The Power of Creation – Chapter 172

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You look down at the ten behinds temptingly spread out before you. Of course, you’ve had a harem of girls for ages now, and it isn’t the first time you’ve had more than a few of them at once. However, having them all lined up and so completely devoid of freedom or choice aroused you in new ways. Furthermore, the complete mystery of which girls were behind which ass and pussy is exceptionally tempting.

You quickly realize as you look from booty to booty that Medusa has done her illusion magic well and no matter what angle you look at you can’t get a peek at the woman in front of the ass. There are no cracks and holes to reveal a hint at the women behind. It looks like the more traditional kinds of cheating are no allowed in Medusa’s game.

“I’ve also had the girls all remove their collars for the next hour, so you won’t be able to cheat that way.” Medusa adds with a wink.

You give a cough, ignoring her knowing glance and avoiding revealing that this sort of cheating had been exactly on your mind. It slightly bothers you that all of the girls are without collars right now. That includes the girls not lined up before you. One of them could be off fooling around and you wouldn’t even know it! You fought back the jealous anger that swelled up inside you. All of the girls are yours, none of them would dare leave you. You had to repeat that yourself a few times before you calmed down.

“Go ahead, touch… smell… taste… find your precious Snow White.” Medusa gave a smile like a cat who caught the canary.

You aren’t sure whether Medusa is playing fair, but you don’t see how you’d have too many regrets no matter if you fell for her trap or not. Therefore, you have only the choice to step up and start to use the three senses that aren’t blocked under Medusa’s rules. Yes, you could have instantly crafted a spell and known every detail about every girl in the lineup. However, these are your women! If you can’t tell who is who, then how could you call yourself a harem king! Not that you’ve ever called yourself that… but you wouldn’t be able to if you failed such a simple challenge.

You casually lift your hand and reach for and touch your first butt. A warmth and softness is immediately transferred to your fingertips. Your fingertips appear to touch the butt you can see, but the shape of the butt you feel doesn’t seem to match your eyes. As you realize your eyes are only confounding your senses, you shut them and immerse yourself in feeling up the person in front of you.

Her butt isn’t hard, muscular, or tight, so she isn’t one of the fit or young girls. That rules out the fit girls like Ariel, the muscular women like Kida and Snow White, and small or bony girls like Mulan and Tiana. The lazy baka maids have softer butts like this, however, this girl has much wider hips and a rounder butt than them. Perhaps it is Belle, who has one of the biggest booties in your harem, but you’ve tasted that ass plenty of times and this one didn’t feel as familiar.

As your fondled the person aggressively, you could feel their body slightly shivering. The paralyzation seems to prevent any big movements like shaking or rocking, but the small responses to your fingertips are still functional. So, as your fingers worked their way between her thighs, you could feel the microspasms of sensation as you stimulate the girl, even if she can’t respond in any obvious ways. Compared to your other girls, these thighs are a bit thick, and working your way between them and up to her pussy seems to afford some difficulty. She seems to slightly clamp as you move your fingers up to her snatch, and you can feel a great deal of resistance from the woman herself.

Of course, there is only one unfit girl with a big butt that would resist your machinations. That would be Ursula, of course. You grin at finding yourself placed in front of the helpless Ursula. In all likelihood, she would never willingly put herself in this position in a million years. You wonder a bit how Medusa managed to get her in this position. Your finger continues to rub her pussy, working its way forward until you start to run your fingers in circles around her clit. The woman herself shakes at your touch, her pussy is clamped tight, desperately trying to deny your fingers. However, her body betrays her, producing great amounts of lubricant to aid in penetration, so soon your fingers work your way up and down her slit, invading her private parts. She produces lewd smells but not a single sound as her body shakes and shutters at your touch.

A cruel look forms on your face as you pull out your erect penis. Immediately, you slide it down her butt cheeks. The girl herself suddenly freezes, the little bit of shaking stopping like she is a deer just caught in headlights.

“Yeah, you know what that is, don’t you?” You give a little chuckle, sliding into the crack of her pussy.

The head of your cock pushes open her pussy lips, and no matter how hard her limited paralyzed body tries to keep her thighs tight and her pussy clamped, her wet lewd desires have moistened the area to the point where your head pops in with ease. The girl shudders, as the head slides into her pussy. You press up against an area of resistance, and quickly realize you’re pressing up against her virgin cherry.

You push slightly, rubbing the head of your cock up and down her slit, just giving enough pressure to force her to be consciously aware of the virginity you’re threatening, but not enough that you’ll break it just yet. Her body shivers and shudders, and you can imagine the woman on the other side cursing and begging at you to not take her like this. After a minute or two of rubbing your head up and down her clit, you’ve had enough fun.

“Will my beloved be cumming in this woman?” Medusa asks excitedly.

“What are you talking about?” You snort.

You pull the dick away, with your hands on each cheek spreading the woman’s behind open by force. You raise a hand and slap her rump hard. As if this was a signal, the accumulated stimulation of being played with for the previous five minutes, having the head of a cock rubbing her clit while in the constant jeopardy of having her virginity taken, liquid immediately spurted out of the girl, running down her legs as the slap seems to trigger her body to cum uncontrollably.

You could even see her pussy, the lips spread open by your dick’s head, her virgin cherry still intact, and the muscles around it contracting forcefully like a gaping fish, desperately wanting to gobble up your cock and take your semen as she cums for a minute straight. As her leaking fluids and throbbing pussy slows down, you finally let go of her cheeks, allowing the exposed cunt that she no longer could resist being spread shut closed once again.

You turn to Medusa with your dick still at full mast and chuckle. “Cumming? I’m just getting started.”

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