Tales of a Seductress – Chapter 56

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Chapter 56

“You first!”

As I said this, I lept off the podium. The man who was approaching me nearly stopped in his tracks in surprise. He was a middle-aged man about ten to twenty years older than me. He had brown hair, blue eyes, and about a seven-inch cock. He looked somewhat muscular and certainly stronger than my last lover. However, none of these were the reasons I picked him first. The reason I lept to him was simple. He was closest.

His arms flayed out in a desperate attempt to catch me, the force of my body hitting his enough that he took a step back. However, I was not so heavy, and I was a bit higher up than him. In a single motion, one hand grabbed his shoulder for balance. As I fell down, the other grabbed his cock and lifted it. A moment later his dick slid into my dripping pussy, which I used Kegels to tighten on. My other hand returned to his shoulder as my legs wrapped around his hips.

From the podium to his cock, the entire thing was done in one single smooth movement. It was a move certainly impossible without vaginal intercourse up to max. It took the full skills of a seductress to pull it off. However, in a brief moment, I had flung myself on him and put him in me. A moment later I was riding him. There were no walls or seats, my body writhing up and down on his cock with reckless abandon.

For a brief moment, he and the rest of the crowd seemed confused as to what had just happened, but the feel of my pussy tightening around his cock as it stroked it up and down quickly brought understanding to his face. He brought his arms around and put a hand on each butt cheek, aiding me in rising and falling on his dick. As soon as the crowd seemed to catch up with the fact that I was now riding his cock, there were a few disappointed men who wanted to be first and a few people clapping like the whole thing was a performance.

{Position Unlocked: Workout}

While his help wasn’t particularly necessary, the position did not lie with its name. It was a labor-intensive position, and I needed to be more conservative if I wanted my stamina to last for the rest of the night. I had let my excitement at the moment get the better of me. There were several dozen men already interested in my time, so I needed to focus on efficiency. I would just do it after this one cock.

I switched to the Ben Dover position while keeping an eye on my spectators. I didn’t notice surprised looks on anyone’s faces when my body mysteriously shifted from being up on his body to having my feet on the floor and being bent over. The new position gave me a less active role as he grabbed my hips and thrust into me from behind.

Thus, as I was bent over, I focused on using Kegels, tightening my pussy muscles as he thrust in, and releasing them as he pulled out. He quickly figured out the use of my belt, and before long he had the straps wrapped around me with one hand while the other grabbed onto my garter belt, effectively putting my lower body under his completely control as he thrust into me deeply.

However, after about two minutes of thrusting, I was starting to feel a little light-headed while staying bent down, so I switched to a deep stick. Instantly, my back was on the cold tile, and my legs were being pushed up to nearly my head. His dick got even deeper now, each thrust filling my pussy up, his whole seven-inch shaft disappearing to the balls with each thrust.

With more leverage, he started to increase the pace, and I started finding it difficult to tighten and release my pussy muscles fast enough to time it with his thrusts. Instead, I just tightened continuously, and his thrusts slowed a bit as he had to force his way into me with more effort. However, the effect was that I felt considerably tighter as my muscles clamped down on his dick.

{Kegels has increased to LVL 4.}

{Technique Unlocked: Waveform}

The strength of my pussy muscles were becoming quite powerful now. If I had lacked the naturally lubricated wetness of a seductress, a dick his size would have struggled to push into me like the tightness of a virgin girl. In a way, performing Kegels felt like a workout. Tightening my muscles to the point that he fought to penetrate, the tightness of my pussy being forced open by his above average cock. However, the side effect of this was that tightening my muscles also kept me from having an orgasm. Had I not been using it, I likely would have already cum twice now.

In fact, my body had become so hot and bothered from denying myself an orgasm that I was starting to lose control. If the man didn’t have me in a deep stick position, my entire body being folded up on the ground and under him, likely I would have thrown myself at him without thought or reason.

However, before I gave up on the Kegels, I wanted to see what the heck waveform was. It certainly sounded more useful than the grab ability. Techniques were an odd thing. The knowledge to perform them seemed to flow into your head as you leveled up, and you simply were able to do things now that you might not have even thought of before. So, while I didn’t know what waveform was, I knew how to do it.

