Sex Online Chapter 2

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While both Jason and Saeko were immersed in the hug, almost everyone who purchased Fantasy Online were frantically logging in.


However those who hadn’t already given in their details or chosen their class, were all entering their information now.


Since there would be many players waiting in anticipation to enter the game, the company which created Fantasy Online, Thunderstorm Inc, let the players already enter all their information and details into the game so that they could directly log into the game when it is released.


As more and more players kept logging in, the screen on which the huge timer was now began streaming a video of the game. The video kept on showing how players were entering the various towns all over the continent in the game.


Since many had already predicted how famous the game would be, most companies began forming contracts with players who were known to be strong players based on the Earth, Sky and Heaven Ranking.


With this contract, they sought to obtain private coverage rights for their live streaming, and publicity for their products. Unlike how the huge monitor in front of Thunderstorm Inc showed random videos from random places, these companies would publish the players’ videos to both make money and popularity.


The Earth, Sky, and Heaven Ranking. It was a 3000 name long list which contained details of the players who were so skilled that they could fight against many other players of the same level. The whole ranking list is decided and released once every year on their official website, while every time someone new is added to the list an announcement is given out that very day.


However no one till date knew who created the list, and how they found the players info or ranked them. Still everyone hoped to get on this list, because getting even the 3000th spot on the Ranking List as the weakest of the Earth Rank was enough for them to become a world renewed celebrity.


As long as one is capable and lucky enough to get a spot on this list, they would have all the fame, money, men/women they want.


That was exactly what was happening right now, though most in the Heaven Ranking were almost all very rich and rejected the contract of having their game feed shown due to wanting to keep their power hidden. Almost everyone in the Sky and Earth Ranking had signed the contract.


And due to this similar to how the Thunderstorm Inc, had a huge screen in front of their Headquarters showing the live game feed from all over the continent inside the game, all the companies that had signed with a Ranker were frantically editing the video received to begin displaying it on the screen in front of their companies and exclusively on their channels.


When it was first announced that Thunderstorm Inc would be showing the live feed of what was happening inside the game to everyone, almost all of the players who valued secrecy and privacy were thinking of measures to not have their secrets revealed.


However, it was soon found out that as long as one doesn’t activate the Global Live Feed function in the settings their live feed will never be shown by Thunderstorm Inc. And similarly Thunderstorm Inc, will not use the Live Feed of those who have linked their Live Feed to any other source or outlet.


Though almost all companies were itching to begin screening the live feed and videos of the Rankers they formed a contract with, all of them were waiting for a huge achievement to be performed so that there would be more impact on the viewers and higher publicity for the company.


By now if one logged into the Fantasy Online official website, they could click on the Global Love Feed button and immediately they would be redirected to one player who accepted the Global Live Feed. If not they could also enter the Unique Live Feed code given to every user, and watch that players Live Feed.


Right now on the main screen in front of Thunderstorm Inc, the video of a remote beginner village was being shown.


Lights began flashing and after the light faded there was a player wherever the light flashed. Soon the place where players were appearing began crowding up.


Despite many players moving away from that huge ground, just the influx of the new players in that one village was causing the ground to fill up.


While most of the players were either checking out how virtual reality in Fantasy Online was, there was one man who was staring at all the women appearing.


There was one more special feature in Fantasy Online. You in no way could change your real appearance by even a little. Though you could purchase and equip yourself with a mask, in no other way could a player hide their appearance.


It was due to features like this that Fantasy Online players felt like it was so much close to reality.


That man who was staring at all the women being summoned looked to be in his 40s, and was similarly a player. After glancing at many women, as if he finally found the one he was looking for, the man widely smiled and began walking in a direction.


After pushing through the grouped up huge crowd of players, the man finally reached his destination so he stopped. Not too far away from him was a woman who looked to be in her late 20s.


Though her face wasn’t anything special, and neither were the other parts of her body. Her breasts were definitely very big. They were huge at 42 inches in size, and looked like two footballs hidden under the coarse basic clothing.


While the Japanese woman was looking around the village as if to find something, the man finally could no longer keep himself in control.


To not let his prey find out his intentions, the man silently but quickly ran towards her and used his arms to rip off the weak and coarse basic t shirt and bra she was wearing which were given as basic equipment to everyone.




With the woman’s huge scream almost everyone in the vicinity to her turned around and looked at what would be written down as the first ever publicly committed crime in the history of Fantasy Online.

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