Evil Prophet Chapter 4

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By now Leila was too far away to discover the the fact that Mark who she sent down, vanished midway. But those below him did notice what happened, at first they were afraid that Mark could take revenge on them for what they did to him.


However they heard how the white dressed lady cursed Mark in a loud voice and sent him down, but before he could reach the ground he disappeared.


“What do you think happened to that fool?”


“Who knows, maybe that woman killed him.”


In reply to the one who questioned the group, another boy answered while shrugging his shoulders.


“You guys are still thinking about that trash? Humph, that’s why you guys will never grow up.”


“Oh, then what are you thinking about?”


Hearing this, the girl who first spoke was intrigued by what he was thinking. But was bound to be disappointed by the answer.


“Me? I’m thinking about how awesome it would be to fuck that big breasted bitch we saw earlier.”


“Why did I even bother asking you, you horny fool.”



At the same time Mark appeared at a different location. However unlike before where he was unconscious when he was brought into to Asuma, this time he was awake.


Due to that he experienced what everyone calls as Teleportation sickness. Which almost everyone who traveled through teleportation suffers with at least one time in their lives.


Desperately clutching on his mouth to not vomit, Mark began thinking of calm and serene thoughts.


Once he managed to get rid of the nauseous feeling, Mark tried to stand up. But failed as his legs wobbled a little. However he tried one more time and successfully stood up.


Standing up he looked ahead of him, and found 18 black colored thrones in front of him. Those 18 thrones were on a higher level than what he was on.


And being those 18 thrones, were 9 even bigger and even darker thrones. Which was similarly on one level higher than the 18 thrones.


Further above the 9 thrones on a higher level were 3 bigger and blacker thrones.


And finally above all of these levels on the top was 1 abysmal black throne.


Looking at this Mark figured out that, he was on the lowest level, and above his level were 9, and above that level there were 3 more, and the highest level only 1.


‘I don’t know why, but just looking at these thrones in front of me is making me feel bone deep fear. Almost the exact opposite as how I felt when I first saw that Goddess.’


Standing on the lowest step, Mark contemplated why he was here. And if he should dare and step onto the higher pedestals. Though he did want to try and step up the pedestals and reach the thrones which weren’t too far from him, something deep inside Mark was warning him to not do anything rash.


‘If where I am can be considered as the lowest level, then what is that middle ground between this level and the one on which the 9 thrones are?’


With that thought Mark looked around and saw, that on the same level as he was there were many many thrones surrounding him at an equal distance.


‘Hmmm, this feels like a throne room. The room is similar to a very big circle. Half of the circle is on similar ground while the other half is on four different levels. Does it mean that those who are standing on the lowest level are the weakest of them all?’


Not giving Mark enough time to think, a voice spoke up and brought his thoughts to an end.


“I’ve got to say, you’re quite a brave boy.”


“Really? To me his actions seem like foolish.”


“Well, it think it was quite cool how we rejected that Goddess from the Noble Faction.”


Not one, but three different voices were heard by Mark. However there wasn’t a single person around him, causing him to feel that something was wrong.


‘All three of them are women, but unlike before I don’t feel any kind of reverence towards their voice. Instead just hearing them is turning me on. What is happening here?’


With that thought Mark kept on looking around but he didn’t find a glimpse of anyone around him.


“Stop looking around like a fool, we’re here.”


It was the second voice that spoke again. And just like she said, once Mark turned around sitting on those at 3 thrones at the second highest level were three women.


Though Mark wanted to compare and see which one was more beautiful than the previous one, he was at a loss since he couldn’t compare them.


Because all three of them looked almost exactly the same! Their faces, the breast size, their hair color and length, even their voices were the same.


The three woman could even be considered as triplets if it wasn’t for the very few differences between them.


The woman seated on the throne to the left had a pair of black colored fox ears and nine similarly black colored fox tails. She was a Kitsune.


The one on the middle looked exactly like a human being, but there was something around her that made those who saw her feel like she was superior to their species. She was a Royal Devil.


And finally the one on the right, had a pair of small sexy looking horns and a long thin tail with which she was rubbing her pussy. The tip of the tail was shaped like a heart which was pointy at the end. She was a Succubus.


Looking at three devils any sane person would freak out and think about running away, but not if the devils they were looking at were these three.


With long and wavy black hair which freely flowed till their waist, their overgrown breasts which could smother a pair of hands individually.


If Leila’s breasts were similar to an average sized watermelon, then the breasts in front of Mark were extra large watermelons. Just imagining how soft they would be, Mark who was already turned on after hearing their voice, went over the edge and his dick was not completely hard and waiting to break out of his pants.


“So big and so sexy.”


Though Mark spoke out Intentionally he chose to act like he spoke out unintentionally and acted as if he was embarrassed. Since he was doomed anyway, he might as well go out with a bang.


“My my, isn’t he a sly boy.”


“You thought we couldn’t see through your foolish tricks? Fufufu.”


Having his plans seen through by the women in front of him, Mark really was embarrassed this time. But he chose to not cover his face and act pathetically.


“Don’t worry boy, we’re not going to do anything to you even if you don’t compliment us.”


“Yeah, we brought you here to give you a gift.”


The ones who spoke were the Kitsune and the mastubrating Succubus.




“Yes, Mortal. After having seen how you rejected one of those hypocritical bitches, we’ve decided to give you a reward. So ask for what you want.”


This time it was the woman in the middle who spoke. Her black pupils were fixed onto Mark as if she was waiting for him to make his decision.


‘A wish huh? Since I’ve chosen to go out with a bang, I might as well make it a big bang.’


“I want all three of you to become mine.”




The throne room might be a bit confusing to understand, so here’s an easier explanation.


The room is in a huge circular shape. Half of it is on the lowest surface. On this level in the exact middle of the semicircle is a carpet leading towards the other semicircle.


The other semicircle is divided into 4 levels, and each level is a few feet higher than the preceding one.


The level immediately above the ground level, has 18 thrones.


The one above it has 9 thrones.


The next one has 3 thrones.


And finally on the highest level there is 1 throne.


The higher the throne is the darker and bigger it is.

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