I Hate You All -Whizzer

Dear Readers,

I just wanted to let you all know that you suck. Your crimes are many. Naggy, demanding, whiny, petulant. Those of you who don’t donate a thing are the most demanding, yet those of you who do donate seem to act like you own me. I am not your multibillion dollar conglomerate that can just meet all you ridiculous demands.

Hell, you don’t demand things from multi-billion dollar conglomerates. Book readers can wait for a Brandon Sanderson novel. They can wait for a GRR Martin Novel. They can wait for Endgame. A whatsawhizzer novel? Wait 2 months? Fuck that! I’m quitting. I just wanted to let you all know that I hate you, and I’ve had enough of your bullshit.

Those of you who speak, speak garbage. Those of you who are silent, seem to want yet don’t ever tell me what you want. Do you know who does that? Do you know who whines without ever telling you what they want? Babies. That’s right, you’re a bunch of babies. Well, it’s time for daddy Whizzer to teach you all a lesson.

It has come to my realization that the world isn’t big enough for the two of us. You have outlived your usefulness, and it is now time that I bring vengeance on you all. Some of you may be confused. Is he quitting writing? Will he write me more chapters? Insert another stupid question I’m too lazy to spend five minutes looking up? More? MORE? MOAR!

There is no more. There is only the end, and the end is now. It is time that you and me finally finish this. Right here, right now, on this website. MSB will be our battleground, and I will leave nothing of it left but death and ash.

Come reader, let us finish this! MUHAHAHAHA…HAHA……HA.

Whizzer, DG


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