After she killed them all with Diamond’s help, I hadn’t bothered to resummon them. I only had my single goblin, who was mostly given cleanup duty when he wasn’t being used as my dick. Now, the rat king whom she never met was on that floor.

I originally felt no hope for the rat king, but that was before I started attracting rats to my dungeon. Rather than buying them with DP, I allowed my rat king to capture ones already outside. With the help of food and traps, he now had an army of around three hundred rats. It still wasn’t anywhere near the maximum power of a rat king. Diamond said the rat king could control ten times that amount, but that took the time I didn’t have and DP I couldn’t waste.

She walked down the hallway, her sword drawn and her mind alert. She no longer took this dungeon for granted, although I also saw that she didn’t move nearly as cautiously as the F-rank did either. Every step forward was confident and determined. Misty was fearless. If she wasn’t trying to kill me, I’d admire her.


Misty had passed the hidden alcove where the rat king was stationed. As soon as she passed him, he cried and the rats came skittering out. Misty knew something was wrong, and she held her blade tightly as she looked around, but she didn’t notice the rats at her feet until they were already crawling on her.

“Tch!” She made an irritated sound and then kicked her feet.

She almost looked at the rats with disdain. I wasn’t necessarily expecting her to act like Passion’s Summit, but she could have at least been a bit startled. Each one of those rats was the size of a chihuahua. I nearly screamed the first time I saw one and I was the one capturing them.

She swung her blade a few times, and rat blood splashed as she continued. Her feet and legs were covered in scratches. I asked Diamond before if there was anything like the plague. I wasn’t above using biological warfare if it meant I’d live a bit longer.

Unfortunately, she had never heard of it. It turned out, illness and disease were one of the few things in this world that had all but been eliminated. Anyone with enough money could buy potions to resolve just about everything. The only humans at risk of disease were the poor. Disease became associated with poor people, and even if the rich did get sick, they usually resolved it silently and recovered while on personal health retreats so they weren’t accused of being associated with the lower classes.

I could only sigh as I watched the rats get eliminated. The only reason I wasn’t more depressed was because Diamond told me the rats would multiply on their own rapidly under a rat king. I had gathered as many as I needed to start a colony, and now it was just a matter of time before the rat king bred them all up. Even if I lost 90% of them, I’d still have enough to recover.

It was all fine as long as they made it to the next part. While she was still distracted moving forward while keeping the rats following her back, tentacles emerged from the next alcove. Before she could do anything, one got around her hand and forced her to drop her sword. She cried out as she was dragged into the alcove, more and more tentacles wrapping around her.

“Yes!” I made a fist of excitement.

“Yes, what?” Diamond made a face. “These creatures don’t have a lot of strength. They’re better at distraction and inconvenience. Unless you have someone to stab her while she is incapacitated, she’ll escape shortly.”

“Stab her…” My eyes widened as I considered such a thing.

That was right, this was supposed to end with Misty’s death. That was what Diamond was waiting to do. I shouldn’t be upset about it. Misty wanted me dead, so it only made sense that I should kill her first. I didn’t want to kill her though. Compared to the girls in cages, she was many times more beautiful. She was like a natural goddess. Why couldn’t I have been stuck here with her instead of…

“What are you looking at?” Diamond demanded.

“Nothing… I’m going to see if I can restrain her a little longer. More time, more points, right?”

“Mm…” She narrowed her eyes but didn’t say any more.

I left the cyclops in the boss room and floated up to the tentacle monster. I knew Diamond was thinking I came to do perverted things, and she wasn’t wrong. It had been a long time since I had touched Misty’s body. Back then, I was an inexperienced virgin. Over the last month or so, I had banged the four women of Passion’s summit countless times. I had used big dicks and little dicks. I had them ride me on top and forced them under me. I wasn’t the same pre-maturely ejaculating man as I was before.

Having Misty as my first was like a child being taught martial arts by a master. I was too ignorant to appreciate what I had. Now that I was on the cusp of losing it, I felt sadness and reluctance. Perhaps, I could make Misty flee once again before she got too deep. If she didn’t make it into the Boss room, then she wouldn’t have to face the combined attacks of Diamond and the cyclops. My only chance was to make her flee like last time! I could strip her down and take all of her stuff!

With my mind made up, I entered the tentacle monster. Immediately, I could feel her body wrapped up in my many tentacles. The tentacle monster didn’t have eyes or ears, so I was blind and deaf. The tentacle monster could feel, smell, and taste though, and these senses were many times stronger.  The thick aroma and taste of Misty assaulted me as I was overcome by silent, blind darkness. I regretted not practicing controlling the tentacle monster before, as I was fumbling in the dark. Some tentacles felt like fingers, and others felt like toes. Of course, a few felt like my other appendage too. Yes, there were multiple penises! It felt weird having my penis wrapped around her ankle.

I could only push forward with what I had though. The tentacle monster was there, so I had to use it to strip and embarrass Misty. I got to work.  Misty was a good girl, so she wasn’t wearing anything inappropriate. None of her clothing was easy to remove or tear away. She was still wearing her underwear, and it was only functional with no level of sex appeal. My tentacles were not very precise, and so the bra came off a little crookedly. Misty’s large breasts swung free, and my tentacles excitedly squirmed as I grew elated. It was hard to control them my first time, so some of the tentacles were squeezing tightly while others were just lying there doing nothing.

I did my best to strip her down, her armor falling away, followed by her underclothing. I could feel her fighting, kicking, and struggling against my tentacles as they slid under her clothing.  If she was saying anything, I literally couldn’t hear her. One of my tentacles found her mouth, and I stuck it in. Unfortunately, it contained the feeling of a big toe, not my penis, but that still felt tingly as her lips wrapped around the tip of my toe. I didn’t have any weird food fetish, but I was open to experimenting.

I could only feel her soft skin against the rough and slimy surface of my tentacles. She was still fighting and resisting. Her body was sweaty, and her heart was racing. I wasn’t able to hold her still or contain her struggles, so she was able to get an arm free and push away some of the tentacles. Misty’s hand wrapped around a tentacle near her neck and squeezed it tight. Then, her hands found one of the tentacles containing the feeling of a penis, and she squeezed it tight too. I could feel the blood pumping through the tentacles as she squeezed, and her tight grip around my cock was amazing. She was stroking it, but not in a sensual way. It hurt, but I still couldn’t stop myself from being turned on by the feeling.

I couldn’t stop now. As I got a better sense of the dimensions of her body through touch only, my movements grew bolder. One of the tentacles had slipped between her legs, and I could feel something wet dripping onto it. My precious little goddess was getting wet again. I knew that even this perfect pure girl had her lewd side. After all, she had gotten wet when I used goblins on her before. There was no reason to think that she wouldn’t enjoy this too. The thought that she was dripping in arousal was too tantalizing. My mind was clouded by desire. I was determined to make her cum with my tentacles.

There were no thoughts about what would happen after. I stopped considering the fate of my dungeon or Misty’s life. My entire focus was on the pleasure I could bring her with the tentacles, and the pleasure that I could receive in return with her perfect body. It was time to take her. A tentacle that had a penis shape was thrust into her. I was a little off. I had missed and had instead gone into her butt. She was tight there, but it wasn’t quite as tight as her front hole. It wasn’t an unpleasant sensation either, and I couldn’t help myself but linger. This wasn’t the first time I had played with her asshole though, and while her body shook slightly and her buttcheeks tightened, there were no other negative responses.

I could get a 3D image of her body just by Tough. Every tentacle could sense her body, and it was as if her body was being caressed all over. Her body was like a drug, and I could barely control myself. Misty’s body was burning up. There was the heat radiating from her body and the heat that was building up inside her body. With her legs spread wide, I could feel the pink, throbbing pussy. It was begging to be filled. The tentacle wrapped around her ankle was pulled forward, and I could feel the muscles in her body tensing. It was almost as if her pussy was pulling the tentacle forward. I thrust forward, and I could feel her warm flesh wrap around the tentacle. My body shuddered as the feeling of the penetration reached my brain. I was in heaven, and the world spun around me.

My vision was black, but the rest of my senses were heightened. The wet, slippery sensation of her vagina was a thousand times more pleasurable than her hands and mouth combined. As I thrust into her, her inner walls moved. I could feel the folds inside of her and the soft texture of her body. Misty was shaking. I could simultaneously taste the salty tang of her pussy, from the salty outer layers of skin to the sweet nectar inside. My nose was filled with her scent too. Her ass and her pussy assaulted my nose, but I didn’t care, I loved the smell and taste of both!

As her body grew tense, she clenched her teeth and bit down hard on my tentacle. I could feel the pain as the tentacle in her mouth was bitten. I was suddenly glad it wasn’t a penis tentacle. The pain was intense but manageable.

The tentacle in her pussy was thrust in and out, the slime from the tentacle making her wet and slippery. I could feel her insides quivering and pulsating. The tip of my tentacle brushed against the end of her insides, and she let out a scream. I couldn’t hear her screams and moans, but I could feel the vibrations with the tentacles wrapped around her chest. Her screams were muffled by the tentacle in her mouth though, and she was left shaking and panting. Her body was trembling, and she was squeezing down tight on my tentacle. The warmth and wetness from her pussy was a blessing, and the throbbing feeling was too much. I was enjoying her a ton.

At that moment, I reached a full tentacle climax. The tentacles were wriggling, and I could feel the slime from them coating her body. The tentacles had an intense orgasm, and her insides were flooded with juices erupting from the tips of every tentacle. I didn’t know what this stuff was, but it happened to be white so it was semen in my mind.

Misty’s body shook with an orgasm too, and her vagina quivered, milking my tentacle for everything it had. Her pussy was so good, I had come too fast. I wished the experience could last longer. It was in that moment I felt a horrible pain. My grip on her had slackened as I orgasmed, and at that moment, she had somehow reclaimed her sword. She cut off pieces of me. I retreated from the tentacle monster’s body. It had lost half a dozen tentacles in an instant, finally dropping the naked Misty, covered in white milk a bit too liquidy for cum.

She quickly backed away from the tentacle monster, but it had already retreated into the alcove. It had lost half its tentacles and very nearly died. I let it know it did a good job and that it could hide and recover from hereon out.

“Is that… Milk Nectar?” Diamond appeared as a ghost, staring down at the white-stained Misty with shock.

She floated next to her and sniffed. I would have grabbed her if I had hands. Wasn’t she afraid of being seen? Thankfully, Misty showed no signs of noticing Diamond in her ghost form.

“It’s what the tentacle monster released.” I casually collected a small vial and once we returned to the boss room, I handed it to Diamond’s physical form.

“It is! Those fucking bastards!” She cursed, making a face.

“Huh? What’s milk nectar?”

“It’s a high-class beauty product!” She announced. “It’s a special lotion that gets rid of wrinkles and scars and makes skin smooth.  It seriously comes from the sexual discharge of a tentacle monster! I-I’m going to throw up!”

As Diamond made gagging noises, I watched the screen as Misty put her clothing back on, not even cleaning herself up as she just rubbed the milk nectar into her skin. Rather than look like she wanted to run, she looked more determined than ever before. My plan seemed to have failed.

“That lucky bitch! A Milk Nectar bath costs more than a dilboy, and she got one for free!”

“Bitch, is it gross or is she lucky? Make up your mind!” I shouted at her.

“What the fuck did you say?” She asked darkly.

“I apologize! Please take these tubes of milk nectar I collected as recompense!” I apologized immediately, remembering I still needed her.

“Hmph… shameless.” She calmed down slightly, but even though she said that she still took the vials and stored them in her ring.

I let out a sigh and turned back to the screen showing Misty. It had only been a few hours, and she was already on the third floor.

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Women’s Pleasure Dungeon – Chapter 19

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“That treasure chest is properly trapped. I think there is something wrong with this room. We need to continue!” The yellow-haired leader finally declared.

It was as Diamond had predicted. Only two days later, the leader finally broke free of the spell. As soon as she realized things were off, she forced the other two to pack up and she dragged them through the door onto the second puzzle room. They followed her with dazed-like looks.

“How long… what…” the violet-haired girl asked as she was dragged out of the room and away from the effective range of the bone.

“This…” The other girl looked around like she had been in a dream. “What happened?”

All three girls had lost significant weight. Their clothing was covered in dirt, their bodies were sticky and smelled of sex, their hair was ruined, and there were deep bags under their eyes. What should have been a few-day journey for them ended up lasting over a month. How did they make it that long? Well, Diamond’s ring helped. She had a ton of extra supplies from being a heroine, and most of them she didn’t need to know that she was undead.

During the period they were knocked out from the forget-me-not potion, we’d sneak in and replace the supplies they had used. Thus, with their food and wood remaining at the same level, it further reinforced their endless cycle. Once their mindless lust took over, they decreased the amount they ate and so we were able to stretch it out for a while.

Unfortunately, it was her supplies running out that had made Diamond so sure of their inevitable escape. As soon as the leader noticed there was no more firewood and the food was almost all gone, she managed to wake up quickly.

“I’ve heard of some B-rank and higher dungeons having sleeping traps.” The yellow-haired leader explained. “Don’t you guys remember the story of the S-rank and the tree? She slept under it for one thousand years?”

“A thousand years!” the violet-haired girl cried out. “We lost a thousand years?”

“Don’t be stupid!” The leader glared at her. “I’m just saying it’s something like that. It only should have been a few days since we still have a bit of food left.”

“We’ve been asleep for a few days?” The blue-haired girl yawned. “No wonder why I’m so tired.”

“And sore…” The other girl touched her abdomen. “My insides feel like I’ve been riding a wild horse hard for weeks.”

“I thought it was just me.” The blue-haired girl nodded. “I feel strangely… sensitive.”

As I listened to their conversation, I couldn’t believe it. They didn’t remember it at all. All of the embarrassing things they had been doing were lost. I suddenly wished I had some way to record it. I asked Diamond about that.

“You mean an experience stone?” She offered. “Those are expensive.”

“Experience? This just records the sights and sounds… like this!” I gestured to the screen the both of us were using.

“Oh, I don’t know of anything other than you that can create an image like this, let alone one of the past. An experience stone records everything a person is experiencing in that moment. It’s often difficult to use it effectively, but if you use it, you feel exactly what the original person felt. It’s a way of sharing experiences with others. Supposedly, there are a few recorded scenes of a man and a woman together, and rich women will pay for the experience of lying with a man. This can also be used for torture, by giving someone the experience of someone being brutally tortured or killed.”

“That’s… horrible.”

