The Power of Creation – Chapter 201

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It should be noted that Mulan is quite young, so her capacity to go into a mating frenzy is quite limited. As dragons are prone to mating for life, this is part of what makes a mating frenzy so dangerous for dragons. The reason dragon mates prefer never to part, even temporarily, is exactly because one must be present when the other hits a frenzy. If this isn’t the case, the effect could be devastating, both to the person the dragon attacks, and to the person’s mate, whom they unintentionally cheated on.

Meanwhile, Mushu is quite a bit older than Mulan, nearly 250 years, and this would be the first time she ever fell into frenzy. Whether it was a result of being in such close proximity to the pair fucking on top of her, the feel of Merida’s cum soaking her scales, living in a mansion for the last month with the constant pheromones of other women in sexual lust, or even her own increased success in sexually molesting her sister since she moved into the mansion, Mushu’s sexual maturity peaked at this moment.

It could be considered fortunate that it is in the presence of a strong woman used to handling large beasts like Merida, and you, the mate already chosen for her by her father, that are present when the trigger sets off. It could also be considered fortunate that the dragon going into a frenzy is Mushu, a woman exceptionally used to body transformations. She had kept herself in a male form for nearly a decade, and so even in her aroused maddened state, Mushu runa little risk of suddenly turning back into a dragon. She is an adaptable woman, and as soon as her sexual arousal sets in, she turns into a human woman to accommodate the human partners. If she could remain as a man for ten years to attempt to satisfy Mulan, then she could easily stay as a human until she finishes satisfying herself.

And satisfying herself is exactly what she does. Pushing you to the ground and pulling your dick out, still hard from eating out Merida, she immediately and unhesitant mounts the member. Although you had enjoyed Mushu previously, it had been done in Mulan’s presence. In reality, she had mostly ignored you, all of her attention on Mulan. While you had managed to stick it in her and take her virginity, Mushu had barely reacted to it. She was so consumed with her sister’s naked body, touching and enjoying it despite the empty looks Mulan gave her, that you eventually gave up on enjoying Mushu. Instead, you helped her focus on Mulan, and at least Mulan found a little pleasure knowing that she was satisfying her master along with her sister.

This is different, as Mushu’s attention is completely focused on you. Her eyes glow red as she slides it in, letting out a roar as it penetrates inside her. Although Mushu is on top, it is much different from when Kida was on top. Kida stood over you, doing squats down on your cock, riding it a bit like a pogo stick with feet planted firmly on the bed and knees bent straight. Mushu rather mounts your cock. Her knees are on the ground and they wrap around your thighs, her legs on the ground, her feet sole up. Instead of pushing up with her knees, she grinds her hips back and forth, causing your cock to swirl around inside her pussy as she pushes it deeper and deeper into her wet depths without letting it escape.

Merida hasn’t escaped her fate either, Even though she tries to put some distance between herself and Mushu once you are tackled to the floor, Mushu grabs her and dragg her forward. Even a knight lacks the strength to keep back a Dragon in heat. She has no choice but to swing her leg over your head, her wet, glistening pussy once again landing over your face. Her lewd smells are even richer now that she has recently cum, and that scent, which dripped all over Mushu’s back, only fans the flames of Mushu’s passion.

Of course, you aren’t going to fight a good thing, so you raise your head and go back to eating Merida out. As for Merida above, she becomes Mushu’s emotional support and love doll. As Mushu grinds your cock with her hips, her pussy growing wetter and wetter as your big cock dances around inside her lustful hole, she grabs onto Merida and rubs herself against the other woman. Naturally, it is Merida’s lewd scents that incite her the greatest, so she dives against Merida like a cat on catnip.

Of course, Merida never saw herself as a bisexual or into women, but as a knight, she of course had been ordered to service and be serviced by Ariel on more than one occasion since joining the harem. She has even been coerced into a threesome with the queen, and her own majesty sucked on her nipples and drank her baby milk. So, for Merida, this isn’t too upsetting a situation. She is more worried that by sitting on your face, she’ll suffocate you. Desperately, she tries to raise up her butt, and it takes you grabbing her hips and pulling her pussy down onto your lips before she gets it.

“Ahhh!” Merida lets out a moan as your tongue dives into her pussy.