The effect was immediate and fascinating. I began the waveform and the clamping of my pussy released. His speed started to increase again without the interference of my muscles holding his dick back. However, at the same time, my pussy began to twitch. More specific, it felt like a spasm that shot through my pussy over and over again. If someone ever put electrodes on their muscles and ran electricity through it to cause them to involuntarily tighten, it felt something like that. However, it didn’t feel bad. It was merely a rapid tightening and loosening occurring in rapid succession.

The result? My pussy was doing the equivalent of vibrating. It didn’t do it to the effect of injecting magic in a vibrator, but it happened with a fast enough frequency that it could be felt through the dick inside me. My recent lover recognized the feel as the entire length of his shaft was massaged by the walls of my snatch.

His thrusting seemed to stop and remained deep inside me, his body convulsing a bit. Suddenly, I felt the familiar spurt of liquid shooting deep inside me.

“Ah, yeah, oh, gods you feel good. I’m cumming,” He moaned.

He was a tad late on the info his dick already making its third swell as the remaining liquid was deposited, my waveform milking out every drop of spunk that the man possessed. He collapsed on top of me, my body still folded nearly in half in a rather uncomfortable way. He had let go of my legs so I could straighten up a bit, but he otherwise looked like he was content lying inside me for a while, his dick enjoying the aftereffects of my waveform.

Although it was a bit of my fault that with all of my kegel play I had kept myself from cumming, I was still a little upset he hadn’t finished me off. However, truth be known, I was more upset that he thought he could waste my time snuggling after. If it had been someone like Devon, I would have loved to snuggle after. However, this was not someone I cared about. I position shifted, so I was back on top, and then I pulled his dick out of me and looked for the next available guy.

The next guy was a dark-skinned man who was likely a foreign dignitary as neither his dress nor exposed facial features seemed similar to most of the people I knew from this region. However, I grabbed him aggressively by the dick and immediately moved to my knees to pull off a kneeling blowjob. It was actually easier to get into a kneeling blowjob and position shift than to waste time getting him to lie down or line up. As soon as his dick was in my mouth, I could summon it to my ass, pussy or anywhere else I wanted.

As soon as I felt like I had sufficiently drenched his dick in my spit, I positioned shifted to doggie. I let him pound me from behind for a bit, my knees only becoming a little sore from being on the tile. This was another thing I had been too hasty to do. If I just had spent the time to reach some of the laid-out sheets and pillow, I could do a lot of this more comfortably.

However, after a few moments, I switched to Rough Rider and the pain on my knees was subdued with the pain resistance increase. Now that his dick was sufficiently wet with my own natural lube, I teleported his dick to my ass. It was less obvious than a lot of my position shifts, but still a necessary part of my control. Ultimately, my plan was to go with Rough Rider now for the 50% bonus. Eventually, I would switch to Town Bicycle.

At the moment, I had already had three men. That meant as my third, town bicycle would only net me a 10% bonus. I’d have to sleep with four more men before town bicycle started giving me more experience than anal. Therefore, I’d simply have to sacrifice my ass for a while. My anal was not particularly high yet, so I knew that four men would probably be about my limit. Hopefully, with Rough Rider, I’d still be able to sit down come tomorrow.

However, my plans were thrown out the door when a coin was suddenly dropped in front of my face and I looked up to see a naked Gregory standing in front of me, his cock sitting somewhere between hard and soft, glistening from the wetness of whoever he last fucked.

“You don’t mind if I have her mouth, do you? She seems so lonely with only one hole filled.” Gregory gave a smile and the guy behind me gave his consent.

Suddenly, I felt like an idiot for not considering this sooner. This was an orgy after all, and there certainly were plenty of group sex going on. Why was I limiting myself to one guy at a time when I could be earning experience much faster than that? I switched to my trusted gang banger title, and with very little egging on, I put Gregory’s softening cock into my mouth and brought it back to life.