“It can also teach you to learn a skill, but directly giving you the lesson.”

“On second thought, that’s cool.”

I could gain the experience of a master blacksmith making a peak item. Such a thing would be invaluable to an apprentice. Well, that was assuming such a recording existed. The big point of it though was that this world didn’t have any recording magic. Given all of the scanners Dungeonco offered, it seemed kind of silly that there was no magic camera. My dreams of recording some of these experiences were dead… yet, wouldn’t it be even better if I could replay the entire experience, including the feel of their bodies and the rush of orgasming inside them? I needed to get my hands on one of those experience stones.

“Okay! We’ll be quick! You push and you pull!” The girls on the screen were doing something that caught my interest.

As soon as I saw what they were trying to do, my expression couldn’t help but turn incredulous. They had used a stick to check for pitfalls, so I knew they had one. Yet, instead of using it to push the key out of the gelatinous cube, they decided to send one girl through it. I admit that this was how I intended them to originally defeat it, but after knowing how they had a guild and such tricks were freely traded, I realized how foolish and amateurish such a trick was. Yet, it was still effective against these girls.

“Hold your breath, running start… go!” The violet-haired girl jumped in while the yellow-haired tried to grab her from the other side and the blue-haired girl tried to push her through.

It only took about thirty seconds, but when the violet-haired girl came out the other side, she was gasping for breath. Her clothing had several holes in it and her armor looked slightly etched. Steam rose from her body almost like she had been cooked a bit long.

“Hmph, amateurs.” Diamond only opened a single eye before closing it again.

“Are you okay?” The leader asked, patting the other girl. “You got the key?”

She nodded. “I feel good. Ah, better actually. I feel refreshed!”

Her body did look cleaner.

“That’s right! I heard the acid works very slowly. If you’re covered in filth, it’ll help you exfoliate dead skin!” The blue-haired girl declared.

“That’s true!” The yellow-haired girl nodded. “I heard the same thing… maybe we should…”

To my surprise, the girls decided to use the gelatinous cube to clean themselves. The girls took turns getting undressed. They’d put in one body part at a time and then pull it out. By the time they were done, their bodies had a nice rosy complexion. I couldn’t help but glance at Diamond.

“Such a thing is useless right after level three slime.” She spoke without opening her eyes. “Only a bunch of whores who abused their bodies for a month would need to clean themselves in such a way.”

I nodded thoughtfully, but it did make me wonder if maybe I should include bathrooms in the dungeon. In truth, they were going in the corner, and it was kind of gross. Diamond didn’t think it mattered and seemed to take adventurers crapping in any corner they wanted for granted. She had never thought of it from a dungeon’s point of view. I made the goblin come pick it up every day and dump it outside to maintain the rouse. He was very quickly becoming the dungeon’s janitor. At least he could handle complex orders better than Sandy and didn’t get caught in traps as easily. Maybe, I should name him.

Either way, the group managed to get passed the second puzzle room and then moved on to the third. I knew this puzzle wouldn’t be able to stop them either. With three of them, they managed to get the key fairly quickly. They also fought to get the shield, but after failing to manage to wrestle it free from the hands, they gave up on it. The shield was now enhanced with durability, so it was a bit better than it was before.

The girls were groped various times by the wall of hands, but I didn’t partake in any of the fun. I was far too concerned about the 5th floor. Despite everything, their group had made it. They opened the doorway and headed down, and I gave the Cyclops orders to knock them out. Why wasn’t I controlling it? Well, I wasn’t exactly combat-capable. Besides, Diamond said it should be smart enough to fight on its own. At 50,000 points, it better be!

“This should be the final level, right? A boss level?” The blue-haired girl asked.

“Finally, we can destroy this dungeon and leave.” The violet-haired girl added.

“What boss though? It better not be another rat king!” The leader continued.



“What’s that?”

I heard a few moments of struggle, but then things went quiet. I had my eyes closed, so I wasn’t watching things transpire. I had been too frightened to look. However, as the quiet lingered, I couldn’t help but open one eye, and then the other.

“What the hell?”

“Rooooaaaaaar!” The cyclops kicked a girl on the floor.

“Oi! Don’t do that!” I raced over and took his body. “They’re defeated?”

“What did you expect?” I heard Diamond’s voice from my core room. “A C-rank boss against F-ranks. Even if it was an F-rank boss, they’d likely lose with a team of three. With a C-rank boss, they were never a threat.”

I looked down at the three unconscious women. Only one of them showed any signs of injury. The blond-haired girl had blood on her forehead. They were still breathing though.

“They’re still alive. Wh-what now?” I asked.

“That’s your choice, isn’t it? You can kill them and earn all of those dungeon points.”

“I can’t kill them!”

“You can kick them out of the dungeon, and lose all the dungeon points.”

“I can’t do that either!”

“I already said I’m leaving it to you.” She huffed. “Make your own decisions. It has nothing to do with me!”

I opened my mouth and then closed it again. I’d only make her madder if I said something. She was right. I had three options. I could kill them, I could let them escape, or I could capture them. If I captured them, it’d be bad if they ever escaped. I could feed them all to Sandy. I’d get the points, and I could always summon their bodies if I ever got lonely. What should I do?

As I was considering things, their fresh smell reached my nose. I cursed myself that I didn’t cut off my senses when I entered the cyclops in a hurry, but their sweet smell cleaned off from the gelatinous cube was already enough to cause a part of me to twitch in desire.

Why get rid of them? Aren’t they already your toys?

My mind quickly darkened with lust and desire. I could manage some food. I could even keep drugging them. They wouldn’t remember any of this! As my dark thoughts overrode my common sense, I began to get ready. First, I opened the story and spent some points. I had a good five thousand, so it was plenty for what I wanted.

I drugged the girls with the forget-me-not potion so they wouldn’t remember. By that point, I had plenty of extra parts and even could make it myself. Once they were out for a while, I got to work. First off, I created a new goblin. I didn’t have the heart to kill the one I was using so far, so I used a fresh one. I entered his body and then played with the girls until I was horny. Then, I had the cyclops kill the goblin by crushing his head. I repeated this process a dozen times. I then proceeded to harvest their bones.

I built three cages out of the bones, mixed with various other materials I could get my hands on. I was in no way a skilled tradesman, but with the cyclops enormous strength, it was rather each ripping things apart. With the goblin’s smaller hands, I could tie knots. I made sure to create several evil bones, which were embedded into each cage.

As I was finishing up, I noticed Diamond watching me. When I glanced her way, she snorted and turned away. Well, I didn’t need her permission. I just wanted the points. Of course, there was something else I wanted as well. I opened the cage just as the leader was starting to wake up from her forget-me-not potion. As her eyes fell on me, she let out a cry, desperately backing away. I could see the fear in her eyes, but it only turned me on more. With the potions, I’d get to enjoy that look many times. This world was magical.

“No, stay back,” she begged.

I smiled, reaching in and grabbing her arms. I dragged her out of the cage and pushed her up against the wall. Her armor was tight against her breasts. Her legs were slim. I pressed my mouth against hers, forcing her lips apart. She tried to turn away, but I was far stronger than her now. She couldn’t resist me. As my tongue explored her mouth, I slid my hand down between her legs, rubbing against her panties.

“Ah!” Her eyes were filled with confusion.

It was clear she thought she was about to die. Instead, she was being handled like a woman. I ignored her and pulled her panties down, sticking a thick finger inside her. I had never had this total control before, not against an unwilling participant. Sandy was completely under my control, so she didn’t resist at all.  This girl was afraid and closed off, but her body betrayed her true desires. She was already dripping wet. It made me want to fuck her right there.

She was panting, moaning. I could feel her trying to squeeze her thighs shut. I could see the denial in her eyes, the realization that her body wanted to be violated. None of these women knew the touch of a man. How could she feel anything else? Her body was craving my touch. It didn’t matter if I was human. She would come to realize that soon enough.

I pulled her away from the wall, pushing her onto the ground. The other two were starting to wake up, and I could hear them moving around in their cages. I will deal with them later. I ripped the leader’s underwear off and spread her legs wide. Then I unzipped my pants, pulling out my hard, massive dick.

When she saw it, she let out an intake of breath. It was a beast. I bet if anyone could take it though, it’d be these three girls. After all, they had been stretching themselves out on that bone for a while. It wasn’t quite as big as mine, but it was made out of hard material. They had each ridden it hard and mercilessly until their pussies were stretched and bruised. My little twelve-inch dick should be able to make it in quite nicely. She didn’t remember any of that though.

“N-no! Stop! It won’t fit!” She cried as she realized I was planning on fucking her with it.

“It’ll fit,” I told her, “You’ll see. Just relax.”

She seemed to be startled by my voice, but for some crazy reason, she seemed to relax. I positioned myself between her legs. I pressed the head of my dick against her pussy. Then I began to press into her. She screamed as she felt the massive invasion. It was so large that it had to hurt, but it also managed to slide in. She felt every inch pressing deeper and deeper into her, and I felt the head of my cock press into the back of her womb. It felt completely different from when I used the goblin’s dick, for her as well.

I could see the look on her face as she felt my huge dick spreading her insides apart. Her mouth hung open. She was gasping and panting. It was too much for her. I leaned forward, my dick sliding even deeper. She moaned, her pussy clamping down around me. It was too late for her. I started fucking her. There was no mercy. She would come, and she would enjoy it.

“Stop! Stop!” she cried, but her voice was hoarse and weak.

I continued thrusting, my hand holding her legs wide. Her pussy was squeezing around me. She was getting tighter and tighter. Her juices were dripping down onto the ground, forming a small pool beneath her. She was enjoying herself. She was being forced to enjoy it. These girls were going to become addicted to my dick.

“Hhaaa…. oh gods… haaah…!” She moaned loudly.

Her body was betraying her. I knew the other party members could hear their boss being raped, but all they could hear were her moans of pleasure. The pleasure was becoming too much. She couldn’t deny it. I continued pounding into her, and her moans got louder. I was starting to get close as well. I was getting lost in the feeling. My hips were a blur, and she was getting tighter and tighter.

Just before she came, I grabbed her throat, and she choked as I tightened my grip. She was struggling to breathe. I leaned down, thrusting harder and faster. She was gasping, and her face was turning red. I kept a tight grip as she was reaching her limit. Her eyes were bulging, and her hands were wrapped around my wrists.

“Ahhh! Ahhh!” she croaked.

She was coming. I was coming. My semen burst out, filling her womb with a hot, sticky mess. It was the most intense orgasm I’d ever had. I kept her pinned to the floor as my cum continued spurting into her, filling her. I finally loosened my grip on her neck, and she let out a long gasp. She then collapsed on the ground, a twitching, orgasmic mess.


I began to take turns, banging each girl. After the first, the others seemed to lose any will to resist. They looked at me helplessly as I pulled them out of their cages and used them as cock warmers. Their pussies were all stretched out from riding the bone, but still, they struggled to take my huge cock. Even with how wet and turned on they were, it took effort to get into each of their tight cunts. They had no experience with any of this, so all they could do was moan and scream. It took a while for them to adjust, but eventually, they were cuming, screaming, and squirting everywhere.

“Ahhhh! It’s too much! Oh, gods! Hhaaa!” The leader screamed on round two.

This body of mine was wonderful. I fucked all three girls, and then I was back with the first. This time, I had her on all fours. She was being fucked in her pussy, her knees scraping on the ground. Not only was I not tired, but I had cum three times and I was happy to do a fourth. As long as my perverted mind stayed mentally horny, this body could keep up with me. I did wonder how long the girls would though.

I pulled out after my fourth cuming. The girl was lying on the ground, her pussy leaking semen. She was gasping, barely moving. I wondered if she was going to survive. I squeezed her butt, causing some white stuff to squirt out. I wouldn’t let my fuck toys die so easily.

As I looked over the other two, I decided they could handle one more. I grabbed the violet-haired girl and put her on her knees. She had been the most shameless in camp, even masturbating in full sight of her friends. I dragged her out where the other two girls could see. I wanted them to watch this one.

Just as we got started, I had a warning go off in my mind. I ordered the cyclops to put them away for now and then I returned to my core room. Diamond stood up, looking at me with interest. I ignored her and brought up a screen of the front of the dungeon. Standing in front of it was the person I had been preparing for all of this time. This would be our last encounter.


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Women’s Pleasure Dungeon – Chapter 18

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“Ahhh! Ahhh! Fuck! Fuck! Yah! Fuck my pussy! Yaaah!” A girl moaned as she bounced up and down on my cock like a wild slut.

As she banged my cock, the other two girls were watching intently and masturbating as they watched their colleague wreck herself on a ten-inch rod. They had just woken up again, and the girl in question was taking her time, bouncing on me, her wet cunt gripping my cock.

Her eyes were rolled up, her mouth wide open as she bounced. I could feel the warm, wet, tightness of her cunt wrapped around my cock, squeezing my manhood inside her. My body was bound inside the bone, unable to move, and all I could do was lie there and be used as a living dildo for a woman who had no regard for my well-being or pleasure.

The woman riding my cock screamed, her whole body spasming, as she came. Her juices spurted onto my pelvis, and her cunt gripped me like a vice, squeezing, massaging my cock, milking me of my seed. I groaned as I felt myself release, my cock spraying into her womb, painting her insides with mana essence. The woman panted, her chest heaving. She got off me, and fell back onto the ground, breathing hard. She crawled towards the other two and laid her head in one of their laps. The other two girls finished up as well while the door opened.

They had been trapped in this room for three weeks. For three weeks, the same scene played out over and over again. The girls would get up, read the riddle, and decide one of them had to ride the bone to open the door. She’d fuck it, and then get mana poisoned. The other two would decide it was better to wait a night. We’d find some way to dose them with the forget-me-not potion, and then they’d wake up the next day and repeat it all.

As for how we dosed them, I changed that up from day to day. Sometimes, we’d slip it in their food. Sometimes, I’d have a trap treasure chest appear upon unlocking the puzzle room, and it’d blast them when they tried to open it. Of course, I’d also use Sandy or Diamond to directly strike them too. Diamond said that they’d start to instinctively try to avoid it, so we couldn’t stick to one path. Neither of us realized just how successful it would be. Diamond thought that the best we’d get was a week with them before they figured it out, yet it seemed to be the opposite.

They were originally more suspicious, and as time went on, they grew more and more complacent. There was a reason for this. It turned out the evil bone became stronger the more it absorbed emotions. So, while it made people horny… the more it was exposed to hornier people, the stronger it became. In other words, its effects were growing increasingly stronger, while the long-term exposure to it had turned the girl’s brains to mush. They were completely lost in their lust, wanting nothing more than to get off.