Meanwhile, Mushu is surprised that any other woman could feel as soft and wonderful as Merida. She never even considered enjoying a woman other than her own sister. Even Ariel, who had shown her such wonderful things about Mulan and she’d come to accept as ‘sisterlike’, she’d never allowed to touch her sexually. Although, she had allowed Ariel to continue to touch Mulan sexually.

Yet, this woman who had ridden her back and had been so rough and forceful in directing her motions is also so soft and smells so good and erotic. Mushu is in heaven until she stumbles on Merida’s breasts. Mushu is well aware she also has giant breasts. They always seem to get in the way while in her human form. Being in male form had been much easier because she didn’t need to worry about those things. After returning to female form though, they had constantly been a problem. She also realizes they are a source of discomfort for Mulan, so secretly she has started to hate the things.

Now that she is in front of Merida, she finally realizes that Merida is also a woman with very large breasts. In fact, the pair of them could be boob sisters! She lifts up one of her boobs and pressed it against Merida’s, letting the nipples touch. Slowly, she allows her nipple to catch on and rub across Merida’s. To her astonishment, both nipples became harder the more she plays with them. Merida is also flushed and making erotic noises, although this is just as likely because you were unabatingly savoring her snatch.

Suddenly, a little bit of white stuff comes out of Merida’s nipple, and Mushu becomes even more intrigued. The blushing Merida in the throws of another orgasm can only close her eyes, not able to meet the dragon eyes staring at her chest like it is meat. When Mushu suddenly throws her arms around Merida, and takes a breast in her mouth, Merida can only let out a cute yelp as Mushu feasts on her tits. Meanwhile, Mushu’s pussy never stops grinding hard on your cock.

The combination of two women at once, Merida’s lewd snatch grinding your face while Mushu’s hot pussy grinds your cock… you eventually blow your load. However, Mushu’s grinding doesn’t let up. She doesn’t slow down, even as white stuff leaks out of her pussy and gets mashed under her grinding hips. She keeps going with no signs of stopping. If anything, the lewd fragrance of your seed actually caused her to grow even more aggressive. No matter what, she keeps ravaging you and Merida without end.

What neither you nor Merida know is that it isn’t a matter of Mushu cumming and then being done. If it was a matter of orgasms, Mushu has already orgasmed twelve times by the time you release your first burst of cum deep in her womb. Rather, this is an endurance run. The frenzy is not something that can quickly be taken care of. It’s a continuous lustful state that gradually diminishes the longer her sexual needs are met. Fortunately, when it comes to high endurance, you and Merida are the best in the biz. Merida’s hardworking body once took your cock all night long, and you naturally could go forever.

Thus, the three of you continue to fuck late into the evening, that particular clearing where she lands is filled with moans and screams of sex until the sun is gone and the stars are starting to come out. Mushu’s draconic roars keep the three of you from being bothered by anyone. By the time Mushu’s frenzy is over, all three of you are exhausted. Yes, even you had been satiated sexually for the moment. Of course, if the question was, ‘could you go again?’, the answer was yes, but you really had no desire to do it. As to the question of how much cum you deposited into Merida and Mushu’s wombs that night, it’d be very difficult to count.

By the time you are done, Mushu lies on her back, an arm around each of you like a dragon hording their treasure. You comfortably lie on her left boob, while Merida is relegated to her right as a pillow. She wears a complicated look on her face, which appears more haggard than anything. She has fantasized about having sex on a dragon. Never in her wildest dreams had she fantasized about shortly after having sex with that same dragon.

“It looks like my lord owes me a pair of panties.” Mushu suddenly says teasingly.

You shoot her a shocked look and she laughs. As it turns out, she is very aware of what you meant when you said riding bareback. Unlike Ursula, the perverted Mushu is not bearly as naive towards double entendre. However, a bet is a bet, and you spent nearly ten hours mounting the dragon barebacked, as it were. That said, that’s actually a pretty impressive feat. A dragon frenzy normally takes 2-3 days to calm down, and that’s when the receiving partner is another dragon! For the pair of you to spend out Mushu’s first frenzy in only ten hours, it is a testament to your vigor and prowless in bed.

You end up falling asleep under the stars, naked, with four giant pillows to snuggle up to.

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