Evil Prophet Chapter 13

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“So how does one become a Town Lord? Do I just have to kill him?”


“Though that works too, usually you would touch the Town Stone and use the System to challenge the current Town Lord, later on defeating the Town Lord will make you the new Town Lord. But being a member of the Evil Faction killing him would indeed suit our style. So yeah, killing him would indeed make you the Town Lord.”


At first Mark thought that maybe the process of becoming a Town Lord would be more complicated and would need him to satisfy many requirements, but hearing that killing the fat man in front of him would be enough, Mark felt that this world was completely straight forward and wasn’t filled with twists and turns.


“Can I have a weapon?”


However even before either Gabriel or Seraphine could pull out a weapon, the fat man jumped forward and immediately fell on his knees before begging Mark to not kill him.


“Please don’t kill me! Please don’t kill me! Isn’t it just the Town Lord position that you want? I’ll willingly surrender it to you. But please don’t kill me! Please…”


“He can do that?”


I’m response to Mark Gabriel nodded her head, “Of course if one wants to they can give up on the Town Lord position and hand it over to someone else.”


“In that case go ahead, if you give me the Town Lord position maybe I would end up sparing you.”




Though Mark didn’t guarantee that he would let him live, Ron (Town Lord of Ashville Town) knew that there wasn’t anything he could do other than hope for the boy in front of him to take pity and let him live.


‘Once I give him the Town Lord post I’ll immediately beg him to let me live since I know so much about the town and could be useful somehow or the other. And following this boy wouldn’t be any kind of insult to me anyway, though his age might be fake just by how strong he is right now, I’m sure following him would be the luckiest thing for me.’


Despite Mark having not yet shown any sort of powers Ron had seen how Seraphine tore open the void when she appeared above the town, and with someone as strong as her following him, Mark in no way could be someone with bad future.


Repeatedly nodding his head inwardly about how great his life would be if Mark took him as a subordinate, Ron immediately called out for the System and clicked on Town Lord transfer.


As he did that a blue colored orb appeared in his hand, the orb was as small fingernail and the blue color was very light making the orb almost impossible to see with the naked eye of one didn’t concentrate on it.


After the orb appeared in his hand, Ron didn’t stand up but dragged his knees and moved closer to Mark where he presented the orb to him.

Feeling no bad intentions of danger from the orb, Mark moved his hand and touched the orb which in return immediately disappeared into a blue has and entered his finger.


At the same time a notification appeared for Mark through the System.


[Integrated the Ownership Orb of Ashville Town]


Along with notification Mark began feeling a vivid and close feel to the town in which he was. And though he didn’t obtain any special powers or anything, Mark could feel and notice the whole town in play on a wide scale. And if he focused, Mark could observe every single action within the town.


‘Is this it? No special powers? Well this is disappointing.’


Though there were many who would die to become a Town Lord, Mark who thought that becoming a Town Lord would give him special powers wasn’t one of them.


Despite feeling a little disappointed that he didn’t receive any special powers, Mark didn’t waste too much time on it. Because looking at the woman who just stepped out of the mansion a huge lewd smile appeared on his face.


“As the Town Lord everything in this town belongs to me right?”


Despite feeling perplexed at the weird question from Mark and how he stressed on the word everything, Ron still nodded his head and showing his acceptance, “Of course as the Town Lord everything in this Town belongs to you master.”


By now without even Mark asking him to Ron had already began calling Mark as master which showed how desperately he wanted to become his subordinate.


Smiling at Ron’s answer, Mark pointed his finger towards the long orange haired woman with huge breasts who was looking at Ron with concern in her eyes, “Then even she belongs to me right?”


Following Mark’s finger Ron saw who he was pointing it, and immediately his face turned pale white as sweat began flowing down his back. The very second he saw Mark pointing towards his wife Sarah, Ron felt like his blood suddenly cold and his heart broke into two.


However even then, Ron didn’t dare to say anything or refute Mark, and ended up slowly nodding his head.


“Yes master, even she belongs to you.”


Hearing Ron’s words Mark smile grew a little larger, while Sarah who heard everything immediately understood that she was thrown away just like that.


At the same time Gabriel spat out in annoyance at how useless Ron was, while Seraphine directly insulted him by calling Ron, “Trash”.


But even after feeling how his position turned worse in the eyes of those around him, and being insulted as trash by others Ron didn’t even for a second think about trying to fight against Mark.


Keeping aside the fact at how he would get killed in a split second, Ron felt that after becoming Mark’s subordinate he would be able to have any woman he wants so why bother with his old wife.


However what Ron didn’t know was that how much he would soon come to regret this decision of his.

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