The Power of Creation – Chapter 34

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The cat girl walks into a building that must have been her base of operations. There are many other undesirable looking thieves and bandits walking around the building. You seriously worry for her safety. She is far too pretty and delicate to be dealing with that crowd, although you suppose that with her dirty clothing covering up her hair and her youthful age, she probably pulls off looking like a boy.

The problem comes when she enters a room with a guy that looks to be the head of the group. At least, he is about ten years older than everyone else, who all sit in their teens, and he has a condescending air about him. The cat girl has handed over your pouch without complaint, and the man has fingered through it. Then, the man grows angry and suddenly has a knife out at the cat girl’s throat. You add sound to the spell, but you already suspect you know why he is angry.

“Have you been pilfering coins?” The man demands while shaking his knife angrily.

The cat girl is shaking her head desperately, “No, no! Not me, Nya!”

Of course, you saw her reach into the bag and pocket a few coins, so you knew that to be a lie. Unfortunately, the boss man isn’t buying it either. He shoves her to the ground with his foot and gives an order. Two men start grabbing at her pockets while she tries to resist. However, they manage to empty out a pocket, coins dropping to the floor. As the man nods angrily at the look of the coins, her hat is knocked to the ground and her cat ears sprout up.

“Oh, she’s a cat girl!” Ariel says excitedly.

“Why did you think you could steal from me?” The guy shouts. “And you’re a filthy cat monster too!”

“Here, take all the money. See? You have it all! I was just trying to feed my sick little sister.”

“You think that’s enough now? We need double the amount because you tried to steal from us!”

“D-double? I can get it to you in a week, just give me a week!”

“No, I want it now!” He says petulantly, making it clear he never intended to give her a chance in the first place while she looks on with a scared look, “But perhaps, you can work it off other ways.”

The way his filthy eyes glare down at her, it is obvious he meant for her to become his sex toy for the next week.

“No!” She shouts, “I’m a virgin! I’d never give it to a bastard like you!”

He frowns. “You have quite the mouth on you, don’t you?”

“Uh, boss, you know virgin cat people sell for a lot on the slave market.” A crony speaks up.

“I know that!” He gives an annoyed glare.

It appears like he is weighing the cost of deflowering the girl over the cost of selling her, and he doesn’t want any of his men knowing it. After a moment, he gives a shrug.

“She’ll sell a little less, but not more than a good prostitute, I’ll tell you what, after I’m done with her, I’ll pass her around and everyone can have a taste before we sell her.”

The men start to advance on the girl. As you watch, suddenly two soft pillows press against each of your arms. On one side is Ariel, and the other side is Aurora.

“Hero will save the girl, please!”

“Yes, hero-san, you must!”

“Is that really what you all want? She’ll be joining the rest of us from here on?”

The five girls all nodded excitedly, fully consenting to another girl being added to the harem. Of course, you plan to save her regardless and add her to the harem, but it is a lot easier if all of the girls think it is their idea. You put on a show about thinking about it while the girls stare at you with begging eyes.

“I… suppose. But you’ll owe me big!”

“Yes, master!”

“Of course, hero-san.”

“I’m always yours, hero!”

You smile to yourself as you open a portal to the thief’s hideout. You swear girls aren’t this easy in your old world, but these girls were just like putty in your hands. Not that you’re complaining. You move off to add the sixth girl to your harem.

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