Women’s Pleasure Dungeon – Chapter 9

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I could only stare in shock as Misty was run through by Diamond. I had seen gory anime before, but I had never really seen true violence. It was true that my goblin had his head smashed, but his blood was green and goblins were fantasy creatures. I was able to separate my mind from the violence pretty easily. When it came to cleaning up the mess and harvesting his, both were just orders I gave the goblin while focusing on something else. By the time I looked back, it had all been done.

To see the woman I had lost my virginity to run through someone else’s sword, I completely froze. I didn’t know what to do. Ideally, both women should die. It was the only way to get me out of my current predicament. However, I didn’t want anyone to die. Why did it all have to end in violence anyway? There was a reason all of my tricks sought to embarrass or knock them out. I could have included a pitfall with spears at the bottom or a monster more powerful than a rat, but I wasn’t a murderer.

“Wh-why?” Misty asked, blood coming from her mouth.

“Do I need a reason to kill you?” Diamond asked, pulling the sword out of the other woman and looking at it like she was examining her nails. “How about I don’t like you. You’re pretty, you have a body you don’t deserve, and the guild mistress adores you for no reason. You prance around the guild acting like some bigshot, and you can’t even get promoted from rank F.”


“Over you?” Diamond balked at the idea, although from my point of view, it sounded like it was exactly what it was. “Your dad was a knight. When he went off to war, your family was given a high stipend. When he died, they returned his armor and he was heralded as a war hero, and you received three years of compensation. My dad was just a street thug. They arrested him on trumped-up charges and sent him off to the same war, and we didn’t get a damn thing.”

“That’s… not my fault.” She panted.

“I had to fight for everything I earned!” Diamond tapped her chest. “While your daddy was teaching you how to play knight, my daddy taught me how to survive! Now, who deserves it better now?”


“Silence? Perhaps you’re feeling guilty? I beat you in the end. I’m better than you! I can beat this dungeon, while all you can do is die. You’re nothing but a pair of cow tits.” She glanced at Misty’s chest angrily.

“I… always… just wanted to be… your friend,” Misty spoke as tears poured down. “I just… wanted to save… my sister…”

“Hmph… well, now you’ve failed at both.” As she raised her sword, I finally came out of my stupor.

I knew I couldn’t allow her to kill Misty. If I stood there and did nothing, I’d regret it for the rest of my life. Admittedly, that like might only be a few minutes, but at least if I died, I wouldn’t die with regret. I let out a silent roar as I entered the wall of hands again.

The tip of her sword just reached the wall. She hadn’t been paying attention. I reached out and grabbed her sword. It was just a hand, so I felt the blade cutting into it, but I held on tight. When she tried to bring the sword down, she found it held back. At the same time, I had the other wall let go of Misty. She slumped for a moment, and I feared it was too late, but then she rolled to the side and drew her sword in a single motion.

“What?” Diamond called out with a curse, turning and ripping her blade from my fingers.

I abandoned the wall again, the pain of losing some fingers was more than I wanted to bear. However, I had done what I set out to do. Diamond ignored the wall and turned to Misty.

“It’s over.” Misty declared.

“That’s the arrogance that I hate so much.” Diamond’s face twisted in anger. “I’m still a C-rank adventurer, and you’re injured. Do you think you have a shot against me? Die!”

Diamond lunged forward, and then Misty raised her blade to block. She was still bleeding profusely from her stomach, but she was ignoring the pain and meeting each of Diamond’s attacks. The two women’s swords moved like lightning, and I found myself awed. This was the level of a C-rank? C was average, wasn’t it? Yet, their attacks were at a level I wouldn’t have expected from even top swordsmen. They looked like characters in a choreographed movie, except that every blow had weight to it and I could almost feel the force every time their swords collided.

They finally pulled back for a second, Misty grabbing her stomach. “If you hadn’t wounded me, you’d already be dead.”

Her words seemed to enrage Diamond further. “It’s called strategy! There are no fair fights in this world. You’d understand that if you weren’t some foolish lady. One lives, and one dies! If this cheating wall didn’t take away my victory, you’d already be dead. As soon as I kill you, I’ll shatter this dungeon core and let the whole place collapse on top of you. I’ll even sprinkle its remains on you, so you can die touching the one thing you couldn’t get on your while alive.”

