Just a Guy in Space – Chapter 6

Just a Guy in Space

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Chapter 6

Gus was still dragging Art’ah to her room (with his HUD now displaying directions) when it hit him. “AI, What’s the difference between Earth and Art’ah’s home atmosphere? I mean, are there any elements present in her atmosphere that will be detrimental to me and vice versa?”

“Calculating. Earth’s atmosphere contains a high amount of gases toxic to Coxizu. Coxizu atmosphere lacks key components required for Human respiration.”

“Can you elaborate?”

“Clarification. Toxic gases in Earth atmosphere by percentage are nitrogen at seventy eight per cent, argon at point nine per cent and neon, helium and methane at trace amounts. Warning. Gas concentration varies according to geographic patterns no Earth. Coxizu atmosphere presents a total lack of oxygen. It also contains traces of vaporised heavy metals such as lead, zinc and copper that can lead to long term damage to humans. Warning. Information derived from data collected from damaged scout probe. Information provided may be subject to change.”

“I see… So it’s the noble gases and the nitrogen. Elements that are not required for human respiration. How convenient.” He was still pulling the strangely quiet Art’ah behind him and pondered for a while. “AI, how vital are the heavy metals to Art’ah’s wellbeing? Is it possible to switch the atmosphere in her cabin to that her homeworld, but remove the heavy metals and add in twenty percent by volume of oxygen?”

“Calculating. Switching unnecessary elements out of Coxizu atmosphere. Inserting oxygen twenty per cent by volume. Calculating. Re-arrangement complete. The atmosphere in Ensign First Class Art’ah’s cabin has been modified to your request.”

He cracked a huge smile. “Sweet. Why are you so helpful AI?” he asked, not really expecting an answer.

“Captain Echina of clan Umdyn has instructed me to make every arrangement to ensure your continued survival on board the Pride of Vanatu. Tweaking life support requirements in a single cabin does not exceed my purview regarding your wellbeing. Modifications that bring harm to crew members are strictly forbidden however. Should you attempt any such changes, Captain Echina and security will be alerted at once.”

“Makes sense. Thanks a lot.”

“You’re welcome.”

Gus finally arrived at his destination and turned to the silent Art’ah. She still looked like she was blushing and her eyes were firmly fixed on the deck. The translucent skin on her face was a deeper shade of blue around her eyes and ears, a very human-like reaction. Gus wondered how many human mannerisms could be associated with aliens. “You’ve been very quiet along the way. Are you having second thoughts?”

She finally looked up and her arms sort of trembled. Noticing my lack of reactions she decided to clear things up. “No, I’m not having second thoughts. It’s just that in Coxizu culture, once you decide to copulate, the party that initiated contact is expected to lead and the partner complies.”

Gus raised an eyebrow. “So you turn submissive or dominant depending on who initiates sex?” Interesting. I wonder how far this behaviour extends. “Whatever, why don’t we just get inside? There’s a lot we have to do,” he said with a wide grin.

Art’ah pressed her palm to a raised plate on the wall and the cabin’s door slide open. There was a shimmering, transparent pink field blocking the way in but she got inside without a hitch. It was mostly likely there to keep the tweaked atmosphere in the cabin from leaking out. Gus stepped in and marvelled at the interior design… not.

The room had the stark utilitarianism he expected from a spaceship with limited space but there were some touches here and there of Art’ah individuality. Same old grey deck and white walls but at the desk was a hologram of a spinning planet (the Coxizu homeworld?), one of three Coxizu smiling and what appeared to be a tall lamp in one corner of the room. There was a wide viewscreen opposite the bed, for entertainment and leisure perhaps?

He turned to her and saw her shyly sit on the bed. Gus input a few commands on his suit control pad and waited. There was a whine as the breathable air in the suit was drained back into the portable air supply unit. He held his breath and cracked his suit open. He quickly pulled his helmet off and gasped. The discarded suit was thrown into a corner of the room and Gus stretched, sighing in pleasure.

Art’ah was staring at him wide-eyed. Her eyes were roaming across his body, lingering on his visible crotch tent. He smirked and approached her.

“So Art’ah, here we are.” He reached to his shirt and started tugging it upwards. Her eyes stared at his flat stomach. “Like what you see?” Her arms lightly trembled again. Is that the Coxizu version of a nod? “Do you want to see more?” he asked as he threw his shirt on top of the vacsuit. Her strangely compliant and shy behaviour was flipping his S switch way on and he found himself pulling all the classics from various stories he’d read online back on Earth.

Art’ah’s eyes slide down towards his crotch again and she started fidgeting again. “Your… your… organ…” she whispered. Her breathing audibly sped up as his pants slide down his legs and he stepped out of them.

