Tales of a Seductress – Chapter 55

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Chapter 55

As I moved past the curtain, my eyes were delighted by the scene in front of me. In the main chamber that housed this sex party, nearly 200 naked, writhing bodies were spread out before me. I didn’t know how long I needed to watch for Voyeur to take effect. I suspected that I had to watch to completion for it to count under the voyeur skill set, but just in case I didn’t let my eyes linger too long on any one scene.

The room was filled with naked people, and while the ratio leaned a bit towards men, Julian had done a good job ensuring that there were more than enough women to choose from. Most people were completely naked now, even discarding the robes they had been wearing earlier. A few still had robes on, and a few continued to wear socks. A few men wore sandals, and a few women wore their heeled shoes, which I assumed was likely a fetish for some of the men here.

The butt plug tail I had seen a woman wearing earlier was part of the offerings for Qetesh coins, and I saw at least two other women. A girl with a fox-eared mask had a bushy fox tail wagging out of her butt, and a fellow cat eared mask wearing girl had what looked like a cat tail. I nearly ran up to her and touched her tail when I saw it wagging back and forth as she happily sucked a guy’s dick while sitting on her knees. I assumed it was controlled by magic, and I wondered if it also offered sensory information too. Once again, magic was so cool. To think that we’ve barely scratched the surface of what could be achieved in the realm of the sex market. Leave it to nobles to turn the idea of a butt plug into a functional tail that you stuck in your ass within a week of learning of their existence.

Part of me wanted to go and get one, but I only had two coins for the moment, my own and the one Devon gave me, and those tails cost 30 coins or more. That also must have meant some of those girls had been very busy while I was being held up by Devon. In fact, the girl with the cat tail had already finished and swallowed, and another guy walked up and she was already starting to go to town on his cock.

The rest of the room was a mishmash of tantalizing sexual opportunities. There was a girl in the corner with three guys, one in each hole: mouth, ass, and pussy. There was a group session going on, with at least eight people linked by mouth, genitals, or hands between each other. Three were women, five were men, and the men didn’t seem to be squeamish about pleasuring each other. At least one guy had his hand wrapped around another guy’s cock and was stroking it. Another guy was licking balls and pussy between a girl and guy as they thrust into each other.

There were some people going one on one, several groups of threesomes of both two male and two females. There were girls in missionary, cowgirl, and doggie. A few more exotic positions existed, but those seemed to be the primary three. Some used furniture, some used pillows, and others just plopped down on the cold tile. People would move up to someone who wasn’t in the process of fucking, offer their hand, and then the pair would run off to a side room, or just pull it out right there and start fucking.

I heard the clinking of coin as men handed coins to women, who seemed to hold them in these little purses. The purses were sold at the Qetesh coin exchange for 5 coins. The most aggressive girls already had 10-20 coins in their position by the look of it, while some of the more modest, older, or less attractive women had anywhere from 1-5. If I had any desire to win the competition, I’d have to get started.

Standing there in full clothing, I was the odd girl out in this room of sex, and that quickly drew the notice of many. So while I was wide eyed staring at the scene in front of me, a man was already approaching me. He was an older man, possibly as late as his sixties, with a very small and wiry frame. He had graying hair and was a bit thin in the face, but he was already pulling a Qetesh coin from his pocket.

Having sat for the last hour listening to the sounds of people having sex had certainly already done a good job working me up, and the scene before me had pushed my libido past the stage where I thought about anything else. My time with Devon was put aside, for now, the role of a seductress emerging from within me.

He barely reached me when I reach out and immediately grabbed his robe, pulling him up against me. He wore a surprised look as the coin fell to the ground, clinging away. I ignored it and instead kissed the man on the lips. As a girl, a third his age in her sexual prime, it did not take him long to spring to attention. I immediately grabbed at his dick through the robes and began to stroke it with my palm and fingers. I was emulating the method I had once observed Julian on the night of the banquet. The effect was imminent, and the man quickly fell under complete control of my machinations.

However, I was wound up and felt a bit rushed after wasting almost two hours sitting in the receiving room, so I was in no mood for foreplay. I aggressively shoved the man back, causing him to gasp and give a look of surprise as he fell over, landing on a couple of pillows. I probably shouldn’t have been so aggressive, I didn’t want to break his hip, but I had already past the realm of reason.