Even with the door to the next puzzle open, each girl would hop on the dildo and ride it, desperately wanting to feel a dick inside them. Even after seeing their friends fall ill, they no longer could stop themselves. Those who weren’t sick from mana poisoning or using the bone as a dildo were masturbating fervently. They were barely even sleeping outside of the times we dosed them, instead engaging in fornication. They even began to use each other, allowing me to witness lesbian sex for the first time outside of a screen.

Even at that moment, the violet-haired girl who just got off the cock was now being forced to lick her friend’s pussy. The leader had been masturbating furiously, but when the other girl climbed into her lap, she spread her legs and made the other girl work her tongue.

“Disgusting.” Diamond made a face, looking away from the screen I was now eagerly watching.

I glanced at her. “Without men, I imagined these things would be more common.”

“I mean, yeah, there are women who’ll do that sort of thing.” Diamond frowned. “If they can’t control themselves though, they could at least use a dilboy.”

“I’ve heard that word before. What’s a dilboy?” I asked curiously.

“Young girls who have yet to go through puberty have flat chests and boyish bodies.”

“Girls like you?”

“I have breasts!” she snarled at me, pushing out her chest. “See? They’re almost B cup!”

“Yes, yes… your boobs are big.” I placated her.

After spending a month with Diamond, the pair of us had started to get used to each other. I knew how to placate her and get answers. She was very prideful, and if you said something to stroke her ego or hurt her pride, it was the best way to get her to speak. It seemed she was most sensitive toward those mosquito bites she called tits.

“Whatever…” She crossed her arms over her chest like she didn’t want me to look at them, although she had seemingly come to accept I wasn’t as interested in her body as any of the other girls, including Sandy, and thus was a bit less defensive. “I’m an adult. Most dilboys are young or late-bloomers. It’s for people who can’t afford their debts, a form of slavery.”

“Slavery exists?”

“Mm… it was reinstated during the war as a legal means to force criminals and the like off to war. Women, in particular, like to own each other. It makes them feel powerful. That’s why being a heroine is so lucrative. Sure, you can die any time, but heroines can’t be slaves.”

“And dilboys?”

“They give them drugs which make their voice deepen, their body hairier, and then make them wear strapons and cut their hair short. They’re trained to act like young boys, and women with money pay for them to entertain.”

“So, dilboys are trannies?”

“I don’t know what that means.”

“Never mind, I think I understand. If you’re unlucky enough to be sold at an age you can pull off being a boy, they forcefully transition you into a prostitute.”

“It’s not just sex. They also can end up as entertainers, or even personal servants for lonely rich women. If they don’t commit to being a dilboy for the rest of their life, it does mess up their future though. Although they’re only forced to do it until the debt is paid off, few can go back. They won’t be able to have babies, and they get a bad reputation, sitting as something between men and women.”

I nodded in understanding. Historically, women weren’t allowed in plays, so they’d take young boys and make them play the parts of women. They would even cut off their balls to keep their voice from becoming masculine. This was basically that in reverse. As I was thinking about these things, the image of the puzzle room showed the blue-haired girl climbing back on the bone.

“You’re not going to take off?” Diamond asked with a disdainful expression.

“I’m only a man,” I responded.

“That’s debatable.” She sniffed.

“Master is a man! His penis feels good!” Sandy declared.

“Are you talking about that tiny goblin dick?” Diamond made a face. “I don’t fuck monsters. I’d only fuck the dick of a real man.”

“That might be possible one day,” I responded thoughtfully.

“The fuck you say?” She pulled her blade.

“Ah! Nothing! I was just saying that with enough points, I could finally get the proper body of a human male, right?”

She made a face, but she sheathed her weapon. “How many points do you have?”

“50, 870 points!” I announced proudly.

I would have had more, but I had to buy a few things. First, there was the treasure chest with the trap that I placed for the girls. Secondly, she only had limited supplies of the forget-me-not potion, so I had to create more ingredients using the dungeon points. Third, I bought a 10,000-point tentacle creature. Diamond didn’t understand why I wanted such a thing, but since the point farming had gone so well, she didn’t argue so much. I told her it was an idea for inscriptions, and she accepted that.

Speaking of which, I had also purchased a few parts for inscriptions. I had continued to practice and was getting pretty good with them. I was on the final and toughest one. Once I finished that, I’d need the next book to continue. The best item I made was a three-star, and I had only created one of these. Most of them ended up two-star or one-star. I had not created a single one that was unsellable, and with that Diamond’s excitement and the way she treated me improved just a tad.

Diamond said that most of the inscriptions in the beginner book were practically useless. The small boosts they gave weren’t enough to change the outcome of a battle. Only the first inscription, the durability inscription, and the final inscription, the decreased weight inscription, were seriously used. The rest, which included boosts to strength, dexterity, and stamina, were all novelties. Only F-rank heroines would get excited about such a small boost in status.

“You’re over 50,000 points. A good portion of the store should be available now, huh?”  

“Ah… about that…”

It was true that a lot of things had unlocked at 10,000, 25,000, and now 50,000… there were still just as many things locked. By my best guess, some of the things in this library would go up to a million or more. After writing down the shop menu with Misty, she suggested that F-rank items were in the three digits, D four digits, C five digits, and so on. In other words, a hundred thousand plus would be a B-rank creature or item, a million would be an A-rank, and an SSS rank would require a billion points.

“Yeah, I’m seeing a lot of C-rank mobs. If you do start populating your dungeon with them, though, you’ll be seen as C rank. Furthermore, you want your rank of difficulty to match the treasure. You’ve made a few pieces of armor but your dungeon is still very small.” She spoke thoughtfully as she looked through the list.

“You know, I was thinking about it.” I coughed awkwardly. “I was thinking I might want something… a bit larger.”

Her eyes didn’t look up from the paper, but her lips curved downward slightly. “Oh? Larger?”

“Y-yeah… I mean, I need something that can handle threats. The rat king has managed to lure in a few hundred rats now, but I’m going to leave him on the second floor. The second floor has been completely remade thanks to the rat king and the addition of the tentacle monster. However, I still don’t have a boss to replace you when you leave.”

“Is that the bigger you want?” She asked, her voice quiet.

“Uhh… I mean… I’d like a strong body that can handle threats, oh, and you know… appropriately… sized.”

“There.” She pointed at something on the page.

“That’s 50,000!” I cried out when I saw what she selected.

“Aren’t they giant?”

She smirked. “No… only about seven feet tall. They’re a very standard C-rank monster boss.”

“A-and they have all of the equipment?” I asked nervously.

She twisted her nose, a malicious grin on her face. “Everything you could want.”

“I see…”

Noticing I didn’t look convinced, she sighed. “Look, I promised you I’d give you what you needed to defeat Misty. She could be returning any day now. As for the sluts on level four, they’ve already grown resistant to mana poisoning. If their brains weren’t filled with smut, they could have already reached the boss’s room. They will likely escape that room in a few days and then I’ll have to kill them.”

“Seriously?” I cried out. “What should I do?”

I had thought that I had the girls under my thumb. I was hoping to use them for months to come, but they’d be able to escape. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to trust Diamond, but I didn’t have a choice. She was the expert. I had chosen her specifically to give me this advice. Plus, I didn’t think she would do anything that put herself at risk.

“I’m going to be leaving once Misty is dealt with. At that point, you need to figure things out on your own. That’s why you need to figure things out on your own. Maybe we can use each other once I leave, but that’s only if you’re smart enough to keep this dungeon afloat.” She flipped her hair. “In other words, cyclops is all I’m going to say. It’ll handle the three sluts. It’s up to you to decide how you’ll use it.”

Even with those words, I was still certain there was a trick to her words. I thought I knew what trick she was pulling. The monster she wanted me to summon was a cyclops. I only knew cyclops to be twenty-foot-tall giants, which wouldn’t serve me at all. She insisted they were only a little taller than normal humans though, and I had to believe that.

As for its dick, it probably didn’t have one. That’s what I thought her game was. I decided it was fine if it was dickless. My sexual desires were second to my survival. If it didn’t have a dick, that was one less weakness my final boss would possess. Thus, I hesitated only a moment before I purchased my new boss, the cyclops.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

A shirtless creature emerged from the shadows. Even I was taken aback by it. It had muscular six-pack abs. He was bald with a single large eye. His mouth was filled with fangs. He looked pretty monstrous from the head up, but with a bag over his head, he’d look like a handsome bodybuilder. That was when a curious Sandy lifted his loincloth.

“Oh, wow!” She cried out.

When I saw it, I couldn’t help but cry out too. I was expecting a Ken doll, and instead, I got an anaconda. That thing was massive. It was like a baby arm. It was the exact opposite of what I expected. I gave Diamond a dumbfounded look. She tilted her head back, a malicious expression there. At first, I thought she was giving me an unusable dick to mock me. The expression on her face said differently though. She wasn’t trying to tease me at all. Rather, she wanted me to use that thing. She wanted me to rip apart other women with that whale cock. Deep down, I wanted to too.

I couldn’t help myself. I jumped into the cyclops and I felt a surge of power. When I wasn’t an obese guy who got winded climbing up the stairs, I was a measly goblin who had more bone on his body than muscle. Neither form exuded power. Yet, with rippling muscles and a seven-foot-tall frame, I ironically felt more like a man than I had ever felt before.

It was at that moment that a faint, feminine scent struck my nose. My eyes fiercely looked at Sandy. My nostrils flared as I breathed in her body, and grew inflamed with desire.

“M-master?” She asked me nervously.

My mind was overcome by lust, and my eyes feasted upon her luscious curves. I could tell that her body was covered in sweat, she was still panting heavily, and she smelled like sex. But her face, her hair, her body were all still so clean, so pure. Sandy had only been my servant for a little over a month, but I hadn’t played with her since that first time. Since I had given her a name and she spoke, I hadn’t wanted to take advantage of her for fear of embarrassing myself. After all, my roots as an otaku were hard to remove, and talking to girls was difficult. It was almost better when she was a mindless monster.

This body, however, seemed extremely sensitive to female anatomy. The vision wasn’t good, but the smell was intoxicating. I realized this was Diamond’s intent. She must have known Cyclopses were excited by female scent. I couldn’t control myself a second longer.

I grabbed Sandy and pushed her down onto the floor.

Sandy cried out as she was roughly shoved to the ground. I got on top of her, straddling her waist as I tore off the front of her heroine outfit, ripping the cloth to shreds. I then grabbed her bra and ripped it off, revealing her tits. Her chest heaved and her nipples grew hard as I stared at her naked body with a beastly desire. I grabbed her breasts with my hands and massaged them, kneading her flesh like dough. She groaned and twisted, but couldn’t get out of my grasp.

I bent over her and pressed my mouth against her right nipple. I sucked it into my mouth and rolled my tongue over it. Her taste filled my mouth and I savored it. Her cries grew louder, but I ignored her and continued licking her. I moved my mouth to her other breast, sucking her nipple into my mouth, and running my tongue over it.

Sandy didn’t try to escape, but I grabbed her wrists and held her hands over her head. I held her arms down and began grinding my hard cock against her pussy. She moaned as she felt my bulge rubbing against her. My body was hot with desire and I wanted nothing more than to bury my cock inside of her. Her cries and moans grew louder and her hips started bucking up against me. I couldn’t wait any longer.

I let go of her hands and sat back up. She looked up at me innocently, her face slightly flushed. I grabbed her waist and pulled her until her butt was in the air. I looked down at her wet, glistening pussy, and growled hungrily. I lined my cock up against her entrance and thrust into her. I couldn’t even get all of my dick inside her. She was too small!

She screamed as my cock penetrated her. It was tight, warm, and wet. Her insides clenched around my dick and it was a sensation unlike any other. It felt like heaven. She was so much tighter than a goblin dick ever could experience. I wasn’t buried deep inside her softness. Instead, my hardness was forcing her open.

“Master! Master! You’re ripping me apart!” she cried out.

I grabbed her ankles and spread her legs wide. She struggled, but I held her in place and began thrusting into her, my massive cock ruthlessly ripping into her pussy. Her pussy was tight and slick, and her soft, supple skin was irresistible. I grabbed her tightly and began fucking her harder, my thick shaft sliding in only a bit. I couldn’t get it all in no matter how much I tried.

Sandy screamed, her voice high-pitched and full of pain. She thrashed, but I didn’t let up. I sat up, pulling her legs down onto my cock, treating her like a cocksleeve. She was so small and light, that I could move her body however I wanted. It was awesome being big!

“Fuck, you’re so tight,” I grunted, slamming my hips forward, “and you’re so wet! Fuck, you’re such a dirty slut, taking a huge dick like this.”

She writhed and struggled, but I wouldn’t release her. My dick slammed into her again and again, sending ripples through her body. Her walls tightened around my dick and her juices flowed freely down my shaft.

“Master, it hurts! It’s too big!” she begged, tears flowing down her cheeks.

I didn’t stop and instead fucked her harder. Her screams of pain turned into moans of pleasure. She began to move her hips against me, her body accepting my cock. I thrust into her even harder, pounding into her wet cunt. I felt her tighten around me and she began to shudder.

“Ah, ah, ahhh! Mmmmm, fuck!” she moaned, her voice rising in pitch.

I was close to cumming, and I could feel her getting closer. Her body was tight and her moans were growing louder.

“Fuck, cum inside of me, please! I’m going to cum!” she cried out, her eyes rolling into the back of her head.

I couldn’t hold back any longer. My body tensed and I felt a surge of electricity run through me. I gripped her ass, my fingers digging into her flesh. She came with a scream, her entire body shuddering as she orgasmed. Her pussy clenched tightly around my dick and her juices poured over my shaft. I held her tight as her orgasm washed over her, her body shaking and trembling.

My vision began to blur and I felt my balls tighten. I released my load inside of her, my cock pulsating as I shot rope after rope of cum into her womb. She gasped, her eyes wide open as she felt my hot seed pouring into her. Her entire body went limp as she fell forward, her body collapsing in a heap.

My cum poured out of her and onto the ground. I let out a sigh of relief and slumped forward, my cock still buried inside of her. Her pussy twitched around my cock and her legs shook as she lay there, gasping for breath.

