Dragon Magic Chapter 07

Just a quick reminder, though……I’m directing this novel towards an entertaining and relaxing read (maybe not so much with a boner). So if you’re here expecting amazing plot twist or plot build-ups, then I believe you’re in the wrong place.

(This is an Original Novel)

After two weeks of constant travelling, we’ve finally arrived at the capital city of Kregoria, the Fortress City of Aldyr.

Right now, we’re at the gate filling out a registration form.

They’re putting us under an inspection in order to check for any harmful magic tools.

According to what I heard from the Guards, in the past, there was a guy who walked in with a delayed magic trigger which, eventually, caused a massive summoning ritual of Undead’s all over the city.

What a crazy story – I thought.


Having entered the city without problems, we intend to find an inn first, then I’ll register at the Guild as an Adventurer. That will be my main income, since I’m decently strong.

However, as I walk down the busy main street, something interesting catches my eyes.

– Natasha. – I stop my feet.

– Yes, Master?

Pointing at a small house not very far away from the central plaza, I ask:

– How about we rent ‘that’?

– Oh. That sure looks like a nice place.

There’s a ‘For Lease’ sign on the door, and it looks like it’s a much better living space than a room rented at an inn, so I immediately take a liking to that idea.

The house itself faces the main street, but the design is old and inconspicuous.

All in all, it’s a pretty decent place to start a new life with my woman.

– So where do we go to meet the landlord?

– Usually, we need to contact either the Merchant Guild or the Town Hall. – Natasha says, looking at the sign on the door – But, in this case, since the sign was painted Red, it’s the Town Hall.

– Let’s go there, then.

It’s really convenient to have Natasha, a resident of this world, with me; she really knows about the way things work. And, since it’s Natasha, I don’t have to worry about getting scammed.

I stop a random man and ask for the directions to the Town Hall.

We then head over there to talk business.



Apparently, the landlord isn’t around, so we’re going to have to wait for them to contact him.

Sitting on the couch in the Town Hall’s waiting lounge, I chat with Natasha to kill time:

– You can cook, right?

– It has been several years since I last entered the kitchen, so I’m a little bit rusty, but, generally, yes, I can make a few dishes.

– I’m not a picky person, so that’s alright. – I continue – What are those dishes that you can prepare?

Having pondered about it for a few seconds, Natasha answers:

– Aside from the basic ones like omelette and bacon, maybe I can do hot stews, steaks, and soup?

– Just that much should be enough. – I nod – Is Meat expensive?

– It kind of is in Runia, but I don’t know about Kregoria’s market. However…generally speaking, meat is cheaper than vegetables due to the climate. The Demon race can grow much better vegetables than us.

– That reminds me, Kregoria is almost right next to the border of Demon territory, right?

– Yes. That’s why the climate here is really nice, unlike in Runia.

I scratch my cheek:

– That means Kregoria is a pretty big provider of the vegetables trading business, huh…

– Not just that, ranches here also yield better products’ quality.

– Really?

– It’s warm, so animals here are healthier than those in the colder South. Well… Even with this climate, it’s still difficult to grow quite a few types of fruits and vegetables that are very weak to the cold.

– I see…

Our conversation goes on and on. Natasha also seems to enjoy this kind of idle chat a lot. She’s pretty enthusiastic about answering any of my questions.

Before we know it, an hour has passed by, and the landlord finally shows up.

He’s a small merchant who runs a General Goods store by himself. The house we’re renting from him is something his brother left behind before he moved away last month. Thinking that he could make some profit from it, he put it on lease.

It’s ninety-percent new, with a few dusty places, so he’s charging us a gold coin every month.

…Definitely not something a commoner can afford, but it won’t be problem for us.

Having finished up all the signing and paperwork, the merchant hands us the bundle of keys.



Standing in the middle of the hallway of our new house, I spread out my arms in high spirits:

– Alright!!! My life in this world starts here!!!

From behind me, Natasha arranges our shoes to the side and smiles:

– You seem really excited, Master…

– Of course I am! I’ve never been to a world like this before!

– …Mmhm, – Nodding to my words, Natasha suddenly hugs me from behind, resting her head on my shoulder – thank God you were summoned to this world…

– ……

I’m not saying anything, since I know she needs this brief silence to appreciate all things that have happened in the past month. To me, it still feels like what happened that night in that abandoned building was just a dream; it’s just that surreal.

Over the course of the month, I’ve been seeing subtle improvements in Natasha’s mental state.

Right now, she’s pretty much a completely normal and beautiful lady. Although, I can’t guarantee that ALL the cogs in her head are working properly…

Oh well, it’s still undeniably true that she’s recovered by a large margin.


Suddenly, my thoughts are interrupted by Natasha sexy kiss on my neck.

She nibbles just gently enough to stimulate me, and, at the same time, aggressively enough to wake my manly instincts up.

I let her do as she pleases, but, the moment she begins running her tongue along my neck, I lose it.

Having abruptly turning around, I pick Natasha up and carry her straight to the bedroom of our new house.

– …You’re overreacting, Master. – Natasha whispers.

– That’s not true. You should know that you’re really charming.

– I don’t believe your flatteries.

She’s pretending to ‘tsun’ me, but I know she’s secretly smiling. Although, she genuinely doesn’t believe that she’s beautiful. Meanwhile, more than half of adult women on Earth, including models, would sell their souls to the Devil just to be as pretty as Natasha when they’re in their thirties.

Having entered the bedroom with Natasha, who has resumed kissing my neck and the back of my ear, in my arms, I take a look around and nod:

– This is a pretty nice bedroom.

– It’s a little bit dusty, though.

– Don’t worry, we’ll ‘shake’ all the dust off the bed! – I laugh like a pervert.

I drop her on the bed and take off my shirt. Before I can strip her, Natasha raises her head and steals my lips, her right arm wrapping around my neck and her left hand unfastening my belt.

After that, it just becomes unclear who’s stripping whom.

Maybe we’re not even bothered taking off our clothes.

The last thing I remember is me unbuttoning her shirt and pulling her panties down. The moment I push my meat rod inside her already-wet vagina, I can only feel lust burning up from the core of my soul.

– Ma…Master… Don’t go, ahn♥, easy on me…!

– I know… It’s been a whole week after all. Even I can’t endure it…

Those are the last proper words coming out of our mouths. Anything that comes right after is all broken moaning and gasping.

Every time I force my hard dick up her tight meat hole, Natasha writhes and lets out a seductive moan. Sometimes, while being drowned in pleasures, she unconsciously digs her nails into my back, leaving behind some hickey-scratches.

We literally degenerate to rabbits and spend six hours straight making love nonstop.

Once Natasha’s gotten into the mood, her lust is pretty much insatiable. It would be impossible for an average man to keep up, but I’m different. With “Dragon Magic – Matchless Vitality”, she’s the one who’s not keeping up with my libido.

Just like that, I continue slamming my hips against her lower body for several hours until I come inside.

In the evening, we take a small break to have dinner at a nearby restaurant.

Since Natasha wants to wash my back in the shower, we’re going to bathe together. Surprisingly, there’s no bath sex, since we’re just enjoying the peaceful time of gluing our bodies together, half-submerged in the hot water.

After that, though……

– Aaa♥ Master…I’m cumming…!


……right until dawn.


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