The Power of Creation – Chapter 333

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The portal closes behind the strange woman.

“That… that was a misdirection!” A voice comes from behind the beautiful girl.

A guy looks out from behind her. He’s slightly overweight, wears glasses, has brown hair with a hint of blonde, and blue eyes. He’s generally a handsome man, although he has a condescending look on his face that makes you want to punch him in it. He was also the source of the voice just a moment ago.

“You see…” The guy explains. “I spoke those words in the last chapter. That’s why it refers to ‘The Demon God’. I mean, if it was a woman… why wouldn’t I call her Goddess. Although, I did consider giving her a futa dick, just to fuck with you, in the end, I decided to leave things as they are.”

“What are you talking about?” You ask, scratching your head.

“Actually, with the last chapter coming out on a Friday, I was distinctly worried that too many people would realize who I was. Thus, misdirection!” the man points at the beautiful woman. “It’s not my proudest moment, but it served its purpose. I might not even put it in the PDF. Not as essential if you aren’t given time to dwell on it. Hey, at least it worked. Not everyone guessed who I was. Well, the girl no longer has a purpose.”

He flicks his finger, and the impossibly beautiful woman disappears like smoke.

“H-hey!” You reach out towards her.

The guy floating in the air looks amused. “Oh? Did you want to fuck her? Is that all it takes? Hot girl? Fuck her! There is more where she came from. I can make a million, a billion appear just like her.

A million impossibly hot women appear with the wave of his hand. They all disappear just as fast. All of the townspeople and your harem look on in shock. They can barely wrap their mind around this situation.

“Who… are you?” you finally ask.

“Who am I? Who am I?” the man gives you an incredulous look as if you were stupid. “I’m the Demon God, you idiot. How do you not know who I am? Was the summoning of a million bitches not enough proof for your feeble brain?”

The Demon God lands on the ground, a distance away from you. After dusting off his button up shirt and tie and his black slacks, he gives you a smile. You look at him suspiciously, still confused as to why he is talking to you so familiarly.

“Am I supposed to know you?” You ask.

The Demon God raises an eyebrow. “Really? Really… you don’t know who I am?”


“Okay… I’m sure some of you must know me. Come on, guys. I’ve been in this story since the very beginning. We met in the very first chapter. Remember? I brought you to this world. Well, some of you have figured this out, but some of you are just really stupid, so we’re going to have to do this the long way, huh?”

“Shut up, you creep.” Ariel says defensively, crossing her arms in front of her chest and looking at Demon God akwardly.

“Ooo… mouth on this one…” The Demon God’s eyes flash and then he shrugs. “Well, I’m the one who made that mouth, so no surprise here. Come on, reader… you and I started this journey together. Three hundred chapters, side by side. You could call me your best friend!”


“Alright… how about this…” The Demon God sighs, “Who are the gods of this world?”

“Pun… Parthios… Nymph…”

“The translators of MSB, right? So, who the hell am I?”

“… I don’t know…” You say, getting more and more annoyed.

“Jesus… are you really this dumb? And before you guys who have already guessed start getting whiny, let it be known I made this reveal a few chapters ago to a select couple of people, and this was exactly how the conversation played out. So, the answer is yes, most of you are this dumb.”

“Go to hell!”

“Haha… I’ve been there… I was married to Lillian, after all.”

“Hey, fuck you!” Lillian cried out, covering herself with a blanket, still naked from the previous sex.

“So…” The Demon God turns back to you. “For all of the apples, who am I? My name starts with ‘W’, I created everything you see here. I brought you here. You needed to break the 4th wall to even attempt to fight me. Every word is mine. Every post. Every chapter. It’s mine! This world is mine! Tell me… TELL ME WHO I AM!”


The Demon God walks straight up to you, his body shaking as if from extreme agitation. “Say it! What’s my fucking name!”

“Whizzer.” Every girl in the harem says in unison, surprised looks on their faces as they unwillingly speak it.

“You’re god-damned right it is!” I say, a smile growing on my face.








“Self-inserting yourself into a story is lame.”

“You’re one to talk!”

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