The Power of Creation – Chapter 199

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It is only a little simple magic to create an enlarged wyvern saddle modified for dragon use. Naturally, you triy to keep the saddle looking similar to ones in Merida’s country. You take satisfying Merida’s sexual fantasy very seriously. It is so rare than any of your women voice out their wants so deliberately, that you desire to set an example. If any of your women have a fantasy, you will stop at nothing to fulfill it… as long as that fantasy doesn’t involve another guy.

Even group sex could be achieved by creating multiple yous, but if any of your girls want to have intercourse with someone else, you’d probably lose it. Even the thought makes you angry. You never considered yourself a jealous person, but ever since your harem started growing, around the time of the waifu competition, you started feeling more and more protective of them. The collars are one such version of your protection. You had made sure every girl had her collar before leaving, and added a spell that prevented them from removing them like Medusa had. Even Ursula has been forced to be restrained, despite her resistance.

Among the many features of the necklace in telling the state of your women, of course there is an alarm that notifies you if a penis comes anywhere near their three holes. Simply knowing how horny they are or when they are orgasming is insufficient. You obviously wouldn’t restrict your women from touching themselves or each other. Some of the girls, such as Belle and Ariel would schlick it as many as three times a day. Fortunately, the magic could differentiate a dildo from a penis, or Belle would be going off like an alarm. Ariel always preferred her own fingers or a finger from her sisters if she could coerce them, and only occasionally indulged in dildo play. Most of the time, if she is horny, she’ll simply find a playmate, and if she wants cock, she’ll find you.

Part of the reason you had to take away Ariel’s penis is because of this alarm. Whatever you did, you couldn’t get the spell to differentiate dicks, so when Ariel dicked around with the other girls, it’d trigger nonstop. Therefore, for your peace of mind, Ariel is restricted to the tools she was born with.

Thus, you casually check on all of your girl’s collars mentally while putting on the saddle and reigns on Mushu, who is in her full dragon form, perched precariously on the bowsprit of the ship. The air ship is now tilting forward a bit, and you need to use a little extra magic to keep it stable and moving forward in the air. Snow White is watching with interest, but makes it clear she has no desire to mount the dragon herself. As she puts it, ‘the only thing I trust to take me forward is my own two feet.’. This is only a little hypocritical seeing as she is flying on an airship, but you have the impression this was a pride thing for her. She probably wouldn’t mount a horse either.

Rapunzel has scurried back to her room, and Tiana is still hiding out in the doghouse. The maids look at the dragon with both fear and awe, expressions that Mushu seems to like as she rustles out her wings and expands them to show her might and size. As to why you are taking it easy and have time to check on your harem’s collars, it is because once you agreed to this particular scene, Merida said she needed a moment to prepare and ran back into her room.

Every harem member had their own storage ring on them, and thus could carry whatever they wanted where ever they went. While Kida was modestly using the supplies on the ship, and it was the ship’s bed she broke, any one of them could realistically have brought their entire wardrobe, their room furniture and furnishings, and everything they owned on this journey. Tiana likely had, which was why she was somewhat angry that she had no room to make it up how she wanted it. Thus, it was anyone’s guess what Merida was fetching.

You didn’t have to wait long though, because Merida came out wearing full armor. Rather, it was the same military armor she had worn when you first encountered her reporting to the king. She usually wears something more casual, but she put on the armor whenever she is expecting a fight. Naturally, she isn’t expecting a fight right now. It isn’t until you notice a slight alteration to this uniform that you understood her intent.

The alteration is that she is missing any coverings over her groin and butt. As the outfit is designed, there is a ringlet skirt that goes over a pair of leather pants that cover her legs followed by ringmail chausses on her thighs. The leather pants are absent, and the ringlet skirt is partially see-through, so if you look hard enough you can see a patch of pubic fur between her legs and the crack of her butt on the other side. She looks incredibly shy walking out without pants on, but unless you look closely or lift her skirt it is hard to tell she is missing anything.

“You ready?” You ask with a grin.

“Mm!” Merida says excitedly. “Let’s mount up!”

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