The man’s face started to scowl, but a second later I leaped on top of him in much the same manner of the cat my mask emulated. In a single jump, my feet rested on either side of his hips, his erect penis still bouncing from the momentum of my attack. I reached under my dress, my movements containing no reservations, and unsnapped the fold in my panties, tossing them away. Instantly, the panties were converted to the crotchless variety, and I squatted down, grabbing and guiding his dick on the way down so that it swiftly plunged into my pussy.

His scowl quickly turned ecstatic, and I was already bobbing up and down on his cock before he even had a chance to recover. I cut out all noise and distraction, focusing purely on the purpose of sexual gratification. I had maxed vaginal intercourse, and I worked my kegels which were now level 3, the muscles of my vaginal walls tightened hungrily on his cock, squeezing him as his dick plunged deep inside my wet, waiting cunt.

He was lost in the moment, barely able to move as my ass bounced up and down faster and faster, sloshy wet sounds becoming audible as my pent up sexual frustration was taken out on him. Thus, I immediately guided his hands to my tits, and he started squeezing them through the leather and the cloth sloppily, already wheezing with each pant.

A moment later, he exploded inside me, sloppy white streaks of cum spilling from the tip of his head. However, I didn’t stop riding him as his semen filled inside me. It squished around as his dick slid in and out, some leaking out the sides, the rest adding to a gushing feeling with each bounce of my butt.

I slapped his hands off of me and spun around. I didn’t use a position switch, instead, I merely rotated like a top, using his dick as a pivot point. He let out a moaning noise as my weight pushed him deep down to the root of his balls, which forced another rush of semen to leak out. Now that I was facing away from him, I reach back, grabbed his hands, and put them on my ass. He still was too flustered to move on his own, so I simply used him as my own little sex toy.

I started bouncing again, this time giving him a nice few of my ass, bouncing up and down on his cock. His hands were spreading my cheeks open, so I knew he got a nice view of my ass hole and pussy with his cock sliding in and out of it. I moved fast and fierce, using my increased endurance and strengthened leg muscles to slap my ass hard on him with each motion. As my butt cheeks fell down on his hips, they made a loud thwacking sound.

I didn’t realize it in my own sexual euphoria, but I rode him exceptionally hard, and the force of my pussy slamming against his balls created the loudest noise in the room. Adding to that his ecstatic moans had long lost any modicum of volume control, and our sexual interactions were starting to be noticed by those around us. A few people stopped to curiously watch the show of a young woman rode an older man. Others watched us while using the image to further increase their own sexual delight as they fucked their partner.

“Ah… I’m going to cum again!” He said in a rasping voice.

With warning this time, I immediately pulled out and moved to my third position, which was to say I gobbled his drenched dick with my mouth, using the full abilities of my Blowjob and Deep Throat without any reserve. His load blew, weaker than the last one, but still enough to shoot down the back of my throat. I took his cock all the way down, sucking up his balls too as I shook my head aggressively on his cock and sucked it for all it was worth, gobbling ever thread of semen as soon as it shot out.

“Mmmm mmmm…” my throat hummed against the tip of his cock.

I was sucking so hard that his hips were arching and I grabbed onto his ass to hold his hips to my mouth as he thrashed, his mouth wide open in a silent scream of orgasmic pleasure. His parts were so far jammed into my open mouth that my lips rested on his patch and perineal area. As I sucked it like a vacuum, suck and swallow, suck and swallow, another shot erupted in my throat, and I realized either he came continuously for a minute, or he just had multiple orgasms, which was not something I thought happened to men usually.

When I felt like I had swallowed most of this third cum, I finally released. The pressure releasing made a very wet and sloppy thwap sound as his balls and cock popped out of my mouth. I pulled away, a stream of liquid semen and spit connecting us even as I dropped his ass and let him drop back down to the pillow. His voice suddenly started working again, and he let out a strangled yell that sounded a bit like a gasp.

“Ooooh… gods… oh, fuck… holy fuck…” The guy was desperately trying to get his breath while spitting out a nonstop wave of expletives.

Meanwhile, I ignored him, having already gotten what I wanted from him. I hoped that despite the fact that he came early, that because I did three positions without stopping, it would still be counted. However, I had many men to go. I selfishly kept things going a little longer than I needed to for my own sexual wants, but that meant I wasted nearly ten minutes on this one guy. I needed to go faster if I wanted to make the appropriate levels.

I pulled out a handkerchief from my hidden pocket, immediately cleaning up my body. I first wiped my mouth, which had spit and sex from one cheek to the other. Then I wiped out the cum from my snatch quickly and efficiently. They supposedly had showers here, which used the same water stones from the magical bidet, but very few women showered between every partner. That would simply be too much of a pain in the butt.