{Position Unlocked: High Five}

{Tongue craft has increased to LVL 2.}

{Cunnilingus has increased to LVL 7.}

{Technique Unlocked: Helicopter Swirl.}

I immediately activated the new technique. My tongue did just as the technique would suggest. With a speed I never thought my tongue even possessed, it swirled around his dick with extreme precision, swirling around the head and shaft with a tight clockwise motion. Gregory went straight to moaning, my maxed blowjob and tongue craft being too high level for him to handle.

“Gods, girl, I never would have thought… big brother must hear of this.”

“Bring him,” I gasped as I pulled his dick out of my mouth with a sucking gasp. “I want to taste all of you.”

My fingers caressed his balls lightly playing with him. However, a moment later another coin dropped down next to me, and a man who, I didn’t recognize kneeled next to Gregory while holding his dick out expectantly. I tried to shoot him a sexy look, but the effect was altered as I looked up from the cock inside my mouth. I wouldn’t say it was a worse look, it certainly did cause the man’s eyes to brighten as mine met his. Shifting myself so I balanced on one arm, I lifted up the other and started stroking his shaft.

{Position Unlocked: Three’s a crowd.}

I had to agree with the position name again. While two cocks at once was manageable, I was having a hard time focusing on pleasuring Gregory, while moving my hips to grind against the guy coming in from the back, and also keeping my hand moving on the third cock, all while keeping my balance. I was almost about to give up on one of the three when my mind suddenly cleared a bit.

[Multitasking has increased to LVL 1.}

It had been some time since I had last acquired a tier 1 skill. Multitasking was a skill I had read about in the books. It was a skill usually earned by very skilled blacksmiths who had to keep track of hammering iron, maintaining temperature, and threading magic at the same time. Not every skill felt like it made a difference when I got them, but Multitasking seemed to have a genuine effect. I found it considerably easy to manage all three tasks.

A few moments later, the man behind me’s thrusts became more frantic. While he started cumming in my ass, the man I was providing a hand job also looked about ready to cum. With Min’s help, my hand job was getting close to max, so my machinations, even while shuffling between three men, were enough to quickly do him in. Using position shift, I immediately shuffled the men around. After I felt like the man coming in my ass was about done, I sent him to my hand. I sent Gregory behind me, switching his dick to my slightly cleaner pussy, and I finally sent the cumming man I was giving a hand job to into my waiting mouth.

I might have ruined the guy cumming in my asses orgasm a bit, but my hand continued to fiddle with his dick while it softened and he seemed happy. Meanwhile, I swallowed down the other guy’s semen. I didn’t want to be struck in the face and have to clean it off, so the position shifts were intended to keep everything contained. My mouth with tongue techniques had already brought Gregory to the limit though, and with the other two men spent I was able to use Kegels on him. He did not last long before he came into my pussy as well.

{Congratulations!!! You have leveled to Seductress Lvl 18!}

{All stats increase by one.}

{You have one skill point.}

Available Special Skills:

{Groupie (Passive): Eases insertion when in suboptimal positions.}

{Many Titles (Passive): Can set a secondary title. The effects are half of the primary title.}

{Forget (Active): Causes party to forget the act of sex shortly after climax.}

The new level made me happy and my first foursome ended with each man cumming in a different hole, every entrance leaking out a fluid from a different man. After glancing through my new optional skills, I could see the advantage of each. However, the one that would help me be more powerful was the Many Titles. Title usage was already so important to me, so having two titles would allow me to level faster, have more resistances, and of course the stat boost. I selected it immediately and back to see Gregory watching me curiously.

“I’m glad we brought you here.” Gregory laughed. “You were even better than I imagined. Brother has surely missed out. He’ll be so jealous when he finds out I had you first. Especially when I tell him how tasty you are.”

I gave him a sultry smile while the other two guys took a few steps away, recovering from their recent sexual release. After complimenting me like I had just done something remarkable, Gregory skipped off to tell Julian about me. One of the other men, the dark skinned one who had violated my ass dropped two more coins while telling me I was worth more. The other man nodded in agreement, but he selfishly held on to his last coin as he ran off to find another woman.