“Not good enough Art’ah. It’s called a cock and you have to properly ask for it if you want it.”

Her blush deepened, the blue coloration growing from her ears down to her whole neck. “I want to see your cock.”

Too easy.

“Say please.”

“I want to see your cock, please.”

He hooked his thumbs in the waistband and starting tugging his boxers down when he frowned and suddenly looked up. “It doesn’t seem very fair that I’m the only one getting naked here. Get that uniform off.”

Art’ah blushed even deeper, the blue coloration now extending down to her shoulders. She shakily got up and started stripping her uniform off. Her breasts finally sprang free and jiggled in the low gravity of the Vanatu. Her translucent skin was shining like aquamarine in the cabin’s lighting. The clear fluid beneath offered a strangely erotic view, like she was a crystal statue and not an actual woman. She discarded her uniform and sat down on her bed, leaning back on her hands and offering a great view of her still jiggling breasts.

Gus nervously swallowed and started forward. He could see her hard dick in between her legs. It was about ten centimetres long and not too thick at just a couple of fingers wide. Phew, mine’s bigger. He smiled smugly as he looked in Art’ah eyes and pulled his boxers down.

She gasped, a hand flying to cover her mouth. Her incredulous gaze did not waver from his cock. “Why is it so big?”

Gus looked down as his fully erect cock painfully announced its arrival. When was the last time I had an erection this hard? It was twenty one centimetres long and three fingers wide all around. He was quite proud of himself, knowing he was above average back on Earth but he’d never had the opportunity to show it off. He straightened with his hands on his hips, thrusting his tool forward.

“Heh, it’s not actually that big. I’ve seen some bigger cocks back on Earth.” She was still staring. He approached her slowly. “Here, touch it.”

Her hand tentatively reached out and he made his cock twitch just before she touched it. She quickly withdrew her hand, as if fearing being burnt but a resolute expression replaced her previous dazed look. Her hand snaked out and grabbed it – a bit painfully truth be told. Gus waited but all she did was hold it and stare at it until he cleared his throat.

“So what do the Coxizu usually do at this point?”

“Well, we generally play with it but the ones I’ve seen aren’t usually this big, so I’m not sure how to proceed.”

Gus frowned. “Wait, aren’t the Coxizu supposed to be really promiscuous? How come you’ve never seen one that big before?”

She was gave a slight tug, eliciting a groan from Gus. “The Coxizu are also considered deviants because we have evolved to have a larger set of genitals than other species. As far as I know, in all of the Council species, the biggest genitals stand at about thirteen centimetres.”

Holy shit. I should change my name to Lex Steele. Or Peter North.

“So go ahead, play with it. You can use both hands if you want.”

She pulled him closer and placed both hands on the shaft, carefully massaging it. A moan escaped his lips. Art’ah looked up at him and smiled, some confidence starting to replace the surprise on her face. Her delicate fingers trailed across his shaft, touching his balls as well. It was incredibly sensual and pretty soon he was leaking precum. Art’ah curiously stared but continued her ministrations.

Gus was starting to grow impatient. “Does the concept of foreplay exist in this galaxy?”

“Playing before playing? I do not understand.”

“That’s a mistranslation. It’s an Earth term for the process that escalates sexual desire before actual copulation. If the Coxizu are considered sexual deviants, they should have some sort of super foreplay technique, yes?” he asked hopefully.

She laughed lightly. “Yes we do have such techniques. I am currently using one of them. There are other more… extreme methods.” Her smiled turned wicked. “Do you want to see them?”

“Fuck yes, I’m down for anything you want.”

She leaned forward and her mouth engulfed his cock. Her tongue danced eagerly on his knob, slathering him in viscous saliva. He moaned and physically willed his hands to stay on his hips, letting Art’ah explore him to her heart’s content. Her tongue was a living dervish, squirming everywhere inside her mouth, spending time on the frenulum, the opening of the urethra or the rest of his shaft. He closed his eyes and let the sensations take over.

He didn’t see Art’ah look up at him. He did however feel her pull him closer and start to slide her mouth down his shaft and suck. The suction and feel on her throat on his cock proved to be too much for him and his hands shot out to the back of her head. He pushed her head rhythmically down his shaft and she mutely complied with no complaints.

He looked down at her and found her eyes staring up at him. Strands of sticky saliva were already covering her chin and her greenish-blue eyes were glued to his as he grabbed the back of her head and pushed it down his shaft. The sensations were exquisite. He could feel her throat squeezing his head tight and her tongue was tickling the base of his cock. He was fast approaching his limit but he abruptly pulled her head off him and pushed her onto the bed with a shout.

