Dragon Magic Chapter 06

So I deleted an irrelevant line in the previous chapter, which is the part where I said the Queen was frustrated ’cause of the Pig’s little penis……which makes no goddamn sense, given the setting of the story where every fucking guy in this world is around that size or a bit bigger LMAO. That was fucking silly. Please forget that I wrote that line in.

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(This is an Original Novel)

Just a little bit after dawn, I open my eyes and notice the stinky stench of the fat King’s corpse. It’s unpleasant, but, since we’re leaving soon, I’m putting up with it.

In my arms, the Queen has also woken up, but she’s not saying anything.

She just gazes out the window with tired eyes.

Stroking her long, light-brown hair, I ask:

– How are you feeling?

She stops looking at the scenery outside and stares into my eyes. Letting out a soft breath, she opens her mouth and takes a few minutes to look for the right words before answering:

– …I can’t describe it, but……it feels like a switch in my head, which was flipped to the wrong direction, has been flipped back to its original position……

– Heh… – I smile – I totally get what you’re saying, so don’t worry.

Just to make sure, I gaze into her eyes and confirm that life has pretty much returned to them. Her complexion is also less like a corpse now. Even though she has a charming figure on the outside, if you look closely, you’ll see that she’s a little malnutritioned. With the recovery of her mind, she only needs to eat up, gain back some weight, and she’ll return to be a supreme beauty even at the age of thirty-two.

I have no clue what was going on in her head while I was asleep, but it’s good to see her not as broken as when she gave me the trial blowjob anymore.

– So… – The Queen opens her mouth again – What are you going to do from now on?

– We’re going to Kregoria. – I casually answer.

– “We”?

I point at the leather purse lying on the floor:

– Yep, you’ve even prepared that bag of money, right?

– Yes… That’s all of my personal asset as the Queen, in terms of gold coins…

– How much exactly?

– Around three thousand gold coins.

If I do the math, that’s around three-hundred thousand silver coins. Quite a big sum, I must say. However, it’s actually not that much, considering the fact that she’s the Queen.

– We won’t have any problem with daily life expenses, then.

– Do you actually intend to bring me along? – She asks, still staring into my eyes.

– Of course. You’re mine after all.

– Am I going to become your servant?

– You can be whatever you want. Even becoming my big-sister won’t be a problem, as long as you properly prepare my meals and brew my tea everyday.

Her eyes have a curious look when she hears me say that, but she soon nods and says with a soft voice:

– …I understand……Master.

– I forgot to ask… What’s your name?

– Natasha. Just…Natasha. I don’t have a family name……not anymore.

The fat King is dead, and, according to our deal, she now belongs to me. Natasha is no longer the Queen of this country, who gave birth to the First Princess, so she currently doesn’t have a last name.

– I’d be happy to fill my last name into that blank one day. – I laugh jokingly.

– Why aren’t you doing it now…?

– I will, if you’d like to.

– I……don’t know. – Natasha makes a confused expression.

– See, you’re not even sure about yourself, so I have no reason to force it on you. I’m a higher being than that Pig, so, unless you ask for it, I’m not shoving it in your hand.

– I see…

– That said, don’t even dream of putting any other guy’s last name in that blank, either. I’ll kill you both, alright~? – I declare with a bright smile.

I feel like that kind of face would freak an ordinary girl out, but Natasha takes it with confidence:

– That’s never going to happen.

I raise my eyebrow:

– Oh? Confident, aren’t you?

– Yes. – Natasha firmly says – There’s zero chances for that kind of thing to happen.

– How so?

– Please have a look at this…

Natasha tucks her hair to the side and shows me a big scar near her hairline. She continues:

– This is what happened pretty much every time that King wanted to have sex with me. I’ve heard from some other noblewomen that their husbands did the same thing to them. It seems like……it’s something these men enjoy doing in order to feel dominant over their women.

– ……

My left eye twitches in irritation. I almost want to call the Dark Dragonblade out and slice that filthy pile of shit into several smaller pieces.

Natasha seems casual when she tells the story, since she’s a resident of this world. However, if someone from a modern society like me, who has knowledge on fundamental Women’s Rights, hears about this sort of thing, I believe they’ll similarly get pissed off.

…Be that as it may, I don’t think I should try turning this world into one similar to Earth.

Albeit the fact that I may not be powerful enough to do so, I also don’t want any Feminism Fanatics to start popping up and ruining the foundation of society.

That said, if there’s anything I can do to raise the social standing of women in this world, I’ll give it my best shot.

– …But, you see, – Natasha continues – even though you also have a really high social standing, you were different when……

Not finishing the sentence, she buries her face into my chest, hugging me tightly.