Of course, this was not the end of my night. This was merely the beginning. I set Town Bicycle as my primary and Gang Banger as my secondary. My record foursome was immediately demolished as I ended up with five men at once in something that could only be called group sex. While one man lied on the ground and I mounted him cowgirl style, another man went in from behind and stuck it in my ass. That left my mouth and two hands. The multitasking skill quickly became necessary as I worked both hands and my mouth.

{Multitasking has increased to LVL 2.}

{Position Unlocked: Fully Loaded.}

Regrettably, this position had its setbacks. In particular, my lower body was mostly at the mercy of the two guys below and behind. Any attempts I made to try to rock my hips would cause one dick or the other to pop out, forcing the guy to have to reposition it back in there. I was capable of using Kegels on my pussy to speed the guy under me along, but it quickly became more than I could handle as I also dealt with my mouth and hands.

This level of multitasking slowed the speed, after all, I could drive a man to cum considerably faster one on one. Now, I had to abandon my techniques and skills or my stamina would have failed too quickly, but overall I still found myself moving through men faster in fives than I ever could in 1s. Of course, it wasn’t like I fucked five guys, then five more guys, then five more guys. Instead, I had turned my body into an insatiable conveyer belt of sex.

Whenever the guy under me or behind me came, I’d swap him out with one of the standing guys. I tried to send the guys I was blowing to my ass so that the spit could help with the lubricant a bit while the handjobs went down to my pussy. However, it didn’t always work that way and after an hour of sex, I was already so full of cum that all but the largest dicks just popped into my ass without resistance.

As men came and then wandered away, new men would take their place and I’d grab their cock next. Many left coins, and while I didn’t have the time or spare hands to pick them up, the end result was that we were fucking over a consistently growing pile of Qetesh coins. Many men left more than one as an added tip, and so the pile was rising quite rapidly.

After about three guys had deposited a load in my ass, one of the men finally discovered the existence of my leather straps and thought to use them. He hiked my hips up to the cock I was riding, giving him the leverage to thrust into my ass even better.

The largest dick I had experienced so far was a beastly man with a 9-inch cock. I probably should have kept him as a handjob to not over stretch my pussy, but I couldn’t resist the urge to send him down below. His cock was so thick that my pussy was stretched aggressively, almost pushing the dick out of my ass as it dominated its presence inside me. My Kegels activated by nature, fighting against the cock that threatened to tear me open. With two cocks inside me at the same time, I never felt more filled in my life, and with the one in my pussy being a giant monster, I felt like I was being fucked apart.

Of course, it felt incredible, and I came three times before the man exploded inside me. It was so good that I would have given him a tip, but he actually handed me ten coins. Apparently, his dick scares a lot of women away, and I was the first girl who had taken in his whole dick without reserve. While he was giving me three incredible orgasms which were enhanced by the man fucking my ass and playing with my tits, I was letting him feel what it was like for the first time to erupt with his entire shaft smothered with a tightening pussy.

{Congratulations!!! You have leveled to Seductress Lvl 19!}

{All stats increase by one.}

{You have one skill point.}

Available Special Skills:

{Simultaneous Pleasure (Passive): Makes it easier to obtain simultaneous orgasm.}

{Tasty Cum (Passive): Changes the taste of cum to taste of choice (Strawberry, Banana, Chocolate, Vanilla.)}

{Freshen Up (Active): Uses SP to clean butt and pussy. Improves smell and cleanliness.}

I was a little busy at the moment, but after having a level snatched from me once I was a little apprehensive about waiting for too long. So while juggling five cocks, two in my ass and pussy, and the rest in my hands and mouth, I tried to read and decide on what I wanted next. The simultaneous orgasm was great with one lover, but it might delay orgasms or in some way impede my sexual progress, so it was rejected. Although I had already swallowed at least ten loads of cum and the taste was starting to make me slightly nauseous, I didn’t know how I felt about it suddenly tasting like some kind of desert. It was tempting, but it was ultimately ruled out by Freshen Up.