At this point, the goblin would have been spent. He would have been physically tired, and also his cock would have been as soft as tofu. Yet, I realized my dick was still rock hard, and I felt fine. A devilish light shone in my eyes. I finally had a body that could keep up with my horniness! I continued to break Sandy, who for her credit took it all.

Meanwhile, Diamond peeked from behind the door, watching the entire scene. It was anyone’s guess what was going through her mind at that moment, but a small smile sadistic formed on her lips.

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Women’s Pleasure Dungeon – Chapter 17

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“Hah… hah…. Fuck, is it hot in here?”

The girls were camping for the night, and rather than watch them on a screen, I decided to visit them in spectator mode. Thankfully, Diamond remained in her body in the boss’s room, so I was free to poke around. It felt like I should be caught instantly, but no matter how close I got to their camp, they seemed oblivious to my presence. Diamond said that higher ranks could tell when they were being observed, or even block such observation, but that was about even a C rank. At best, a sink rank would just have a feeling like eyes were on them, and these F ranks didn’t even have that much.

Two of the girls were attempting to sleep, but their sleep was fitful, and by the sound of their occasional moans and whimpers, they probably were having a somewhat amorous dream as well.  Meanwhile, the girl who was currently awake was having the hardest time dealing with her rising arousal. The cursed bone was only a few meters away, and while they couldn’t even see it in the darkness relative to their campfire, it continued to send mental attacks their way, making every girl more and more aroused.

The girl selected to guard was a girl with long, blue hair. Her chest was smaller than Sandy’s, and she was tall and a bit lanky. That didn’t cause her to be elegant, and she instead tended to slouch her back a bit so she didn’t appear as tall. This made me give her the nickname ‘slacker’. She carried a bow and arrow on her back, but I had yet to see her use them in combat, so I had no clue if she was good or not.

She appeared in distress, however, her face turned up in continuing discomfort and her face flushed. She stood up and looked at the other two girls, and then sat back down. This time, her legs were moving up and down nervously. She had a hand holding between her legs almost like she needed to pee, and her lips moved like she was speaking, but she didn’t say anything. I watched with a great deal of interest. I knew that these girls must be getting hornier by the moment, but I had never really gotten to watch such a thing in my old world.

The movies usually just cut to the girl having sex with the guy. You had to date a person or at least go out with them to see behaviors associated with horniness. The only thing I could compare them to were my own experiences of being horny, and I didn’t spend all that much time focusing on my habits when I was in such a situation.

“Damnit!” She cursed, standing up again.

After looking racked with indecision for a few moments longer, her expression firmed and she looked at the other girls carefully. She nodded to herself and then walked away. She found a corner outside of the range of the fire. She then began to pull off her armor. After a few moments, her lower half was exposed. She squatted down and then began to finger herself in the corner. I watched with great excitement. I thought about possessing the goblin so I had a dick to stroke, but the goblin wasn’t my true body, but the body of some monster, and stroking its dick felt a bit gay.

Instead, I opted to just watch the show. The blue-haired girl was alone and horny. She was fingering herself furiously, her body trembling as she did so. The way her body moved and her breathing quickened as she got more and more excited, was pretty cute. She looked even less attractive than Sandy, but in my world, she might have been called mid. I wasn’t particularly picky though. She was arousing enough to watch. She was trying to keep quiet, but couldn’t help letting out a soft moan from time to time.

I wondered what she was thinking about. Was she masturbating to thoughts of a man? A woman?

Maybe, she was masturbating thinking about her dad? I mean, most of these girls only had limited memories of men, and as Diamond pointed out to me, their dad was the last major male role model in most of their lives. It was like a culture full of girls with daddy issues. Since I was in spectator mode, I didn’t hesitate to zoom in real close. Her pussy was so close to my lips that I felt like I could stick out my tongue a lick it. Unfortunately, I had nobody, so I couldn’t feel it or smell it. All I could do was watch.

Her pussy looked a bit darker than the others I’d seen. Not dark enough to seem misplaced on her pale body, but a little darker than the rest. The insides were also a little darker. Her inner lips were a dark shade of pink. Her pussy was a bit messy and unkempt, with pubic hair poking out all over the place. It was hard to get a clear view of her vagina, because of her fingers blocking it. Her pussy juices were running down her legs. I could see her clit and it was twitching like crazy. I wondered what her tits looked like, but unfortunately, she was wearing a top. I had to content myself with watching her pussy.

I wondered how long it had been since she had masturbated. She was a girl who knew what she was doing. She was quite the little pervert. I could see that she was struggling not to make too much noise. She kept biting her lips. I would have been rock hard if I even had a penis. This all felt like such a tease.

After a few minutes, her body started to tense up. Her mouth opened wide and she began to let out a long, low moan, but then her eyes opened and she slapped her hand over her mouth. She stayed that way for a few moments. After a bit, she relaxed her body and began to rub her pussy again, although more slowly. She was now rubbing her clit in a circular motion.


She had already orgasmed, but it turned out that wasn’t enough for my resident slut. She kept masturbating, moaning into her hand and squirming. The only things holding her up were her other hand and her feet. She was rubbing her pussy with an incredible amount of vigor, and the juices were just flying. Every few moments, she would orgasm again. When she orgasmed, wet noises would sound out and I’d hear a schlicking sound. Clear liquid would start to splash out of her pussy like a slow volcano erupting magma. It’d last about ten seconds, and then she’d slow down, panting for breath, before continuing again.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, she had her last orgasm and stopped. She looked around guiltily, before quickly redressing herself and then walking back to her party.

She settled back into camp, making sure there was no sign of her indiscretions. When she was certain, she kicked the next girl. This was the leader, a yellow-haired woman with a larger chest, but still not as large as Misty. They changed places, and the blue-haired girl managed to get to sleep quickly after relieving herself. This time, it was the leader who looked like she was unsatisfied.

The same scene seemed to replay itself. She grew increasingly uncomfortable, and once making sure the other girls were asleep, she went off the masturbate too. She didn’t do it the same way as the last girl. She sat down with her legs spread. Where the blue-haired girl rubbed the outside a bunch, the other stuck them deep inside, almost like she was reaching for something. It was less exciting because all of her finger movements were deep inside her. She had three fingers down the knuckles, and she’d occasionally grunt as she wiggled them inside.

Eventually, she climaxed, cleaned herself up, and then returned to her seat. She didn’t go as many times as the blue-haired girl did, and by the time her shift ended, she looked a bit regretful that she hadn’t done it a second time. She still woke the last girl up, a violet-haired girl who was a bit stocky. She wore the thickest armor and had a sword at her belt. The leader took a while to get to sleep, and the final girl was nearly squirming in her seat by the time she felt confident she could go masturbate in peace. This girl didn’t even leave the fire. She pulled down her pants and sat back in the chair. With her legs spread open in clear view of the two sleeping girls, she used both hands to masturbate.

It was the least exciting and the longest to watch, but the girl seemed to get into it, her mouth opening and her breaths growing longer and louder. By the time she finally climaxed, her chest was heaving up and down. She was loud, and the two girls in the back stirred, but none of them woke up. I wasn’t sure if that was because they didn’t want to acknowledge the awkward scene, or they were that deep of sleepers. The violet-haired girl wiped her fingers on her pants and then stood up. She adjusted her clothes and then sat back down like it was the most natural thing.

I returned to the boss’s room, immediately feeling regret. I was horny now, and I had no relief. My eyes landed on Diamond who was lying in the bedroll pretending to sleep. She was undead, so I knew she didn’t need to sleep. She was only doing it so she could be left alone. I wanted to kick her out of her body and use it to get off. Even better, I could take over the goblin and then jump on her and have my way with her. Either option was just as good.

“Do you like watching women sleep, Pervert?” She asked, opening one eye at me.

Unlike the other girls who couldn’t see me in my spectator form, she said she saw me as a glowing ball.

“They’ll be waking up soon,” I warned, pretending I wasn’t just considering raping her.

“What about it?” She asked. “I’m surprised you’re not manning the bone right now.”

“Ah, that’s right!” I realized that those girls would have to slobber all over it, and I could get my release. “Ah, but we need to keep them here longer.”

“It wouldn’t be a problem if someone could keep it in their pants!” Diamond snapped angrily.

“That… whatever, do you have a solution?”

“Hmph… I might have sought something. Come back in a little bit. I’ll have an idea then.”

I watched her for a moment, but she snapped at me and waved me away. I decided I’d let her keep her secrets, and I returned to the camp just as the girls were waking up.

“The bone is the key. To open the next door, you must make a sacrifice. The bone likes dark, warm, wet, and tight places.” The yellow-haired woman read and then turned red. “I-isn’t that a bit lewd?”

Diamond had insisted that make the puzzle easier. She said the embarrassing action someone had to complete to move on was already enough. The more frank I was about it, the more likely I’d get what I wanted.

“Dark, warm, wet, and tight… it doesn’t mean there… does it?” The violet-haired girl asked.

“Well, it certainly doesn’t mean yours, because it says tight!” The blue-haired girl responded.

“You bitch…”

“Hey! Stop it! No messing around.” The yellow-haired one got between them. “It needs someone to sit on it. I’ll do it.”


“Y-you sure?”

The other two girls looked at the bone, a flash of temptation in their eyes.

“You two, fuck off. I’ll let you know when I’m done!” The leader snapped.

The other two girls grumbled, but they moved away. The yellow-haired girl took off her bottom clothes again like she had done the night before, and then squatted over the large bone. She didn’t even think about a hand job or a blow job. She was going to use her vagina! I eagerly got into position, waiting. Being clear helped get me what I wanted.

The girl slowly sat down, taking the bone in.

My dick throbbed hard. I was so close to just that. Her pussy felt so tight when my dick was this big. Was that the essence of the saying, “There are no flabby pussies, just small dicks.”

I was eager to start thrusting away, but I was just a bone, so I didn’t have that ability. The yellow-haired girl was merely sitting there waiting. Was my message not clear? She had to move her pussy a little. I supposed it was dark, warm, and tight, but come on, don’t be so literal. Fuck my dick. She waited for a bit, and then frowned, looking down at her pussy lips currently stretched over the bone. Then she looked back at her friends, who had turned away and were chatting, not looking in her direction.

The yellow-haired girl let out a stubborn sigh and then leaned forward and started moving her hips, slowly sliding back and forth along the length of my shaft. Her pussy tightened, and she moaned slightly.

Yes! That’s it. I know how horny you are. Take it all out on my dick.

 I couldn’t move my body, but it didn’t matter. Her pussy felt amazing, and he was doing all the work. The girl leaned forward further and put her hands on the saddle to steady herself as she slid her pussy back and forth on my dick. She started to ride the bone, sliding back and forth rapidly. As she moved faster and faster, the friction increased and my dick throbbed in pleasure.

The girl was panting now, and I could feel her body shudder. Her pussy tightened, and she climaxed. It proved too much for me. I had never felt something so tight on my dick before. I exploded.

“Ah!” She cried out, surprised to feel something spurting inside her.

What did the girls before call it? Mana essence? It was supposedly a nice item. When the bone had its feel of the feeling, it would overflow with mana essence. For me, that was the point of orgasm. This was a valuable treasure, but it all ended up erupting in her womb.

When they heard her cry out, the other girls instinctively looked back. They got the scene of their leader’s bare ass bouncing up and down on a black hard bone as something squirted into her. She pulled out and collapsed to the floor, and the other two girls ran to her, crying out. In the meantime, I was satisfied, and the door opened up.

They were panicked like I had hurt the yellow-haired woman. I had no clue what mana essence being injected inside someone would do. Feeling a bit worried, I ran back to the boss room and asked Diamond.

“She seriously put that big thing inside her? What a slut!”

“Yeah, but what about the mana essence?”

“Mana essence just restores mana from casting spells. It’s just a restorative potion. Your bone barely releases enough to fill a vial. I’ve never taken a potion enema before, but it really shouldn’t kill her. It might cause her to get mana sickness, but she should recover.

I brought up the screen, and it turned out that she did get mana sickness. If someone used up all their mana, they’d get mana fatigue and pass out. However, if they somehow gained too much mana, it could cause their body to collapse. Mana sickness could be a good thing. By pushing mana up, you could increase your total mana store. However, it was preferred to increase it slowly through repeatedly recovering and using mana. To do it with potions was too dangerous. She ended up shivering in bed, and they made camp for another day without progressing.

“This is it!” Diamond had been working in the corner, and she finally held up a vial after mumbling and arguing with herself for the last hour.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“It’s a special potion. It’s called forget-me-not.” She spoke proudly.

“Okay, how can it help us?” I asked.

“You idiot!” She responded. “You can’t figure it out by the name?”

“It makes you remember things?”

“No, it makes you forget!”

“Shouldn’t it be called forget-me-for-sure then?” I offered, but when she glared at me, I coughed. “Okay, how does it work?”

“It causes someone to pass out. They wake up a short time later, but cannot remember the last twenty-four hours of their life.”

“Are you saying…”

“We can dose them, and they’ll forget the puzzles redo them, and repeat every day.”

“We could keep them there forever!”

“Well, it’s not perfect. They retain some basic shadow of a memory. This will build up each time. In other words, they’ll make progress, but very slowly. However, if we do it now, they’ll continue to ride the bone, get mana sick, and wait another day.”

“That’s evil! Ah, but won’t their mana increase too?”

“A little, but who cares? More mana only means more for you, right?”


She rolled her eyes. “Why do you think you get more points for stronger heroines? It’s the amount of mana we have. It tends to coincide with our other abilities because most skills utilize mana. Every time you overdraft them, you’ll be increasing your earning speed.”

That made sense. From the best I understood, dungeon points were just a quantitative view of mana. The dungeon absorbed mana. The bigger the dungeon, the more mana it absorbed. When someone died, you got all the mana inside them in a lump sum. However, heroines absorbed mana too. They were kind of like a lightning rod drawing mana to them. The more heroines in a dungeon, the more mana was drawn to the dungeon, and the faster mana was absorbed.

As long as I could keep these heroines in my dungeon, the points would keep rolling in. If I blocked their memory, we could just keep putting them back and resetting their progress. In essence, I could turn them into my heroine farm. The thought of it excited me.


The Heroine Point Farming Project officially began.

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Women’s Pleasure Dungeon – Chapter 16

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“How are they doing?” I asked.

“You’re finally back? What took you so long?” Diamond asked with a displeased look on her face.

