Dragon Magic Chapter 03

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(This is an Original Novel)

It’s been a few days since that party at the Banquet Hall.

At this point, I’m pretty confident about my general knowledge about this world. I’m not saying that I know everything, but, in my guess, it’s just about enough for me to live comfortably.

That said, it’s about time I left this filthy country for a new one.

I did a little bit of research in the city’s Grand Library and learned that there’s a country to the North of Runia which is also one of the five major Human countries. However, they are neutral about the relationship between Humans and the Demon race. As long as none of their residents are harmed by a member of the Demon race, they will not start a fight. It’s called the “Kingdom of Kregoria”.

Another interesting feature of this country is its Adventurer Guild. It’s said that the Guild there is the biggest and oldest branch of all Adventurer Guilds in Human countries.

I made my decision yesterday, so, today, I’m carrying out the plan before they make me go meddle with the Demon race.


In the middle of the night, I confirm that nobody’s near my room and get off the bed. I put on a leather jacket and walk toward the door.

Suddenly, there’s a small knock.

(What? Who’s looking for me this late?)

I don’t think I’ve screwed up, but, first, let’s just find out who is it.

With that in mind, I approach the door and open it. On the other side, a mature beauty with light brown hair is staring at me with empty eyes; her face is void of any emotion.

It’s a face which I know. I’ve seen her several times before.

Thinking that it’s strange, I ask:

– What kinda business does the Queen have with me this late at night?

Indeed, she’s the Queen of this country, that fat King’s wife, the mother of that ugly Princess.

Now that I think about it, that Princess has the sexy figure of this woman, but, unfortunately, has a face which resembles her ugly father.

– I just have something to discuss, but… What about you, Hero-sama? Where do you intend to go this late? – She asks me with a lifeless voice.

– I’m leaving. – I smirk, giving her a straightforward answer.

– Just as I thought, huh…

– If you were able to guess it, then I’ll praise you for your sharpness. Now, bye!

I intend to force my way through, but the Queen grabs my shoulders and stops me.

Staring straight into my eyes, she begs:

– …Please, at least, hear me out.

– Hm… – Seeing that her eyes aren’t lying, I nod with a sigh – Fine. I’m not promising anything, though.

– Even if I can only have a little bit of your consideration, it’s enough.

She seems to be in a quite desperate state.

Taking into consideration this medieval-like setting of the world, I find myself having a few rough guesses of what she wants to ask of me. Well, of course, there are also a few other factors, but, since it’s just my speculation, I won’t jump to conclusions right away.

Having sat down next to me on my bed, the Queen turns around and gets straight to the point:

– I want the pig dead.

– Oho……

It’s a straightforward, merciless request. However, since her target is so interesting, I feel like I want to listen to more of what she has to say.

Needless to say, when she says “the pig”, there’s only one person that comes to my mind.

– I can use my position as the Queen to give you anything you want.

– Before we talk about rewards and stuff like that, I’m more interested in your motive.

– Ah, that… It’s simple. – The Queen closes her eyes, takes a breath and begins telling her story – He set my family up and killed everyone except me. He then took me in and raped me. After that, I gave birth to that monster. All of this was because he saw me on the street with my lover and wanted to have me.

– I see. – I nod, somewhat disturbed inside – Did he also kill your lover at the time?

– Yes.

Even though I’ve expected something like this to come up, but directly hearing it being told by the victim herself is a little bit difficult to stomach. The fact that her eyes and voice have lost all life is making me feel even more sick.

…Although, part of me kind of laughed when she called her daughter “that monster”.

– Alright. Now let’s talk about what’s in it for me. – I place my hand on my chin, pretending to be a smart merchant – I’ll start by saying that it’s easy to me to obtain whatever I want.

– There’s actually a limit to what I can offer, so I’ll make a short list for you to choose from.

– Alright. I’m listening.

– While I can’t give you a noble title, I can certainly offer a decent sum of money, rare magic tools, or, the most basic of them all, women.

– What kind of women. – I close my eyes, pondering about various things.

Still with a lifeless tone, the Queen answers:

– That……will have to depend on your preferences. Elves? Catgirls? A farmer’s daughter? Or……even me if I’m good enough.

I open my eyes and accidentally catch the reflection of myself in the full-length mirror nearby. It’s not my thirty year old appearance; I’ve somehow rejuvenated to my twenty year old self since I came to this world.

Thinking that it’s about time I made up for my dull life back on Earth, I say:

– Catgirls sound great, but I think you’re prettier.

– That won’t be a problem, considering your strength. – The Queen easily accepts it – Once that pig is dead, you can do whatever you want with me.

I show an empty smirk that doesn’t have any particular meaning behind it:

– I don’t know about the quality of the goods I’m getting, though.

– …So you want a trial?

– Correct. Ah, but you don’t have to go too far. I will only receive the full payment once the job’s been taken care of.

– Understood, how about trying out my mouth? – She asks, as if to make sure that it’s enough.

– Sure. – I nod.

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