After one night, she’s become less like a zombie and more like a proper human lady. It’s pretty surreal, but, when it comes to intangible things like this, no common logic can explain it.

– Is that all? – I ask, thinking that I was just a middle-class businessman back on Earth; there’s nothing noble about me.

– Of course not… – Natasha lifts her face up from my chest – You have no idea how much it means to me to be able to avenge my family! It’s a twelve year curse that has haunted me every time I close my eyes……and yet, I had to share a bed with that ‘thing’ every night, humiliated and violated by it!

Catching her breath, she continues:

– You could’ve just run straight to Kregoria and made your own fortune, but you agreed to stay behind and do something as disastrous as murdering the King because of my selfish request!

– Alright, you can relax now. I won’t force you to answer any other stupid questions.

Having noticed that tears have begun to stream out from her eyes, I place a finger on her lips and stroke her hair with my other hand.

– No… I’ll answer. I’ll answer anything you ask, so just…please…believe me and don’t throw me away…!

Having pretty much regained her sanity after the death of the Pig, Natasha is now aware that she’s all alone in this world. People know what the King did to her, so once they find out that he’s dead, they’ll conclude that she’s the criminal. Without anyone left to rely on, only death awaits her. Therefore, she’s desperately trying to cling to me, the only person who’s shown her affection in the twelve years of suffering.

– Alright. Rather than spewing emtpy words such as “I believe you”…

With those words, I roll over and get on top of Natasha. I stare straight into her beautiful blue eyes and resume my half-sentence:

– …I’ll have you “make me believe you”.

Natasha is stunned for a second, but she quickly catches on and kisses me, her arms tightly wrapping around my back. At the same time, she obediently spreads her legs and welcomes me inside her again…



A week later, the whole Magical Kingdom of Runia is in a state of extreme chaos as the King was found brutally murdered inside an abandoned building. Investigators found many traces of sexual intercourse on the bed where the King died, but it seems like this country’s Sorcery hasn’t developed DNA test yet as they couldn’t identity the bodily fluids left behind.

By the time they realized that the Hero and the Queen had gone missing, we were already far away from the capital city.

…And by the time the investigation reached the Commercial City where we took a carriage to Kregoria, we were already near the national border.


Right now, Natasha and I are having lunch at a family restaurant in a small Kregorian Agricultural Town near the national border. The food they offer here mostly consists of cereal products like wheat or white rice. Though there is meat, they’re really expensive.

However, thanks to having a suitable climate, they have top-quality tea which is sold with a very reasonable price. It’s a bit more expensive if you want to ship it to a different city in large quantity, though, since you’d have to pay the Adventurers to escort the cargo.

Having finished our modest meal, which costs four silver coins in total, we exit the restaurant.

Now in casual clothing instead of her Queen attire, Natasha raises a question from behind me:

– Master, where are we going next?

– I intend to go to the capital. It has a pretty big forest nearby, so Adventurers have more job opportunities there.

– That’s a good choice, but I heard that housing is really expensive there.

– We can always start with a middle-class inn.

– Well, with the money I brought with me, it should be easy to buy a decent house right away.

– Hmm… – I ponder – Maybe I’m just overthinking this, but we shouldn’t spend a big sum of money right away.

Natasha tilts her head:

– Why is it?

– Those are gold coins forged in Runia, they might be able to track you down if you spend such a large amount of money right away.

Human countries in this world have all agreed to use the same type of currency to maintain trading’s stability. They don’t have a clearly defined stock market like modern Earth, so keeping the currency exchange rate in check would be too difficult.

That said, the Court Magicians might be able to track down the gold coins which were made in their respective country.

– Ah… – Natasha realizes – That’s right. I certainly have heard about something like that before. I’m sorry I was being so careless…

– Nah, don’t worry about it. – I shrug – You just be a good housewife and I’ll take care of the troublesome things.

– Housewife……

Natasha makes a blank face as she ponders about that term. I have no clue what’s going on in her head, but, if she isn’t against the idea, then there’s no problems.

We rent a room at a decent inn to spend the night.

I intend to go to sleep early, since the carriage we hired will be leaving quite early in the morning, but, apparently, Natasha has other plans.

It’s going to be fun, though, since she’s not on a frenzy like that day with the fat King anymore. This way, we can slowly and peacefully enjoy ourselves.

By the way, guys…

I have a complex fetish, so I’ll spin my story around either excessively sweet vanilla or dark and twisted fantasies. If you’re gonna be with me on this train, then we’re gonna experience a lot of all the way up and all the way down. Hope you don’t mind, lol.


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