“If that is my fate… then so be it,” Misty responded coldly.

The two women began to fight once again. I was back to being lost about what to do. I wanted them to do this whole fight to the death outside of my dungeon. I didn’t want to see anyone deal, and I didn’t want to die either. Was it so hard for everyone to just be happy?

Diamond’s shoulder got too close to a wall. I wasn’t ordering them, so they were running on autopilot. A hand reached out and grabbed her shoulder, causing her to not bring up her sword. When Misty slashed down, she ended up stumbling back to the ground.

“You dare!” She screamed, scrambling back to her feet and lunging at Misty.

Another hand grabbed her ankle, causing her attack to falter. At that moment, Misty’s blade went through Diamond. Diamond’s eyes widened, and she looked up to Misty.

“You… cheated…”

“There are no fair fights in this world.” Misty threw her own words back in her face coldly.

“Th-this isn’t over… I’ll…”

Misty pulled out her blade and then swiped it, taking Diamond’s head before she could say something else. Diamond’s shocked expression was forever locked on her face as it rolled down the hallway. I turned and began to heave, but since I had nobody and was just a core, there was nothing that came up.

Misty looked at the headless Diamond, took a step back, stumbled, and then landed on the floor. She was down as well.

“Fuck… fuck!” I cursed.

Two people we dead in my dungeon. Logic said that this was the best outcome, but I told that part of me to shut up. I didn’t want death. Furthermore, if these two died, wouldn’t the adventure guild send more people or even more powerful people? It was fine when I was handling Misty, but if a serious heroine came, wouldn’t I be just handing over my life?

“Ph!” Misty coughed up more blood, her body shuddering.

I looked at her, and then I cursed again. She was still alive. I had to save her! I needed potions. Shit! All of my goblins were dead. My rat didn’t even have opposable thumbs. I was just a core. I needed a body.

“No, I need hands!”

I looked at the wall, and one hand was just close enough to reach her ankle. I took over the wall and had it grab her, slowly pulling her back. She didn’t resist as my hands slowly dragged her back over to the wall. I was finally able to reach her shoulder, and with some finagling, I got her into a seated position with her head against the wall. At this point, she had already passed out, but I had one hand pressed against her back, and I could still feel her heartbeat, albeit weakly.

“Now… potion…. Fuck!” I looked over to see her backpack had none been on her.

After escaping the wall, she had taken it off to fight. Violet had that storage ring, but she was located in the middle of the hall, just out of reach of the hands on either side.

“Where can I get… the store!”

I felt foolish. I immediately entered my store and started looking at the potions. I let out a cry when my menu came up. That’s because my points had suddenly jumped up. I have over 19,000 points now. I knew I didn’t have them even a short while ago. Diamond’s death must have netted me nearly 10,000 points just on her own. That meant I could afford the potion.

Weak Heal. Minor Heal, Strong Heal, Major Heal, Limb Reattachment, and Revitalize were some of the options. She was truly hurt, but would any of these be enough? That’s when my eyes landed on Elixir. Elixir was the cure-all in any video game. I believed it was the same here. However, its price tag was 8,000 points. Almost everything I gained from Diamond would have to be spent to save Misty.

I didn’t want to do it, but I felt I had no other choice. While looking out of only one metaphorical eye, I went ahead and bought the Elixir. I felt foolish, but she was near death and it was the only thing I was sure would work. Major Heal cost 5,000 points to buy, and if it didn’t work, then I’d be out that much. That’s why I went for the strongest option.

I equipped it to the wall, and then hand them hand it to each other carefully before it finally came to Misty. One hand turned her head while the other forced the drink down her gullet. I was afraid she’d spit it out again, but this time she swallowed it down. When the vial of golden liquid was empty, I waited.

After a few minutes, I could see the wound in her stomach closing at a visible rate. Her heart started to grow stronger, and her face started to look less pasty white. Realizing she was going to wake up, I called the Rat from the boss’s room. He quickly grabbed her backpack and took it. He then came back and fetched Diamond’s body too. I wanted the storage ring, not specifically her body, although the rat recovered her head as well.

