Dragon Magic Chapter 05

Netori warning.

(This is an Original Novel)

Midnight, inside an abandoned building in the Residential District of Runia’s capital city. This place was suggested by the Queen, since it’s her old house where her family and her lover were killed mercilessly. And in this bedroom, she was violated by the Pig.

The fat King is restrained with all his limbs shackled to two of the four legs of the bed. He was stripped naked earlier by me, but, even so, I still can’t see his little penis because of his fat belly.

When he opens his eyes, the Queen is sitting on the bed, facing him with a smile.

– O-Oh… Where am I…? – He mumbles.

The Queen answers with a gentle voice:

– Somewhere we both know.

– Is that so…? M-My Queen, what is up with all these ropes?

While they converse, I stand and conceal my presence at one corner of the room. This is the plan which the Queen and I have come up with in five minutes, so it should be fun.

– Ah, don’t worry. It’s just a ‘play’.

– H-How did you know…? I never told you I had this kind of hobby…

I almost vomit.

That’s it; this Pig needs to die. It’s not like I judge people with the same fetish, but hearing it from this fat King makes me want to cut off my ears.

Apparently, that’s not all.

Turned on by the bondage play, the Pig’s little thing begins to swell up. At first, I thought it would at least get to a decent size, but, when it stopped at around six centimeters, I almost want to reveal myself early just to spit at it.

How did he even rape the Queen…?

Anyway, back to their conversation…

– Oh, really? How about I show you this…? – The Queen says, lifting the hem of her nightgown and opening her legs.

Her seductive undies make the fat King’s little thing grow another centimeter, but that’s about it.

– O-OOH!! – The Pig squeals in excitement.

– You really like the thing under this piece of cloth, don’t you?

She asks while rubbing her vagina on top of her black lace panties. Seeing that, the Pig gets even more excited and begins to breaths wildly:

– YE-YES! I love it!!

– But…! – She raises one finger – Too bad…

The Queen turns around and smiles toward me. Having received the signal, I reveal myself and walk over to the bed. When I sit down on the edge of the bed, the Queen leans toward me and embraces me. We then kiss passionately, exchanging saliva.

Seeing that, the fat King turns all red and yells:


Separating her lips from my lips, the Queen sends a smile toward the Pig and pulls down her panties. She crumples it into a ball of cloth and stuffs it into the Pig’s little mouth, gagging him.

Then, she turns toward me:

– You’re really evil, aren’t you, Hero-sama?

– Heh, you say that, but you came up with at least a half of this plan. – I laugh.

– Anyway, we only have a few hours, right?

– Let’s begin then.

Completely ignoring the existence of the mumbling fat King, I push the Queen down on the bed and kiss her neck while running my hand down her soft thigh. Her sweet body odor tickles both my brain and my lower half.

Soon, my dick enters battle mode.

While watching the fat King struggling around angrily from the corner of my eyes, I bury my face into his wife’s voluptuous breasts, fondling them to my heart’s content. When I suck on her pink nipples, she lets out a soft, sweet moan, making the Pig fall even deeper into madness.

Every time I run my lips down her navel and kiss her mons pubis, her body slightly twitches. It seems like nobody has ever made love to her in this way before.

– Mmmh!! MMMHH!!

– Haa……♥ I can’t really understand what you’re saying, my King~

She’s such an evil lady to have helped me come up with this. However, she deserves every rights to do so. This is also a chance to let her experience the pleasure a woman deserves every night making love with her man.

Well, I’ve bought prostitutes before, so I’m not clueless about sex. I’m not an expert, either, but I’m confident I can do, at least, a decent job of pleasing a woman.

– You ready for the main dish? – I say, giving the slit between her legs a kiss.

– Yeah, I’m getting really wet already…

There was no life force in her eyes when we talked in my room, but, since the moment we kissed, the Queen has entered a frenzy. The pre-taste of vengeance is swallowing up her sanity.

When I suck on her erect clitoris and poke my tongue inside her, she locks my head up between her legs, trembling in pleasures.

– Alright, here it comes.

– Ahh… Just imagining that big, hard thing going inside me is already too much! – The Queen says in a feverish tone, her hands spreading her vaginal entrance to invite me in.

The fat King has been squealing and struggling this whole time, but we’re paying no attention to him. From time to time, the Queen would turns her face toward him and smile devilishly. In fact, whenever she trembles in pleasures, she would look at him and brag to him.

Not wanting to wait another second, I pull down my pants and rub the head of my dick against her vaginal opening, spreading her fluids all over her crotch.

– You’re really horny, huh…

– Stop teasing me! Just put it in already!

– I can’t wait, either, so don’t rush me.

Saying so, I push my hips forward and penetrate her all the way inside.

Since she’s already given birth once, I expected it to be a bit loose, but it turns out that it’s no less tight than a virgin hole.

– Aahh——♥

– Guh… What is this tightness…? Aren’t you a mom?

– Me? Isn’t it that thing of yours that’s abnormally big? – The Queen restrains her moans.

– No no no, I’m pretty sure I’m average…

– Haha… Average of this world is only half of what you have…

– …But even so, it shouldn’t be this tight for someone who has given birth.

– No, according to this world’s standards, this is pretty loose… It’s the same for all Human women…

– … Well then, – I shrug – it’s not a bad thing, at least.

I begin slamming my hips against her lower body in missionary position. Because her flesh tunnel is narrower and shorter than the average Earth woman, I’m able to stimulate her deepest spot with every thrust.

– Aah…♥ Ahn…good…it’s so good…♥ What is this…?

With an ecstatic expression, she moans loudly and seductively.