She had returned to her body, but she was watching a screen locked on the adventurers which I had created prior. I called the ability projection. So, I could enter monsters and borrow their senses, use spectator mode to float around invisibly to all but my monsters, create a camera that could lock on to people or places to watch from a distance or see the whole dungeon in an isometric view. The projection had limitations. I could only view one camera at a time, and I was limited to this room, but I could share that image with anyone in my dungeon, where my other abilities were locked to me.

“I was… ahem… settling things with Sandy.”

She narrowed her eyes. “You fucked it, didn’t you?”

“That is- okay, fine, I fucked her, you got a problem with that?”

“Fucking pervert.”

“Oh, fuck off! Aren’t you the one who wanted me to rape her in the first place?”

“Rape her! A human! Not a fucking monster. Mimics have no intelligence. They’re as dumb as animals. You might as well have stuck your dick in a goat, you sick fuck.”

“Fuck you! Sandy listens to me, and she’s a good and obedient girl.”

“It is not a girl!” she shot back.

“After I named her-” I closed my mouth as soon as I said too much, but it was too late.

I was never good at keeping my mouth shut. If I could keep myself from oversharing, I wouldn’t have had half the trouble I did growing up.

“You named her? You named a Mimic?”

“It was an accident…”

“You are an idiot! Why am I being punished by having to work under you? I can’t believe you turned a mimic into a monster! How much did that cost?”

“It’s not that bad… it just cost… a-all…” I responded, feeling a bit embarrassed.

“What? Did you just say all of it? You’re out of points?”

“W-we’ll get more… I’m already up to almost 100. Besides, a named monster can be useful.”

“Naming a monster increases their strength, agility, and intelligence.” She shot back. “You name your most powerful and accomplished bosses. It’s a badge of honor. You don’t name a fucking mimic!”

“So, you’re saying I shouldn’t name you when I have the chance?”

“Of course-” She froze in mid-yell and then looked away. “I’m naturally an exception.”

“That’s what I thought…”

“It doesn’t matter, you already used the points. My plan was for you to get 20,000 points before we have to encounter Missy again, but with a named monster, not only is your upkeep greater, but we have to start from the beginning again.”

“Why, what happens at 20,000 points?”

“How the hell do I know?” She shot back. “However, maybe it will be something good, or maybe I have a plan involving multiple things whose total is 20,000, Idiot!’

“Okay.” I threw up my hands in defeat. “I get it. I won’t do anything else outside of your plans.”

“Hmph… it might be too late for that. We’ll see.” She looked back at the screen. “They’re still trying to figure out how to proceed, by the way.”

“Still? Half the day is over!” I looked at the screen to see the girls working on something.

They had dressed in warmer clothing and had even started a fire. They had initiated various tests, including seeing out meat and fabric reacted to the slime guts. I couldn’t help but glance over at Diamond. Misty and Diamond looked like reckless idiots compared to these girls. Ignoring their previous moment of panic when they ran down the path, they met every challenge thoughtfully.

“What are you looking at me for?” Diamond demanded.

“N-nothing!” I was smart enough not to voice any of my intrusive thoughts out loud, turning back to the video screen.

“This is using up the last of the Deewood.” One of the girls cried, we had enough for a week, but this project will use the last of it.”

“If we’re stuck here, we won’t last a week.” The other girls responded.

“If you can complain, you can help me build. “I’d swear this was a C-ranked dungeon. That first level seemed simple, but a rat king on a second level? This ice maze is even stranger.”

“I wish we brought a sled.” One of the girls complained. “I hear some A-rank teams even bring boats in.”

“That’s because some A-rank dungeons have entire levels submerged in water!” The leader responded. “And how did you plan to bring it in? Without a large storage ring, such things are impossible to carry. We’re lucky Sandy wasn’t carrying any of the wood!”

I had to admit that some of the things in this world were truly marvels. Deewood was the slang term for Dungeonco Ever-Expanding Wood. I had gotten a close look at the Deewood the night before. It was like one of those towels that expanded to full size when you added air or one of those little dinosaurs that grew a hundred times when they were wet. They managed to shrink wood down into pellets. As they heated up, they’d grew to the size of slow-burning smokeless logs. The girls had a few hundred of them and they barely took up a cubic foot of space.

Their plan was pretty simple. They heated the remaining logs using the fire, and once the fire logs were full size, they strapped them together with rope, creating a wood base. They planned to sit on it and push it along the icy corridor like an ice toboggan. We could only sit and wait as they worked to build it in shifts. It took another night, and once they ran out of the wood and the fire went out, they were shivering by the time the morning came and they went.

I mean, technically there was no day or night in the dungeon. Although the dungeon had built-in lighting, it didn’t change with the time outside. Either way, the adventurers had their smokeless torches. Which they lit up to try to maintain some warmth. While you could get through a dungeon without light, it wasn’t ideal. Dungeons could dim lighting or switch it to their advantage, hiding enemies and traps. Even though there was no reason to work on this world’s schedule, the girls seemed to stick to the proper time, which I learned was slightly longer than my world as a twenty-five-hour day.

The girls began their trek using the wooden sled they assembled and the sticks they had used before to check for traps to move them along. Sometimes, the sticks would slip and one of them would curse, but ever so slowly, they made their way down the corridor. Their movements were slow and methodical, but their progress was steady. When they reached the split that had caught Misty and Diamond off guard, they stopped and pulled out a device.

After a moment, the leader spoke up. “The mana flows this way. That’s a dead end.”

She accurately picked the correct direction, and they turned and continued on their way. They reached the other turn that Misty and Diamond had missed again. This one led to the treasure. Had they had the dungeonco treasure sensor, they might have gone down the path to get the treasure, but it had been left on Sandy. Without it, they merely determined it was another dead-end, and continued straight.

“I didn’t even notice that turn,” Diamond muttered unhappily.

“There is a treasure chest there.” I explained to her the trap and what was inside.’

“A warmth potion and a steel sword?” She made a face. “You’re so stingy!”

“I thought the warmth potion was a nice touch,” I responded.

After freezing along in this icy prison for so long, I reckoned they’d sacrifice anything to drink that potion. While they could always put the sword back, if they drank the potion before realizing the mechanism of the trap, it’d be that much harder for them to escape. It was the temptation that would trap them. At least, that’s what I thought.

“No, the warmth potion is nice, but a steel sword? Every heroine brings her weapon and any blacksmith can make that. Heroines aren’t risking their lives in dungeons so that they can find something they can buy for fifty silver. If someone saw that sword, they would spit on you in anger for wasting their time, especially given how difficult it was to reach. You’re lucky no one has found your treasure, or they’d spread rumors that you’re dungeon gives trash treasure.”

“What kind of treasure do people want?” I asked with interest.

“Magic stuff! I said the potion was alright.”

“Isn’t that just alchemy?”

“Are you an idiot? Do you know how expensive it is to raise an alchemist? Every ingredient requires a specific environment to grow. Gathering the ingredients is nearly as expensive as the potions they make, so the profit margin is almost nothing, never mind the cost of training a skilled alchemist. Few people are willing to dedicate years of their lives and hundreds of gold coins so they can make coppers of profit while risking gold-valued ingredients. On top of that, there are only a half-dozen publicly known recipes. The rest are closely guarded secrets for families or governments. You have to sell your soul to them to get potions outside of a dungeon.”

“Okay, okay, I get it,” I waved my hands. “More potions.”

 “Not just potions.” She scoffed. “Any magic items are also sought after.”

“You mean like magic scrolls?” I frowned.

“Scrolls, sure… but swords, armor, pots… pretty much anything with a magic inscription on it would make good money.”

“Inscriptions? Are those hard to do?” I asked, seeing her eyes narrow. “I know… I know… idiot, I’m a fucking dungeon. I’m a few months old. You were shitting in a diaper when you were my age. Continue!”

She frowned slightly, but then she sniffed. “Inscribers aren’t necessarily rare, and the inscriptions themselves aren’t restricted either. Quite the opposite, inscriptions are handed out quite freely. As a result, every starting adventurer tries them out hoping to get rich, but all they do is end up breaking their stuff.”

“How so?” I asked curiously.

“The ingredients aren’t expensive, but the skill required is heavy. It requires a very fine hand and attention to detail.” She explained. “However, more importantly, it requires focus. Every inscription has to be done all at once, and you must do it while continuously providing mana. Even the best inscribers in the world can only inscribe for sixteen hours without food, water, or bathroom breaks and they must do so while continuously providing mana. If they fail, the item falls apart. After that, there is a grade system as to the quality of the enchanted item.”

“Let me guess, F through S.”

“Mm, so you’re aware.”

I thought of the book that I had found on Sandy earlier. I could summon objects and monsters in my dungeon as long as I brought them into my inventory. This was the limit to my summoning ability. I could assign monsters to a certain level, but I’d need to go to that level as a spectator and remove them from my inventory, or they’d have to walk there. Both Diamond and I could go through walls and weren’t bound by the dungeon’s design, but the goblin and Sandy were solid and subject to the laws of matter. Not only could they get caught in traps they weren’t aware of, but they also were stuck on the upper floors because they couldn’t walk past the heroine’s party without being seen.

Of course, my inventory could be an exception. I could pull anything I owned into my inventory, and then drop it wherever I currently was. If I wanted to act as a ferry, I could move monster units from level to level, although they still suffered from status reductions as a result of being on the wrong level.

As for objects, I could only place unowned items in my inventory. I couldn’t take the backpacks or supplies of any of the F-rank parties, for example. There was an exception. If one of my creatures stole the item, I could claim it, but even that had a time limit. For example, it took a full day before I gained ownership over Sandy’s stuff, even though she was already dead. I supposed this was another one of those rules, it gave adventurers twenty-four hours to reclaim lost gear before I could teleport it away and treat it as treasure. This didn’t stop monsters from possessing it and using it before then, just my ability to place it in my inventory.

I had thrown the goblin and the book in my inventory earlier, and I brought them both out. After possessing the goblin, I began looking through the book. Its explanations were rather simple. In the back of the book was a list of inscriptions from the first you should try to the hardest. The book suggested once you completed the hardest you were ready to move up to intermediate inscriptions. Beginning was F, D, and C. A and B were intermediate. Then S through SSS was advanced.  The first inscription was simple. It increases the durability of an item, making it more resistant to dents, chips, and scratches.

“You wouldn’t, by chance, have these ingredients?” I showed her the page.

She was lying down on a bedroll she had pulled from her storage ring and was casually sleeping. She opened one eye when I spoke, then she rolled it.

“You’re an inscriber now?”

“I’d like to try it,” I admitted, wincing slightly.

She looked like she was going to call me some names, but then she hesitated. “You don’t need to eat or sleep, and your mana is many times stronger than that of a human. I’d say dungeons aren’t intelligent or disciplined enough to do such a hobby, but you might just be smart enough to not fuck this up.”

“That might be the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me.”

“Whatever.” She huffed, waving her arms causing a few things to appear in her hands. “This is basic inscription ink, an inscribe pen, and a pan. Only high-level inscribers make their ink. You can try a basic inscription on the pan. If you show any talent, maybe I’ll even help you out a bit.”

“Thanks,” I muttered, taking the stuff she handed me and moving over to my corner.

She watched me huddle in the corner for a few minutes and then snorted, closing her eyes. A flicker of a smile appeared on my lips as I looked over the inscription one last time. I was confident I could do this. Although I never had a steady job, that didn’t mean I was without skill.

There was one thing I had spent a lot of time on besides video games, and that was tabletop gaming! I had spent countless hours assembling and painting figurines. I was good at it too! A few people even offered to pay me, which I used to buy more games. My parents always told me it was a waste of my time though, and so I never considered making a living doing it. Either way, I was confident in my ability. I had perfectly replicated countless complex emblems and sigils, and the idea of dedicating my attention to something for sixteen hours straight… well, wasn’t that a basic requirement for MMOs?

“I’m finished.” I declared an hour later.

“Mm?” She looked up. “Already? Bullshit. Most inscribers I see take at least two hours for even basic shit. Inscription even has its alphabet and you haven’t learned it yet.”

“How do you test and see if it works?” I asked, ignoring her cutting comments.

“Give me that!” She snatched the pan away from me, looking at the inscription and frowning.

“I detect mana in this!” She spoke in surprise, but then she narrowed her eyes.

She put the pot down and then pulled out a similar pot and put them both down on the ground. She pulled out her sword and stabbed the uninscribed pot. Her blade cut right through the bottom. She then did the same potion to the other pot. The blade was blocked. It left a small dent, but it was blocked. She let out a cry of surprise.

“A two-star? On your first try?”

“Stars now?”

“Did you not read that book?” She gestured at the one I had open in front of me to the first inscription sample. “The difficulty of an inscription is rated F-SSS, but the quality is rated five stars. A one-star inscription is the bare minimum. I was expecting a ½ star for your first attempt, which isn’t good enough to sell, but you reached two stars.”

“That’s sellable?”

“I’ll put it this way, you need one star to sell it as enchanted, but the most you’ll ever find in a store is three stars. That’s because no one would sell anything higher rank than that. It’d be kept as an heirloom.”

So, it’s good then?” I asked cautiously.

“If you can do more of these inscriptions, I think your treasure problem will be easily resolved.” She admitted.

I kept a bit of excitement at her words. I may not understand this world completely, but I played enough games to know that turning standard steel items into magic items would be a great way for me to make money. My goblin hand felt a bit cramped, but I could switch mobs when I needed to, or find a monster with better drawing stamina. Hobbies were always a good thing, especially when those hobbies could make you rich.

“Ah, it looks like the party has reached your fourth floor.” Diamond casually commented as I was growing excited.

The icy hand of death once again touched my neck. I had almost forgotten about those girls. I watched as they tore up their sled and then used the wood for fire. They were all shivering, their skin blue. It had taken all day and it was deep in the night now. They were cold and tired, but they were quickly warming up against the fire.

“How are we going to escape once we’re done if we destroyed the sled?” One of the girls asked.

“Hopefully, there will be something below that can help us on the way out.” The lead girl explained. “However, we all agree there was no choice. If we didn’t start a fire tonight, some of us might not wake up tomorrow.”

“At least it’s warmer on the fourth floor. Are we sure it’s safe?”

“The monster detectors see a few monsters, but they’re probably behind those doors.” The leader pointed at the door at the end. “We’ll camp here tonight. We should be safe enough with a guard. We should be done with this dungeon in just a few more days.”

“How should we mess with them tonight?” Diamond wondered out loud.

As I watched them make camp, my eyes couldn’t help but fall on the evil bone. They decided to sleep in the room with that. Diamond didn’t know it, but that bone had a mental attack, inducing horny desperation. Diamond and Misty had only been affected by it for fifteen minutes and they were breathing hard. These girls planned to spend all night with it a short distance away. Diamond might not need to do anything. I was very curious what the night would bring.