Between the rat and the hands, I was able to get all of her armor off as well. This time, I stripped Misty naked. The rat could drag her back to the entrance though. His teeth were too sharp that he’d end up biting off her foot. She slowly woke up. By then, another eight hours had passed by.

“Huh?” She tried to reach for her stomach, but it was at that point that she must have noticed she was being restrained.

Other than taking off her clothing, she had been lifted into a standing position, with dozens of hands older her body to the wall. Since I had no goblins, and I wasn’t some bestiality creep who would rape her with a rat, this was the only way to give her a warning. Entering the wall of hands, I took control. One hand on either side of her chest grabbed her boobs, while another reach up from between her legs. She let out a cry, trying to resist, but I had three hands holding her arms and shoulders, elbows, and wrists. I also had more holding her legs apart, giving me proper access. Misty was plastered to the wall, completely vulnerable to my machinations.

I wanted the hand fingering her crotch to have the feeling of my penis as I had done with the evil bone, but I somehow couldn’t do it. My brain was too used to hands having the feeling of hands, and so even while I had a dozen hands feeling different parts of her body, I couldn’t make them feel like anything else except hands.

That was okay too. The feeling of her soft boobs deforming under two of my hands, as her wet pussy being violated in the other was just fine with me. Her eyes were wide and helpless. I didn’t think I had ever seen anyone look as helpless as she did. It was hot.

She moaned and whimpered, but didn’t seem to have any energy to resist after her near-death experience. I had her body pressed so tightly to the wall that she could barely move at all. She struggled weakly, but couldn’t free herself.

After a couple of minutes, when she was wet, and was letting out moans regularly, I inserted my thumb into her asshole. My thumb was already wet from her pussy, and I wanted to see how it feels as well as how she would react. Her butt was tight, but my thumb slid in easily.

She cried out in shock and surprise and started fighting back a bit. The hand I had inside her didn’t move, and the others held her down. She was stuck in place, and there was nothing she could do about it. I moved the fingers in her pussy faster, and with a twisting motion, every time my fingers left her pussy, my thumb penetrated her ass.

After a minute or so of this, she started to relax. Her panting returned, and I could feel her pussy becoming increasingly wet. I grew excited, moving my hand faster and faster. I got so into it that my hands all spasmed at once. I was cumming against just by the pleasure of touching her flesh. Another premature ejaculation. I was surprised to find that when I did so, she also stiffened.

It was hard for me to tell because I had no experience with this kind of thing. It just felt like her pussy suddenly become a lot wetter, and I felt a twitch or two. Did she also have an orgasm? She didn’t scream in lust or stick her tongue out with snot and tears. There was no excessive moaning. Her pussy didn’t suck my fingers like a popsicle, and she didn’t erupt like a fountain. It was just a few twitches, her body stiffened, and then her pussy got wetter. Her moaning stopped and she closed her mouth, breathing hard like a sigh and sagging in my hands.

“Is that it?”

I felt excited, but also a bit disappointed. I wanted to play with her more, but it was hard to enjoy. I couldn’t pick and choose what I felt, and many of the hands had lost fingers. They throbbed painfully, ruining any pleasure I felt. The hands released her, and she collapsed, falling to her knees. Her whole body was shaking.

This time, I went into the rat and then let out a cry. She looked over and then jerked up when she saw the rat nearly as tall as her standing. I let out angry noises at her, trying to look as threatening as possible.

Now, the rat king was my boss, and I didn’t have it in my boss’s room. Monsters could leave the level they were assigned to. However, they would then receive a status penalty. Nearly 25% of their power was lost when they weren’t on their assigned level. This penalty was heavier for boss monsters, a 50% penalty.

However, I didn’t want her to grow tempted enough to hit my last level. The rat king might have been my boss, but I knew she could defeat him. My only chance was to shock her and then get her to leave. I was afraid she might fight, but after a bit more hissing, she finally backed up and then turned and walked away.

I watched as she stumbled back the way she came. She went through the three puzzle rooms that were still open. She crawled back through the icy, cavern, kicking off the walls to decrease her time. She walked down the hallway filled with dead goblins. She then jumped the pitfalls and walked out. Cold, naked, and alone… Misty began her walk back to the city. This took about four hours to do.

I needed something to stop her once and for all. If she came back, my only chance at survival was the break her. I needed to come up with something big.

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