Fourth Prince 651 | Science/Magic 451 + Announcement and Plans for the Future…


Hello, it’s Aidka!

Firstly, I want to apologize for the long hiatus. A lot of stuff happened in my life, some of which were pretty bad, that I don’t want to talk about. Due to it, I lost my motivation to write.

In fact, I was planning to drop the novels, but when I remembered that Fourth Prince was about to end, and when I saw so many patreons that still supported me even when I had almost two months without writing, I decided to persevere.

This past month was a kind of trial to see if I could get used to writing again. Fortunately, it seems like I managed to regain my motivation, so let’s hope we can continue this long journey.

About my plans for the future. Firstly, the schedule will be according to the goals of patreon (right now it’s eight chapters per week). I won’t increase it unless the goals of patreon are achieved.

Secondly, Fourth Prince is about to end. There are only two big arcs left before the novel ends and I should finish writing them after two or three months. Science/Magic, on the other hand, still has a long way to go.

Thirdly, I had been writing a new series for a while now. I continued writing it even when I was on hiatus (maybe because I did not feel pressured to post it, I could relax while writing it). Right now, I had written about 300 pages, which is almost 100 chapters! A lot!

I plan to start posting it this week, I had not decided on the schedule yet. If I’m free tomorrow, maybe I’ll post the synopsis and a few chapters on Patreon.

The name of the new series is [Hey, Why Are my Skills so Weird!?]. It’s a modern fantasy with skills, dungeons, and a bit of R-Rated content. I enjoy writing it a lot, although I had not finished mapping the entire novel in my head yet.

Lastly, thank you for supporting me all this while. Truly, I would have stop writing if I don’t see how many people encouraged me on Patreon. It helped me a lot.

With love, Aidka~



Fourth Prince 651!


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