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Women’s Pleasure Dungeon – Chapter 15

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“What do we do with Sandy now?” I asked nervously.

“Uck… do whatever you want with it. Kill it. Fuck it. Since they all think she’s dead, it has no value anymore.” Diamond spoke dismissively.

“I can fuck it?” I asked in surprise.

She gave me a disgusted look. “If you get turned on fucking monsters. Wait, who am I talking to? Well, if you want to wear that goblin dick and pump a few more squirts into that mimic, it’s probably willing. It’s under your control, so it won’t kill you. I’m not sure it’ll do anything by lying there.”

“So, basically most women,” I responded.

“What do you say?”

“N-nothing!” I coughed, having no desire to explain to her female jokes from my world. “I was thinking maybe the mimic could become a guy and I could use it.”

I didn’t care about it being strong or anything, and if it could turn into a girl and a treasure chest, why not become a man? At that point, I could inhabit it and it’d almost be like having my own body back.

“I already told you, it can only turn into what it ingests. It’s only eaten Sandy, so it can only look like Sandy. If you want it to look like something else, even a treasure chest, you’d need to feed it one.”

“That’s expensive!” I complained.

“Well, nobody told your stupid rat to get in the way of my plans.” She responded angrily.

“Can’t you go get me a guy when you go back out?”

“Get you one?” She looked at me like I was an idiot. “No, I can’t just get you one. Men don’t grow on trees!”

“They grow in wombs! I know about the birds and the bees.” I responded, feeling annoyed.

“Yeah? And every man is currently a national treasure. No nation would allow a man anywhere near a dungeon. It’d be easier for me to obtain a dragon baby than a human male.”

“It’s that bad?” I asked, feeling a bit disappointed.

She snorted. “If I could have found a man, then I wouldn’t even be…”

“What? You’re mumbling?”

“Shut the hell up! Who asked you, idiot!” She glared at me. “You’re the reason I’m dead. With an undead body… I’ll never… I can never… I fucking hate you!”

She was usually in a bad mood, but I rarely saw her turn that angry. She suddenly disappeared in a puff. Her actions were enough that the adventurers nearby became alert. They were taking a break as they tried to figure out how to continue, but Diamond’s leaving had caused a ghostly breeze to blow over them. I saw that she returned to her body though, so I decided to leave her be. Why did she grow so upset anyway? Maybe, it was her time of the month. Did women in this world have PMS meds?

“Ah, that reminds me!”

I summoned the goblin back to the 2nd floor and entered his body. I went up to Sandy, who was just standing there with a vacant look in her eyes. It was true, she wouldn’t be able to fool very many people. Anyone who came into the dungeon and saw her would immediately know that something was off about her. She didn’t blink or breathe, and it gave her an unnerving appearance the longer one looked at her.

Even so, Sandy was currently a girl, and I didn’t want to enter her body. I stuck by my former promise. I wouldn’t be tempted like that. The reason I approached her though was to get her backpack. Every girl had been carrying a backpack full of supplies, and when they abandoned Sandy, they abandoned her backpack too. When Diamond brought her to me the previous night, the backpacks had been left on the ground and opened up to make camp for the night, so she hadn’t brought them with her.

I pulled the backpack off of her and then put it on the ground. I began to tear it apart, looking for anything inside of value. Theoretically, anything here could be used as treasure. The more treasure a dungeon had, the more valuable it was to the adventurers. She still had the device in her hand that detected treasure. That alone could be considered a treasure, but I felt like it was counterproductive to give heroines a treasure to help them steal my treasures.

After all, if it was too easy for a heroine to get the treasures, I’d be bankrupted. I needed to find a perfect balance, cheap treasures that were enough to attract heroines but would leave me with more points in the end. I had to start thinking about the future. Diamond would protect me now, but my time was limited. Once she got her vengeance on Misty, she’d leave and I had to the future to think about. A mindless mimic and a cowardly rat king weren’t going to save the day.

“Hmm?” I looked up and nearly jumped. “Uh… hey?”

Sandy’s head had turned down to look at me. She was watching me go through her things. However, she didn’t respond. She just continued to watch me. I finished going through her stuff. Other than the treasure finder, I found her bedding, some dried food, and two changes of clothing. There were thirty coppers. I didn’t know the cost of things in this world, but I doubted it was enough to place in a treasure chest.

As I sorted everything out, I couldn’t help but look back up at Sandy. She was watching me unblinkingly, and it was close enough I was starting to blush. That’s when I remembered what Diamond had said earlier. She had said that I could fuck Sandy. Well, it wasn’t like she permitted me. Sandy was a mindless monster, but she would stand there and take whatever I did to her. She was basically like a real doll, but even better.

My previous sexual encounters had all been with unconscious women. Even when Sandy did wake up, she was tied up and gagged. She had passed out by the time I was finished. In other words, I had never done anything with a conscious, aware woman. Although Sandy was just watching me without any expression, I couldn’t help but have wild thoughts.

I brought out my green fingers and reached for her. My hand grabbed her chest. I had already enjoyed this chest once, but that was while she was lying on her back. I squeezed while looking at her eyes. She continued to stare at me blankly. I reached up as high as I could, my hands touching her lips. I touched them gently. They were just as soft as I remembered. The mimic was good at replicating her in every detail.

“I wish you’d suck…” I laughed.

Then, to my shock, she opened her mouth and put her lips around one of my fingers. She began sucking on it gently.

“Ah!” I cried out, pulling my finger out of her mouth. She didn’t move, continuing to stare at me flatly.

“T-take off your armor.” I tried ordering her.

I had trouble with her armor before, but if she could remove it herself, wouldn’t that solve my problem? As soon as I made the order, the mimic began to strip down. One piece of armor after another was discarded until it was just her shirt and pants. I nearly jumped for joy. The mimic did everything I asked her to do. This was way better than a sex doll!

I bit my lip and then reached down and pulled her pants to her knees. Her pussy was right there, complete with pink pussy hair. After that, I pulled her undershirt up until her boobs were exposed. I couldn’t quite reach her nipple with my mouth, so I forced her to bend slightly so her nipple was at my mouth level. Sandy did everything without resistance. I excitedly began to suck on her nipple. As I did that, my hand found its way between her legs and I began to finger her pussy.

“Lift your leg a bit,” I mumbled into her breast.

She lifted her legs out of her pants and then held them up. Like that, I was able to suck her titties and finger her pussy. If all girls could be so accommodating! Her body was warm, soft, and wet. My fingers slipped easily into her pussy, which was leaking her juices. Mimics could get horny too! Well, at least, she produced lubricant. Who knew what emotions she was feeling? Her face only showed a flight flush as she watched me emotionlessly.

Her nipples hardened as I sucked them. It seemed like she was enjoying it too, or at least, her body was reacting similarly to a normal girl. The only problem was she wasn’t moaning. She continued to watch with unblinking eyes as I played with her body. It was kind of unnerving.

As I sucked her titties, I reached down and pulled my cock out. The mimic, still sucking her nipples, looked down at my cock. I grew excited seeing her react to it.

“You want my cock?”

She looked away. I felt a little dejected. Was this dick not to her liking? I didn’t have any other dicks to use. Her titties were delicious, and her pussy was squeezing my finger nicely. She’d have to get used to this green tiny dick because she was going to have to satisfy it! I pushed the mimic against the wall and continued to finger her. My tongue continued to lick her nipples and my finger moved quickly in and out of her pussy. The mimic was leaking quite a bit of liquid, and my finger was coated with her juices. I was able to put two fingers in her without trouble. Pussies were elastic. I wanted to see how much it would stretch, but that was for a later date. Her face stayed completely neutral as her body was played with.

I was getting excited from sucking her boobs and fingering her. My cock was already rock hard and was pressing up against her leg. I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I stopped sucking her tits and pushed her down to her knees. My cock was right at her eye level, and she was forced to look at it.

“Open your mouth,” I ordered.

She obediently opened her mouth. Her saliva-covered nipples were practically dripping with my saliva. She stared up at me, waiting for the next order.

“Suck it,” I told her.

She grabbed the base of my cock, and wrapped her lips around it. I let out a sigh. Her mouth was so warm. She started to bob her head up and down. I couldn’t help but compare her to the last girl that had sucked my cock, Misty. Well, it was more accurate to say that I put my dick in her mouth until I came. The mimic was doing something. Her movements felt somewhat mechanical and steady, but for me, it felt incredible.

“Use your tongue.”

The mimic swirled her tongue around my cock.

“Suck on the tip.”

Her tongue danced across the head of my cock.


Every command I gave her she followed with lightning precision. Unfortunately, she wouldn’t change things up unless I ordered her, but this was fine. I could just do it myself. I gripped her hair and moved her head. My cock was reaching deeper and deeper into her throat. She was able to handle it without gagging. Well, if she didn’t breathe, she didn’t need to gag!

“Swallow my cock.” I ordered.

Her throat made a swallowing motion that undulated around my cock. It felt amazing.

“Don’t stop.”

Her head moved faster and faster, while her tongue swirled around my cock.

“Ah, I’m cumming.” I warned her.

I could have sworn her eyes lit up when she heard that. I pulled her head down and then blew a load down her throat. She swallowed it without complaint. When I finished, I pulled out of her mouth and looked at her. She looked back. She didn’t show any signs of repulsion, anger, or displeasure. I didn’t care that she was a monster. If this kept happening, I might fall in love.

“Turn around, bend over,” I ordered.

The mimic did so, presenting her pussy to me. She bent over and her hands rested on the ground, her ass sticking up in the air. Her pussy was glistening, and her legs were spread. She was a good mimic. I was already hard, and I could see her juices dripping onto the floor. I couldn’t wait.

“I’m going in,” I said.


I was surprised to hear her moan. It was a good thing that mimics couldn’t talk because otherwise, I might have made her say such naughty things I’d lose it. My hands rested on her butt cheeks as I began to pump into her. Her pussy was soft, and her juices made it easier to slide into her. She was a bit less tight than the first time, although the first time was with the heroine and she was a mimic. She seemed to mimic the heroine in every other respect, so I guessed that this would be what a second time with Sandy would have felt like too. The mimic didn’t seem to be in pain. If anything, she was enjoying herself. She let out small noises with each thrust.

“Mm, ah, ahh!”

I was pounding into her and her pussy was squeezing down on me.

“This is so good,” I grunted.

I was going to blow another load in her. As I did, I slapped her butt, causing her to cry out in pleasure. It seemed that she was pretty sensitive, which was great.

“You’re so wet. Mimics are slutty monsters, aren’t they?”

I slapped her butt again. She moaned out.

“Your pussy is squeezing me.”

I reached down and grabbed her hair, pulling her head back.

“I’m going to fuck you every day.”

Her body shook from the force of my thrusts.

“I’m cumming.” I announced.

Her pussy clenched down on me, and her hips shook.

“I’m going to blow,” I grunted.

Her pussy spasmed around my cock, milking me. It was all I could take.

“Fuck… Sandy… I love you!” I cried out, even though I knew I was just spouting shit. “I’m cumming! Yes, Yes, Yes!”

As I began to cum, I didn’t pay attention to a sudden ding in my head, but as my second load filled her up, my reasoning returned to me.

[Naming this monster costs 10,000 dungeon points. Would you like to name this monster?]

[You have selected, yes. Assigning name… Sandy, the Mimic.]

“What? Fuck!”

Before I could say anything else, there was a flash of white light. It blinded me for a minute, and when it was gone, well, nothing had changed. I immediately checked my store. My points were at five! I had just passed the ten thousand mark and I spent it all. I had accidentally called her Sandy, making the system think I was naming her, and then I moaned yes when it asked if it was okay. Are you fucking kidding me?

After pulling out of Sandy, she stood back up and looked at me. She didn’t look any different than before. No, didn’t she look a little better? She originally had a fairly plain face and an average body. The shape of her body hadn’t changed at all, but it was almost like she had been tweaked slightly. Her nose was a bit more symmetrical, her tits were more perky, and her ass was a bit rounder.

“You’re not even a decent mimic anymore!” I cried out, grabbing her hair and pulling it. “What did naming you even accomplish!”

“Owie! Master, I don’t know! Please don’t hurt Sandy, Sandy will be good!” I immediately let go of her hair as soon as I heard her voice, falling back onto my ass.

“Y-you spoke!” Luckily, I was getting better at speaking with the goblin’s voice box, so my own words were coherent.

She rubbed her head, looking at me with a pout. “M-master… Sandy is a good mimic, Sandy wants to look more desirable. That’s how Sandy lures unsuspecting victims. Sandy will change back if Master wants.”

“Whose Sandy!” I yelled.

“Master called me Sandy! Sandy is a very happy Master named Sandy. Sandy will work hard for Master!”

I was angry that I had lost so many points, but as I started to regain my cool, I realized that this might be the best thing to happen. If Sandy was intelligent and could take orders, then she was exactly the servant I was looking for. I wouldn’t be able to regain those points, but maybe there were other benefits.

“Can you answer any questions about Sandy?” I asked.

“Anything! Just ask!”

“What is the name of Sandy’s teammates?”

“Sandy doesn’t know! Owie!”

I knuckled her head. “What do you mean you don’t know? You just said you had Sandy’s memories!”

“I don’t understand!” She cried. “I’m Sandy!”

“I’m not talking about Sandy, the mimic! I’m talking about Sandy the heroine!”

“Oh… her?” She blinked. “Sandy doesn’t know anything about her.”

“When you eat her, you don’t gain her knowledge?” I demanded.

“Is that a thing?”

“What about skills? Spells? Abilities?”

“N-no… Sandy just can look like them.” She looked dumfounded as if she had never had such thoughts before.

“Fine…” Perhaps it was too much to ask for that she could eat heroines and become a C-rank or higher instantly. “Fine… Fine… Okay… I still have three adventurers, I can earn points back. You, take that food and put it out around the front of the dungeon. I want you to make a trail leading into the dungeon.”

“Huh? Won’t that attract vermin?”

“That’s the idea,” I responded. “Can you do that for me?”

This had been my plan when I came up here in the first place. I was going to use the food to lure rats into the dungeon. Once they were in range, the rat king could start to control them. In that way, I could get rats points free. My only chance at survival was to earn faster. Perhaps, Sandy could help me do that.

“Yes, Master!” Sandy saluted and then started running down the hallway.