As the guys thrust into me from both holes, my body was making some very juicy sounds as a result of the dozens of men who came into me before. I was gushing from both holes, and it probably wasn’t all that fresh. As a seductress, my pussy should always be appealing to men. It should smell good and taste better. In that way, Freshen Up was the only ability for me. I activated it as soon as I got it, and suddenly the friction increased in both my ass and pussy.

It felt uncomfortable for a minute or two, but my pussy quickly made up the difference. I guess Freshen Up had the bad side effect that when it removed all the mess, it also removed sex liquids that was keeping everything sliding around smoothly. From now on, I’d have to remember to use it between sexual partners, and not during one.

My endless cycle of fucking continued on as the night continued on. I didn’t know how long I sat in a group sex circle, sandwiched between a half dozen cocks. Occasionally, a woman would approach sheepishly, and I would finger her or eat her out, not really being in a good position to refuse the next customer in line. While switching things around, I accidentally assigned two cocks to my pussy. I thought nothing would happen, so I let out a gasp when I felt two cocks in me at once. It was a new experience as both shoved in at different rates, causing my pussy to twist and turn to their machinations. As each cock rubbed the alternating sides of my pussy in tandem, I quickly found myself climaxing again.

{Position Unlocked: Two in one.}

Of course, I had lost count of the times I had cum. My voice was hoarse from moaning, even though most of those moans were blocked by the cock or pussy that always sat in my mouth. Julian eventually approached, but by the time he got to me, I had already serviced well over fifty men and at least five women, so even with Freshen up, my body was red, swollen, chaffed, and sore. I’d have been worse without the combined benefits of damage resistance of both Town Bicycle and Gang Banger, but without added pain resistance my body was starting to lose out.

{Pain resistance has increased to LVL 7.}

The pain wasn’t bad, but it was constant, so I took anything I could get. Furthermore, I had long since given up on trying to keep all the spooge inside me. Hand job after hand job had emptied on my shoulders, arms, neck, face, and even my back dripping down as they did. My entire upper body was subsequently covered in dried semen from earlier, and wet semen from more recent. Julian did not join in. He merely watched me curiously as I continued to function as a fuck pin cushion to cock after cock, my entire body acting as an unstoppable sexual force. Even he wouldn’t guess why I was so driven to fuck so many men. He wore a small smile on his face as he continued to watch me work, but as men finished off and deposited more sperm on or in me and left, he never went into a vacancy.

A clock chimed 12 times, indicating that it was midnight. The sex party was supposed to go on until about 1 or 2. So I still had a few more hours. However, even with my extreme stamina boost, I couldn’t let it go on forever. I was losing steam fast, and I might have dangerously approached passing out if I didn’t reach my next milestone a moment later as two men came into my pussy at the same time.

{Congratulations!!! You have leveled to Seductress Lvl 20!}

*These are the other skills that increased this chapter. She was distracted, so she doesn’t notice most of them until she next checks her status.

{Anal Sex has increased to LVL 7.}

{Deepthroat has increased to LVL 6.}

{Handjob has increased to MAX.}

{Sleight of Hand has increased to LVL 3.}

{Climbing has increased to LVL 1.}

{Tongue Craft has increased to LVL 5.}

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Ascii of the Day:

                        $********    *$
                       $ *******.    *
                      $$******.*     *
                     $$...$***.*.    *
                      $..$$*****..   *$$$$$$$$$$
                       .$$***.*..   ..$$$$$$$$$$$$
                       .$$*****..   .$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
                        $*****...   *$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
                       $****.*..    .$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
                       $******..    *$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
                      $$****.*.    .$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
                      $****.**     *$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
                     $$*****..     *$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
                     $******..    .$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
                     $*******.    *$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$* *$$$$$$
                     $******..    *$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$*  **$$$$
                    .$****...     *$$$$$$$$$$$$$$     **$$$$$
                    $******..     *$$$$$$$$$$$*      .***$$$$
                    $*****..      *$$$$$$$*''          **$$$$
                    $*****..      *$$*'''   .   .    ..**$$$$$
                    *****...     *$$..      .   .    ...*$$$$$
                   $*****..      *$.....        .    ...*$$$$$
                  $******..     *$. .   ...       ..  ..*$$$$$$
                  $*****...     *.*...*****      *****..*$$$$$$
                 $*****...      *. . *      .   .     ..$$$$$$
                 $*****...      *.    ***   .     ****..$$$$$$$
                $******...     .*..         .         ..$$$$$$
               $$*****....     *....        .  .      ..$$$$$$
               $******....     **.....      .  .    ....$$$$$$
              $$******...     ***.....     ...      ...*$$$$$$
              ********...    ****....           .    ..**$$$$$
              $******...     ****.......    *..*     ..**$$$$$$      $$
             $*******...     ****.....            .  ****$$$$$$    $$$
             $*******...    .****.....       .       ****$$$$$$$$$ $$
            $********...    ******...    *..  ...*  ..***$$$$$$$$$$$$
            $*******...     ******...              ..****$$$$$$$$$
            $******...     ********..     ..   .  ..******$ $$$$$
            $*****...      ******* ***       *   ..*******
           $*****...     . *******.* **          .********
           $*****...    ..*********.*.**.. .    ..********      $$
          $$*****....  .. .*********.*..* ** **   *******      $$$
          $$***********   ***********        .     ********   $$$
          $***********.    ******$$$$$$$   *  *   *********$$$$$$
          $$********....     ***$$$$$$$$*****     **********$$$$
          $$*******...         *****$$$$$***       **********$$
          $$******...           *$$$$$$$$$***      **********..     $$
           $*******..            *$$$*$$$$$*****   *********$$..  $$$$
           $********..                $$$$$$$$$      *******$$$$$$$$$
           *$******...                  ***$$$$    *  ******$$$$$$$$$
            $****** . .        *        ********   *    ***$$$$$$$$$
            $******                        ****    *    **$$$$$$$$
            *$****... .     .* $$ .       ****    **     *$$$$$$$$$
             $$****...    . *$ $ ..          **      **** $$$$$$$$$$
             $$**...*... ***$$*. ...          *         ** *$$$$..$$$
             *$**......**.**$$$..             **         *  $$$$..$$$$   $$$
             *$*..*....*..$$..*                 *  **        *$$$....$$$$$$
              $*.*..*...*.$*...                   *  *         *$$$..$$$$$
               $$.*..*...$$$*$                                  *$$$..$
               .$.*..*.*..$$$*                     . *      .     $$$$$$ $$
                $.*..*.$$.$             **         . *      ..     *$$$$$$$
                $*.*..*.****          ******       ...   .   ..      *$$$
                $*..*..$$*.***.       ******        . *  ..  .        .$
                $*..*..$$..           ***..*.       .         ...       .
                $*.*.*$$***..         ******          *. ..              .
                ***.**$$$..*.           **            *  **...            .
                *$$***$$$$*** .                     . ** .*..              .
                 $***.$$$$***..                     .  * *               .**.
                 *$$.$$$***...                        *  ..              .****
                  **..$.$$$*$$*$$*$...              * ** *                ****
                  ****$$$**.**..*...                *  *   *..        **  ***
                  *$$$$$***$$**.*..                *  * **.....            *.
                   *$$$$$******                         * .$..*.           .
                   *$*******..*..*..* . *.    .. . * * *  *..**..*..      .
                    *************..**... **** .*       ..  **..*.         .
                    $*******.. *** $$ $ $$  *         ** .  ****.. .  .  *
                     ****************$$*              * * ..  *..      .'
                      $***************                 *.   .   *'*. .*
                      **************                  ***  *      **
                       ***************...           ***  *  **    .'
                        *****************....                **   *'
                        *****************      *   **    * *      $
                         $************* .* .     *. .     * * * . *
                         ***************       .*.            *....
                          $*************                *        ..
                          $************                          ...
                           ***********                         *  .*
                           *********          *.              *    ..
                           *********         **                 *  .*
                           $*********        *            *     *    *
                            ***..*..****   **          * *       *    *
                            $**..****.**.*.*  .        * *      * *    .
                            $....*****......*                    * *    *
                            $..*.*******.**.* .        *$*         **    *
