NTR System Chapter 14

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In response to the loud voice of Karin, Lorelai replied calmly, after which she stepped into the bathtub and joined the already relaxing Seiji.


Entering the bathtub Lorelai leaned against Seiji and rested her head on his shoulder, causing the both of them to look like a couple of newlyweds who couldn’t get enough of each other.


Looking at all of this Karin once again burned with anger, “Get away from him you shameless slut! You might have fooled Seiji by shoving your breasts in his face, but you can’t fool me! I know just the king of gold digging whore you are! Now get away from him before I do something that hurts you!”


Hearing what Karin said Seiji didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, was the previous him so bad that he could never obtain a woman like Lorelai without her being a gold digger?


“Hahaha, is that a threat, you big breasted bimbo?”


Her breasts were always a sore spot for Karin, and being made fun of them by a woman who was a gold digger pushed Karin over the edge and made her so angry that she couldn’t properly speak.


From her childhood till now her breasts were always something which she thought of as a burden. During her young age little kids always made fun of her by pointing at her breasts, and once she grew older men would always ogle at them and have look at her pervertedly with dirty thoughts in their mind.


“Big breasted bimbo?! How dare you call me that…. you’re a…. a…. Aaaaaaa! You’re a well proportioned slut!”


“Hahahahahahahahahahahahah! You suck at cursing others, I suggest you learn a little more about cursing before trying it again cow tits.”


“You….. You….Aaaaaaa! Seiji get away from that woman right now! Also are my breasts really that big?”


Being once again insulted but still not being able to curse her back properly due to the situation she was in, Karin gave up on trying to get back at her and chose to speak with Seiji instead. However she herself was surprised at what she just asked of him.


Similarly surprised at the question Karin asked, Seiji turned around at looked at her.


Looking to be in her mid 30s who was just as tall as Lorali, with black hair mixed with a tinge of brown longer than her shoulders, brown colored pupils, a seductive face which would look much more sexier if she wasn’t pouting, a well developed ass which incited lust in any man, and her breasts which were even bigger than Sakura’s.


Those two huge breasts which looked like they could smother a man to his death from both pleasure and practically by holding his head inside them, those breasts which regardless of the clothing always looked ready to tear open the dress.


“Yup, you’ve got really big breasts Karin. Really big and beautiful breasts.”


Hearing the first half of what Seiji said, Karin felt very sad thinking that he was just like those kids who made fun of her, but hearing the second half of it a blush appeared on her face making her look even more seductive.


Unconsciously she was just about to thank Seiji for the compliment by somehow she regained herself and tried to change the topic, “Get away from that woman Seiji, she’s just a gold digger who’s using you! With how smart, rich, and good looking you are you deserve to be with a woman you love, who loves you equally! Not with a slut like her…. but with someone like me…”


The last part of Karin’s sentence was spoken so softly that only she could hear it, and not even the Devil Lorelai or Seiji who consumed so many serums could hear her.


Yes, for a long time till now Karin had always been in love with Seiji. The boy who grew up in front of her eyes, who despite having an average looking face which was now handsome all of a sudden, was someone who Karin always wanted to be more than just an Aunt to.


Karin Shiba as the only daughter of the Shiba clan’s Patriarch, had till date been bombarded with many marriage proposals from both inside and outside the country.


Just the fact that she was the Patriarch’s daughter was enough for everyone with a proper status to want to marry her, however coupled with how she both looked and behaved like an Angel, Karin was a woman who was every man dreamed of being in a relationship.


But Karin had till date never even kissed a boy, much less entered into a relationship with anyone, this only caused others to more and more desire her. This was also the reason behind which many men repeatedly proposed marriage to her despite being continuously rejected.


After all Karin was a woman who had yet to loose her virginity, and which sane guy wouldn’t want a sexy woman like Karin who had never experienced another man before?


‘Why can’t you notice how much I love you Seiji!’


While none of them ever understood why they were rejected, or for that matter why Karin never entered into a relationship with anyone else, Lorelai with a single glance at those eyes filled with an intoxicated emotion when looking at Seiji understood that Karin was very much in love with Seiji.


And if Lorelai never entered Seiji’s life it was possible that sooner or later the both of them would’ve entered into a relationship when Lorelai began consoling Seiji over his rejection.


Even Karin herself didn’t know why but being around Seiji she always felt both safe and happy, even when he didn’t do anything to make her feel like that. Till date regardless of where she was Karin always felt either uncomfortable or insecure, and it was oy when she was around Seiji that she felt nothing wrong could happen to her.


But now looking at Seiji who was looking at her while relaxing with a naked woman beside him, Karin felt the dream of both of them being together forever was slipping out of her hand and if things continued like this it would completely disappear.

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