“It’s that way!” I pointed in the opposite direction.

“Yes!” She ran back the other way.

“You’ll need the food,” I added.

She turned back and grabbed the bag. “Sandy is on it!”

She ran off with the bag. I watched her leave, feeling extremely conflicted. As she went off the stairway and disappeared from my sight, my eyes wandered down, and I noticed a book that had been hidden by the food bag. I picked it up and flipped it open.

“Inscriptions for Beginners.” I read off the title. “A textbook?”

 She went up the stairway, and a minute later I heard a scream and a thud. It was followed by a distant shout.

“M-master! Sandy fell in a hole!”

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Women’s Pleasure Dungeon – Chapter 14

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 “Hey, Sandy… it’s my turn.” A girl drowsily sat up, checking her Dungeonco timepiece. “Eh? You’re still up?”

She stood up and looked around the camp. The fire had fallen to embers and sitting next to it, but facing away from the camp was the back of a pink-haired girl.

“Don’t tell me you’ve fallen asleep again!” The girl stood up and walked over to the pink-haired girl, grabbing her shoulder and shaking her. “Oi, Sandy!”

The pink-haired girl jumped and then turned around. She smiled apologetically and then ran over to her covers and jumped into them. The other girl frowned, but when the pink-haired girl remained in her covers, she took her place and started bringing back the fire. She probably did nap a little and was too embarrassed to say anything. Once she took over her watch, I left the body of the girl and returned to my core room, where Diamond was waiting.

“So, you call it a…”

“A mimic. They can take the form of anything they consume. Isn’t it neat? I’m surprised you didn’t notice such a creature before.”

“I did…” I responded awkwardly. “However, the mimics I know about just take the form of treasure chests.”

The mimic wasn’t cheap either, they were 3,000 points. However, that wasn’t an issue because the first thing the mimic was tasked with doing was eating the pink-haired girl. Initially, the mimic looked like a slime, although it wasn’t nearly as structured as a normal slime and didn’t seem to have the ability to move. It was just like a pile of silver sludge. We had to toss her unconscious body on the slime, and that’s when it suddenly formed teeth and a mouth rose and swallowed her whole. The girl’s death was instant and painless.

A short moment later, the silver blood shimmered and then turned into a perfect replica of the girl, although her bindings were all gone and she had a vague and distant look in her eyes. We quickly dressed her up in her armor, although because I had cut it off earlier, I had to jerry-rig it a bit. Still, if no one looked at her too closely they wouldn’t be able to tell anything was wrong.

“Quick, get her back to the party. It’s already passed their guard switch time.”

“Mimic, go to level 1 and stand guard over the party.” After I made my order, the mimic stared at me blankly.  

“Idiot, mimics aren’t intelligent. They only work on instinct. That’s not a problem because you can control her, right?”

“Why don’t you do it?” I offered, not wanting to take over the body of another woman after what happened last time.

“Why? So, you can inhabit my body again!” She covered her chest. “Not a chance in hell!”

I sighed, but I ended up inhabiting her and then going up to the first floor. I took away my senses so that I couldn’t feel anything in this body. That should be enough. I arrived just in time for the next person to wake up. Diamond had told me laughably little about this body, but I quickly realized that she couldn’t speak. As she approached me, I was worried she’d notice something, so I jumped right into the spare sheets. Thankfully, she seemed to buy it and I was able to leave the body. To them, she just looked like she was asleep, but in truth, she was just waiting.

“Treasure chests are common,” Diamond explained. “After all, mimics can’t speak, and they don’t move until they have a target.”

“Sandy won’t attack them in the middle of the night, will she?”


“That’s what they called her!”

“That was the name of the girl who died. This mimic is just a monster.” Diamond explained. “You did order it to be dormant, right? We don’t want it attacking the other girls. Its strength is rather weak. It depends on the element of surprise, but if found out it can be killed rather easily.”

“I’m not an idiot!” I shot back. “Sandy won’t attack them. What are we going to do until morning?”

She waved her hands dismissively. “I’ll possess the body in the morning. If it was you, you’d reveal her right away. As for me, I’ll make sure they get deeper into the dungeon and then lose another.”

“So, you can inhabit her! Wait, mimics are only three thousand while your undead raise was four thousand. I could have just bought a mimic and had it eat your body, right? I’d have saved a thousand points.”

“Tcht… you cheap miser. The mimic could only replicate my dead body!” She shot back. “Plus, even if I can make the miser walk, I couldn’t speak anymore.”

“Isn’t that a win?”

“Fuck you. A mimic is considered a rank D monster, although that’s only because it’s difficult for Rank Fs to detect them. Its body is really rank F with its mimicry making it a little more difficult. As for my body, it’s a rank C body, and with my ghost, I’m the strength I used to be… no… stronger, because now I’m immune to poison, resistant to physical damage, and can heal extremely quickly. If I fought Misty again in my current body, I might even win without a sneak attack.”

“Fine, whatever, is there anything else I need to know about mimics?” I asked.

“Yeah, I’ve heard a thing or two. A few rich people put mimics in their treasuries to kill off thieves. Their upkeep is pretty high. You have to feed them a goblin a week. Oh, and if you keep any other monsters around, they may eat them, especially if you don’t feed them regularly.”

“Damn, I was hoping to make a mimic army, but it seems like they do have too many setbacks,” I muttered. “Wait, a goblin a week? I have to feed my monsters?”

“No, you probably pay upkeep. Based on some of your descriptions, a dungeon likely functions similar to a wizard’s tower.”


“Wait… please don’t tell me you don’t know what upkeep is.” She looked at me incredulously.

“Of course, I do! It’s the cost of maintenance!” I coughed. “You’re saying that every creature I buy has an upkeep cost, and I likely have to spend mana to maintain them. This is why most small dungeons depend on traps with no upkeep, right?”

“Hmm… maybe you’re not a complete lost cause…” She responded snobbishly.

I let out a breath. I had played plenty of games, so how could I not pick up on the contextual clues? Upkeep likely meant that the more monsters I had, the more expensive it would be. The dungeon points I earned would be earned less slowly. I looked at the counter, and it was hard to say.

On the one hand, I still had three people in my dungeon so I was gaining points far quicker than I was used to. On the other hand, I had just lost one of those girls, so a speed drop was expected. It was too difficult to say how much the mimic costs me say compared to the rat king. At least, I wouldn’t need to feed it.

“How are your points doing anyway?” She asked.

“Huh? Oh, yeah…” I had been so caught up in everything, I hadn’t paid attention. When I saw the amount, I couldn’t help but wince. “8,649.”

“That little, huh?” She responded thoughtfully.  

“When you died, you netted me 10,000 points, but she only gave me around 2,000. She didn’t even pay for the mimic replacing her!” I spoke helplessly. “What gives?”

Diamond sneered. “Did you think some middling F-ranker would be worth the same as me? The more powerful your opponent, the more you gain.”

“I see…” I responded thoughtfully, “No wonder the four of them have only increased my DP production slightly higher than either you or Misty did on your own.”

“Hm!” She responded, crossing her arms. “Why else do you think we’re trying to keep them in the dungeon as long as possible? If you killed them now, you’d only get 8,000 points, but if you keep them here for a few days, you’d be making that much again!”

Diamond did know what she was talking about. I had been thinking about things far too narrowly. It was best to delay their deaths as long as possible. It was even regretful we had to get rid of one of them, but then again, it seemed Diamond had a plan for that too. I decided to watch for a bit and let things play out.

Eight hours passed by and every two hours the watchguard swapped out. They made a total of ten hours, allowing each girl to get a full eight hours of sleep. It still wouldn’t have been enough for me as a human. I’d have needed to sleep another four hours at least. Still, that time passed and none of them realized that their party member had been swapped out with a mimic. Of course, I also kept quiet, giving them no reason to suspect that anything was amiss. I just watched as my points steadily went up.

Shortly before the morning, Diamond left and hid her body. She made me enter the goblin and close off all my senses before she did it as if I’d hunt down her body. I was tempted to defile her with the goblin. Maybe she’d act a bit humbler after waking up covered in goblin jizz. In the end, I suppressed my desire for punishment. I depended on her abilities too much at the moment. Until the threat that was Misty was taken care of, I couldn’t risk angering her. It was fine though. I was a patient being. I could wait for my time. I’d eventually humiliate her for every insulting word she leveled my way.

“I’m going to the mimic now.” Her spirit declared, causing me to jump. “Possession is something I can only do a few times a day. It requires a great deal of energy. Not everyone can freely jump in and out of creatures like you, and my control is dependent on the intelligence of the body I’m inhabiting. At my current strength, I’m not even confident I could possess the rat king.”

The rat king squeaked defiantly as if it understood what she said and wasn’t happy she suggested it. We were all on the 2nd floor, at the base of the stairway leading up to the first floor and their camp. I had been watching them the entire night, despite Diamond saying it wasn’t necessary. I didn’t need to sleep anymore, so this kind of thing didn’t bother me all that much. I glanced down at the rat king.

“You, go get into your proper position!” I ordered him.

“Squeak!” His sounds gave off a certain level of respect, and his body posture looked like if he had hands he might have saluted.

Hey, the rat king wasn’t bad. This guy was going places.

“That thing is useless without rats.” She snorted.

I looked back to Diamond who had an ugly expression. If only she had some respect.

“You said your current strength. You can get stronger? How?” I asked.

“You don’t know?” She asked, looking a bit annoyed.

I had a thought, so I looked through the dungeon store. That’s where I saw it. There was a rank-up ability. It was next to the naming ability. It seemed like there were various ways to modify mobs, although most of them were currently locked. The available ones were expensive… like more expensive than the gains of doing it.

“Monsters absorb mana and level over time.” She continued when I didn’t respond. “I’d suppose you’d need to give your monsters more mana to make them level.”

“Yeah, I figured that out.” I coughed. “Well, I’ll let you do your thing.”

“Hmph, just watch a master.” She floated upstairs.

I was worried she’d be seen by the current guard, but she quite easily managed to slipper her view and enter Sandy. A few minutes later, the girl watching everyone called out.

“Oi! Ladies! Get your cunts up. It’s time to keep going.”

There were several groans as some of the girls resisted their leader’s call, but they all ended up getting up after another minute or so. They quickly reapplied their armor which had only been partially taken off just in case they were attacked in the middle of the night. They also pulled out some dried food and ate it. It didn’t look very appetizing to me. It was stale bread and dried meat, and the meat wasn’t fresh and oily like jerky, but just dry and salty-looking.

“It’s been a while since I’ve eaten anything.” I considered.

I didn’t get hungry in my current body, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t get cravings. I spent my whole life nervous about eating, so I felt a little regretful that after all of my encounters, I didn’t get any of the food from a heroine. Maybe Diamond had some in the storage ring, but I didn’t know how to look in it and she reclaimed it before I could figure it out. I’d ask her, but knowing her, she probably wouldn’t let me try any. It was probably the same as the other heroine food I had seen Misty and these girls eat. It was very unappealing but probably convenient.

The four women, the possessed Sandy included, headed down to the next floor. Sandy had acted animatedly, making use of grunts and nods to appear as if she could speak, and so far no one had noticed. I had some doubt’s Diamond could pull it off. In particular, I figured her bad attitude and way of looking down on others would quickly get her caught. However, she was acting sweet and all smiles, which told me she knew the normal way her face looked was awful.

It had taken the group an entire day to reach the second floor. I hoped that it would take them another day to reach the second. I watched eagerly, and they didn’t disappoint. Just like the day before, they moved forward slowly and methodically, looking in both directions as if a wrong step could be instant death. Each girl had a device in her hand to scan for the environment. As it turned out, Sandy had the one for monsters, so my rat king would be able to catch them by surprise.

I waited as they headed down the pathway. An hour passed, and then two. They finally passed the hidden alcove that the rat king was hiding in. Diamond walked right by it without warning them of anything. The plan was simple. He’d jump on the back of the girl in the rear and attack her. After slashing and biting her, the rat king would hide back in his alcove. This would cause the girls to move even slower. With luck, the fear of getting attacked from behind would slow them to the point it’d take several days to pass this corridor.

It was finally his moment to shine. He stepped out bravely behind the party, preparing to attack. That was the plan, but then the rat king tripped over his own feet. I didn’t know mobs could do that! As he fell, he involuntarily let out a noise.


The party all turned to look at him. Sandy wore the distinctly ugly face of Diamond who was irritated by someone else’s stupidity. As the girls all stared at the giant rat, the rat king seemed to freeze in terror, not knowing if it should run away now, or launch a fruitless attack.

“It’s a rat king!” One of the girls shouted.

“Run!” Shouted the leader. “Where there is a rat king, there is an army of rats!”

The girls turned and ran forward. Had there been traps on this level, they would have struck every one of them. Yet, that wasn’t the nature of this level. The girls ran shamelessly into the dark. The only one who didn’t go with them was Sandy, who stared as they disappeared with a flummoxed look on her face.

The group of screaming women didn’t slow down until they reached the end of the hallway. When they found the stairway leading down, they didn’t hesitate to head down it. My level which was supposed to take a day to beat was defeated in twenty minutes. Even Misty and Diamond didn’t beat that time.

Only when they came out on the third floor, making haggard breaths that could be seen in the chilly air did they finally stop fleeing.

“Rat kings are horrible! Do I have any rats on me? I feel something scratching at my back!”

“I can still feel them crawling all over me!”

“They got Sandy! Oh, gods… they must be eating her alive right now.”

“Should we go back and save her?”

“No! No… even if we could save her, would Sandy want to be saved after that?”

I listened in on the conversation with a flummoxed expression. Who would have expected this F-rank adventuring party to be terrified of rats? They reacted as if the rat king had already sent a hoard after them. They didn’t even wait to see if there was a single rat under his control. They just assumed that they were coming and ran.

“What do we do?” One of the girls asked. “We can’t go back! There could be countless rats between us and the exit.”

The leader nodded. “We’ve already gone too far. Our only choice is to continue onward and defeat this dungeon. Once the dungeon is dead, the surviving mobs are no longer bound to it. They’ll often run away. As long as we give it a few days, the rat king will have left the dungeon and it can be someone else’s problem.”

“What about Sandy?”

“She knew the risks… the same as all of us. We’ll collect her remains on the way out… if anything survives.”

By this point, Diamond had come to my side as a ghost and was watching them with just as much shock. Technically, we succeeded. They didn’t dare try to flee the dungeon. We also didn’t need to pretend Sandy was alive. However, we had also lost an entire level of time. As for the rat king who had caused this mess, he was hiding in his alcove and shaking, afraid of one of us coming to punish him.

