The Power of Creation – Chapter 203

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Of course, after sampling from the pussy buffet provided by this particular airline, you can’t in good conscious double dip at least until you’ve tried one of everything. That leaves Snow White, Rapunzel, and the two maids. Just because the snobbish Tiana can’t imagine you sleeping with goblins, squirrels, and the help doesn’t mean that you aren’t perfectly happy sticking your dick in all kinds of strange!

If you fucked the maids, there is the added bonus that their two sisters back at home will feel it as well. Considering Sebastian is here with you, those two left behind almost certainly have slacked off. Perhaps you need to give them a reminder via their siblings to encourage them to keep working. On a side note, after watching the maids for a while, you began to realize that all four women are former masturbators, but thanks to their shared feelings, none of the girls are comfortable doing stuff when they know their sisters will feel it. Unlike Ariel and Aurora, Mulan and Mushu, or Anna and Elsa, you hadn’t spent any time nurturing their incestuous spirit.

As a result, the four had become increasingly sexually frustrated in the absence of your attention. Their morning rendezvous where one of the sisters sacrificed herself to wake you up for some morning pussy was actually an agreement between all four sisters to receive daily sexual release. Since you’ve been in other girl’s chambers or indisposed for the last three days on board the airship, all four women were becoming quite frustrated.

With a cruel smile on your lips that would make any of the baka maids shiver, you decide to keep denying them their sexual relief. Using the collars, you also manipulate their minds, slowly upping their sexual arousal. You didn’t want them to figure out you’re doing it, so the increase will occur extremely slow, but it’ll constantly be increasing. Within a week, they’ll be practically humping the door to get at you! Of course, to keep them from breaking down and masturbating, you make it so that they are unable to orgasm off of anything. They can still finger themselves, and it’ll make them wetter and more aroused, but they’ll never be able to achieve release, except by your cock.

Yes, you did say that you didn’t like messing with the brain chemistry of your harem members. However, those four had shit for brains from the beginning and they hardly counted as part of the harem. They’re more the B team. Plus, you already had altered their outsides from their rough beginnings to a rather posh life, so as far as you’re concerned their lives are yours anyway. On top of that, any arousal gets multiplied by four, because not only will they feel their own arousal, they’ll feel the arousal of their three sisters! By the time you’re done setting up your little game, imagining the four woman growing aroused and unable to satisfy themselves, this starts to make your own dick hard as well.

Unlike the maids, you decide to go satisfy your sexual lust. As to the person you decide to satisfy your lust on, as soon as you turn away you notice Snow White standing there on the deck, her eyes closed and her back leaning against a wall. Like you, it seems she is out there to enjoy the feel of the air on her skin, or perhaps she’s just doing some introspection. Unlucky for her, this puts her in your boner’s immediate line of sight.

“Hey, Snow White, Let’s fuck!” You yell out to her in a voice that could assuredly be heard by everyone on board.

Snow White opens an eye and looks at you before sighing, her shoulders already showing her resolve. “Very well, shall you take me in doggy right here on the floor, or would you rather toss me over the edge like you did the elf girl?”

It’s your time to be a little surprised. “Eh? How about we just go to your room where it’s comfortable.”

“Huh? You won’t embarrass me in public?” Snow White demands, her eyes narrowing suspiciously. “What trick are you trying to pull?”

“Why do I have to be pulling a trick!? I fuck my other girls in bed all the time! I just thought it’d be nice to have some casual sex. My last few encounters have been outside or airborne and I’d like a change of pace and fuck a woman gently without breaking the bed!”

“You…” Snow White gives a growl before turning away. “Fine, then fuck me… gently… if you dare!”

Snow White storms off to her room, leaving you scratching your head in confusion for a second. Is she upset that you don’t want to be rough with her? Or is she upset it’s not going to be in public? Her face looks a little disappointed when you reveal you don’t plan to take her on the deck of the ship.  You know your only encounters with her are often rough and nasty, often in an open area in plain view of an army of people, but that’s exactly why you want a change of pace.

With her green skin, pointy ears, and rough features… Snow White was possibly the most exotic girl in your harem at the moment, and you’d never really gotten a chance to rub yourself against her explicitly. Is green skin the same texture as typical skin? It is a question you haven’t really answered in the past, and frankly, in this kind of story, that’s a plot hole.

Thus, you could only shrug at Snow White’s behavior. She did not say you couldn’t fuck her, so naturally, you’d dare. You head off into her room with a whistle. However, the second you open her door, you frown as you realize she’s nowhere in sight. You don’t have long to wonder though. A hand flies out hidden behind the door. The hand is wielding a knife, and that knife is heading straight for your face. Snow White surprise attacks you, and her strike is a sure kill technique!

Is your green pussy a black widow?

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The new author of the original novel STC wanted to take a stab at drawing one of the portraits of the girls. I thought I’d throw up his image. It’s his interpretation of Kida done in his style of art. You’ll find more of his images in the characters from his book, check it out here!

P.S. I still plan to commission a portrait of Kida along with everyone else. This is the illustrators interpretation of Kida without my input, please consider this fanart. If you want official images to be released faster, then feel free to donate to Patreon! I am currently spending more money on portraits and ero images than I actually make from you guys, so I’m taking a loss doing this. However, I’m doing it anyway because it’s fun and I like to think it brings value to a novel I started as a joke / stress relief. If you’re willing to donate $15, I’ll even order the image/scene you want to see and get it up within eight days. As is, I release portraits in order of the harem list and ero scene in chronological order starting from chapter 1.