Art’ah looked at him with bewilderment while he struggled to catch his breathe. His sanity was slowly returning but his libido was swiftly telling him to kick it into high gear. Art’ah was slowly wiping her chin with a delicate hand when he pounced on her and pinned her to the bed.

He leaned forward and crushed her lips with his, hungrily sucking on them and teasing her with his tongue. He felt her lips part and her own tongue snaked out and met his in an increasingly complex ballet. He lost himself in slobbering kisses, spreading more of that sticky saliva of hers on her face before pulling back. He roughly grabbed her hair and pulled her head back.

She cried out but didn’t stop him. He gently kissed her right ear, then licked her earlobe, still holding her head. He slid his tongue down her neck to her collarbone, tasting her tantalising skin. He made his way to her sizable breasts and released her head, bringing his hands to hold the jiggly globes. He roughly grabbed them, squeezing them hard in his hands. Art’ah’s pained groan only served to excite him more. He continued to knead her breasts while licking them. He had seen earlier that she didn’t have any nipples – that was already a major difference between human and Coxizu women.

He just licked wherever he could and changed his rough pawing to gentle caresses. The abrupt change delighted his partner who sighed contentedly. Enough of the breasts. If there are no nipples, it’s not as fun. He wanted to slide his tongue all the way down to her pussy but the insistent throbbing of her cock against his chest dissuaded him. I’m not that high-leveled yet. Sorry Art’ah, but that’ll have to wait until another time. The thought of an accidental blowjob was slowing his downwards approach but Gus decided to seize the bull by the horns.

He got off Art’ah wickedly amazing body and grabbed her legs. He lifted them up, feeling the seemingly boneless softness of her thighs and brought her toes to his mouth. He suckled them noisily, getting saliva everywhere. His diamond cock was rubbing gently against Art’ah’s. Try as he might, he couldn’t avoid it. Fuck it. No homo, bruh. He continued the foot licking, realising that Art’ah wasn’t feeling ticklish at all. Another difference between her and other human women. His cock brushed against the tip of Art’ah’s and he heard her soft gasp. He released her foot from his mouth and – still holding both her legs up by the ankles – gently rubbed his cockhead against Art’ah’s smaller one.

The reaction was immediate and very vocal. Art’ah arched her back and thrust her hips towards him. She kept trying to rub their dicks together, grasping the pillow behind her in a death grip and moaning like a slut on a phone sex line. Her eyes were firmly closed and her skin was gradually turning a deeper shade of blue all over her body.

Gus took the time to observe her as he continued playing with her body. Turns out the Coxizu didn’t have a clitoris. The penis most likely played the same role, given that it emerged from roughly the same location he’d seen a clit on naked pics. Does she have a G spot? Is she going to get wet? Can she even get an orgasm?

The only way to find out was to explore. He let go of her ankles and lied down, his legs hanging off her bed and his face pressed against her left inner thigh. Her skin was alarmingly hot as he kissed and licked his way to the entrance of her pussy. He saw her smallish cock in its full glory – no homo, no homo, no homo – and carefully dived into her pussy tongue-first. Art’ah’s pleased gasp and the slight shiver in her legs were enough reward to let ignore the cock-shaped warmth on his forehead.

He licked and licked and licked, eliciting varying amounts of squeals, but it didn’t seem like she as getting any wetter. Correction, it didn’t seem like she was getting wet at all. On a whim, he stuck a couple of fingers inside and felt the walls. They weren’t slimy with secretions as he expected, even a bit cold compared to the inferno that was her skin on his. Another difference in physiology? He kept feeling the walls, looking for the fabled g spot with no success. The rough surface that acted as a magical orgasm button was nowhere to be found. Gus started having cold sweat. He really, really, really, really did not want to handle Art’ah’s junk unless he absolutely had to but it was looking like her biggest erogenous zone was the frenulum of her cock.

“Enough already! I’ve been waiting for ages! I can’t take this anymore, this playing before playing is going to kill me at this rate!” Art’ah suddenly shouted. She propped herself up with her elbows, glaring at him through those amazing blue-green eyes. “I appreciate that you’re trying to make me feel good but I really need you to be inside me now!”

Her dick unfortunately leaned against his face with more force. He got up, finally free of its touch. He wiped his mouth and rubbed his wet hand all over his cock. He placed the head against the opening of Art’ah pussy and looked at her.

She was beautiful, her skin now a deep blue all over, a sign of her arousal evident for all to see. She held his gaze with eyes hazy from lust as he slowly pushed the tip in and sharply drew in a breath.

He grabbed her ankles again, lifted her legs up and held them vertically in front of him. She was squirming, trying to force him inside her but he held himself back, waiting. She finally looked back at him with pleading eyes.

He grinned.

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