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Women’s Pleasure Dungeon – Chapter 13

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To a man who lived his life as a virgin like me, even a mid-tier girl was an incredible temptation.  This pink-haired girl was still far out of my league from back before I reincarnated. I could do anything I wanted with her and face no consequences, or perhaps it was better to say that her death was already assured, so what I did with her before she died was meaningless, since the outcome would be the same. The idea certainly excited me.

I was no saint. I would murder, steal, or molest if it kept me alive. Then again, my life wasn’t dependent on what I did to her. If I did do stuff, I’d be accepting I was no longer a person who could exist in the world as what you’d call modern morality. On the other hand, maybe that was the world’s repentance for a sucky lifetime and a shitty death. Lying unconscious like that, she was just like one of those real dolls.

I would have bought one if I had the money. I wouldn’t have been one of those gross people who married their doll, but I at least wanted to have a woman who would do whatever I wanted at least once, and I long since accepted that a guy like me would never be able to land a girl like that on my own. Even prostitutes had their limits. Only a doll could fulfill my desire to experiment.

Yet, my first response wasn’t to jump her bones. Rather, I looked at the girl who had offered her suspiciously. I wasn’t a fool, and Diamond didn’t seem like the type of girl to do people favors. Her actions were very suspicious.

“What is that look?” Diamond glared at me. “I’m not going to help you rape her.”

I continued to stare at her. “What’s in it for you?”

She looked a bit surprised, but then she snorted, looking away. “Do I need a reason?”


“Tcht!” She looked back. “Okay, maybe I want a little bit of revenge. If these bitches didn’t falsely report you as a D rank, then the dumb bitch wouldn’t have been interested in defeating you, I wouldn’t have been brought along, and then I wouldn’t have died.”

“Is that it?” I asked, still not convinced.

“What, do you want a whole autobiography?” She snapped, crossing her arms. “You already crept all over my naked body and even touched my private parts with your filthy hands. If I can be soiled, then so can these ugly women. I want you to get used to it now because when that bitch Misty comes, I expect you to play with her until she goes insane.”

“You want me to rape Misty?” I asked.

“Heh… do you think you can even pull it off?” She asked.

“You…” I glared.

She laughed. “I’ve seen your game. You’re a total amateur with women. Since you need practice, I provided you someone to practice with before we need to take on Misty.”

“Is that all there is to it?” I asked, narrowing my eyes before I realized that she couldn’t see expressions anyway.

“Yeah.” She responded and then mumbled. “For the most part.”

“I know you’re trying to keep things from me, but I feel like I wouldn’t be doing my due diligence if I didn’t at least ask you what is the other part beyond most.”

“You’re so paranoid.” She responded, but when she saw me not reacting, she coughed. “Fine, I want to leave the dungeon, but I might still need you around, so we should remain on good terms.”

“You want to be allies?”

“Hah! That’s maybe a bit much,” She shot back but then blushed slightly. “You’re an intelligent dungeon. If you’re allowed to grow, you’ll become very powerful. Dungeons can use mana to create all manners of things. They’re also a great place to… ahem… get rid of unwanted trash.”

“So, you want to use me in the future to get free stuff?”

“It’s a mutual agreement!” She shot back and then continued as if she realized I was rolling my eyes. “Hey, the guild mistress is personal friends with Misty. If Misty goes missing for too long, she will investigate, and if she learns you killed Misty, she will wipe you out. If you think we’re scary, she’s an A rank. She would obliterate you even if you were ten times stronger.”

“Shit, and you want me to rape and torture her?”

“It’s fine… with me there. I can cover your ass, report whatever I want to report. I know Misty, she didn’t report my death. Once she’s gone, I can return to being an adventurer. I could even direct parties to your dungeon, the kind I know can’t make it through.”

“You’d do that?” I asked, feeling a bit of disbelief. “You’d betray your fellow heroines and send them to a dungeon?”

She kicked the body of the girl at her feet. “Haven’t I already proven my willingness?

I opened my mouth and then closed it. I think I understood her a bit better. Things would work better if there was one of us on the inside and one of us on the outside. I had initially feared letting her go, but now I was realizing it was for the best. She probably also realized I was considering reneging on our deal after I got what I wanted, but by showing her loyalty here, I was much more likely to go along with the deal.

“Alright, then I accept.”

She snorted. “I knew a horny pervert like you would.”

I wanted to refute her words. She did know how to be both an enemy and a friend. She had a vicious tongue and an even more vicious attitude. I was a bit happy she was on my side.

I entered my spectator mode and then took over the goblin, who had mostly been meandering around like a helpless turtle. As I took him over, my goblin eyes grew focused and I went straight toward the pink-haired girl. She had groaned when she was kicked and was starting to show signs of waking up. Diamond had tied her up with rope though, restraining her arms and legs for me.

As I started patting her down, Diamond snorted and left the room. I was wondering if she planned to watch or not. I was patting the pink-haired girl to see if she had any other weapons on her. After my fingers entered a few crevices, I did locate a small knife. As I looked it over, it gave me an idea, and I started cutting off her clothing. Since I didn’t want to undo the bindings and couldn’t even figure out some of the armor, it was faster this way.

As I was pulling off the last pieces of her clothing, revealing the bare naked woman underneath, she groaned, her eyes starting to open. When she finally was able to make out my ugly green face, she let out a cry. She tried to say something, but the wooden dowel shoved in her mouth kept her from speaking. I kind of preferred it that way. If she was allowed to speak, she might say something that upset me. Like how disgusting I was, or how horrible I was for kidnapping her.

But I wasn’t a monster. She was the one who came into my dungeon with the intent to kill me. I was just punishing her. Yes, this was her punishment. Those thoughts seemed to calm me, and I started to run my hand over her body. Her skin was smooth and soft. It was a bit cold, and her nipples were hard. I couldn’t help but reach out and pinch one.

She let out a cry. She tried to struggle free, but she was completely wrapped up in rope. Diamond did a really good job, as she wasn’t able to budge at all. She must have done this before. but why did Diamond have experience tying up the bodies of adventurers? You know what, it was better if I didn’t know.

I leaned over and took the nipple into my mouth. The heroine’s body jerked, and her chest pushed out towards me. My other hand reached for the other nipple, pinching and twisting. It was a lot of fun, but her breasts weren’t nearly as big as Misty’s chest. It felt like it was lacking her bounciness and grandeur. I quickly started to lose interest.

“Mmm! Mmm!” At this point, she was desperately trying to escape her bindings while saying things, but ignored her thrashing and focused on her body.

I slid my hand down, rubbing between her legs. Her pussy was already wet. Wasn’t this a dirty little heroine? She acted like she didn’t like it, but she was already reacting. Wasn’t she the one who had spoken about how horny she was when they first arrived? At least her body was being honest. She shook her hips as if trying to resist, but the movement made her spread her legs.

My fingers easily slid in, and I began playing around inside. This wasn’t too bad. Her body was reacting positively. Her nipples were erect and her face was flushed. She panting taking rough breaths as her pussy tightened around my fingers. She was enjoying this. I guess even if her mind hated it, her body still loved being played with.

“Ah, ah, ah,” Her moans broke through the gag like music to my ears.

“Haha, I guess you are a horny bitch after all.” I laughed. “If your body is feeling like this, you should have just enjoyed my dungeon.”

I had inserted many ways for them to enjoy themselves in the dungeon. Her eyes went wide at my garbled goblin words, but then she struggled harder, desperately trying to free herself. She looked at me, her eyes full of hate. It was the most passionate gaze I had seen from her, even though she was looking at me like she hated me.

“What’s wrong? Your body is so honest. You should just admit it. You came into my home, and now you are being punished.” I said, reaching my hand up to rub her clit.

Her body started to shake and shutter, and I realized she was cumming. This felt amazing. I had never had this kind of power before.

I had been on countless chatrooms where some feminists said raping was about power. I’d be the guy to respond that it was garbage. Guys were just horny, and when they couldn’t get it freely, they’d push boundaries to get it. It was like music. When music was inconvenient to get as CDs in stores, people downloaded it online all the time. Once it became easy with the download stores, people stopped pirating it and music downloads became a thriving business. With music practically free online, who bothered to download it illegally anymore?

Sex was the same. If there were a subset of women who would happily and conveniently bang men, then rape would be solved overnight! Well, that was my argument, but seeing this pink-haired cunt orgasming under my control, I was starting to reevaluate my argument. I never imagined in a million years I’d have this level of control over a woman, and it was intoxicating. I couldn’t take it any longer. I had to feel her pussy.

“I’m going to put it in now. Don’t worry, I’ll try to be gentle.” I said, grabbing her legs and spreading them.

When she realized what I was doing, she tried to fight, but her body was still weak from just having an orgasm.

I pulled out my small dick and pressed it against her pussy. Her pussy was leaking wet, so I managed to push it in with ease. My dick was small, but I still felt something give way under a single thrust of my dick. She was no longer a virgin.

Her eyes looked like they would pop out of her head as she cried out into her gag, but I was already thrusting away. Even with the tightness of her virgin pussy, it didn’t feel like enough. At the end of the day, my dick couldn’t reach her depths. It felt good, but it wasn’t the satisfaction I wanted. I was getting so frustrated I began slamming my pelvis into hers, but I couldn’t get much deeper.

I felt her pussy contract again. She was cumming for a second time. As soon as her pussy started contracting around me, my balls began pumping cum into her. Her pussy tightened even more as if trying to milk me for all the cum. It wasn’t the amazing sensation I thought it would be. It was more like my cum was just leaking out. When I had been with Misty, her luscious body had brought me over the edge countless times. I was a total virgin then, and so I had no standards.

Now that I had some experience, I found my gobline body was lacking. It wasn’t enough. I couldn’t be satisfied with this. My cock was still hard. It needed to be deeper. It needed more stimulation. It had to feel the fullest, warmest depths. That’s when a memory returned to me. It was back when I had Misty. I had dipped a finger into another hole that she had.

The pink-haired girl was recovering when I suddenly rolled her over. It was time to explore her backdoor. I forced her on all fours. Her hands were behind her, but I found I could keep her body up by holding the end of the rope. Grabbing onto it, I found her asshole with my dick, and then I forced it in. My dick was already sufficiently lubed by her pussy, and so I was able to force it in with a little work.

“Gllmmmm!” She let out a shriek as I went in from behind.

Her ass was the perfect tightness though. She instinctively clenched as I violated her behind, and I could feel that tight brown ring squeezing my shaft. That felt great!

“Oh, this feels way better.” I moaned.

“MMMM! MM!” Her muffled cries rang out as she was fucked from behind.

This was so much better. Now I could feel it. Her body was struggling to get me out, but it only made the experience more pleasurable.

“I’m gonna fill you up now. Take it all in!” I growled.

I could feel the pressure rising, and with a few more thrusts I was ready to explode. Her asshole was that more pleasurable. The pressure built up until finally, it was released. My dick shot hot cum up her ass, and I felt her shuddering under me. Her arms buckled, and she was resting on her face as her ass was still up.

I pumped her full of my cum, and I couldn’t believe how much better her ass was than her pussy. When the last drop of cum was squeezed out of me, I fell back, exhausted. My balls were empty, and my dick was satisfied.

I had cum twice, and the second time was much stronger than the first. I was pretty sure she came too, even though I was pounding her ass. At least, she seemed to have piddled on the floor in a puddle. I wished I had another goblin body. This was too much fun. Well, the night was young, so I could just wait. Fifteen minutes later, I had recovered enough. Rather than her pussy, I went straight for her ass again. When she felt it, she cried out, but I didn’t care. I slapped her ass.

When I slapped her, she jerked slightly, and I could see the print of my hand on her ass. When she jerked, her asshole tightened around my dick. I liked that feeling. I started to wail at her ass.

Smack! Smack!

With each slap, her body shook. Each time it did, her asshole tightened, and I felt my dick getting squeezed. My dick was so hard I thought it would explode.

Smack! Smack!

Every smack on the ass felt great. As I was fucking her, I grabbed her hair and yanked her head up. She was moaning, her eyes looking out like she couldn’t see anything.

“Do you like this?” I asked.

She was so lost in the throes of passion that she nodded, and so I spanked her again. Her ass was getting red.

Smack! Smack!

“That’s right, you fucking whore.” I said, pulling her hair tighter.

Smack! Smack!

“Fuck! I’m cumming.”

With one last pull on her hair and one last slap on the ass, I blew my load. Her entire body shuddered as she came with me, and her ass clamped down like a vice. When the flow ended, and the pressure in my dick had been released, I let her head fall back down.

“Mmm, mmmm.” She moaned as I slowly pulled my dick out of her asshole.

She was panting. Her legs were trembling, and it looked like they couldn’t support her anymore. When she hit the ground, her entire body collapsed, her knees and elbows giving out. She was on her side.

My balls were empty, and my dick was finally starting to soften. I felt amazing. My chest was swelling with pride, and I felt like I had accomplished something. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. I had just taken a girl in both holes and filled her with my cum. Just a short few months ago, if I told my old self I’d be fucking some girl in the ass, I would have called myself a liar. Dreams did come true.

looked down at the girl. She started breathing regularly, and I realized she must have passed out. Thus, I used the chance to get a closer look at her. Her chest and face had accumulated several scratches from the ground as I thrust into her. Her knees looked to be warn red, and her ass shined. She was quite dirty, and no longer the pristine-looking flower she once was, especially with cum leaking out both holes.

“Are you done already?” A voice asked.

I looked up to see Diamond watching me. I wasn’t sure how long ago she had returned and if she had been watching what I did to the girl. For some reason, I was turned on by the thought of her watching it.

“Is it time already?” I asked in disbelief.

“Most adventurers change up guard every two hours.” She explained. “When they wake up they’re going to realize she’s gone. At that point, they will decide if they’re going to continue defeating the dungeon or leave.”

“Leave?” I cried out, taking a step forward. “They can’t leave.”

“Exactly. That’s why we need to… provide some motivation to keep them going.” A dark smile formed on her lips.

“Do we need to kill her?” I asked, looking at the girl occasionally twitching on the floor.

“Did you already develop feelings for her?” Diamond asked, a mocking look in her eyes.

“Not at all!” I cried out defensively.

“Then, you’ll need the points from her death. It will serve us for the next part of this plan.” She came over to me and whispered, and as she did so, my eyes brightened.

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