Dragon Magic Chapter 01

Hey there, this is Nymph. I’m just posting a lewd original novel on Pun’s site. There’s no serious plot, and it’s porn with power fantasy, so just take the novel at face value and laugh along.


(This is an Original Novel)

As the bus stops at a certain station near my apartment, I get off and turn right at the first four-way ahead of me. It’s just another uneventful day of my life.

It was really fun back when I was still a high school student; I wonder what happened after I became a working adult…

I’m barely surviving with my income, so I know I’m not getting a girlfriend anytime soon. Well, I don’t really mind since I’m still young – wait, nevermind, I’m already a thirty year old uncle…


As I walk down the empty street, I pass by all the familiar shops, but I don’t have enough money to visit any of them. Well, maybe the candy shop, but still…

Just thinking about the amount of money left in my wallet is enough to make me depressed.

After taking a left turn, I notice the familiar vending machine in front of a toy shop I know. Back in highschool, my friends and I often came out here to spend some change on this toy machine. I think the more popular term nowadays is “gacha machine”.

We used to like the figurines which came out of that vending machine a lot; one of us even nagged his parents to buy him a shelf so he could make a collection out of them. Recalling those pleasant memories, I can’t help smiling:

– I guess it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try…

When it comes to these types of things, I don’t usually hold back and be stingy. How much does a draw costs? At most, twenty five cents. It’s something created for kids, it shouldn’t be expensive in the first place.

With that in mind, I walk over and put a quarter in the machine. The indicator for “One Draw Available” starts blinking, just like old times.

Noticing me, the clerk of the toy shop calls out from behind the counter:

– It’s been awhile since I last saw you!

– Oh, you remember me? – Surprised, I ask.

– Yeah, you brats were the only group who came here for that old machine after all.

– I never knew we were the only one using it…

The clerk laughs out loud:

– Ahahaha! It’s fine. Thanks to that, I didn’t have to restock it too often.

Somewhat amused, I scratch my head and ask jokingly:

– Is that why it’s still usable even now?

– You bet. – He smiles dryly – And I still have no customers…

– I’m sorry to hear that, but I’m just as broke, so I can only wish you good luck.

– Ahahaha! – Again, he laughs loudly – What happened to the other brats?

– Well… They all moved to different cities with their wives…

My face when I said that couldn’t be any more bitter.

– WAHAHA! – The damned old man makes fun of my misery.

– Yeah, laugh all you want; I’m already used to it.

My parents, my relatives, and even my cousins were all laughing at me every time we had a family meeting during a Christmas party or something like that. It really pissed me off at first, but, after a few times, it got dull, and I stopped reacting to it.

Eventually, they also stopped laughing, since it wasn’t funny anymore when I just made a poker face, staring at them as if they’d just told the lamest joke ever.

– Anyway, good luck with the ‘gacha’!

– Uhh, thanks.

I’m surprised the old man knows the term ‘gacha’, but, thinking that it doesn’t matter whether he knows about it or not, I turn back to the vending machine and pull the crank. As the colorful lights continuously blink, the speaker makes a joyful sound:

– Pon!

A small piece of paper comes out. It’s the prize ticket.

These are all the things my friends and I used to see at least once every few days. This machine hasn’t changed at all, after all these years. I can’t help but smile; I feel like I’m being lost in nostalgia.

As soon as I read the contents of the prize ticket, the smile vanishes from my face.


[ Otherworld – Dragon Magic ] – that’s literally what’s written on it.


What the heck is that supposed to mean?

I mean, I do know what those terms mean, but I don’t think I understand this prize. Well, maybe I don’t need to, since this could be a prank or something. The old store clerk might’ve tricked me by filling that vending machine with fake prizes.

These terms are so common in fantasy novels these days that I’m not surprised seeing them anymore; every bookstore is filled with this genre. Well, it’s not like I dislike it that way, though.

Letting about a sigh, I turn around to complain with old man store clerk, but, as soon as our eyes meet, he smiles mischievously and snaps his finger.


Immediately, my surroundings become warped and blurry.

When my visions clears up, I find myself standing on top of an altar. There are complex, rune-like patterns drawn all around it, and, more importantly, I’m surrounded by a group of suspicious-looking people. They all have masks and cloaks covering their entire head; I don’t even know if they can see.

Suddenly, one of them reveals their face.

It’s a middle-aged man with a beautiful beard. He looks like a European, but, at the same time, doesn’t appear very earthly. If I have to find a reason, then it’s mostly because his natural hair color, including his beard, is deep blue.

The man gazes at me with gentle eyes, smiling:

– Welcome to our World, Mighty One. Let me introduce myself, I am Kernel Grandis, a Court Magician loyal to the Magical Kingdom of Runia. Once again, we welcome you, our Savior, to this world!

The things he just said are right out of a fantasy novel. It’s so generic that I’m not even reacting aside from a subtle “ahh, it’s one of those” kind of expression on my face.

Not surprised one bit, I ask the man:

– I’ll be blunt, did you guys summon me from a different world to fight the Demon Lord or something?

– Oh! As expected of an otherworldly Hero, you catch on very quickly! – The man who called himself Kernel Grandis spreads his arms and praises me in an exaggerated manner.

To his words, I let out a weird laugh.

My God… What the hell did I just get myself into…?

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