Lesbian Society – Chapter 4


Feeling the warm liquid on sprayed all over her face, Amanda knew that she just did something which no mother would do with her daughter. Though she was forced into it, a huge amount of guilt began swelling up inside her. ‘Oh god! My daughter humped and came on my face!’ Overwhelmed with shock Amanda looked up to see how Chloe was doing, and found a huge grin plastered to her face. “What is it slut? You like my cum so much, that you are going to leave it on your face like that?” Hearing her own daughter call her a slut, embarrassment appeared on her face in the form of a bright red blush. “Honey I don’t know why you just did that, but we can’t ever do that again.” “Do what mom?” “What we just did…” “You’re talking about me fucking your face with my pussy?” “CHLOE! You can’t talk like that! I’m your mom!” Trying to take back control into her hand, Amanda stood up and raised her voice. “Listen here Chloe, what you just did was wrong and is never going to happen again! Now get back to your room and wait for me, cause we need to have a talk!” Feeling content with how she took over the situation, Amanda started moving to her room ro clean herself up. But before she could even take a few steps, she yelped out in pain as she felt something smacking hard on her ass. “Aaaaaaaaa!” Turning around she saw a belt in Chloe’s hand. Looking closer Amanda yelped out in shock because it wasn’t a belt, but a whip! It was pure black in color, with thick at its base, and split up into into multiple parts towards the end. “Where do you think you are going slut?” Flexing her hand and making the whip strike the floor with a shocking sound, Chloe began walking towards her mom. Looking straight into the pair of eyes which contained pain, anger, and humiliation she began speaking. “I’m really disappointed in you mom. I really hoped that you wouldn’t make me do this, but you leave me with no choice. It seems like you won’t know your place unless I properly train you.” Finishing her words, Chloe once again striked the whip but this time straight onto the pair of breasts on which she on feeded during her childhood. While Chloe was watching red whip marks appear on her mom’s breasts, Amanda was yelling out from pain. “Wai…………!!!!!!!” Not giving her mother a chance to speak, Chloe once again lifted the whip in her hand and brought it down on. But this time she made sure that they would strike right on top of the already hard nipples. Feeling pain travel through her nipples, Amanda painfully became aware of the fact that her nipples were hard from the torture she was receiving. At the same time she felt her pussy overflowing and dribbling down her thighs. “Chloe! Stop this instant! We can still go back!” Understanding what was happening to her body, Amanda knew that her body was reacting and begging for the pleasure which was long overdue, but she knew that it wasn’t the right time or place to look into them. What she needed to do now was to get away before her daughter noticed what was happening to her. But as if she understood what her mother was trying to do, a smirk appeared on Chloe’s face. “Sigh…. You just don’t learn do you, ‘slut’?” Emphasizing on the word slut, Chloe gave a small break before she continued speaking. “You really want to leave?” Not wanting to look at her daughter’s face, Amanda only nodded her head. “Fine then. I’ll put my finger inside your pussy and give it a swirl before I pull it out. If my fingers come out dry, then I’ll let you go. But, if they contain any traces that show signs of you being turned on, then regardless of your wishes I’ll force you to become the cunt sniffing slut that you are. Okay?”   Not waiting for Amanda to answer, Chloe stepped forth and thrust her free hand straight towards her mom’s pussy.   “Haaaaa!”   Along with an audible gasp, Amanda could feel her daughter’s finger touching her slit before entering her hole.   “Well well well, what do we have here?”   With a sarcastic smirk on her face, Chloe pulled out her finger after swirling it a few times inside Amanda’s pusssy.   “It seems like mommy is a dirty little slut who gets turned on by her sexy daughter.”   Trying to speak as demeaningly as possible, Chloe brought her hand close to her nose and began sniffing it.   “Ugh, you smell so dirty. It almost makes me doubt that you don’t even know how to wash your pussy, slut!”   While her outside was feigning disgust, Chloe’s stomach was fluttering once she smelled her mom’s pussy on her finger. Despite having sucked many women, Chloe never smelled anything similar to this.   Looking at the face of her mother which was on the brink of crying from all of her insults, Chloe despite feeling a bit sad didn’t show it on her face, since she knew that now wasn’t the time to show her kindness.   “Don’t make such a face slut. If you think that I’m lying why don’t you see it for yourself.”   Saying this, Chloe brought her hand near Amanda’s face. First she lightly movedit near her nose before she spread it all over her mouth.   Shocked that her daughter would not only insult her, but actually do such a thing, Amanda’s eyes went wide open. And before she could show her discontent, her tongue as if it had a mind of its own moved out a began licking her lips.   “Mmmmmmmmmmmmm”   Unknowingly once she tasted the slimy liquid from her own pussy along with a little of Chloe’s orgasm, Amanda let out a moan before she recovered and suppressed herself feeling humiliated from how she acted.   “Wow! It seems like you are a much bigger slut than I expected bitch. Now come here.”   Pushing her mom down to the knees once again….

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