                            ****.******* .  * .         $*       *. .    ..
                            *.****.** *     * .         $        .. .    ..*
                            $*******          .                             *
                            $*..*****                               .   * *  .
                           .$.**.*.*                    *           .   * *.  *
                           $*****                   * ** **          ..   *.  *
                          .$**.*             .        ** *           . .    * *
                          *$****           **           $$        . ..       *$
                          $*******                       $       .  . ..  ***$*
                         $****$**             **         *       .      ... $$.
                        *$.***$$.$            *..        *             ...*  $*
                        **********             **                        *   $.
                        $****$$*****           *                         *   $*
                       .$*.**$.**$****                                 ......$*
                       .$********.* ..                                  *    $*
                       ..*$.$****$*** . .*       *          **         ......$*
                       ******,*,****   . . *       **. . .. *          .....$$*
                       ****.******     .. *  *      * *. .**          ....$****
                       .$*..*******     .. .* *           *          .....***..
                       $***********  ..     *          . .             .*.*...
                       $*********     * *   . * **     * .           ...*.*...
                       $**.**.*.******.       ** *   .      $$       ..***.....
                      *$***.*....*****...        $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$    ...****
                      *$..*......*..... . **    $$$$$$$$$$$$       ..**.****.
                      $..*..******.* *     ** $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ....****.*. .
                      **.**********....   ..* .$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ .*.*****.....
                      **********.....       * ..$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$***.******...
                     $**********....         **  $$$$$$$$$$$$$$*****...**.....
                     $*********......         * **$$$$$$$$$$$.**.**.******...
                     $********.......          **.*$$$$$$$$$$**.*****.***...
                    *$********.....            ..**.*$$$$$$$**.***.*.***...
                    $$$$$$$$$$.....             .*** $$$$$$*.******.****...
                    *********....               * **$$$$$$**************..
                   $********.....                *$$*$$$$$********.*...*...
                   $*********......              *$$$    *$*******.**...
                  $********.......               $$$*    *$********.....
                  $********......               $$$$     .$*********..
                 $*********.......       **    $$$$       $*********....
                 $*******......          **    $$$        **********.....
                .**** *.......           **   $$$         .$$$$$$$$$.....
                $******......            **   $$*          $********......
                $******.........        ***   $$           $********.....
               *$*******.........       ***** $*           .$******......
               $*******........         ****$$$             $*********......
               $*******.......          ****$$              $*********......
              $*******.........        *****$$              *$**********....
              $*******.......           ****$               *$************....
             .$*********........       ****$.               .$**********.....
             *$**********.......       ****$                 $**********.....
             $$*********.......       ****$.                 $*********.....
            .$*********.....           **$$                  $***********....
            .$*********......         ***$                   $*********.....
            *$*********...            ***                     $*******.....
            $*********.....           *$$                     $*******.......
           .$*********....          ***$                      *$*********.....
           $********.......         **$.                      .$********....
          .$********....             *$                        $*********.....
          $*******.......           *$.                        $*********......
         .$*******........          $$                         $**********.....
         $******* .......           $                          *$********......
        .$*******.......           $.                          .$*********.....
        $********........         $$                            $********....
       .********* .......        $.                             $**********....
       $********** ......    .   $.                             $**********....
       $********* .....      .  $.                              .$***********..
      $**********......      ..$.                                $*********....
      $********* ........     $$.                                 $********....
     $********* .........     $$                                 .$********....
     $********* .......       $.                                  $*******...
     $******** .......        $                                   $*******....
     $*******..........       $                                   $*A******....
    .$*******......          $.                                   .$***********
    .$*******........        $..                                   $$*********.
    $*******......          $.                                     $$*********.
   .$*******........        $                                     $$$********
   $********.......        $.                                     $$********
   $********.....          $                                      $$$*******
   $*******.....          *$                                      $$$*******
  $*******.......       ***.                                      $$******..
  $******.*....       ***$$                                       $$*******.
 $*******.*......     ***$.                                        $********
 $********.....      ****$                                         $********