Dragon Magic Chapter 02

(This is an Original Novel)

It’s been a few days since I was thrown into this world all of a sudden.

I’ve already given up on the idea that I’m just hallucinating, so I’ll treat what I’m going to be seeing from now on as reality. That’s the kind of conclusion I came up with after hours and hours of denial and escapism…

Long story short, this Magical Kingdom wants me to help them exterminate the Demon Lord, but their attitude is so fake that it’s not even funny.

I’m told that the country is currently in a crisis, but as soon as I take a stroll downtown, the sight of the most peaceful and wealthy city spreads out before me. The merchants’ business are flourishing thanks to the quality of their goods despite the reasonable price, and the people are enjoying their lives to the fullest with ease.

They show me a map and explain how the Demon race has been trying to invade their country, but I don’t believe them, so I sneak into the city’s Grand Library to check out the real Continent Map.

It turns out that these guys are the ones trying to mess with the Demon race, simply because their lands are more fertile for agriculture. Truly, there’s just no limits to their greed…


I am disgusted.

As the person whom they’re trying to fool, I’m disgusted.

Luckily, I’m capable of doing a few interesting things. For example, I can summon a legendary sword called “The Dark Dragonblade” and wield it without problems. It weighs literally a few tons, but when I lift it, it becomes as light as a feather.

I believe this is related to the “Dragon Magic” part of the prize ticket I got from that vending machine.

Aside from summoning the sword, which is widely known among the higher-ups of Runia, I have a few other tricks up my sleeves, but I’m not going to reveal it now, since I don’t want them to start developing a countermeasure against me. Smart people don’t reveal their hand to their enemies.

I don’t know about me being smart, but I can certainly keep myself a few crucial secrets.


When I hear that they’re letting me rest a few days before marching to Demon Lands, I quickly come up with a plan to get away from this country. However, I must, first, learn the most basic, general knowledge about this world in order to survive.

Thanks to the Dragon Magic I received from that prize ticket, I’m confident that I’m strong enough to defend myself from monsters, but I have no clue how high is my chance of survival against someone like an S rank Adventurer or a member of the Demon race.

I should start learning about this world as soon as possible and memorize all the influential figures. By paying attention to what kind of opponents I might be facing off against in the future, I hope to establish an easygoing life in this world using the Dragon Magic I possess.

With that being said, I am now heading to the city’s Grand Library again to read some history books. I thought it would be boring, but, right now, I’m really enjoying it – mainly because it feels like I’m reading a fantasy novel with the story’s setting similar to that of medieval Europe.

This world is a single continent which is split into three by two Great Rivers.

The Great River of the West separates the unexplored Western Lands from the Central Lands, and the Great River of the East separates the Eastern Demihuman Lands from the Central.

The human country that I’m in right now is located to the South of the Central Lands.

In fact, all Humans live in the colder South, while the Demon race rules over the North where the climate is warm almost all year round. Incidentally, the East is the territory of Demihumans like Elves, Dwarfs, and so forth.

There are myths which say that the Dragons live in the West, but, in reality, nobody knows if that’s true or not. The Western parts of the continent is covered with Primary Forests where extremely dangerous beasts run rampant. For that reason, only the Heroes among heroes dare to step their feet into the Western Forests.

Honestly, I’m really interested in these Western Primary Forests, since I possess something called Dragon Magic. If it’s true that the Dragons live there, I’d like to go meet them.



I look out the window and notice that the Sun’s already sinking below the horizon.

– I got really into it, huh… – I mumble to myself, closing the thick book that I’ve been reading for the past few hours.

After returning the book to its respective shelf, I exit the Grand Library and walk back to the Royal Castle to have dinner. Since the King invited me to a party, I walk over to the Banquet Hall instead of going back to my room.

The Banquet Hall itself is right out of a fairy tale with golden, fancy chandelier and candle holders. There’s even a golden water fountain in the center.

(…They told me the country is in a crisis and then show me this…)

I’m simply speechless.

Did they really expect me to believe whatever comes out of their mouths?

It makes me question what kind of Heroes have been summoned to this world previously. If it’s always been those blockheads who blindly trust in justice, then maybe it makes sense.

Well, to be fair, they’ve been tempting me with wealth, fame and women, so I think that’s the reason why the previous Heroes did whatever they were told by these scums.


I’m just standing at one corner of the Banquet Hall, sipping my black tea, but the King approaches me and smiles pleasantly:

– Hero-dono, is the food to your liking?

– Oh, yeah, they’re good. – I answer with a business smile.

– That’s good to hear.

– …

I just maintain my fake smile without saying anything.

Perhaps, he thinks that I’m not that difficult to deal with, the fat King introduces the young woman standing next to him:

– Let me introduce you to my daughter, the idol of this country.

The King then nods at her.

With perfect etiquette, the young woman greets me:

– My name’s Ruah Inalia Kyle. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Hero-sama!

– You can call me Jay. It’s nice to meet you, too.

Trust me, it’s not.

– Ahahaha! – The King laughs, making his fat belly jiggle – It’d be great if you two can get along!

The fat King continues to set things up between me and this Princess as our conversation goes on, but I always stay just vague enough that he thinks he’s got me, but, in reality, I’m not promising anything.

It’s your fault for being dumb and jumping to conclusions, so don’t blame me later on…

As for that Princess, I’ll tell you this, she is beautiful……from a hundred meters away.

She’s got a really attractive figure with all the charming curves and everything. However……I dare you to take a close look at her face for more than thirty seconds without losing your sanity. That’s all I’ve got to say about the Princess of this country.

Anyway, I keep the business smile on my face until the party ends and return to my room to read a few books that I’ve borrowed from the Grand Library.

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