The Power of Creation – Chapter 33

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Wait, so you are currently missing your money pouch. Likely, it has been taken by some kind of purse snatcher. Isn’t that one of those flag events where you meet a female heroine? This is exactly what you have been waiting for. You recast the simple spell that gives you a new money pouch and then pay off the vendor for the food as he was starting to look at you badly.

As you walk back to the table where the girls are being noisy talking and eating ice cream, you create a spell that scans for your money. You find it instantly, and with a bird’s eye view you can see a girl walking down the street. Yes, it is exactly the person who had bumped into you earlier, and now she’s walking away with your money bag.

You don’t really care about the money. It’s not like you earned it, but this seems like a good opportunity to con her into- you mean, encourage her to join your harem. The biggest reason for this is that on closer inspection you can see two great things about her. Under her cap seems to be two things moving on her head, and another thing seemed to be wiggling from her backside. A spell that makes the clothing see-through immediately reveals that she is, in fact, a cat girl who has been hiding her ears and tail. More than that, she is a tiny girl, her body no older than thirteen.

Of course, you aren’t a complete pervert. You check her out with Age of Consent magic too, and even though her body looks like she hasn’t hit puberty yet, she is actually sixteen years of age, the same as Ariel. So, by the laws of this world, you are in the clear.

“What is master looking at?” Mulan wonders out loud, and the other girls notice that you are staring off vacantly into space.

You wave your hand and the view in your vision becomes visible for everyone. The girls make noises of excitement at the sudden screen appearing before them. The show catches a few eyes from the crowd, but the five hot girls already drew attention so it was really just more of the same.

“This might be another girl for our little group.” You say absent-mindedly.

The girls all watch the new girl curiously as she enters a derelict looking building.

“I-is… that the kind of thing my love favors?” Grimhilde frowns as she looks down at her D-sized chest.

Mulan has a very pleased look on her face, jutting out her flat chest with excitement. Meanwhile, all the other girls who have much larger chests are all frowning and looking insecure about it.

“It really is just fat anyway!” Mulan declares, rubbing it in.

Of all of them, it was Merida that takes the news the hardest. She looks about ready to cry.

“A true man,” You speak up, “Loves women of all shapes and sizes. I love small breasts, but I love big breasts too. I can say without any reservation that I will thoroughly enjoy Merida’s breasts when I get home.”

Merida looks very happy about it, which is strange because she literally just joined your group. You just openly say you are going to sleep with her tonight, but her face is glowing excitedly. The one you expect to be a giant pain in the butt turns out to be one of the easiest girls yet.

However, you can’t dwell on Merida’s sudden transformation because something dangerous starts to show up on the screen. Your next target looks to be in some trouble!

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