When I finally went to stand up, the guy still had not regained his breath, but there was a sudden chink and something hard struck my ankle. I looked down and saw that it was one of the coin purses, and more, it was full of coins. I picked it up and looked up to the source which was the man in the robe I had just been fucking. He was up on his elbows, his dick only now starting to soften as a few left over spurts of cum fell out the tip of his cock.

“Ah… just one?”

“Take it all. It’s yours. I’m yours.”

“Eh? But-”

“That was the best… hah… experience of my entire life. If I died now, I’d die happy. You earned those coins.” He was finally starting to catch his breath. “Just, remember the generous old man who was your first, and I can rest in peace.”

“You’re not dying… I wasn’t that rough.” I mumbled, counting the coins in the bag.

He let out a breathy laugh. “Hah… then why do I feel like I’m in heaven? Go have fun, I think you have a line waiting. This old man is going to rest for a bit, contemplate the universe.”

He fell back and closed his eyes, looking like he was going to fall asleep right there. He had ended up handing me ten coins. I never expected my pussy to drive a man into nirvana, but the satisfied smile on his face told me he was doing exactly that. He looked like a man who had just reached enlightenment. With a wry smile, I finally turned away from him and froze.

The room was abnormally quiet, most of the sex having ceased as innumerable eyes were watching my interactions. Not everyone had stopped doing what they were doing, but at least a hundred people had stopped their interactions to watch my own. Some had curious looks, others had open mouths and widened eyes, and every eye whether it was from man or woman held envy or desire.

I gave the room a glowing smile. It wasn’t the princess smile I had spent so much time perfecting. Instead, it was the smile of Aria, sultry, seductive, mischievous, inviting, and sexy. In a motion, I ripped the sleeves from my dress, coming undone as the pull-away Min had devised. A few women gasped as I tossed them away, but as what was left looked like a sexy bodice, their eyes widened in excitement as they realized it was intentional.

I took a running jump and leaped up onto a piece of abstract furniture that simply looked like a white box. I spun, my dress swinging up and revealing the garter belt and crotchless panties underneath. With a single motion, I unsnapped the dress as I spun, and it floated away, fluttering in a spin and landing several feet from my impromptu stage near a naked man’s feet.

There I stood at the top of the party, almost every eye was on me now, including a few I recognized. In a cat mask, a sexy leather bodice, a garter built, and crotchless panties, I stood in front of over half the nobility in the city. Some people clapped, others nearly tripped. One man who was thrusting into a woman suddenly fell over, causing her to fall to the ground with a cry. However, his eyes weren’t on her, and he stood up, pulling out of her without giving her another thought as he started walking towards me like a zombie, his dick still dripping and wagging erect.

“I hope you’re all having a great evening!” I shouted it out loud enough that everyone in the room could hear. “Now tell me. Who’s next?”

As I said so, I put on a cute look, touching my finger to my right cheek, fidgeting my legs and twisting them together, causing the hole in my crotchless panties to close and hide my womanhood. My hand ran up my bare thigh, and I put on my sultriest look full of the desire that was building inside me.

The effect was immediate. Coins were pulled from pouches, and men and even a few women surged forward desperately shouting to gain my attention. Many of them abandoned their current groups in the rush, and I received a few angry looks, although even most of them seemed oddly compelled by the force I exuded.

I gave another smile, to myself this time, and started to get to work.

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Ascii of the Day:

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                            B           vBB  rj  BBBBBBBBMBBBBBBBBB    
                            Bvivi      rvi   YMv BMBMBBBBBBBBBBBMBBV   
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                                    BiiMiM           B  B jr j  VB     
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                                  rB  EBi            iB  B jr     B    
                                  B   BB  Bi          B  i B      EU   
                                 B io Xi Bv           Oi  rPi      B   
                                Bi B  G vB             B   iS      uB  
                               Vv B  L  B              vB  ii       BP 
                               XJBi    Bi               rBi          Bk
                                O  UBIS                   BB     i    Bj
                              ISiPBBZ                      OBL         O
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                        Bq   PB                          BB      rGBS  
                      EBv    BG                          B         iBB 
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                   MBr      BN                         iM             Bk
                 iBB       BB                         iG               r
                BBi        BZ                        OB                
              MMP         BB                        rB                 
            EBM          iBO                        B                  
          rBB            BB                        IX                   
        rBBr            iBX                        B                   
       NBi              BB                        SL