At this point, the fat King has stopped struggling around. Now, he’s just watching us with a miserable face, his eyes bloodshot.

– How’s this? Do you like it this deep? – In high spirits, I ask, not stopping the piston movement of my waist.

– Yes♥ I…love it♥ Aaah—♥

The Queen clutches the bed sheets and bends backward; her hips haven’t stopped trembling since the moment I put it in.

Seeing such a sexy reaction, I secretly cast “Dragon Magic – Matchless Vitality” on myself, grab hold of her waist with both hands and begin pounding her pussy more vigorously. I grind my meat rod, which has gotten rock hard, against her vaginal flesh walls over and over again, not missing any of her sweet spots.

When I look down, I realize that my dick is covered in her slimy, creamy fluids. The lewd juice keeps oozing out from her pussy every time I pull out. I can’t help making a comment:

– You’re really damn wet down here…

– Aah…haa…haah…♥ Haahn~♥

She’s drowned in pleasure, and she can’t even answer me properly.

After only one minute, the Queen’s body writhes, and her insides tighten up. Her wet folds squeezing and twisting around me are actually pulling me toward my limit really fast. On the bright side, I didn’t think someone like me could drive a mature beauty to orgasm within a minute.

– Heh… Can you keep going? – I ask with a smirk.

– Haa…haa… Of course…I can. – The Queen is breathless with a lewd fuck-face – That was the first time a cock makes me come in twelve years. Of course I would want to keep going…

I resume the movements of my hips and, once again, penetrate her all the way inside. My shirt’s getting in the way, so I take it off and lean forward to embrace her. While devouring her lips, I glue my chest to her soft breasts and enjoy the sensation of her hard nipples rubbing against me.

Her pussy’s so tight that I can’t even hold it in past five minutes.

That said, I magnificently ejaculate inside her with one deep stroke. The Queen also reaches her second climax at the same time.

The way she’s bending backward while trembling is making me stay erect even after releasing.

– Alright. Now, get on all fours.

When I pull out, my dick is stained with her lewd fluids.

Before getting on all fours as told, the Queen opens her legs toward the fat King and spreads her vagina with her fingers, showing him how the semen I’ve just now pumped inside her is oozing out.

Seeing that, the Pig regains his consciousness and begins struggling violently, but, since the ropes are too tough, he can’t escape. He’s making incoherent noises from his panties-gagged mouth again, but we ignore it.

The Queen then gets on all fours as I told her.

However……this time, she directly faces the fat King while sticking her butt out toward me. This is the definition of Evil, because, this way, she’s going to be showing her face drowned in ecstasy to the Pig. He can also have a good look at how I bang his wife from behind and make her cum.

Getting more and more excited myself, I draw my hips backward before drilling my dick into her dripping wet pussy.

– Uaaahh…! M-My God…it’s prying…me open…! Ahn…Aah…♥

I enjoy fondling her round, plump butt as I maintain the piston motion of my waist at a steady rhythm. There’s  just enough grinding to stimulate her sweet spots, but it’s not quite enough to make the pleasures explode and make her cum.

By keeping her in the middle realm between heaven and earth, I’m making her constantly tremble in pleasures. Her initial soft and quiet moans have now heated up enough to sound obscene. Mixed with the lewd, wet noises our genitals are making, it’s the most sinful harmony one could ever imagine.

As for the King, his eyes have already turned white as drools dripping from the corner of his mouth, which is still gagged by the Queen panties. Down below, his tiny dick has already ejaculated even without stimulation – no, our lustful act was the stimulation.

We’ve screwed him up enough that he ejaculated while watching his wife getting pounded by the Hero he summoned from another world. It wouldn’t have had as big of an effect if we didn’t switch to doggy position and show him his wife’s fuck-face.

I’m maintaining the same pace with which I’ve been fucking the Queen, and I don’t intend to slow down or speed up any time soon. This is literally heaven, I’m not dumb enough to end it.

After coming five or six times, she begins crying out incoherent words, but, among those broken sentences, I manage to pick out some that sound interesting.

– This dick is out of this world…

– Not even Franco was this amazing…

– Now I’m just cumming with every stroke…

Things like that.

…And I’m assuming Franco is the name of her lover whom the fat King killed. Although I should feel somewhat bad, this situation, for some reason, turns me on.

Feeling that my limit is approaching, I lean forward and grab her boobs with both hands. I speed up my hips movement and rapidly stab my dick into her tight pussy. Enjoying the softness of her boobs in my hands, I raise my hips and grind her wet flesh walls at a different angle.

By chance, I hit another one of her sweet spots, making her squirt a little bit while trembling vigorously.

– This is too good, so I’m releasing it inside again!

– I don’t care…I don’t care…I don’t care…Just keep driving me crazy like this…!

Ah… I see.

Right now, she’s probably in that painful phase where the sweetness of revenge makes past memories come flooding back. And since the pleasure of sex is spinning her mind around, making everything unclear, she can, in a way, escape from all of it.

I’d like to keep her entertained for a bit more, but I’m already at my wit’s end.

How long has it been since we started? I’m not even sure anymore……it could be an hour or more.

From behind, I embrace the Queen tightly and shoot out my semen inside her. As her body writhes, she has another orgasm and passes out.

She falls into my arms and, as if sleepwalking, clings to me tightly. As tears stream out of her eyes, she raises a soundless, heartbreaking cry half-consciously.

Feeling like something’s tightening up in my heart, I click my tongue and summon the Dark Dragonblade.

Grasping the handle tightly, I swing it horizontally and slice the Pig into two.

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